When you’re playing with words.

Mind your territory. When you’re dealing with me. Mind your words. I never let go of any word untested.

Experience has taught me many times: people has some hidden messages. They don’t always say it on your face. But always appear in their words.

And if you’re a smart-ass. Someone who go beyond techniques. Then you will pay attention more to actions than words. And because of this, we always forget words. We only pay attention to actions. Which later fuck us deep.

I don’t know much about dating. Because dating suck. But I know plenty about debunking people. Tell me one thing about your life. And I will go all day thinking about it. Trying to find your hidden messages.

And by doing that, I’ve save myself a lot of time dealing with some fuckup people out there. Those who only come to you because of reasonable something. And they’re not ready to give anything in return. They’re just coming to drained you.

Action – Word – and Action.

You must be vigilant of both. Always.

Stop telling me you love your neighbor. If your neighbor is using some tricks to get some shit out of you, you better use counter-wise. Or else, you’re going to be exploited.

Sometimes you don’t get the measurements all at once. But as you ponder on about it. Definitely you’ll get the main figure. And that doesn’t mean you should go all your day paying attention to people. That gonna make you weird.

It’s a work in progress mission. Where you’re becoming great day by day.

And to give you some guidance. When dealing with some people you didn’t trusted that much. Always ask yourself, “What is he trying to tell me?” Or better still, ask yourself, “What are the hidden messages of this?”

You can transferred that to your friendships as well. But rest assured. You’re going to loose many friends. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. At least, it will save you from being captured by some enemies.

And believe me, in the next few weeks or so. You’re coming back to say, “Thank you dude. I really appreciate,” because almost everyone in your life are communicating with you with some hidden messages. It just that, you’re not paying enough attention.

And remember, not all of these people are paying attention to their own words as well. Some are just plainly talking or having a chat with you and or somebody else around you. But often times, there’s always a message behind what they say. Only that, you or the dude they’re talking to ain’t paying attention.

If you manage to become a great DEBUNKER. There’s always a good benefit behind it.

People will be getting your messages clearly. You’ll be understanding people deeply. And you will always try to see beyond the facade.

Instead of just listening to people. (As your dating coaches always say). You’re now understanding them.

And instead of giving people what they want. You’re now giving them what they’re asking for. Because most of your friends are very good at smoking-screen. Where they’re hitting you without notice.

And don’t forget the like of your dating partners. They’re always good at hitting people.

With this being said .. .. ..

Always try to be a good DEBUNKER.

Meet you @ the next post .. .. ..

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The Job Seeker Lake Chass

I don’t know much about success. Nor do I care about it. But ask me anything about failure. And I will fill your day with both joy and suffering.

People say successful people also start small in their lives. I doubt them. Maybe not when you’re suffering like me. Maybe they might have given up.

One glimpse at me. And you’ll be thanking your God. Not that am that useless. But my life is a mess.

Someone said the owner of Facebook also dropped out from college? Maybe because he has a good background? I also wanted to dropped out too. But I didn’t even went to any. College or school? It might be for the upper class.

I manage to locate my tooth brush. Worn out, but still getting the job done.

Today was another interview. In a company I can’t even pronounce the name. Hab-Arg-Tech Contriohology & Co. Int’l Contractor.

Maybe I understand the Co. And maybe the ‘Con’ and the ‘tractor’ as well. But the remaining name? Maybe when I get there. I will ask the interviewer. I doubt he/she will understand.

I look for work almost everyday. Some of the interviewer can’t even tell you the name of their company without glancing at a book. Almost unpronounceable.

I think that will be my first assignment. Assuming they employ me. The first thing we’re going to do is to change the name of the company. ‘Harb Arg Tech’ something is not suiting my liking.

I brushed my teeth and took out my sandal. Maybe this is the reason I haven’t found work. I only got two. Same color, same model and same type. You can wear it every season. Rubber type. Raining and sunny, you’re free to go.

People say ‘the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed,’ maybe they’re right. It just that. I don’t have any, apart from this.

I sometimes see my colleagues. Or let say my rivals. Also looking for job. Some wear expensive suits. Under the same sun like me. I wonder how many they’ve got. Because wearing it almost everyday, looking for job? Not an easy task.

But me? Only round neck. Maybe three. Two fitted polo. And ‘none’ T-shirt. T-shirt companies should fuck themselves. And I have eight trousers. Same type and same color. Just like the sandal.

Maybe because am jobless. I don’t know. But ask anyone who know me. And the story will never change. They will tell you the same story. Wearing the same color all day. That’s my style.

I took my bag. Nothing much inside. I hate credentials. But because of all these fuckup companies. I made one up. Lying all over it. Telling work experience you never got. And the one you got, telling them it’s seven years experience. When in actuality, it was six months. But I think they love it that way. So I have to comply.

I have to be on time. Eight ‘O’ clock this morning. Our interview time. I think we’re going to be many. Big company like that. They’re always full of employee. Or maybe employees. English is wide. But as long as you can understand yourself. That’s all that matter.

Am a man of time. So I never wasted it. Should you waste it for me? Then you’re looking for trouble. Big one.

I checked my wallet. Still got up to ten dollars. It will do.

I entered the street. Now almost quarter pass seven. At least warming up will do. And it will save my expenses. Another hard earn lesson: Always spend less than you earn. And am not even earning. At least for now. So I’ve got to incorporate some tactics.

I got there exactly seven forty five.

Some dude are already gathering. I don’t know if they ever slept at all. Because of interview? Yes sir, you better hold your job. Some people think am not serious. Well, if you say so.

Three guys and two women. Almost dress to nine. Expensive suits and so. Maybe they rent it? Who knows? But anyway, it was fantastic. Meeting some dude trying to impress the manager, or the company, or the sales manager, or the sales person? Who ever the fuck it will be. Going to be interesting. Or so I guess.

I looked around. Nothing much. We’re all waiting outside the company. Opening time is eight. So we still have up to fourteen minutes. Very cool.

Two of the guys was hanging together. Maybe they’re friends? Or they’re just knowing each other? Whatever. Suffering mentality always pair people together. Sharing the same experience. From how their country was bad to how economic was driving everyone crazy. Maybe talk about girls? I doubt it. These ones are not looking like the type. The type who chased women. They look like normal dude. The one you’ll be talking about religion all day, without anyone getting tired. That’s their type.

The two women. Maybe thirty and thirty-three. Seating differently. On a pavement. Not too far from each other. One look like someone you wouldn’t try to mess with. Maybe she’s into power lifting. The other one, around thirty. She was dope. My type. She dressed normal. Not like someone looking for job. But like someone who got it already.

I evaluated myself. Doing good. But not very good. Among these pairs? Rest assured, am going to be rated last.

But that ain’t the problem. Am not here to contest. Am here for job. And you can rate me all you want. That’s your problem.

The other guy. Permanently hanging alone. Maybe the same type like me? People who hate talking. Especially when you don’t know anyone. He was doing okay. And it seem I gave him respect. But I don’t know why.

We waited.

Ten minutes past eight.

People started coming in. Mostly the staff. Or customers? I can’t say. But I was wondering: why did you told us eight when you’re not even going to be ready by nine? Because this is ten minutes past eight. And this fucking company is not yet opens. It seem they’re stupid or something. I think that will be the case.

Instead of me wasting their time. Now they’re wasting mine. It’s okay. I told myself. We waited.

Eight twenty-five, more people coming in. Big cars. Very expressive one. We waited.

Exactly eight-forty. They told us to come in. Everyone staggered over. Changing gears and changing attitude. Some are smiling. Even after waiting for that long? Fools.

Some put on ‘am a nice one’ attitude. I didn’t care. Instead I smirk. Ready to punch the manager in the gut. Keeping me waiting since seven forty-five? He must be crazy.

We all entered.

One dude was leading us upstair. Maybe second floor. But we didn’t stopped until we reach the last floor. Maybe thirteen story building. I could have counted that before.

I was losing my cool. What kind of stupid company is this? Wasting my time since morning. And now you’re dragging us all the way from first floor to the last one without entering the lift. Is your brain not working or you’re just leading us on purpose? I waited.

After the awkward walk. We all entered an open space. Maybe conference room? Or maybe visitors room? Perhaps marketing and distribution room? Maybe they will explain that. So I waited.

The dude that was leading us signaled to us. As if telling us to wait here. Although there’s enough seat. But the way he waved his hand didn’t prove that. It was something like: you people should wait for me here, am coming.

But I was one of this crazy dude you wouldn’t like to employ in your company. Unless you’ve learn to understand some protocol. I didn’t always follow rules. I always find ways to break them. Or bending them. Am good at bending. That’s what I thought.

I looked around. Glance at the three dude before me. As if telling them: guys, I gonna seat here. This fucking company doesn’t understand shit.

I waited almost one hour outside. And took another meaningless walk. Are you now telling me to still stood up like a fool? You must be mad.

I found myself a comfortable seat. But I don’t know what happened to the kids. They’re all hanging there looking at me. As if I am one of this major statue in the presidential assembly. And the dude I thought was superb. The one standing alone outside. He was also staring at me. Hanging with the cowards? Now I hate this guy. I thought he was brave back then. Fuck you! I said in my head. Another lesson learned: not every tough dude are tough dude.

I sat and they stood for another five minutes or so. And finally, one asshole later drag his ass out.

Without wasting time he said,

“Ladies and gent.. .. ..” he paused, looked at me and then looked at the stupid dumbasses hanging there. “Gentle men, why ain’t you seating down?” He asked.

They were fools. I thought.

With awkward silences. They all find the nearest seat and sat down. And the asshole continue.

“As we know, this company is one of the biggest companies in this city. And our expertise is based on Agro Gallic and some Liquid in the business arena.” He paused. Maybe checking reactions. He continued, “We believe everyone here understand the purpose of this gathering?” Maybe he was asking us or he was confirming it. I can’t say. “We want everyone to dedicate their ability, intelligence and the power of their thinking to bring the best out of this company. And also, we’re expecting individual to be punctal at their given field.” No way! I thought to myself. You stupid asshole. Now telling us to be punctal huh? After wasting the best hour of our time outside. Plus that stupid walk huh? Now in conjunction with your stupid speech? Fuck you! Yeah fuck you a million times. And he finally rounded up, “Now, I will call Mr. Jones to collect all your credentials and submitted it to my office and you’ll wait for our call or text. We’ll be sending you the details of your post, your salary and your resumption date. So ladies and gentlemen, we all thank you for your time and understanding. Have a wonderful day.”

And he turn to his left. Maybe looking for his fuckup Mr. Jones.

I coughed. Raised my hand and started talking,

“Sir, I believe we’re all ready to work for the progress of this company.” Always try to appear in their good side first. “But there’s a problem rising up here. You told us to be here by eight and we all did. And in fact some of my colleagues are here probably after six or quarter to seven in this morning hoping to be punctal when in reality we’re all just doing it on purpose only to get the job done first. And what brings the surprised is the fact that the company itself is not opening by eight but after eight-forty. Then tell us, what makes you wasted our time for so long?” All eyes on me with killer eyebrows pecking some holes around me. Both Mr. Jones and the asshole was staring at me as if I was a demon. As am about to seat down I said, “And again, that Mr. Jones took us here all the way from the first floor to the last floor without seemingly affected. Please tell us, is your lift not working or you didn’t have any?” And I sat down. Waiting for who ever has the gut to speak.

After twenty seconds of awkwardness.

Mr. Jones did.

“Gentle man, this is a company not a place to be dragging matters. Can you all please drop your credentials?” He looked at the dumbasses.

I love him. Very well trained. Business like. Intelligent. Original fuck-face. God punished you. I cursed him inside.

With everyone probably cursing at me in return. They all stood up and submitted their CV. I was the only one remaining on my seat.

“Gentle man, can you drop your credentials?” The asshole was the one asking me this time. I didn’t respond. I shrugged and said,

“I think no one cares about answering my questions?”

Always stubborn. That was my style. No one ever override me with bullshit. And am alway ready to fight.

“Gentle man, do you realize you’re in a company?” The asshole was trying to scare me. Or maybe warn me. I sneered.

“At least am not signing a contract.” I shot back. Always prepare for war.

“Okay, can you please tell us your objective?”

“Of course I am more than happy to help.” I said, trying to emphasize every word. “Firstly, you told us to be here by eight and we’re expecting the company to be punctal with their time as well but they didn’t. And instead of the company to apologize for that once and for all you’re asking us to dedicate our life to your company. How are we going to do that? For a company that doesn’t care about our well-being but only the progress of the company? Let assume we all came late. And we all dragged our asses here exactly ten ‘o’ clock? Isn’t that mean we’re disrespecting the company? So for this being said, I want the company and the board of management to understand the importance of dealing with time. And with due respect, am begging you all my colleagues to please forgive the company for their poor management of time. Thank you all.” And I shut the fuckup. Took my file and submitted it to Mr. Jones. Took the first step. The second step. And the third step.

“Hun- Hun- Hun,” Mr. Jones was clearing his throat, “Gentle man. What is your name?”

Even with all the fact that my file was in your hand, you’re still asking for my name? I smirked, turn back and said,

“I am Chass, Lake Chass.”

And I walked out of the room. Out of the company. Stopped a taxi. And the driver took me out of the fucking mess.

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On My Journey To The Coaching Land

Have you ever seen a guy who really wanted to be great and yet he didn’t give a shit about the real gradual process? If no! Then I’ve found one for you. Yeah, You Yourself!


This article contain so many harsh word that can make you lose your cool and command “Who the hell is this guy. What the fuck does he think he’s doing. Did he think he can just be fucking around, believing he’s a writer. Who the fuck does he talking to?” So brother, am warning you now. Never read this if you’re not happy with it or if you’re an easy target to offend. Am giving you a heads up now. So fuck you for keeping reading anyway!

I’ve seen so many types of people. People who just talk talk talk and talk and yet nothing special to show up. And again, I’ve seen plentiful of dudes telling me what they want day and night without blinking and yet, all of them are still there doing the same shit over and over again.

So many people are stupid (am sorry to say). They’re very stupid to the extent that, when someone is making it, instead of asking themselves, “what is it that this person is doing that I didn’t dare to do?” They’ll be telling themselves “maybe he’s just lucky.”

Which fucking luck is that? If luck is that easy then why are you not making it? Don’t you know lucky could’ve stick its fucking nose to your life and bless you, if it was that easy to trick?

Forget about being lucky. If all your beliefs was base on someone getting lucky, that’s why they’re making it. Then you’re going to remain there for the rest of your life.

You want to marry the person of your dream and you think you can just be talking over there. Won’t you get your fucking ass out and meet her on the rain, in the train, metro station, and or at any fucking place she could be? Not to mention your own experience.

“If you think marrying the woman of your dream only consist of you ‘just to be yourself’ then you’re mad! Craziness is in your blood. Why the fuck do you think so many people marry below average girls if not for their lack of standard and the ability to push through no matter what they pass through?”

I don’t care about what you want in life. If you’re not ready to struggle for it then forget all about it. You must get your ass out there.

I’ve seen many people who are not happy with their relationship. And yet when I started questioning them they always feel like “What the hell are you saying? Are you telling me I didn’t live a good life?” .. .. .. And tell me, how will this person be living a good life and still be putting up with toxic relationship?

You meet someone you really like and after a month of seeing each other you realize she’s ain’t worth the person you thought in mind and you’re still walking up to her all because you think to meet someone beautiful like her again required a ground work.. .. .. Who the fuck do you think you are if not a lazy asshole who is not ready to go a greater length to get what he really wanted?

I don’t care if you’ve tried your best or not. But if you didn’t like your life and the level of your success and you’re not ready to fight hard to change it then you’re a fuck face!

In the next five years many people are coming back to regret their lives. Not because they didn’t make it but because they later settle for less – They could’ve become great if they really try more than that but they’ll realize they didn’t try hard enough.

How will you call me to be your coach and be expecting me to go easy on you? Who the fuck do you think I am? Do you think I am one of your go-to friends over there? – Fuck you!

You’re living a poor life. You didn’t manage to achieve your dream. You’re not dating the right girls. You didn’t know where you’re going. And when I pinpoint your problems you started talking like shit. Are. You. Fucking. Mad????

If you’re not ready to struggle then you’re not ready to achieve!

You need to be careful what you wish for. If you’re deciding to settle down because your dreams are not achievable and that you could just accept your fate and settle for less – then you’re in a big trouble. Because not now but tomorrow, you’re going to regret your life.

And for you not to end up regretting your life then you must never settle unless you achieve your dream.

It is better for you to die trying than to settle down without achieving your dreams.

Have a wonderful life.

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This Time Around: I’ve Gat To Make Some Tough Decisions.

And my stubborness are either going to make me or break me. There’s no in-between.

To be become a successful man, you have to be toiling and struggling. The only thing that can stop you is death.

I know it’s not easy to be this so called successful man, but who the hell really want it to be easy? After all, making it easy will make everyone happy enough to achieve it. And here- we’re not talking about being happy. In fact, I am not happy at all.

“If truly it’s that easy to get there, then everyone else will be hoping so. But I thank God, only the crazy ones are badass enough to get there. So for this reason, I’ve gat to be crazy.”

My life is not easy, and am not planning on making it. I just want to experience this hardship. I want to really face it. I don’t want to die regretting my life.

“If success mean forgetting and leaving everything behind- in order to reach my goal. So be it! I am here for this journey not to familiarize myself.”

I just wanted to be great.

I want to become a warrior. Someone that people look up to. Man of yet another caliber. I want to be this great.

‘If this mean walking a thousand miles – then am ready.’

Being stupid shouldn’t be among the equation.

Even though failure is inevitable. I just have to keep on moving.

“I don’t know if am actually doing the right thing or doing the wrong ones. But all I know is that- no matter what happens- that no matter the situation I found myself, I won’t ever give up on my dream.”

Sometimes I started feeling nervous. And sometimes I feel great. But what I realized is that, anyhow I feel doesn’t really matter. What matter most is if am willing to face it. If I won’t quit when the going get tough.

And in fact I don’t feel like writing this article. But what good will it do me if I didn’t? Because at the end of almost every journey, what you didn’t really wanted to do always bring the most badass out of you.

I need to tough this out.

I know that am not feeling fine. Too much failure is pestering me to quit. In fact, I am getting tired. But how on earth will I quit? How on earth will I face myself if I did quit?

All I have to do is to grit this out. To face it. And bring out the best out of myself.

I don’t really care about you.

Yes! Am not giving a fuck.

Either you make it or not is none of my business. But I have to warn you: why on earth you won’t want to make it? Hell, what make you even think such?

You have a future- sure. But what make you think you wouldn’t go that far?

I am holding myself back and I didn’t know how.

I am not feeling the pressure to be great and that is making me sick. Why on earth will I be normal? Does normal people even make it to the top?

Like seriously I am getting more unthinkable. Why on earth will I want to live ‘ON’ this miserable life? Why couldn’t I changed myself? Why am I becoming more stupid?

I don’t really know what to do. How on earth will I pass through this level?

I really want to live a badass life. But believe me, too much failure is killing me.

Why is success so hard? Why is making money seem unreachable?

Sincerely speaking, I don’t really know what to do. Maybe I should give up everything? Hell no! I still have to keep on moving. Who knows, maybe tomorrow might turn out to be my greatest day.

I’ve gat to keep on moving.

Have a greatest life.

It’s your guy . . .


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I Don’t Want To Get Motivated. I Want To Get Crazy.

Thanks tough dude. Motivation is crap.

“How many times have you feel like doing things and not doing things. And at the end of the day you didn’t do things because you didn’t feel like doing things?”


“How many times have you do things even when you didn’t feel like doing things but at the end of the day you still did it anyway? No not because you really want to but because you just have to?”

Tell me!

The most critical moment of my life is when I didn’t have options. Where the only option is ‘just to do it’ and there’s nothing to do about it except to crazily do it even when I didn’t want to. And sometimes, positive vibe really help more but you just can’t rely on that, or else, you’re fucking planning against your failure.

I know it doesn’t seem easy sometimes. I know you really feel like shit because almost only you is doing it. I know sometimes you just feel like giving up and forget all about it. But believe me, if it where easy, then everyone will be doing it. And for the fact that not everyone are ready to do it should be the smack in the face because those ‘who do’ will be unconditionally ready to succeed.

You don’t need to believe in anyone but I want you to believe in your own reasons. “Why are you doing it?” And “What really get you started?” By not forgetting all your reasons, by not stopping thinking about what get you there, then there’s no way you gotta give up. No way! Even your own mind won’t have the capacity to stop you.

But there’s one thing that make you give up though: When the people you really cared about thought you’re just wasting your time. That you should be realistic and do something reasonable. Something that counts. Yeah! Only that can make you give up. Because their conviction is the most strongest of all as much as their support. So you have to be very careful who you listen to.

Yeah; Be Careful Who You Talk To (Because Most People Never Experience Shit).

If you want to get to the top of your game you better be your own puppet master, or else, people gonna mislead you. They gonna push you hard and make you doubt yourself. And when you started doubting your own power, then who else has the capacity to motivate you? No one except yourself. Only you can make yourself happy and sometimes you still have to kick happiness in the gut and do it anyway (even without feeling a little bit of any fucking happiness).

But something will really make you proud:

You’ll be proud because people we started looking up to you. People will started giving you some hope. Nope! Not because you care but because you’ll be more motivated to do it because you have some motherfuckers to prove wrong. You have some crazy bastards to yell at and go fuck themselves.

“The most happiest time of my life is when I meet an old friends, maybe my graduate mates, the ones we went kindergarten together, (although many has find their callings, and some are still drifting around chasing what their mother told them to chase) and the first thing they did is to look up to me head-to-toe and realize something biggie, as if they can’t believe what they were seeing. You know fucking what? Am happy because most of them can’t even keep it to themselves and sometimes crazily ask; “Tell me man, are you now a soldier or what make you strong like this?” And no, am not muscler. But there’s a way am built that make you think am somehow fantastic, and to add some juice ‘am more than six feet’ something some people dream of. What a badass I am?”

Am happy because I can tell you to fuck off without caring much about what you think, it’s my life not yours. And that my friend, is enough to make me live my dream the way I really wanted to. And if you’re not happy with it, you can go fuck yourself.

Am writing this article not to feel happy or feel fantastic in any way. Am writing this to tell myself to shut the fuck up and face the reality of my life heads on. Am writing this to never forget what keeps me going. To never forget why am here. To never forget what people will say about me if I quit because “I have once upon a time told them to go fuck themselves” and I believe they’re all waiting for my downfall, they’re all waiting for me to give up, they’re all waiting for that time that I’ll gonna say “man, am tired, let just forget all about this” yeah! They’re all waiting for that crazy time. And you know fucking what? I wouldn’t give them.

I wouldn’t allow my enemies to muck me. I wouldn’t allow them the time and the privilege to fuck my life. No. I wouldn’t allow that to happened.


And before you heads out . . .

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