Welcome To Hell

I wish I could walk up to every man, telling them how wonderful it will be, if ‘only’ they could live without getting attached.

I wish I could also walk up to every woman, telling them all the awesome feelings, explaining to them all the emotional off-loads they’re going to feel, only if they could live their lives, without getting attached to anything. But just the fuck it is, it seem it’s an unreachable dream.

Many has been said about love. But (I feel) something has never been cleared – ability to describe your feelings without getting hung up.

If a serious relationship is what you want, and you’re more than happy to stay with one person for the rest of your life – so be it. But don’t ever condemned those who think it’s not a better idea (at least for them) even when the reality is just that;  they’re running from something.

I respect every woman’s feelings. But that is the least I could do. I can never go as far as to changing myself just because of them. Unless the change comes from within.

That’s it. Is either you’re also playing the game or you’re being played. Either you want it or not.

Has anyone ever tells you to be honest with women? Has they ever tells you to never hide your feelings for them? Great! Then what did you gained? I doubt you’re heartbroken by now. As in, you didn’t find your dream girl.

Shame on you.

But wait? Those who tell you how to relate with women. How to talk to them. How to take them to first-date and second-date didn’t necessarily made a mistake. In fact, they’ve actually done a great job. But the problem is: are you combining ‘wisdom’ with your honesty? Ain’t women using you? Or let just say… Were you being fucked!

Remember those time when you’re being honest as fuck? Where you believe because you don’t ever manipulate anybody and that you’re transparent like no ever, that all because of that women should treat you with respect, that they should be loyal to you, cherish you and go over-the-moon just to celebrate how awesomely good you are, and that nobody should lie to you because after all you never lie to anyone? You remember? Great! How many of that moment really turned out just the way you want? (I doubt any!)

Now let look at it this way. Let assume you’re really an honest person. And in fact you treat everyone with your ultimate respect. But instead of being naive all because of honesty, you choose to remain smart. Although you’re honest as fuck, but you never doubt the fact that people can hurt you. You never fall asleep on the assumption of: as much as am being honest with people then people will never lie to me! But instead, you remain vigilant at all cost. You put everything in a perspective of: “Look! Just because you’re honest with people it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be dishonest with you. In fact, people have the tendency of hurting you better because they knew you were an honest man and you wouldn’t fight back.”

“Having an honest mind is great but together with being smart is better!”

You need to be incredibly awesome (at anything you do). You need to understand that, loving women is an honest to God practice and that you should cherish them with all your might but you must also remember that, they could fuck you real hard.

If being honest is the only thing you have up your sleeve then be ready for a difficult journey. Not only women, almost everyone in your circle will fuck you hard.

But to avoid all these uselessness:

Once people knew that you can’t deflect the truth from being lie to then that will be a great tools to be used against you. You’ll be there smiling like a silicone – believing everything you’re being told – when in reality, you’re been fed with a bunch of lie. And you won’t know. Not really, because you trust the way too much. You think because you didn’t lie to people then no one will lie to you. And you continue living your life as such. You’ve forgotten that the best way to manipulate someone is to appeal to their best side of character, what they’re good at.

So instead of just accepting people just the way they are. Check out if what they are is really worth it. Because being with a manipulative (partner or lover or whatever the fuck that someone may be) bag of shit won’t actually help you in reaching your goals. Instead, they’ll be more than happy to drain you.

And for the sake of this article (although I don’t know if the title actually aligned with what I write but anyway let just roll with it *cough* – *cough*) never take advice from anyone you think ain’t worth shit.

Be honest and be caring all you want- but never forget that people can still manipulate you together with your honesty. Hell, that’s what they want anyway. Yeah, your honesty! So be very careful and vigilant with anything you do.

For this case, love women, cherish them, protect them. But never forget the fact that: they could fuck you real hard.

The Mission (Part Two)

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You don’t always get what you want, but sometimes, it is better to be fully equipped. Not knowing what awaited me, I keep on going forward.

I don’t want anyone to think am weird or something. But when it turns to something that I feel deeply connected to, you better don’t mess with it. Meeting this girl is another turn-up of life.

It seems am going to forget about everything. Maybe I should just pay attention to her. Well, that depends on her term. Whether she wants me or not.

I sat down there looking straight into her eyes, thinking and assuming everything. Do you also love me, babe? Or you’re just saying this to let time pass? I was asking myself.

“Jane, what if you’re just saying this to make me realize my mistakes? What if you didn’t love me?” I said, trying to reassure myself.

“Well, maybe you haven’t made any mistake. Maybe you’re doing the right thing. Everything happens for a reason.” She said, telling me how determined she is.

I was amazed at how powerful we are if only we can choose to follow our hearts. Although our hearts almost always make us do shitty things, what about those greatest times? When our hearts did encourage us to push through the hurdles? Incredibly wonderful. I was asking myself, “What if I didn’t try?”

The answer is; that I will still be there drooling about how far am falling in love. Falling in love with my girlfriend’s tight friend.

Since we’re both moving in the same direction, there is no point in beating around the bush. I have to tell it just the way it is. So I said,

“Jane, I believe you understand my love life? I hate wasting time. If you don’t love me please let me know. I can’t be here wasting time on someone who wouldn’t care about me. I have dated your friend and you also understand the situation she put me in. Now, am not interested in facing the same thing as you. Please, Jane, I want you to be honest with me,” I said, trying to be composed as ever.

Although, I hate putting up lies, sometimes, you have to know how to present yourself. Most importantly, when we’re talking about love.

Based on my deduction, I can feel she loved me. What makes her fall in love? I can’t say. But here, I can feel the vibe.

Waiting for her response. I said, “Maybe I shouldn’t be putting the pressure on you? Maybe I should give you some time?”

She was confused. Maybe thinking if I’m truly serious? Or maybe getting nervous, what will her friends say? Or maybe combining everything? It was hard to say. But then she said, “I don’t know if you can cope with me? I am still a virgin?”

Brilliant. This is brilliant. I was getting excited. The one I was getting all troubled with actually wasn’t a virgin. But her friend? What great luck? This is beyond my expectations. To hide my happiness I said, “That can’t be. How come you’ll still be a virgin? Up to this point? No way!” I said, trying to be serious as if I was talking to a Psychiatric President.

She said, “Not that I didn’t have a boyfriend, but because I couldn’t give him what he want, he was treating me poorly. But what about you? Just the way my boyfriend is treating me, my friend is making you suffer just the same. What a great disappointment?”

And then I realized what is happening. She was facing the same shit as me. Falling head-over-hill for someone who can’t respect your feelings? What a tough journey?

But hey, this is life. And we all have to deal with its unfairness. Or else, it will be another story. I said, “Your friend is not the problem, I am the problem. I was the one allowing her to treat me with disrespect. Trying to put up with her uncertainty all because of love. What a weird thinking?”

“Well, we sometimes pass through some hurdles to meet the real one. Maybe it’s all happened all because of meeting each other?” She said.

Well thought, I think. This is what I want. Being straight with each other? Yeah, having the audacity to be more daring and honest? It was refreshing.

“I think I should have met you long ago before I get in line with your friend. Maybe my life could have improved a little?” I said, trying to feel down.

“Not really, we wouldn’t have valued each other. I think now is the right time,” she said, feeling proud of her decision.

You’re right, I thought to myself. “But hey, what make you think I might not be able to cope with you? Because you’re still a virgin?”

She sighed, “I wanted to wait until am deeply sure of the right man, and I don’t know how long that will me. Maybe you shouldn’t try at all, I might not be the best candidate,” she said.

Candidate my ass, I thought to myself. What the fuck is she even thinking about?

“You’re right, maybe I shouldn’t even try,” I said, “But the problem is, I am loving you already.”

In life, not everything deserves proper care. Sometimes, you have to go all in as if you don’t give care about the world.

Sitting down and looking at her, I know I am choosing the right choice. Even if I failed, at least, I’ll fail while daring greatly. I just want to love her with all my heart. Nothing else.

Some people say you shouldn’t love that openly. That you should guard your feelings? Well, that’s crazy. They’re scared of being hurt? What a coward!

I am deciding already, this girl, even when she’s not going to love me back, I am loving her already. With that, I stood up, leaned in, and kiss her with deep passion.

People are looking? Yes, I know! I just don’t care anymore. I am going to die, I want to die being live a life worth remembering. I want to take care of my loved ones without holding anything back.

“Jane, I love you!” I said while looking at her with that innocent face.

She blushed, feeling nervous, and said, “What are you doing? Can’t you see people are all looking at you?”

I smiled. What a joke? People are all looking at me? Funny! Ain’t you the one they’re paying all attention to? But anyway, that’s how women think.

“Let’s go,” I said, stretching my hand.

She was confused but took out her hand anyway. And we both leave the restaurant as if no one was there looking at us in the first place.

In life, you have both the YES and NO. You can decide to follow your heart, face all the consequences, and either come back thanking yourself for doing so or getting hurt to the point of feeling as if you’ve made the wrong decisions while the lessons learned will remain in your heart, guiding all your footsteps for the nearest future.

And you can choose to never take action at all, that you can’t just face all the humiliation, and later on, you’re being there regretting what you could have done but didn’t do. That maybe you could have gone for it, that at least, you’ll experience how it feels. But no, you didn’t try. And you’re regretting all the stupid shit.

But now, I have decided. There’s no turning back. I am loving this girl, and there is no way am going to stop loving her. Even if she didn’t love me back, at least, I’ll experience how hurtful it is to fall in love with someone you deeply care about.

“Jane, I won’t ever stop falling in love with you. That’s my promise to myself. Am loving you with all my heart.” I said firmly to myself. And we both leave space to let our feelings grow.

The mission is in the life of an untangle success, but only for the brave ones.

Make your decision, and never hold anything back going for it.

You can call me Lake Chass.

Yes, I am Lake Chass.

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I know that am living this crazy life called . . . Unconventional.

As am waking up everyday thinking about success, about women, and about ‘what the fuck?’ that I really wanted to be. I still find it hard to understand some (maybe most) people.

Why on earth will I care about your own happiness neglecting my own? You think I could be this very fuck-face by thinking about others? – No way. Am just here living my life.

Although am a Speaker, a Writer, and someone who really care about success for others. But don’t mistake it with trying to please people. Whether your family help you or support you to become successful is none of my business, and I don’t care what you think after reading this article.

But let assume ourselves to be friends, (and not your typical fucked up friends who refused to smack you in the face and tell you the truth) and am really interested in helping you.

You walk up to me one fucking night and say: “Yeah bro, my life really is a mess. There’s this girl I love (very deeply), but it seem she didn’t love me that much. Bro, what should I do to make her fall in love with me?”

I smile and say: “And you really love her?” And you said “Yes!” That in fact, you just can’t stop thinking about her.

Okay, here is the truth:

There’s nothing wrong loving a woman, in fact, it’s a fucking must for you to really realize you’re a man. But we’re approaching it in the wrong ways. . .

“We human being doesn’t really care about others feelings, except the feelings of our own.”

The notion that you really love her and you’re here to do anything to make her fall head-over-hill for you is enough to make you see the flaws:

Have you ever considered her own feelings? Maybe she don’t really love you? That you’re just trying to assume something?

What if you were the one, whom one girl really fall in love with, and here you are not giving a fuck whether she loves you or not. Not that she’s ugly or something, it’s just that; “you don’t really have feelings for her.”

What will you do?

Will you tell her the truth or you’ll keep playing along that, maybe one day, you can develop some feelings for her?

Your answer here will determine the level of your life. If you chose to tell her the truth in hope that she can move on with her life, then you can also face the truth and move on with your life.

But if you chose the second options, where you want to play along, that maybe one day, you will develop feelings for her, then that is exactly what your expectations will be. For her to develop feelings for you when you’re playing along? … … …

Wake up man! Wake up from all the feelings and illusions. Base on my experience, you don’t really want to date the same girl you’re dating now in the next two years. You’ll feel like, she ain’t that really special unless you’re not interacting with beautiful women again since the day you met her.

So saying you really love her and you can’t stop thinking about her is because you haven’t interact with more interesting women. Believe me, if you do, you will even find it hard to believe yourself (that only her can make you happy, for where?).

Meet more people and see if you’ll be falling head-over-hill for her again. And yes, the same thing applicable for women as well. Women will ditch you once they find someone (physically, emotionally, or financially) better than you (hell, they’re even excellent in doing so. Because we men sometimes have some conscience, but it seem, women lack plenty).

You like her – agreed. But what if you see someone better than her – will you still be this cheery head? Will you still be daydreaming about ‘only’ her?

To cut the article short (because am getting impatient nowadays). You need to analyze your feelings. What if you don’t really like her just the way you think you seem so? What if you’re just driven by illusions? What if “in the next five years” she can’t even stand before you (of course because you’re improving) will you still care about her?

If all your answers are a resounding “YES!” Then she really worth it.

But if at the end, you find yourself thinking twice before you make that decision, then it is better for you to wake up friend. Yeah, wake up!

That girl shouldn’t really be yours.

Have a wonderful life.

And before you go … … …

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The Best Way To Keep-Up The Challenge: Logic.

‘You want to drive women crazy, make them horny and fall head-over-hill for you- and you’re thinking about always ‘making’ them happy? — Well-done, you’re getting closer to failure as much as possible.’

Use your logic.

How else do you think women love some people and didn’t love some?- Because some people have discovered how to play game.

Women play game- so should you?

“You know, am a man of integrity and I couldn’t put up with women playing game with me. I’ll rather remain single than to play one silly game.” – You gotta stay there.

You won’t even last a month when you actually meet your dream girl. Because her silly game will make you think she didn’t like you, that she’s just playing game. And when you couldn’t realize her game, then you wouldn’t know how to play.

And not knowing how to play mean – you’re getting left out. Or to put it well- you are failing.

Let failure teach you.

Let it be your teacher.

How many times have you lost girls just because of your foolishness? How many times did they ditch you?

Just say the truth.

For me it’s even more than what I can count. In fact, some of it are still hurting me till now. I couldn’t pinpoint game.

“Learning game will help you and mastering it will save you.”

Even your typical go-to mentor also know that playing game is better. Except they keep on telling you to be honest.

Of course you should be honest, but not when you’re with someone else and still admitting that to your woman. That’s crazy.

Be smart at all cost.

Never settle for less. Nor should you admit what ain’t worth admitting.

When you’re in dating, always keep your game intact. Love your woman but always knows when you’re going overboard. People always and will continue to love and cherish what seem beyond their reach. Yeah, we all love fantasies.

“You love her and she loves you. You really cared about her and she also cared about you. But how on earth will you (both) keep the dice rolling? You can only do that by bringing up the challenge. Let both parties have a sense of losing.”

In Love and Relationship. By: “I Am Lasisi .Com”

The only way to love your woman and for her to keep on loving you is for you to keep on improving and for her to keep up the progress. Without both parties bringing something up to the table, one will get tired of the other. And there’s no other way out.

Love your woman but don’t be fool.

Women love game. They want you to understand it, master it, and finally have a sense of using it. They want you to be in total control.

But once they realized you’re not up to what they’re expecting of you, that you don’t really get it, then they started getting nervous, feeling like something is wrong. Then they started giving a fuck. And then they started losing interest.

Pay attention to your own craft.

As much as women hate (or they say they hate) guys who didn’t gives a shit about them, they’re still falling head-over-hill for them. – Why?

Because these guys also care about them (most exactly like me and you) but they’ve mastered their ways of playing game. Yeah, they’re full of tactics. From the beginning of living simple lives and not getting emotional- how? They’ve learn to rely on themselves since the beginning of them getting wise.

So- wake up!

Use your brain. Let women knows you’ve got some balls. Play with their fantasies. They love you and they’re also expecting you to love them.

But they just can’t fall head-over-hill for you without really worth it. And believe me, no women is exclusive. You can always control almost all of them.

And if you see one that doesn’t care about your dominance, she should go fuck herself- yeah, no matter how pretty and sexy she is. You love her but she must at least respect you.

“Didn’t she knows it’s that hard to approach them not talk of talking to them? So she should at least treat you with courtesy.”

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But Wait: Let Talk About My Honourable Mentality. (In Dating & Meeting Women Of Course).

“You don’t know how long have been waiting for this opportunity to come- and now that I really need one, it finally arrived- most of all with a woman like you- What a coincidence?”

I hate you!


I hate almost every woman (that was in the past though). In fact, I hate talking about them. They are annoying. Doing shit you don’t really accept of. Fucking with your brain up and down- messing with you. But then I realized:

Not every woman do shit.

“If you think about it, dating is a game, where you’re refining your skills about life, where you’re learning how to detect shit out of bullshit. But at the end of the day, if you still manage to put up with drama, as in, you still end up dating the wrong woman of your choice? Pardon me, that say a lot about you more than the said woman.”


Women do shit- we all agreed. But just don’t forget that not every woman. Some are even wiser than your fucked up grandpa. (Pardon me).

“The best way to know who you be is to evaluate how many fucked up relationship you’re putting up with. Some people just love the idea of lowering their standards.”

I don’t care who you be- as long as you’re not capable enough to control your woman with total utmost respect then you wouldn’t mean much. That is minus ten percent out of your humanly measures.

The fact that you married a shitty woman is enough to prove what you’re worth. Maybe you think she’s way too much out of your league when you’re first starting out? And that make you think after her, you can’t find a better one? Fuck you.

“I have been dating and meeting women for the past couple years without any success behind it, yet, I was talking a big show when talking about women- when in reality, I don’t really mean much when it turn to dating women, not until I started paying much attentions and making changes.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

I live shitty life. And instead of admitting that to myself, I was there having a big show of how every woman are just shitty, as if I am the most competent dude for them- when in reality, I don’t even worth buying their gifts- what a fucked up life?

‘Yeah, I was this stupid dude when it turn to dating and meeting women, but anyway, I still have a long ways to go. After all, I can pretend to sit down here ‘looking rubbish’ and telling myself that am doing yoga- and- fuck you for thinking otherwise.’

And instead of paying attention to my fucked up life, I choose to remain different- just being the whom I am. Then that brings the bigger question:

Who the fuck I think I am?

Why girls are not liking me?

Why am I getting rejected over and over again?

And now I realized:

I didn’t know what I really wanted in life.

“Being cool doesn’t guarantee success. The only way to have a clear mind and an awesome lifestyle is to know exactly where you’re going.”


Dating a shitty girl of your circle actually mean you’re shitty. And having your ways around poor headed girlfriends actually mean you’re poor yourself. The level of those people around you actually dictate the level of yourself. Worst of all the people you mingle with.

You don’t need anyone to tell you where you belong as long as you’re looking at your girlfriend. And seeing your wife will actually say much about your personality. So don’t ever bother to sugar-coat everything.

‘You know, when I first met Delila, she’s ain’t that ugly- but then she started paying less attention to her body and look. I wonder, anyway, well, she’s beautiful you know!’ . . . Fuck you!

You can’t date below your standards. Likewise, you can’t go beyond your capacity. You can only assume what you think you’re really worth achieving. So dating that girl is actually what you think you are- stop saying rubbish.

“You know, I didn’t really think much about her, hell, I don’t even care. She’s below my standard right- am just trying to put up with her. Nothing else.”

That’s a lie man. If truly you don’t care and she’s actually below your standards- then you could’ve told her to go fuck herself.

Like attract like.

The same father the same mother.

Bird of the same feather.

And so on and so forth. Etcetera, etcetera.

Fuck you!

You have to raise your standards.

(And for the fact that am feeling dizzy right now, have gat to take some leave. Yeah, we gotta write this in some later time. But anyway, don’t forget to raise your standards- because I wouldn’t play nice with you when I later find out you married a shitty woman).

Have a nice dream. (Yeah, am currently writing this when most are soundly sleeping- “00:51” you know).

And here you go . . .

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