In My Dating Book

I don’t want to know much about life. Maybe I should just live my life the way am currently thinking of doing so? – I don’t know. But I just want to be free like an eagle. And yes! I might be a real loner.

Sometimes money ain’t being my problem. Although I didn’t have much you know. Am still full of debt and some stupid shit am paying out for. But I love those crazy shits of my life. Only that, some of these debts are holding me back. But well, am going to pay it all.

Okay, why am I writing this? Well, it’s all because I want to be a loner. And or maybe not a loner. But someone who didn’t have a lot to be bug down. A free man. Living life on my own term.

I may meet my dream girl (or maybe I won’t). That ain’t certain. Only death is certain. But I want to live without caring about a single fucking shit. And yes! Maybe fucking around a little. I love this crazy adventure called life. I just want to live my life to the fullest.

I might be in my hometown. (That’s currently where I am anyway). But that doesn’t stop me from living my life. All I need to do is to plan it based on my heart desires and wants.

Some people think am just wasting time. Well, maybe they’re right. Wasting time is my hobbies. As long as am not doing things society deemed normal. As long as am living my life on my own personal term. Not caring much about anything. Just plainly living my life.

In this dating jungle. I don’t really know if am going to settled down. But you know what? Both “mum” and “dad” are expecting grandson and granddaughter. Maybe I should give them one or two? Or I should just tell them to go fuck themselves?

But wait – ain’t it bad not to have my own kid, after all they born me as well?

It’s okay, I might end up having a child or two, but not in a crazy way almost everyone are doing it. (Going to school. Marry your dream or maybe not your dream girl. Spend the money that could be used to cater for the kids instead of crazily lavish it on your wedding ceremony. Then follow up with four to six kids no one will ever remember because they didn’t amount to anything much in life all because the money that could be used to take care of one child is being used to take care of five). Useless life.

That ain’t for me.

I want to create my own life. Maybe in a way nobody understood. Hell, I might not even understand it myself. But just creating it anyway.

My life. Not my fellow brothers life. So am free to do anything am capable of doing, as long as I can face the consequences. Yeah! That’s it.

And sometimes, there’s nothing like clean sheet.

I love meeting and approaching women. Then I realized, not every woman will like me. Sometimes I really want them to, but I have to face the harsh reality of life: just because you love somebody doesn’t mean they’re going to love you back. You have to face the truth.

I don’t know if am going to regret everything that am doing now or not. Because I’ve met so many women that I don’t even know which one is who. Am just hoping that this lifestyle won’t fuck me up.

I love some of the women I met. And some of them are just plainly filling the gap. I don’t know if that’s how I am to them as well, but all I know is: everyone has their own target.

Some of the women I met really want to settled down. (In which am not). And some of them are just plainly in it for sex.

Some of them only have interest in me, interest I can’t even explain or imagine. And some are just plainly not interested.

There are some I sometimes don’t want to lose, because I really want to protect them. And I really want to marry them.

But to hell with me, I’m not sure I could get married. (And this unmarried issue is disturbing me. It is fucking my life).

I sometimes feel guilty for my lifestyle. Where am looking at the girl I like leaving me all because I only care about sex. It’s painful. But, I just have to deal with it.

I might not leave every woman I met with a clean sheets. Maybe we’re going to sometimes make it rough. Where both of us depart with disagreement and scrutiny attention of wants. Where we both love each other, but our expectations and experiences are contradicting each other.

That is my ugly part of dating.

I don’t really think I could settled down. And in my dating book, I wish all the women I met really understand me.

I really love them. But I love my life better.

I don’t want to live a normal life.

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Fuck Your Ideas

The notion of knowing what to do and not doing it is a definition of uselessness.

You have so many great ideas and yet you’re living a useless life. All you think about is theory.

Theory this. Theory that. Fuck you! Do you think all successful business man and woman only think about success? You stupid asshole!

Based on my calculations, many people will end up fighting over partners than actually pursuing their dreams. And the question is: why are you so stupid chasing your partner instead of chasing goals?

Don’t you know that your ability in achieving greatness will somehow drive the aura of your so called love ones into your life? So stop foolishly fucking around!

Of course I want you to find your dream man and or woman. But that doesn’t stop you from working your ass off. Or are you just planning to talk about your ideas day-in and day-out without any results to show for it? If that’s your plan then fuck you. I won’t ever open my eyes looking at you going useless. I must do something about it.

Because telling me about all your crazy ideas and filling my head with your creativity jargons is a useless tactics if you couldn’t amount to something great.

And building all your useless mansions in your head with a views that makes Barrack Obama think his house is outdated that he should build another one to compete with your own won’t do anyone any good.

If your theoretical life is so great than your realistical life then you wouldn’t be here reading my jargons. At least, you’ll be somewhere else doing something else but anyway, I appreciate your usefulness. I think writing this ain’t for my own personal entertainment it’s for people behind shit. We need to uncover all your stupid jargons.

If you’re not ready to take actions then – fuck all your ideas.

Some people are even useless to the point of waiting for the right time. Eh! Waiting for that special moment of your life, huh? Where mother nature will bring every signs and push to you all your needs without you lifting a finger? Fuck you! And fuck your devil may care attitude.

Believe me, your ignorance is bliss. Sitting down there talking about dreams, goals, ambitions, and ideas without any usefulness in you? I think you’re just a useless fellow. Do you think those who are helping you doesn’t also has their own fucking shit? Do you think they don’t have their own problems? You little bastard.

I am tired of you!

Yes! You too should find something to do. Anything. It is in doing anything you’ll find something resonating with you. Something you can now call your own. Filling my head everyday with your bullshit is already a brain numbness for me. Please do something.

Don’t ever tell me about your problems, what you want and how you want to live your life again. Show me the practical step you’re taking you stupid shit.

Sitting down all day complaining you didn’t understand your life without doing anything? Oh hoo! You will understand it! Ab’oo ti o ni? You useless asshole.

Take actions. Yes! Do anything.

Figuring out your life doesn’t mean just doing a single thing. You have to kiss a lot of frogs. You have to do things you didn’t want to do. You have to go where you didn’t want to go. You have to take actions you didn’t want to take.

Sometimes you’ll feel miserable. And sometimes you’ll feel like shit. Most times you’ll regret everything. And some other times you’ll feel like king.

But believe me, your ideas will only remain well ‘your ideas’ without taking the necessary steps and fighting your way out.

That crazy ideas of yours might turn you to a living legend only if you could put yourself out there.

So stop talking about it and start taking actions now.

Action is the only thing that counts.

And if you think you’re still not ready to take actions and challenge your beliefs then fuck you and fuck your ideas.

Meet you @ the next post.

This Time Around: I’ve Gat To Make Some Tough Decisions.

And my stubborness are either going to make me or break me. There’s no in-between.

To be become a successful man, you have to be toiling and struggling. The only thing that can stop you is death.

I know it’s not easy to be this so called successful man, but who the hell really want it to be easy? After all, making it easy will make everyone happy enough to achieve it. And here- we’re not talking about being happy. In fact, I am not happy at all.

“If truly it’s that easy to get there, then everyone else will be hoping so. But I thank God, only the crazy ones are badass enough to get there. So for this reason, I’ve gat to be crazy.”

My life is not easy, and am not planning on making it. I just want to experience this hardship. I want to really face it. I don’t want to die regretting my life.

“If success mean forgetting and leaving everything behind- in order to reach my goal. So be it! I am here for this journey not to familiarize myself.”

I just wanted to be great.

I want to become a warrior. Someone that people look up to. Man of yet another caliber. I want to be this great.

‘If this mean walking a thousand miles – then am ready.’

Being stupid shouldn’t be among the equation.

Even though failure is inevitable. I just have to keep on moving.

“I don’t know if am actually doing the right thing or doing the wrong ones. But all I know is that- no matter what happens- that no matter the situation I found myself, I won’t ever give up on my dream.”

Sometimes I started feeling nervous. And sometimes I feel great. But what I realized is that, anyhow I feel doesn’t really matter. What matter most is if am willing to face it. If I won’t quit when the going get tough.

And in fact I don’t feel like writing this article. But what good will it do me if I didn’t? Because at the end of almost every journey, what you didn’t really wanted to do always bring the most badass out of you.

I need to tough this out.

I know that am not feeling fine. Too much failure is pestering me to quit. In fact, I am getting tired. But how on earth will I quit? How on earth will I face myself if I did quit?

All I have to do is to grit this out. To face it. And bring out the best out of myself.

I don’t really care about you.

Yes! Am not giving a fuck.

Either you make it or not is none of my business. But I have to warn you: why on earth you won’t want to make it? Hell, what make you even think such?

You have a future- sure. But what make you think you wouldn’t go that far?

I am holding myself back and I didn’t know how.

I am not feeling the pressure to be great and that is making me sick. Why on earth will I be normal? Does normal people even make it to the top?

Like seriously I am getting more unthinkable. Why on earth will I want to live ‘ON’ this miserable life? Why couldn’t I changed myself? Why am I becoming more stupid?

I don’t really know what to do. How on earth will I pass through this level?

I really want to live a badass life. But believe me, too much failure is killing me.

Why is success so hard? Why is making money seem unreachable?

Sincerely speaking, I don’t really know what to do. Maybe I should give up everything? Hell no! I still have to keep on moving. Who knows, maybe tomorrow might turn out to be my greatest day.

I’ve gat to keep on moving.

Have a greatest life.

It’s your guy . . .


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You Have To Dedicate Your Life To Something.

Either it’s love or getting better, it doesn’t matter. But you need to understand what gives you joy.

Endure pain first.

Let pain be the reason you didn’t give up. Let it motivate you. Let it guide you and take you to your next level.

Stop running from it.

Pain is good. It make you realize your potentials. It make you think far beyond your horizons. It make you question yourself.

Why do you think people are living a fake life? – Because they couldn’t face the pain. They’re not ready to face the truth.

“The moment I met my dream girl, I realized, this is not the life I want. How in hell will I be able to take care of this woman by just living like this? How in hell will I be able to provide for her by living a useless life? Nope! I need to figure out my life.”

I Am Lasisi .Com

It doesn’t matter what you want out of life, (we all have different things in mind) but it did matter how you wanna get there. Are you here wasting your life or you’re here to make it counts?

The day I realized women have tremendous way to change a man’s life is the moment I started getting better. Getting serious with my life.

How will I choose to remain the same when everyone around me are getting better? How will I face myself?

“I told myself; if it meant not getting married because I couldn’t find my dream girl- so be it. I just can’t settle for less.”

Yeah, I just can’t settle.

How will I be with someone I don’t love? How will I be with a woman whom I didn’t really care about? How will I make a breakthrough when the woman in my life isn’t that of a big deal?

No. I just fucking can’t.

This girl must worth it. She must worth the time, the stress, and the cracking of sleepless nights in a row. She must worth everything.

Why do people settle down in the first place?

Some people didn’t love their women- and some people do. Some people love because there’s no alternative options- while some people do it because of fun.

Some guys are useless while some women are retarded. Instead of getting married with someone because you both love each other they choose to follow some societal bullshit- “You know, I just have to get married because time is going.” And they go find someone out of shame or fear and think that is love.

I want you to have a good life.

As long as you haven’t find your dream girl please never settled. And hey- are you ALSO improving? Hope you’re not just dreaming about your special girl without anything to bring on the table?

Because I’d rather be the competent one before meeting my girl, you know, she has to feel the sense of losing something when she finally meet me.

Like, I love her because she’s the only one that really worth it. Although I could still date some other women- but I’ve chosen her instead of them and I didn’t really want to lose her (although if she chose to go am also ready to walk away). So in return, she must feel the same. That this guy is a real deal, that if she lose me she’s losing something rare.

“Although I love my woman and I really cared about her. But she should understand: I get to this level of life with both suffering and toiling, and I can’t just leave everything behind just because of her. And I believe, if I ain’t that great, she wouldn’t love me in the first place. So she should respectfully love me and allow me to be whom I really wanted to be. By this could we both live a wonderful life.”

I Am Lasisi .Com

I want to dedicate my life to everything.

I want to dedicate my life to my woman. I want to dedicate my life to myself. And I want to dedicate my life to my future. What do I really want out of life?

What if I could be great- will I still be doing all this? Will I still be dating the same girls that am dating now? Will I still be visiting the place that am visiting now?

All these are my biggest nightmares. Will I still be living this way?

If no! Why couldn’t I be living the life that I really wanted? Why couldn’t I be dating the women that I really want to date? Why couldn’t I be visiting the place that I really want to be?

Believe me, I have to dedicate my life- and so should you.

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“Behind The Failure Of A Man, There Must Be A Woman.” What A Contradictory Story?

‘Huh? This guy is getting crazy.’

As the saying goes: “Behind the success of a man, there must be a woman,” likewise “Behind the failure of a man, there “should” be a woman”. — this thing is contradictory right? Okay, let get a little clearer.

“The best way to succeed is to have your own gut, but when your gut started doubting your beliefs then you’ve got a little lazy, like, you just don’t know what to believe. But trust me, there will always be a reason.”

A reason for you to started doubting your beliefs in the first place.

Listen; many of your beliefs aren’t that of your beliefs at all, you’re just driven by illusions. Like you’re just trying to impress somebody.

And well, nothing really bad about that as long as you know what else you’re doing, but the problem is when you couldn’t differentiate between good and bad of your behavior.

You don’t really know how far you can go if you really have someone you really cared about, but this same person can still fuck you up. How?

“People have a tendency of believing what they really wanted to believe, they don’t really care about you. But the problem is when they started projecting their life upon your life.”

Word of wisdom.

They want you to succeed but not in the way you see yourself, but in the way they’re seeing you. And when it turn to women, we always fantasize about making them happy. In fact, there happiness always seem as our priority. We always drop everything behind.

And for the fact that taking care of your woman isn’t that a bad of an idea, it sometimes become the catalist of your failure. It make you poor to the command.

“How many times have you seen a man who is more than happy to achieve his dream only to get it wash away after finding his woman?”

You need to know where you’re going and have the capacity to get there. The way woman can motivate you to achieve success is the same way they could be the reason of your failure, you just have to think better.

Just because you really love her doesn’t mean you should forget your dreams. You have a place to be before you met her so don’t let her be the reason you didn’t get there unless she motivate you to even go further.

Be a gentle man but never be a fool.

“Have seen many people getting scattered just because they now find their dream girl only to come back biting their fingers after couple years because they couldn’t achieve their dreams. And what of the girl? Well, she’s already there writing a divorce because she couldn’t put up with a failure like them. What a pity?”

You need to pay attention to how you’re spending your energies. Do you really love her or you’re just putting up an act? And if you did love her then are you going to satisfy or her need? And if you did satisfy her needs are you going to drop everything just because of her sake? Pay attention to your own foolishness.

Just because you’re now in what seem like never ending romantic love doesn’t mean you should be foolish, you really need to be making a decision. What do you really want out of life? Will this girl still be there for you if you finally failed in life? Hell, will she even care at all?

“I love my woman and I really care about her, but once she started making some bullshit about me living her dream life, well, maybe we’ll started getting some real fight. Because I just can’t live only to make her happy, what of my own happiness?”

Love your woman all you want but never forget how they make you feel. Are they making you feel bad about your journey in life or they’re making you proud? Are they bringing a million ways to make you quit of your pursuit in life because it may challenge their beliefs or they’re supporting you at all costs?

If they’re finding everyway to bring you down to their levels in order to make them feeling comfortable about your love life you better run like hell. They don’t really care about you they’re just concerned about their beliefs.

Although we all have different perspective about life but that doesn’t stop you from seeing others as who they are – does it? You have to respect other people’s feelings and their perspectives of life. But when their want is now affecting your wants that’s where the thing start getting blurry.

You have to be a little pervert.

Read this: This Time Around: I Think I Have To Be A Little Selfish.

I know you really want to love but that doesn’t limit you to a single target. There’s another plenty of fish in the river. Live knowing that you still have a choice upon seeing all these stupidity our society is putting up on you.

You just don’t have to settle for anything you don’t really want to settle about. Be free in your own thinking.

Never pay attention to any woman stupidity for the sake of love, after all, you’re still gonna be the head – right? Then prove who’s the head then! Put them at their place.

“Advice is great but not when it’s coming from a man who doesn’t really care about you except for their own gains and objectives.”

Start being a little selfish.

Women can make you great and yet can make you suffer. Do have a clear mind.

Until we meet again . . .

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