The Job Seeker (Lake Chass)

I don’t know much about success. Nor do I care about it. But ask me anything about failure. And I will fill your day with both joy and suffering.

People say successful people also start small in their lives. I doubt them. Maybe not when you’re suffering like me. Maybe they might have given up.

One glimpse at me. And you’ll be thanking your God. Not that am that useless. But my life is a mess.

Someone said the owner of Facebook also dropped out from college? Maybe because he has a good background? I also wanted to dropped out too. But I didn’t even went to any. College or school? It might be for the upper class.

I manage to locate my tooth brush. Worn out, but still getting the job done.

Today was another interview. In a company I can’t even pronounce the name. Hab-Arg-Tech Contriohology & Co. Int’l Contractor.

Maybe I understand the Co. And maybe the ‘Con’ and the ‘tractor’ as well. But the remaining name? Maybe when I get there. I will ask the interviewer. I doubt he/she will understand.

I look for work almost everyday. Some of the interviewer can’t even tell you the name of their company without glancing at a book. Almost unpronounceable.

I think that will be my first assignment. Assuming they employ me. The first thing we’re going to do is to change the name of the company. ‘Harb Arg Tech’ something is not suiting my liking.

I brushed my teeth and took out my sandal. Maybe this is the reason I haven’t found work. I only got two. Same color, same model and same type. You can wear it every season. Rubber type. Raining and sunny, you’re free to go.

People say ‘the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed,’ maybe they’re right. It just that. I don’t have any, apart from this.

I sometimes see my colleagues. Or let say my rivals. Also looking for job. Some wear expensive suits. Under the same sun like me. I wonder how many they’ve got. Because wearing it almost everyday, looking for job? Not an easy task.

But me? Only round neck. Maybe three. Two fitted polo. And ‘none’ T-shirt. T-shirt companies should fuck themselves. And I have eight trousers. Same type and same color. Just like the sandal.

Maybe because am jobless. I don’t know. But ask anyone who know me. And the story will never change. They will tell you the same story. Wearing the same color all day. That’s my style.

I took my bag. Nothing much inside. I hate credentials. But because of all these fuckup companies. I made one up. Lying all over it. Telling work experience you never got. And the one you got, telling them it’s seven years experience. When in actuality, it was six months. But I think they love it that way. So I have to comply.

I have to be on time. Eight ‘O’ clock this morning. Our interview time. I think we’re going to be many. Big company like that. They’re always full of employee. Or maybe employees. English is wide. But as long as you can understand yourself. That’s all that matter.

Am a man of time. So I never wasted it. Should you waste it for me? Then you’re looking for trouble. Big one.

I checked my wallet. Still got up to ten dollars. It will do.

I entered the street. Now almost quarter pass seven. At least warming up will do. And it will save my expenses. Another hard earn lesson: Always spend less than you earn. And am not even earning. At least for now. So I’ve got to incorporate some tactics.

I got there exactly seven forty-five.

Some dude are already gathering. I don’t know if they ever slept at all. Because of interview? Yes sir, you better hold your job. Some people think am not serious. Well, if you say so.

Three guys and two women. Almost dress to nine. Expensive suits and so. Maybe they rent it? Who knows? But anyway, it was fantastic. Meeting some dude trying to impress the manager, or the company, or the sales manager, or the sales person? Who ever the fuck it will be. Going to be interesting. Or so I guess.

I looked around. Nothing much. We’re all waiting outside the company. Opening time is eight. So we still have up to fourteen minutes. Very cool.

Two of the guys was hanging together. Maybe they’re friends? Or they’re just knowing each other? Whatever. Suffering mentality always pair people together. Sharing the same experience. From how their country was bad to how economic was driving everyone crazy. Maybe talk about girls? I doubt it. These ones are not looking like the type. The type who chased women. They look like normal dude. The one you’ll be talking about religion all day, without anyone getting tired. That’s their type.

The two women. Maybe thirty and thirty-three. Seating differently. On a pavement. Not too far from each other. One look like someone you wouldn’t try to mess with. Maybe she’s into power lifting. The other one, around thirty. She was dope. My type. She dressed normal. Not like someone looking for job. But like someone who got it already.

I evaluated myself. Doing good. But not very good. Among these pairs? Rest assured, am going to be rated last.

But that ain’t the problem. Am not here to contest. Am here for job. And you can rate me all you want. That’s your problem.

The other guy. Permanently hanging alone. Maybe the same type like me? People who hate talking. Especially when you don’t know anyone. He was doing okay. And it seem I gave him respect. But I don’t know why.

We waited.

Ten minutes past eight.

People started coming in. Mostly the staff. Or customers? I can’t say. But I was wondering: why did you told us eight when you’re not even going to be ready by nine? Because this is ten minutes past eight. And this fucking company is not yet opens. It seem they’re stupid or something. I think that will be the case.

Instead of me wasting their time. Now they’re wasting mine. It’s okay. I told myself. We waited.

Eight twenty-five, more people coming in. Big cars. Very expressive one. We waited.

Exactly eight-forty. They told us to come in. Everyone staggered over. Changing gears and changing attitude. Some are smiling. Even after waiting for that long? Fools.

Some put on ‘am a nice one’ attitude. I didn’t care. Instead I smirk. Ready to punch the manager in the gut. Keeping me waiting since seven forty-five? He must be crazy.

We all entered.

One dude was leading us upstair. Maybe second floor. But we didn’t stopped until we reach the last floor. Maybe thirteen story building. I could have counted that before.

I was losing my cool. What kind of stupid company is this? Wasting my time since morning. And now you’re dragging us all the way from first floor to the last one without entering the lift. Is your brain not working or you’re just leading us on purpose? I waited.

After the awkward walk. We all entered an open space. Maybe conference room? Or maybe visitors room? Perhaps marketing and distribution room? Maybe they will explain that. So I waited.

The dude that was leading us signaled to us. As if telling us to wait here. Although there’s enough seat. But the way he waved his hand didn’t prove that. It was something like: you people should wait for me here, am coming.

But I was one of this crazy dude you wouldn’t like to employ in your company. Unless you’ve learn to understand some protocol. I didn’t always follow rules. I always find ways to break them. Or bending them. Am good at bending. That’s what I thought.

I looked around. Glance at the three dude before me. As if telling them: guys, I gonna seat here. This fucking company doesn’t understand shit.

I waited almost one hour outside. And took another meaningless walk. Are you now telling me to still stood up like a fool? You must be mad.

I found myself a comfortable seat. But I don’t know what happened to the kids. They’re all hanging there looking at me. As if I am one of this major statue in the presidential assembly. And the dude I thought was superb. The one standing alone outside. He was also staring at me. Hanging with the cowards? Now I hate this guy. I thought he was brave back then. Fuck you! I said in my head. Another lesson learned: not every tough dude are tough dude.

I sat and they stood for another five minutes or so. And finally, one asshole later drag his ass out.

Without wasting time he said,

“Ladies and gent.. .. ..” he paused, looked at me and then looked at the stupid dumbasses hanging there. “Gentle men, why ain’t you seating down?” He asked.

They were fools. I thought.

With awkward silences. They all find the nearest seat and sat down. And the asshole continue.

“As we know, this company is one of the biggest companies in this city. And our expertise is based on Agro Gallic and some Liquid in the business arena.” He paused. Maybe checking reactions. He continued, “We believe everyone here understand the purpose of this gathering?” Maybe he was asking us or he was confirming it. I can’t say. “We want everyone to dedicate their ability, intelligence and the power of their thinking to bring the best out of this company. And also, we’re expecting individual to be punctal at their given field.” No way! I thought to myself. You stupid asshole. Now telling us to be punctal huh? After wasting the best hour of our time outside. Plus that stupid walk huh? Now in conjunction with your stupid speech? Fuck you! Yeah fuck you a million times. And he finally rounded up, “Now, I will call Mr. Jones to collect all your credentials and submitted it to my office and you’ll wait for our call or text. We’ll be sending you the details of your post, your salary and your resumption date. So ladies and gentlemen, we all thank you for your time and understanding. Have a wonderful day.”

And he turn to his left. Maybe looking for his fuckup Mr. Jones.

I coughed. Raised my hand and started talking,

“Sir, I believe we’re all ready to work for the progress of this company.” Always try to appear in their good side first. “But there’s a problem rising up here. You told us to be here by eight and we all did. And in fact some of my colleagues are here probably after six or quarter to seven in this morning hoping to be punctal when in reality we’re all just doing it on purpose only to get the job done first. And what brings the surprised is the fact that the company itself is not opening by eight but after eight-forty. Then tell us, what makes you wasted our time for so long?” All eyes on me with killer eyebrows pecking some holes around me. Both Mr. Jones and the asshole was staring at me as if I was a demon. As am about to seat down I said, “And again, that Mr. Jones took us here all the way from the first floor to the last floor without seemingly affected. Please tell us, is your lift not working or you didn’t have any?” And I sat down. Waiting for who ever has the gut to speak.

After twenty seconds of awkwardness.

Mr. Jones did.

“Gentle man, this is a company not a place to be dragging matters. Can you all please drop your credentials?” He looked at the dumbasses.

I love him. Very well trained. Business like. Intelligent. Original fuck-face. God punished you. I cursed him inside.

With everyone probably cursing at me in return. They all stood up and submitted their CV. I was the only one remaining on my seat.

“Gentle man, can you drop your credentials?” The asshole was the one asking me this time. I didn’t respond. I shrugged and said,

“I think no one cares about answering my questions?”

Always stubborn. That was my style. No one ever override me with bullshit. And am alway ready to fight.

“Gentle man, do you realize you’re in a company?” The asshole was trying to scare me. Or maybe warn me. I sneered.

“At least am not signing a contract.” I shot back. Always prepare for war.

“Okay, can you please tell us your objective?”

“Of course I am more than happy to help.” I said, trying to emphasize every word. “Firstly, you told us to be here by eight and we’re expecting the company to be punctal with their time as well but they didn’t. And instead of the company to apologize for that once and for all you’re asking us to dedicate our life to your company. How are we going to do that? For a company that doesn’t care about our well-being but only the progress of the company? Let assume we all came late. And we all dragged our asses here exactly ten ‘o’ clock? Isn’t that mean we’re disrespecting the company? So for this being said, I want the company and the board of management to understand the importance of dealing with time. And with due respect, am begging you all my colleagues to please forgive the company for their poor management of time. Thank you all.” And I shut the fuckup. Took my file and submitted it to Mr. Jones. Took the first step. The second step. And the third step.

“Hun- Hun- Hun,” Mr. Jones was clearing his throat, “Gentle man. What is your name?”

Even with all the fact that my file was in your hand, you’re still asking for my name? I smirked, turn back and said,

“I am Chass, Lake Chass.”

And I walked out of the room. Out of the company. Stopped a taxi. And the driver took me out of the fucking mess.

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The Day I Regretted Entering A Taxi.

“When I first enter, I knew am in deep shit. In the middle of the journey, I finally caught shit. As am getting down, I realize the real shit. And behold, I return the whole shit!”

Welcome to another shit episode!

Sometimes only the bad experience can make you change your life, and most especially, the way you see yourself.

Entering bus shouldn’t be a problem, colliding with your typical go-to-neighbor assembly is a typical error.

This fucking taxi is a worn out one, and in fact, before entering it, I knew there will be a problem. But I entered anyway.

(And yeah, this is Nigeria, you know, economy is too bad “I think that’s how these fucking people thinks” and people are living like shit).

Just five seater taxi, and here we are, carrying ten people at once. What a weird experience…??

What? You didn’t believe it? Am serious, we’re ten inside the fuck up taxi. Four people at the back, three people plus driver (making eight) at the front, and two people at the trunk.

‘You mean people still sit down at the trunk?’

Am serious brother! And the worsiest part is that, they’re still going to pay.

Even after sitting in the trunk..??

Yes, sir! They gonna pay.

But that ain’t only my fuck up problem (at least the fucking shit driver’s head can carry as many as fuck passenger he really wants to carry, as much as we dumb-headed passengers aren’t complaining. We are the fuck up members here).

But my real problem is, in the middle of our journey, I started feeling like shit. I didn’t know where I put my leg.

‘Arrgh brother, it seem like this bro really lost his leg, not even knowing where it went.’

I swear, I was looking for my leg. My right leg totally lost its grip. It’s not even shaking when I try to shake it off. And I started wondering; “Driver, where did you put my leg?”

Although I didn’t say that out, or else they will think am a fool. So I started looking for it. (Yeah, my leg).

And behold, I finally find it. My right leg has lost every single blood of collection, due to the position of sitting. The more I shake it off, the more certain I am it’s not there. I just pretend to be cool.

(Yeah, I continue reading on my phone until I wouldn’t be able to take it).

And yes, my toughness didn’t last. I finally burst out.

“Driver, ain’t this too much? Squeezing people like fish? Do you think we didn’t pay enough money or something?”

And look at me dummy, instead of actually solving the real shit, I was talking about right. It seem am the one who’s not using my skull here. Why the hell will I be talking about that instead of actually solving my current problem- humph?

“Well brother, you gotta get used to it!”

“Get used to what driver?”

“You know, that’s how we normally took it, and people are all okay with it.”

Speechless. I didn’t know what else to say. So all this dummy has all been living life like this? This is crazy men. Am a warrior for Christ sake. Why will I be squeeze like a fish? And this fucking driver even told me to get used to it? Is he mad or something..??

As I didn’t know what else to say, I sat down frowning and smiling all the same time. No, not because am okay. But because I couldn’t really explain my emotions that time. Sometimes I feel bad, sometimes I feel okay. Next time I’ll feel like shit, and the other time I feel pain. Plentiful of emotions.

You might be wondering what really happens. Isn’t it just that small fry of problem. Something you could just endure to get to your last stop?

You’re right. I could’ve endured it, but it ain’t easy. I paid my money before entering and yet, am still suffering like hell. And the fucking driver keep on telling me to get used to it. Should I get mad to that fucking driver or get mad with my leg that is not actually functioning again?

Well, I gotta endure though. And I did endure it, but with a bit of revenge.

Am the first passenger to drop, but due to my fucked up leg, I used it as an excused. Instead of getting down, I open the co-driver door, and I drag both leg out, without actually coming down. (And to be honest, if I really make an attempt to walk out with my two legs, sincerely speaking, I will fall down. So I didn’t try to. Actually, I wanted to fuck this driver really fucking hard).

So I sat still and waiting for my leg to recover from the shock. And the driver was just looking like a fool.

Yeah! And I did make him stay up to 35 minutes, looking at me as if I was this type of brat he didn’t want to mess with (and yes, with a lot of suppress angers).

He was mad at me but what could he do? I couldn’t walk you know.

So after the said thirty five minutes, I sluggishly find my way to the rear view mirror and kick my leg to the grand as if I was a maniac. And after that I left without any notice. I vamoose into thin air.

Moral of Story:

Since that fucking day, I never see myself as being poor. And in fact, that stupid encountered really changed my life.

I started seeing things differently. Because sometimes, just because people are suffering doesn’t mean they’re not happy with their suffering. Some are not even praying for change.

You don’t know…???

I swear, some people are not interested in your way of thinking. Telling them they could change and stop living like shit is like telling them they’re going to die. They prefer to remain as what they are now, because that situation has prove their certainty: “They’re not achieving success and they’re okay with it. Because achieving success will make them start to face another pattern of problems, which they couldn’t understand.” That’s most people’s beliefs.

They don’t want to leave their current lives because they’ve got used to it. And elevating to another different level of life is like giving them a poison. So they’ve choosed to just remain the same and never have any huddle different from what they’ve been having before.

So that’s my lesson. Since then, I’ve decided to never settle for less. To live my dream and finally make my life counts. Because after that day, I promised myself to never come back and enter the same type of vehicle again.

And how will I make that come true?

I have to chase my dream. Yes! Chase my dream with real fucking hard work. And I believe, Almighty God will take control.

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When You’re In Dating, Am Going To Advice You One Thing. Am Going To Advice You To “Never Go All In”. Because If You Go All In; You Might Come Back Regretting Many Of Your Stupid Actions.

In fact, I really go all in.

And by now; I was regretting many of my actions. Instead of me using my brain, I was ultimately driven by illusions. Believe me, I really regret many of my time.

Why will I be joining dating with a total foolishness? Why will I forgot my goals and be making women the center of my attentions? I thought I was really doing a great job when in reality “I was a total mess.”

I was in it for something. Why am I running from my life? Why am I turning myself away from my real self? Instead of asking myself “What do I really want in life?” I was asking myself “What will gonna make me fulfilled?”

No! Girls never love a useless soul. They never love a man who has nothing to live for. They prefer a warrior. Someone who is dying for something. Someone who is ready to achieve his dream no matter what it cost him. Someone who forget how to act cool. How to be normal. And how to be like everyone else.

They want a real man. A warrior.

I live almost two years without a purpose. “What do I want in life?”


Nope! I don’t only want to date beautiful women. Now, I really want a life purpose.

Yes! I just want to be great.

‘Am tired of living a useless life. I really wanted to be great.’

Will girls solve my problems? Hell no!

Will they be there when am fucking myself for not living a life being true to myself? Hell no!

Will they give a fuck when I finally hit the rock bottom and unable to rise up again? Hell no!

Then why am I wasting my time?

Why am I wasting the most precious moments of my life? Why am I fucking around?

Girls don’t really care about my fucking bullshits. They don’t care about my useless life. Okay, let assume I was a girl. Then will I marry someone who doesn’t care about having a sense of purpose? Someone who doesn’t gives a fuck about becoming great in life? Someone who’s only believe is to die without being fulfilled? Nope! I wouldn’t marry such type of idiots. I’ll prefer a man who never stop at nothing (including me) to achieve his goals. Yeah! That’s a true man. Someone who’s being honest to himself.

The day(s) I finally woke up.

I want to pass my message across the globe (which message?). I want to be known by every man (which man am I talking about exactly?). I want all women to be falling head-over-hill for me (how will that possible?). Then I realized; not by living this shit.

For me to pass my message across the globe? Then I gonna have purpose. I gonna have something to die for. Something I won’t go a day without doing (not talking about). Something I just can’t die without accomplished. Yes! That will be the target.

But now I can’t say. I can’t really explain what could that be. But as long as am still living. As long as am still breathing on this planet. I promised to make my life count. And I won’t settle for less.

Concerning the stuff about women?

You better live your dream life. Yes! Your dream life. Never make women the center of your attention. Date them but try to be real to yourself.

If you think women isn’t the shit you really care about (and am not talking ‘the fear of approaching’ here) then by all means face the shit you really cared about.

And if you think you really love women being around you, the feelings, the care and the showering of love is all the shit you really gives a fuck about? Then by all means date women. Just don’t be foolish by making them the only thing you’re going to live the rest of your life chasing. And if you still chose the later? Well, it’s your life. And we all have the right to live it as we want.

“But being stupid is different from being wise.”

Have a dream. Pursue it. Take actions and date women along the line.

But when you realize the feelings of leaving everything behind just because of some stupid women. Then you better use your brain. Because your future is worth more than any craziest women of your time.

So be gracious and be vigilant. (Only by actions are you reading this post.)

Meet you @ the next beach.

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I have been here more than thousand times. Staying here more than million years. Still yet, I never met a man who can live my life the way I wanted to. It’s just rare for anyone to be who I want to be, that’s why am living according to my own beliefs and personal values.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

One thing is certain: Am going to offend many people all over the world. But I tell you, those who really have the ball to live their lives according to their beliefs and their own personal standards will sure understand my point:

You just can’t live like an emotional zombie. Walking around, roaming around, without a special purpose. That’s a craziest way to live.

I am here for a reason. And for you to tell me otherwise might mean am going to ditch you like a fucking trash bin.

I don’t really care who you be. Either you’re someone I respected or you’re one of my own family members, I don’t really care. All I care about is for you to leave me and let me live my life the way I want.

Sincerely speaking, I am advising you to be who you really want to be. But never in your life will you stick your fucking nose into my fucking business. That might make me really hurt you like hell. You know what??? Just. Let. Me. Be.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

If you think living a good life mean having your dream job, getting married and have some lovely childrens? So be it for you.

But never ever say that am living a wrong life just because I didn’t follow your life patterns. You know, everyone has his or her own life to live.

Be who you want to be and allow someone else to live their lives as their heart desires. Never stick your nose to somebody else’s life talk of saying rubbish behind them. Live your life and live it better.

If everyone around you aren’t thinking like you, they’re not dreaming like you, and most importantly, they couldn’t see what you’re seeing. Then you should thank God. You are living a life nobody else dare living. Of course, your ambitions is quite different from anyone else. That’s a dream no one realize they could ever imagined.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You don’t know why universe keep on hitting you hard.

You don’t know why mother nature keep on presenting to you some craziest situations.

Nor do you know why your life is just full of up and down.

But I tell you, you’re here for a reason.

And all those crazy feelings and experiences will come back making ways into your life to uplift you and guide you throughout every journey you might really try to embarked on. That’s the power of universe entertaining your thoughts, you will surely remain loyal to every difficulties and challenges.

And hey; nothing will have ultimate power to bring you down.

That’s the promised for the chosen ones.

Have a wonderful life.

It’s still your guy . . .

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

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The “3” Facet Of Life.

Welcome to another episode of living a life truer to yourself.

This is not about being an alpha male or being a characteristic scumbag.

It’s all about seeing the realities behind all the facades you’ve been dealt with all this while.

You might be wondering about the title: The “3” Facet Of Life? Of course, I want you to keep wondering.

‘Hmm, you mean I should keep on wondering? What a kick ass you are!’

Yeah, the fuck are me is that: you’re being fucked since the day you were born. Only that you’re just naive enough to realize it.

You’ve been lie to that you should never chase women. That only the rich has the privilege. That no one can make it to heaven without having to struggle hard, fighting hard and live like crazy beast.

You’ve been controlled by emotional scumbags. You’re told to never pay attention to any fucking woman. That you should just live your life on your own term. Well, what these people don’t realize is that, you just can’t live on your own term no matter how you behave. Yet we keep believing in some fundamentally bullshit.

Although you can live according to your beliefs and values, that one is certain. But I tell you, no one can ever live on their own term. At least not for now, hmm? You still need to compromised your believe for some little shit.

Now without going extremely too far, let pay some attention to these “3” Facet Of Life. And by paying attention, I mean, you must take notes and concentrate on making your life easier not making it harder.

So here we go . . .

The “3” Facet Of Life.

Number One:


Although you’ve been dreaming about making your life better. Thinking about how to calculate the real risk and bring yourself back to harmony with your soul. But when it turn to taking actions what did you do? You said? You’re scared.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You really want to live your own life according to your own believe and be who you want to be. But it just seem as if you can’t. As if your heart will pull-out of your mind anytime you started thinking about it.

Not because you’re scared to live your life. But because you’re scared of what differences will it brings. Maybe you’ll started seeing things differently. Maybe people will started suspecting you for your actions. Maybe they will start paying more attention to you. Maybe they will even start asking so many questions. Hell, they might start mucking you and your beliefs. All these thoughts keep flattering your mind as if your heart is a power house.

Relax! The reason you’re scared is because you’re scared. Just simple as that.

Forget about definition of fear. Forget about what really caused it. What cause fear is because you feel fear so stop tormenting your brain.

So now that you realize you feel scared let move on to the second facet of life. . .

The “3” Facet Of Life.

Number Two:


How will you allow God or gods to have total trust in you when you yourself doesn’t believe in your actions? Never!

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You think you can become great and achieve all your dreams just that, all these dreams and ambitions of yours doesn’t seem like something you are capable of achieving. As if, those who achieve their dreams has two head.

You’re feeling like having what you want is out of control. As if never in your life can you achieve that. What you don’t realize is that: being successful in any area of your life required your deep honesty and trust from the bottom of your own heart. And without you believing in yourself, no one else can ever trust you.

So let move on to the third facet of life.

The “3” Facet Of Life.

Number Third:


If you think you’re not ready to fail then don’t ever try to start because perfection is not even the end goal.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

The willingness to fail harder, fail again and fail forward will be the real determinant of your success. If you think failure is not an option then you’re chasing the wrong choice.

Have it at the back of your mind that not every goal will be achieved. In fact, Bruce Lee has said it all . . .

When you realize not everything you wish you could achieve will be yours will you realize that you don’t have to beat yourself up when it didn’t turn out as you wish it could be. You’ll be full of peace even when you didn’t achieve your goals because you know that you’ve tried all your possible best only that it didn’t work out as you want. And believe me, there’s nothing you can do.

So feel free to live your life and be at peace with your own soul.

That is my little take-out from these “3” Facet Of Life.

Have a wonderful day . . .

From all of us @ Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare Dating and Relationship World.

You’re Blessed.

And in case you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook:

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