I don’t know much about women. Nor am I planning to have them. I know it is a destination to reach. And a bridge to cover. But that doesn’t mean I should pursue them.

Based on my mentality. Couples with my social awareness. I don’t really like them. Yes, women. I sometimes hate them.

I know they’re a good creatures. Beautiful ones indeed. But am scared my feelings doesn’t last long.

Maybe loving someone is a crime? And caring about them is useless? The more I think about it, the more I feel lost. “Why can’t I also deeply fall in love?”

“A man will leave his father, his mother, his brothers and his siblings only to go live with his woman and take care of her.”

“I think from the Bible.”

It’s just that, I don’t know if that is true for me. Living with woman seem like a mundane task. With all the boringness and stupidity plus the jargons. Maybe I should just be.

But they say, “Behind the success of a man, there must be a woman,” correct! I really love that shit. Only that, we don’t quite talk about those women behind the unfortunate men. We only love to talk about the one’s behind the successful man’s.

Let be realistic. Many of your colleagues, brothers and maybe your teachers ain’t that great. And behold, thanks to their women. They’re the reason they’re living in that shit. “Not increasing nor decreasing,” just plainly normal. I wonder when they’re going to cut the shit and run-out of home never dare to come back.

But I believe, I will meet my dream girl.

It might take a month, a year and or a lifetime, but I believe, I will meet my dream girl.

It doesn’t matter how long I waited. What actually matter is if I did really meet the person I really wanted to date.

I don’t know exactly how she should look. Nor am I crystal clear of her attitude. But one thing is certain, I will never settle for less.

Just because everyone around are all getting married doesn’t mean I should. I am the one to apply wisdom and get serious with my life. Any fucking else can live their lives just the way they want. Likewise, I also have the right to live mine.

People say I am very hard to understand.

Maybe they’re right. Because neglecting myself taking care of your bullshit is a nonsense way I wouldn’t dare take a step on. And just because you see the facade doesn’t mean you’ve seen me all, brah! You ain’t see shit.

As un-understandable as I am, as clearly defined I be. Just a simple guy. I want to love women just the way I want them to love me. That’s my typical ways of living.

If you call me – I’ll call you. And when you don’t feel like calling, then you shouldn’t bother yourself. I am more than happy here alone. Living my life the way I currently wanted to live it.

But some people has turn it upside down.

They thought just the way I talk to women, and or interact with them ain’t a better way to win them. They said I should put more effort. Let her know how strong I care about her. And that I should be there anytime she needs me – which I called bullshit.

The worst moment of my life is when I try to do something I didn’t really feel like doing. Something that doesn’t genuine with myself. Something outside of who I am. It’s always end in regretting. Fucking myself all because I couldn’t listen to myself. Fuck it!

Why on earth will I changed my personal lives attitude (attitude that really makes me who I am today) all because of one fucking woman? That is crazy man!

Although if I love her, there are some things that could be changed. But not by changing who I am and what I be, as long as am not your typical go-to asshole living a miserable life thinking he’s cool just the way he is. Nope! That’s not me. I have a wonderful life ahead of me. I just wanted to be great.

But if I meet her (yeah, I mean the person of my dream. As in, someone I really cared about), I promised I will take good care of her with my unprecedented charm. Charm that no one has ever seen (assuming she’s ready to understand me because I am somehow complicated). That’s just the way I really want to live my life.

That when I meet my dream girl, the girl that I will never fade in taking care of. The girl that will definitely worth it. Yeah! That girl will never regret loving me. It’s just that, I am very hard to understand.

And to cut the story short… … … I think that was my ultimate charm. Ability to love my woman just the way she is, and her loving me in return.

Until we meet again .. .. ..

Kindly be a gentle hero.

Meet you @ the next post.

It’s your guy,


In My Dating Book

I don’t want to know much about life. Maybe I should just live my life the way am currently thinking of doing so? – I don’t know. But I just want to be free like an eagle. And yes! I might be a real loner.

Sometimes money ain’t being my problem. Although I didn’t have much you know. Am still full of debt and some stupid shit am paying out for. But I love those crazy shits of my life. Only that, some of these debts are holding me back. But well, am going to pay it all.

Okay, why am I writing this? Well, it’s all because I want to be a loner. And or maybe not a loner. But someone who didn’t have a lot to be bug down. A free man. Living life on my own term.

I may meet my dream girl (or maybe I won’t). That ain’t certain. Only death is certain. But I want to live without caring about a single fucking shit. And yes! Maybe fucking around a little. I love this crazy adventure called life. I just want to live my life to the fullest.

I might be in my hometown. (That’s currently where I am anyway). But that doesn’t stop me from living my life. All I need to do is to plan it based on my heart desires and wants.

Some people think am just wasting time. Well, maybe they’re right. Wasting time is my hobbies. As long as am not doing things society deemed normal. As long as am living my life on my own personal term. Not caring much about anything. Just plainly living my life.

In this dating jungle. I don’t really know if am going to settled down. But you know what? Both “mum” and “dad” are expecting grandson and granddaughter. Maybe I should give them one or two? Or I should just tell them to go fuck themselves?

But wait – ain’t it bad not to have my own kid, after all they born me as well?

It’s okay, I might end up having a child or two, but not in a crazy way almost everyone are doing it. (Going to school. Marry your dream or maybe not your dream girl. Spend the money that could be used to cater for the kids instead of crazily lavish it on your wedding ceremony. Then follow up with four to six kids no one will ever remember because they didn’t amount to anything much in life all because the money that could be used to take care of one child is being used to take care of five). Useless life.

That ain’t for me.

I want to create my own life. Maybe in a way nobody understood. Hell, I might not even understand it myself. But just creating it anyway.

My life. Not my fellow brothers life. So am free to do anything am capable of doing, as long as I can face the consequences. Yeah! That’s it.

And sometimes, there’s nothing like clean sheet.

I love meeting and approaching women. Then I realized, not every woman will like me. Sometimes I really want them to, but I have to face the harsh reality of life: just because you love somebody doesn’t mean they’re going to love you back. You have to face the truth.

I don’t know if am going to regret everything that am doing now or not. Because I’ve met so many women that I don’t even know which one is who. Am just hoping that this lifestyle won’t fuck me up.

I love some of the women I met. And some of them are just plainly filling the gap. I don’t know if that’s how I am to them as well, but all I know is: everyone has their own target.

Some of the women I met really want to settled down. (In which am not). And some of them are just plainly in it for sex.

Some of them only have interest in me, interest I can’t even explain or imagine. And some are just plainly not interested.

There are some I sometimes don’t want to lose, because I really want to protect them. And I really want to marry them.

But to hell with me, I’m not sure I could get married. (And this unmarried issue is disturbing me. It is fucking my life).

I sometimes feel guilty for my lifestyle. Where am looking at the girl I like leaving me all because I only care about sex. It’s painful. But, I just have to deal with it.

I might not leave every woman I met with a clean sheets. Maybe we’re going to sometimes make it rough. Where both of us depart with disagreement and scrutiny attention of wants. Where we both love each other, but our expectations and experiences are contradicting each other.

That is my ugly part of dating.

I don’t really think I could settled down. And in my dating book, I wish all the women I met really understand me.

I really love them. But I love my life better.

I don’t want to live a normal life.

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Kicking Some Stupid Asses Out There

I don’t know whether you’re thirty-five or forty something. Or you’re just a fortunate teenager. There’s one thing am going to tell you though: .. .. ..

Dating and or no Dating? It is different from understanding life.

If you think just because you’re dating different girls all at the same time, and that you’re now a sociological badass, where everyone and everything is now your play mate, that there’s no way people gonna escape your bullshit, then all am going to say is for you to wise up. Dating women with a motivational bullshit, controlling them with your emotional rewinder, and looping your way as if you’re such a jiu jiu kakaoda? Just wait until you enter real world, emotional bankruptcy will fuck you down.

And if you’re such a great warrior, someone who didn’t care about women, a man of true grit, independently shacohama, unbeatable in-ridicule, not giving a single shit, facing dream and facing goals, not interested in dating women, rest assured, a single woman is enough to fuck you up. All your bullshit mental toughness is coming back to hack you hard, where no one will be there rescuing you, all because you didn’t learn about women. Ultimately a disgraceful to your own life. Wise up men. You need women and you need life.

This article will be a wakeup call.

Instead of foolishly entering into marriage. I want you to understand life. And if you think which life you’re even going to understand? Then here is my question for you:

Is this your same messed up life you’re going to transfered in to your children? This useless attitude of yours? Where you’re always whining and complaining just because something stupidly happened?

That’s a life I wouldn’t want you to live.

I don’t care how you view this.

People are becoming more and more stupid. They’re living life all because that’s how their own parents do things. Following the same way all over again without using a different tactics? Is that how they really wanted to be great? Doing the same shit over and over again and be expecting different results? Fuck them all. They will never succeed.

I know I might offend so many people. But believe me. I am ready for the challenge. Living your life on a good mode is all that am striving for you to be. Where you understand life without neglecting success about women. That’s the best life I want you to live.

Forget about listening to your friends. Most of them are such useless coward who can’t even told their parents to give them some time so that then can figure out their lives. They’re just doing shit to make everyone happy. Neglecting their own course along the line. They’re such a useless. I hate them all.

And I don’t want you to listen to your teacher, your church and or your pastors. Most of them are just full of understanding of a useless theory. None of this dude ever do the practical. They’re just telling you shit about dating. When in reality, many of these fuck-face never married their dream man/woman. And believe me: the fuck-face you’re giving all your total respect and loyalty to also married an ugly woman. And when you try to whine about his stupid woman all you hear is the fucking mental masturbation, “You shouldn’t put your values on beauty. Her behavior is all that matters,” ultimately bullshit. And yes I have to say, “Fuck that.” When people didn’t achieve something superb. They’ll started properlizing the useless shit they have. Claiming it’s the best. When in reality. It’s far from being original.

Be a truth seeker.

Having someone you love mean little to nothing jack shit. If you didn’t understand your life. As in you haven’t figured out your wants. Rest assured, you’re coming back to hate that man/woman.

It’s your life first. Then your partners life second. It is after when the two understand their different lives. They can now live a happy home together.

And don’t think you wouldn’t fight. That’s a lie. But maturity will play a big role here. If you’re just a fuckup religion said-it-all dating master, and you haven’t incorporate the real life journey, only full of holy lesson your theoretical pastor bestowed upon you, don’t blame anyone when you end up living a miserable life after your million gown wedding. Life doesn’t work in theory. We only achieve great in practical.

Firstly, Forget About Marriage.

Secondly, Learn About Women.

Thirdly, Understand Yourself.

But the problem is: you can’t achieve all that in theory. You need to do practical. And practical is the main shit. Where people run for cover. Hidden away their glory.

You know what people use to say? .. .. ..

“It doesn’t matter whether she’s beautiful or not. As long as she’s okay, then there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Eeh eh! Her beauty doesn’t matter? And this same stupid people who claimed beauty ain’t matter will be the one chasing somebody else’s woman even after their own fuckup marriage and yet still claiming beauty is nothing. And here they are chasing another man’s woman all because she’s beautiful? I really want to smack them in the gut.

You’re saying beauty is nothing. That only her attitude count. And yet, you’re chasing your second not-too understandable brother’s woman because of her sexiness? Why can’t you married your own sexy woman? You fucking asshole!

Seriously. Had I had the chance, the privilege to go out there meeting everyone, I could have given anyone with those mental bullshit a smack in the face, sending them flying a mile, and then later kick the shit out of them. Telling me shit about women, huh? You fucking asshole.

Women are good creatures. (What make you think they’re all evil and full of useless life all depends on your experience and the woman you’re dating).

If you think all women are all evil then I want you to think again. Maybe you’re dating the wrong types? Maybe you’re the one causing the whole shit?

I was in your shoes back in the days. I was so fuckup that my life ain’t interesting at all. I was a complete loser. I lose women just the way am loosing skills of living life. Not until I realized the real shit, the real shit behind dating and success. Behind living an extraordinary life instead of just plainly being a useless fuckup dude living life only to please others. Then I started making some changes. Toughen it up. Creating a system. And finally living my real life (in an adventurous way). Where am taking everyday just the way it comes. Not stressing a shit.

Although it was boring – as hell. I don’t go out anyhow. I don’t talk to people anyhow. I hardly play with friends because the true realization of your life won’t actually comes at your socializing moments. They come when you’re in a deep shit and there’s nothing else you could do unless to take the hard way and figure it out without relying on any fucking body to lift you up.

Believe me; true realization will come when you’re not connected to anything or anyone except yourself in a very boring as fuck situation and or environment. It is you and yourself. Asking yourself all the questions you’ve been trying to avoid.

Why are you living a fuckup life?

Why are you losing every single women of your life? Why are you chasing them away? You could have become great just before now but your stupid loosy behavior is the one that is keeping you back at bay.

You call yourself a bad boy yet you’re living a desert life. No women! No reasonable and genuine friends! No nothing. Just being a bad boy, huh?

You need to wake up my brother. After being the bad boy all for this decade and yet you’re still living in a desert then please let try something else. Let trying bean a reality man. A man who can point a middle finger to himself and say, “Yeah, this ain’t the life I want. I really want women to be swimming around me. These little chickens are a good creatures. They’re soft and interesting. And telling people I don’t like them is like giving myself a smack in the face. I need to face the reality man. I need to change this fuckup life.” Yeah! That’s the man I really want you to be. A man who is ready for all the responsibilities. A man who never waited untill new year resolution before he did what deem necessary to be done.

Please date women am begging you!

Women are tired of the useless life almost every man are all living. They’re tired of not seeing a genuine man to look them straight in the eyes and say, “Yes babe, even though you realize am dating more women. I love you and I really care about you.” They want that man. Stop lying all over the time. Learn to drop some bomb. Am serious, women will love you for it.

Dating them (yeah more than one) is what really make them happy. They’re going to cherish you. Because other women are falling head-over-hill for you is the reason they’re following your lead and respecting you. Once they realized you’re such a useless shit which other women won’t even dare to sneak a glance then you’re doomed. It’s over for you.

Just because you love your woman doesn’t mean you should become a fool. They want you to demonstrate your macho side. (Not by being stupid because I have to keep on pestering you on that. A stupid bad boy is different from a badass real guy who understand his fucking life. Not a low life living dude dragging himself all around with a bullshit mantra, “I gat this life men. Yeah! I gotta be fucking me,” No! You gotta be fucking different am serious. Not that useless man you should be – you stupid asshole. Be serious with your life. Approach real women. Not your so call ‘below average’ not so ugly women living in the same shit with you. A low life is a low life. Simple as a,b,c.

For man:

Please date women. They have a lot to teach you about life and about your own personalities. And please, always try to be honest. (Just don’t go around preaching how straightforward you are. A wise man always knows when to bend shit). That means to say – saying the truth also has some rules). I gotta explain that in the nearest future.

And for a woman:

Please always have some clarity. If you’re not ready to be serious please tell the dude and let the two understand where they belong in their different dictionaries.

Although not every man are okay with that but (we)? We really give a fuck about that. We want clarity about our goals and ambitions. Please respect us.

And I don’t think I need to inform women to date more men. After all, they’re the best at doing that shit. (Even your typical Mummy in the Lord won’t prove that this brain box sparkling shoes is the only man she dated before she went back to serve her Heavenly Father’s House), or so they called? We just only have to use our brains.

And for this being said .. .. ..

I gotta end the fucking article.

(And hey, you might think I shouldn’t end it like that. Well, all have gat to say is – fuck you!).

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Being A Free Bird


Very interesting journey.

As long as you’re doing it right. Taking anything personal? Nope! You think light.

You didn’t stress anything. You allow the moment to pass and take you well. You didn’t fight. Didn’t quarrels. Just plainly dating.

You don’t know what she wants. But you? Understandably. You were living your life.

You don’t quarrel with people. You don’t fight anyone. Just an ordinary. Living life on your own term. Not giving a single care of the world around you. If you die? Fine. You’re okay. And if you succeed? Good. You’re living your life.

People won’t reasonably get it. But you’re okay. You’re okay living your life as a free bird. A man or woman? Nothing biggie. Anyone can choose whatever they want for their lives.

You can choose to be free. Dating without baggage. Dating without emotional turbulence. Dating with a clear sense of what you want: I am not bugging down. No one should trespass that fact.

Some people will call you bad girl. While some will call you a bad guy. But it’s your life. And you’re making your decisions to fit your life well.

Although being free will make you seem hard. Someone so hard to reason a life with. But the one who understand it better.

You’ve chosen this lane. A path not every man or woman will understand. But the one you want for your own life.

So many people are living a miserable life. Where they’re managing their partners. But for you? That seem like a useless tactics. When someone is not good for you you dump them. That’s your mantra: No time to waste time.

You understand your life.

Only you can define what you want. And you’re not leaving any room for negotiation. You love those who love you. And shun those who disrespect you.

You don’t really care about talking. Talking aren’t always mean much. But you care about feelings. How do you see yourself around that person? Is it a mutual relationship? Or just a friendly tactic? Are you really interested? Or. You’re just trying to?

You’ve gotten to the point of understanding shit. Where serious relationship is, – well .. .. .., just seem weird. You don’t really care about it.

You prefer telling each other your term. Where no one is assuming something else. You’re plain and direct. But sometimes using tactics. In order to escape the human race. Where everyone is trying to be like everybody else.

Although Love is a beautiful thing.

And you love those deem fit. Anything apart from that? It’s a no way conclusion. You won’t allow anyone to spoil your life. The journey you’ve been building up? No really. They should go fuck themselves.

You also want to get married. But not in a way people are doing it. You prefer simple tactic: loving your woman as yourself.

But you’re not ready to tolerate rubbish. You’re all here to be cool. Living your life according to your heart desire. Very highly interesting one.

Women will look down on you. All because you’re not using tactics. And you’re not ready to face their dramas. You prefer a straight shot. And your shot is always – ‘nothing personal.’

To be free is not easy.

Where you’ll be facing some cool headed guys. Disturbing you to get married. But what they didn’t realize though. Is the fact that you’re not becoming like them.

And you’re ready to face a lot of shit. The one that will make you stop yourself and evaluate your life.

But you wouldn’t give up. And you’ll be always ready to say, “As far as am not giving up.”

And that is the best of this journey. A journey that make everyone run for cover.

But you? .. .. ..

You’re excellent bro. And you’re excellent sister.

Just keep on living your life. Keep on believing what you believe. As long as you really care about it. And you’re not trading it off for anything? Then that is a grace of a blessing. A life full of obstacles and joy. A definitely arduous road. But the one that will bring everlasting acceptance.

Just be a joyous givers. Your place at the top.

Have a wonderful life.

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Bad Experience

I DON’T BLAME PEOPLE. Especially those who refused to get married. Talking about experience. Everyone has their own share.

I don’t know what will happen in the next five years. Or maybe ten years. By that time am going to be thirty-six. Or maybe thirty-five. Depend on how you’re counting it.

For now I don’t care about marriage. It make me sick to my stomach. Very dangerous journey. Living with one person. For the rest of my life? No way.

Maybe it was easy for some people. But for me? I don’t know what to say about it. Being with a girlfriend for a week even seem like an unachievable mission. It make me feel inclined to her feelings.

The day I mentioned that quote, people thought I was lying. Think about it: the people who understand dating better are the first to reject marriage. Why? Because they’ve seen a lot in dating. Telling them lies about marriage won’t cut it. They’ve seen the truth: relationship suck and so does marriage will be.

Telling them otherwise is like rolling your own head. It won’t work. But anyway for the inexperienced dummy, they’re the best in jumping into it. Because it seem like an everlasting achievement. Where you’ll be sleeping with your dream man/woman without working for it. Yeah, at least you’ve done the work before getting married – right? So now you just have to relax and enjoy your hard-earned mission? Bravo! It’s only after five years you’ll started realizing shit. Worst of all if you married someone you didn’t even love that much.

Believe me:

Dating is the only root to gather your marriage experience. And if you didn’t do it in the right way, I promised it will fuck you up. And telling me you’re not into dating, that you only believe in falling in love with one person and to take care of that special someone is the best root than wasting your time in dating. Then am going to say bullshit. You’re just bullshitting yourself.

Dating is like learning how to walk. (Back to your primary old days). You can’t just take your two legs at the same time. You gonna do it one after the other. And if you try to force yourself to walk you might end up having bowlegs. (And hey, am not saying all those ‘bowlegs’ lackey are the results of forcing themselves to walk. Am just emphasizing stuff here. So fuck you for thinking am just mocking them).

And listen to this:

Am not advising you about marriage. (You should do whatever the fuck work for you).

Am just explaining my perspective. And to say the truth (maybe for now because I ain’t know what I might turn out to be) I prefer having my wife living somewhere separate from me even if I did get married.

That’s it. Unconventional lifestyle.

Because experience has thought me two things. One: I easily get bored. Two: I don’t like playing with women every time.

Sometimes I feel like an introvert. And there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Unless they’re telling me to stop thinking. And stopping using my brain to reason and finding some ways out will kill me alive. And correct! Am not ready to become a living dead.

Then are the married ones a living dead? – Fuck you! Am talking about my own life not one of your stupid brother in-law messed up life.

And if you think maybe they’re one of the living dead then maybe I gonna accept that with you. After all you’re a living witness to their fucked up lives.

So what are you saying brother?

Am saying that marriage suck – at least for me. I prefer my woman to be living somewhere separate from me (and maybe very far). And I don’t know how long it will take for me to decide on that.

And for all this fuckup story of mine. I think I have to admit – maybe that was my own bad experience. Maybe your own might be a good one?

So, let drag our asses to the next article.

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