Being Kind To Your Enemy Is Being Cruel To Yourself.

This is life. Where everyone are all fighting for their own course. Either big or small, we all want to fight for freedom.

Some people fight for good cause, while some people just fight for nothing, only in the name of fighting course. But it doesn’t matter which category you belong, we all have a reason to protect our choice.

Thinking of this, your enemies also has the right to protect their choices against you. Which means, you must never relax. Talking about your enemies? You must be exponentially ruthless.

You don’t have to be a soldier. Nor is it a must for you to be a warrior. But you must be something. And it doesn’t matter which field you’re operating, all that matter is your preparation to win the battle.

Fighting against your enemy is an excellent mission. Ultimately no distractions. And you’re going all-out by putting yourself there.

But there’s a downfall:

You just can’t possibly save your enemies unless there’s a good reason to do so.

Because all enemies are all brutal. Brutality is the number one reason most people won’t ever succeed. They think you don’t have to be hard on everything. That you should know how to show mercy. That pitying someone is a must.

Well, doing the work of gods thinking you’re doing great won’t actually help you.

So for you to show mercy, let it be at the juncture that you want it, not by being a wishy-washy.

Knowing your enemy is one thing, and knowing how to deal with them is another. If your enemies survive the first treat, rest assured, they’re coming back to hunt you. And by this time, they will come with great strength and great plan. For this reason, you must never spare your enemy.

And if you think some enemies are just meat to spare. It’s okay. Just be fully aware that you’re capable to destroy them even when they attack you in a million ways. That way, they won’t have any means to dominate you.

But if you don’t have the order, the resources to counter attack your enemy, then don’t try sparing them. Destroy them at the moment you have the opportunity. Doing that will set a boundary for your next target. They won’t really have the courage to attack you, because they know, you wouldn’t go easy.

Okay, why are you talking about enemy?

Well, I was just reading a novel. And I think sharing some useful thoughts out of it won’t hurt anyone.

So there it is: Being kind to your enemy is being cruel to yourself.

That means to say .. .. ..

Never spare your enemy.

Leave mercy to gods.

Have a wonderful life.

Your guy, Lasisi.

Let Plan Your Life

When you were born,

You have all the awesome badass of wishes you’re planning to reach. You went on and on and on thinking about what you’ll become. But the moment you reach twenty, everything shattered.

You ask yourself why?

You couldn’t find any answers because it seem complicated. And the more you get a glimpse at the definite answer, the more mind provoking it becomes. For this reason, you’re just planning to give up.

But wait! I think I have a solution for all this. You know why.. .. ..??

Because it is never too late to understand your life.

So, let go to a definite long journey, but the one that worth it.

Number One:

How old are you?

Because your age matter sir. Or let just say, your age matter ma.

Let me explain:

If you’re around 18 to 25, at least you still have a definite reason to understand your life.

But if you’re between 25 to 35, your life is becoming boring. When you’re around that age of responsibility, where everything and everyone are expecting something from you (either good or bad), then at that time you’re mostly living a miserable life. Father expecting you to be something else. Mother demanding you to marry your dream girl or your dream man. Sisters trying to pass you her lessons. Brothers trying to incorporate your life. Mentors trying to guide you. Religions trying to figure out your shit. Etc., Etc., And all these make you lost. And for this reason, you’re mostly regretting many of your actions. But relax, I am definitely here to reach out. Just that, we’re going to do it one step at a time.

And if you’re around 35 to 45, well, your life had becoming a roundabout. Where you’re only moving in circles. Doing the same shit over and over again. All because, you didn’t know what else to do. Except, to obey the command and keep on keeping up with your shit. Operation I might not really love myself but you know, man must chop. And or, woman must actually find a place to drop her load (even though she might not really want to). So that’s another case entirely. And people of this caliber are the best to live a miserable life but in a justifiable way. They’re married, have a child or two, and maybe three to four. Have a company, or not so stubborn boss. Living under mortgages. Paying bills and so on. So trying to figure out your life at this stage is like digging your own grave. For this case, people prefer faking it. “If I see you you see me. And if I didn’t then you also don’t.” Operation smiling in public and crying in silence. What a miserable life?

And here we have another stage. People at the level of 45 to 60. Regretting stage. Where the girl you could have approached but didn’t dare to was the reason you decided not to trust your religion. Where something as little as not learning a guitar is the reason you’re crying almost every night. Kicking yourself in the ass. And you’re more than happy to curse that useless mentors of yours, telling you to handle business like a crazy maniac, forgetting that you really have a passion. Stupid mentors you said, only thinking about money. Yeah! Those stage are the worst. You walk around almost smirking at everyone, looking at them as if they were a bunch of fools, wasting their lives away, it is only when they reach your age, then they will understand shit. You thought to yourself.

And that took us to the last stage. (If you manage to reach any). And the last stage is: .. .. ..

Your death bed!

What are the things that you really want to do? That if you die today you’re going to regret of not doing them?

You don’t know which minute of the day is your last chance. Nor do anyone. You might die today, tomorrow or next tomorrow. How are you going to live your life?

Forget about what everyone are saying about you. This is your life. Those stupid bastards won’t be there when you’re regretting your life. Only you alone will be kicking yourself in the ass.

Not even your father will be there talk of even meeting your mother. It will be you. Yes! Only you. Crying your life away all because you couldn’t become the person of your dream.

But thank to God.

You haven’t die yet. I can see you’re still breathing, right? Good. This is your last chance. To figure out your life and live it according to your own term.

“Am the one that’s going to die when it’s time for me to die. So why are you forcing me to live my life the way I didn’t wanted to live it?”

Say that to everyone who didn’t want you to be the person of your dream.

Have a crazy life.

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Be Careful Who You Talk To (Because Most People Never Experience Shit).

You’ve been dreaming about starting a new job. Having a new car or acquiring more skills ( and hey, what about approaching more women? Or do you want to die without leaving your hometown!!?). But your number one concern is “who is the right person to talk to?” Well, someone who really understand you better or someone who really understand life plus the urge to make changes.

Maybe you don’t really understand?

People will never advice you more than what they know or who they think they are. Never.

They can only give you ‘side-two’ of their own (personal) life.

What does that mean?

It mean you should never ask advice from someone who doesn’t get it. Or someone who never experience shit in their lives. Just take your case to another customer (the right person who’s going to see it as it is not some bunch headed gurus who call themselves ‘the master of all things’ or some fools who think they’re gorilla of life).

“If they can’t see it then they can’t feel it.”

I’m a good believer of: “As a man thinks in his heart (even a woman) so he is” and there’s nothing you can say to convince me of that. But if you call yourself ‘the master of all shit’ just because the Bible said so then am deeply sorry. You better know shit.

It’s interesting isn’t it? . . .

You have to know who you’re dealing with.

“The most dangerous ways of life isn’t to be ignorance. But the most dangerous ways of living is to have something you don’t even know the value of using it.”

Some people have brain but think it’s their to guide them through normal ways of life. We’re all going to die so why do I need anything special in life? Stupid mentality.

If you take your case to someone who really think your country is bad, that to make it only reserved for those who know the right person at the top. That it just can’t be possible to be this or to be that. You better run like hell. Those people never believe in any fucking thing. They’re already settling.

“You told me marriage brings joy and yet you’re planning divorce what does that mean?”

It mean you’re being fucked.

If your teacher ain’t living the life you want then consider changing tactics. Maybe he’s just good at dealing with economic bullshit not reality about life. Some people are very unique about that.

“We’re talking about weather and here he comes claiming Toyota is faster than Visco 220 what a stupid fellow?”

Your life will never improve if the people around you aren’t supporting your motive. They don’t need to like you but they need to respect your hustle. That is not negotiable.

“What I want to be is none of anybody’s business. I am living my life the way I wanted it to be. So if you think my life is not align with what you want for me then you should go fuck yourself. I could only care less after all, we’re not in the same shoes.”

If am going through hell am not forcing you to join me, so stick that your fucking nose to your own fucking business. This is my life and you have no right to dictate for me. If you really want to advise me, there are some ways to show it not by foolishly pointing your fingers at me. And I want you to be careful how you talk to me. Am not a kid you know!

On your way to success.

Have a mentor but not a stupid one. And if you sense some lack of meaning and lack of understanding between both of you, instead of shaking your head pretending you got it, declare your want and draw the ground. That’s the most ruthless ways to live. By showing people you don’t really care about shit. If they fucked up then they’ve fucked up be that. There’s no turning back.

And for the purpose of this article (because am feeling dizzy right now).

Never allow anyone who is not living a life worthy of respect and admiration from you to guide you on how to live your life. They don’t really worth it.

Some of them don’t even have a dream talk of taking actions to reach them. They’re just bunch of crap.

So be careful who you talk to.

And before you finally chase your dreams . . .

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It is getting to a point where even motivation is not helping me. I feel (feeling) stuck. And am accurately overwhelmed.

No. It’s not that am not living my life. It’s just that I am hitting a rock bottom where I have to stop fighting and just accept the fate (even though I was the one that cause all this in the first place) and move on with my life one step at a time.

Yes, I cause it because I stupidly make some decisions that are killing me now. (I thought I was being smart but I was a total fool).

“Instead of allowing God to lead your life and surrendering all your stupid shit to Him you chose to do it at your own time. Then don’t be surprised when your decisions is coming back to hunt you down. But anyway, I was convinced that God will still help you out.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

We all fucked up. And sometimes we don’t even know why.

Just because you’re now making money doesn’t mean you won’t make a stupid decision that will reck you down. Believe me, we all did. It is only when the shit hit the fans we started asking why. Why did I even did that? Why did I bought that shit? No, I could have waited another month before accumulating all that. Why am I being so foolish?

Like seriously, we all fuck the fucked up. And if we didn’t, then how could we learn? The fact that you make that stupid decision will be a stepping stones to your success. How?

Because when the future(s) come, and you wanted to make another yet stupid decision (but the one that might worth it), your brain will kick-in and remind you of the last time you did what. And you’d be amazed to see yourself finding a better way to do that.

So instead of just crazingly achieving goals, you’ll find yourself asking (more) why of pursuing any goals of yours. It’s a no brainer. You’ll be critically amazed.

You wouldn’t care about who do what, you’d only care about maintaining all your shit without blindly following a gut instinct that doesn’t know better (and maybe am wrong anyway, because my gut instinct told me not to do it ‘at the background’ but I refused). But anyway, I still give thanks to that stupid gut of mine, because without it, this article wouldn’t have a place to exist. It will remain on the rem of the spirit. So thank you my gut.

Correct! Even though that dumb instinct sometimes make you do some stupid shit. But anyway (we thank you o our dearest instinct).

So Mr. and or Mrs. Instinct, I Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare, is using this medium to thanks and appreciate all your good did in my life, the time you fuck me up (big times) and those times you deeply help me out (the ultimate times) I really appreciate it all. Thanks. May my Almighty God continue strengthening you, so that you can continue to serve me (more and more) better.

Thank you God for answering my prayer.

For in Jesus name I pray, A-men!

And for you to know this; even though I was full of shit that I cause with my own hands, that are still fucking my life right now, am still promising you one thing. And that thing is THIS:

I won’t ever ever give up. That’s the promise have made to my future self.

Yes I promised,

I’ll rather die trying than accepting this stupid fate of mine even though I was the one that cause all this. But anyway, I will surely push on (to the top).

Thanks for reading this.

Just don’t fuck your own life the way I did.

Meet you @ the next post.

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