The Journey

I will get over this, I promised.”

I didn’t have a good plan, nor am I highly intelligent. Maybe! All am doing is just taking it a step at a time.

Too much debtors, I said. I didn’t have a good sight. Just that, I was crazy like hell. Getting loan as if someone was pointing a gun at me. What a stupid me!? I moan.

I was crazy. Paving up and down. Telling myself all the stupid shit I couldn’t have done. But now it is too late. I have already put myself in a deep pit.

I didn’t know it will turn out like this. I didn’t know. I was just crazy. Trying to make money by all means.

Am not going to justify. I won’t ever take a single step to defend myself. I fuck up. That’s all. I make a poor decision.

“Sometimes, we just don’t need to follow our dreams.”

I could have waited another day. Building a website, I thought it was going to be a great deal. Without a single experience, it was hard like hell. Paying for shit I couldn’t figure out the uses. Getting loan for something I couldn’t understand. Anyway, that was then. Maybe now, I will make a good use.

Not knowing what to do. I sat down. Maybe on the floor. Well, I can’t say. All I know is that I sat down. My life. Where is it going? Am I going to die from all this? No way, I must figure out a way.

I thought website will be earning me money. SPOILER ALERT! It didn’t. I was broke like hell. Working and toiling on something I didn’t really understand. But hey, it was worth it. Even if I failed, at least have learn my lesson: Never Do Something You’re Not Knowledgeable About.

There’s room for improvement. Of course I know. Just that, you’ll be amazed how faster you learn if you properly took the right step, instead of guessing and cracking up brain. Cracking brain on what you didn’t even know the basics. Bad game, I cry.

I wasted so much money. Traffic or something, as if it was a Lexus 360, swallowing my money. Hell, not even my money, the money I got through the loaner. Stubborn me, I said. But now is not the time to get panic. And there’s no room for regret. I have to keep moving. At least I’ll be cautious now. Trying to figure out all the right step. Yes! That will be a good idea. Or what!? That was what I told myself.

First I need somewhere to work. Either the job I hate or the one I loath. I just have to do something. Or else this shark loan companies will cut my throat. So before kicking and smacking myself. I have to find solution. At least paying back the money first. That should be my first priority.

So I stood up. Staring bovine like at my TV wall. No, really? Is it a TV? No! I just remembered I didn’t have any. My room was plain like day. Nothing to show even to my girlfriend. Always boring like listening to a 70 years old lecturer speaking french when you only speak your native language in hope that he was lecturing you on how to make a planet count. When in reality, you were from Japan. And here you are, staring at your professor, speaking french, saying almost every jargons you wouldn’t even remember even when you’re gotten a plane ticket for it. Dull. I said. Anyway, there’s no time to waste time.

Which work should I do? I can’t say. I was just staring at the wall. Okay. What if I start a business? Cool! It seem that sounds great. But wait, which business am I talking about? Well, I just have to figure that out. But anyway, maybe thinking won’t solve a single shit of this. Maybe I should just get the fuck out of this house and find a good use of my time. With that in mind. I picked up my phone, checked the time and it said, 3:26 pm. What a bad luck, I thought. But anyway, no time is too long to make a comeback. Or at least, I have to put some hope.

I walked out. Lock the door and started the journey I didn’t sure how to arrive at the destination. Just plainly moving, hoping that one day, I might hit the right jackpot. Bullshit. I thought. But anyway, I still have to keep going.

This website, I am coming back to hunt you. I promised. I will learn all the shit I have to learn in other to make you work. But first, I have to pay back my loan. For this case, just watch out for my next move.

Fuck you! I Am Lasisi. Yes, I’ve gat to say fuck you even more than a million time. After all, you stupidly drag my money go.

But wait, is it me or the website? Oh oh! Then fuck me in return. I didn’t learn my home work.

Yeah! That should be my lesson: Always Have Some Knowledge Of What You’re Getting Yourself Into.

Mastercraft Lake Chass

Personal is my thing. Doing it just the way everyone else is doing it? No way! And I don’t have a time frame for everything. Perish now or died later? They’re almost the same.

I raised my head, scanning the pertinent information about the new version of this mission. It seems that I might not also survive this. Have I died before? Don’t ask! That was just my style. Taking everything into account. Just in case it didn’t turn out to be the way I planned it to be. Always prepared.

In this assignment, there are so many obstacles. Coupled with ultimate dissatisfaction. But as always, challenging everything is my best hobby. Not giving a damn what the hell the situation turn out to be. The best attitudes you can get.

They call me Lake, Lake Chass. I hate philosophy but love empiricism. There’s no point in only talking about theories. At least, you should be an experimentalist. Believing both the truth (and lies) without having the sense that it might not be the same as they say is a very good way to waste your life.

I love to experience, and that is exactly what am going to do. Taking actions more than telling it in theory. And as one of the Marine Corps said; “No mission survives the first plan. Improvising is the best bet,” or maybe not a Marine Corps. Maybe he was a soldier? Or air force base? I don’t know. But I remember them saying. It has been leading me through the worst moment. Thinking on my feet. No time for dilly-dallying.

Taking a risk or not? That is your cup of tea. What you want will determine the decision you make. And your decision will determine the results. If you want small success, you can decide to be what everyone wants you to be. But if you want to make your life count, don’t listen to anyone. I told myself.

There are many spectators in my surroundings. Looking and sneer at me when I pass by. Some of them think that am wasting my life. And some think there’s no way am going to become great. To hell with them, I said. I don’t have time to waste on useless people.

Going to work is like going to hellfire. I usually jog every day. Waking up at 4:30 am, lift some weight, and finally hit the road. Not an easy task. But I love it.

I don’t lift weights every day. I do it one day ON one-day OFF. Taking the other day to rest. That’s my best choice. I don’t care about what the gurus say about waking up every day. That you should train fucking hard. That shit ain’t for me. I only do my shit just the way I love to. You can burn your ass off every fucking hour, I don’t care.

Working out or not working out, it all depends on what you want. I’d rather train on my own than have a membership. Hell, I can’t even work out all day. At least, I must take a rest. Call it “80” by “20” philosophy, maybe! I was just doing my things.

I hate competition. Others’ preparation for life won’t ever be considered my own. Do your things and allow me to do mine. There will never be any argument.

I checked my phone. Fifteen minutes past ten. Ten in the morning. Very entitlement. Hours that make people stress themselves. Everyone thinks they’re doing something great when in reality, some people are just killing time. No improvement. No personal understanding of what they’re doing. They’re just killing time.

No! Not everyone will become great. But that doesn’t mean we should all be useless. We need more thinkers in our midst.

I took my pen. Relax a bit and write:

That is it. If you want to become great. There are certain points in your life where you must draw a clear line. You must determine your want between their wants.

No one can stop me now even including myself.

Mastercraft is the best personalization of life.

You can call me Lake Chass. Yeah! I am Lake.

Have a wonderful life.

In Your Dreams…??

In you dream?

In your dream!

Too much lie.

Telling everyone you wanted to become a pilot. When in reality, you’re more than happy working in a restaurant that could give you at least something to go by without having to worry about what to eat and drink again in your life. Fuck you! You think everyone believe in your lie?

Am a practitioner of stubbornness. Sometimes people look at me and think, “What’s happening to this guy? Why aren’t him living a normal life?” And yes, am not living a normal life.

Am not here to impress people. Nor am I here because I wanted to make somebody happy. Fuck you and fuck your happiness!

And beside, which fucking happiness is that? If you’re not happy on your own then you should go fuck yourself. Why will I be the reason of your happiness? No way! And believe me, I shouldn’t be the reason of your unhappiness. But if you think I am being unreasonable. Then you should go fuck your shit.

Am not begging you to live a wonderful life. Nor am I hopping around waiting for your downfall. But am here to tell you:

Your dream will surely remain your dream unless you’re ready to fight the battle.

Unless you’re ready to stare the face of all the people in your family and tell them, “Yeah, this is my life. And am not ready to listen to anyone except to further my own course, tah!” Decision: that is your ability to stay firm.

Although I don’t know what you’re passing through. But the problem remain the same: we all want to live a meaningful life. We all want to be happy.

But how on earth will you be truly happy when all you do is transfer into your dream and started day-dreaming about it without any actions to make it reality? That is just another unhappiness you’re creating for yourself.

You need to be real to yourself!

Having dreams are good on its own but being a dreamer full of excuses of this, of that, of them is not a better way to live.

You need to dedicate your life to something.

Read this: You Have To Dedicate Your Life To Something.

Stop being a dreamer and start doing.

Stop wishing for good thing and start taking actions.

That is the only way I know you can be truly happy.

Have a wonderful life.


The girl I want to date will be sexy, have a deep eyes, awesome boobs, excellent v*agina, elegant look and .. .. and .. .. .. and .. .. .. then I woke up!

Yeah! .. .. Welcome to dream land! Where everyone talk talk and talk without any actions to back it up.

You also want your dream girl to be like this, be like that and yet you’re not ready for improvement. Do you think money grows from tree???

So after I wake up. I went to bathroom and have a bath, dress up and get the fuck-out of the room. (Yeah, am finding my dream girl).

Some girls are so beautiful that you wouldn’t dare to approach them because approaching then will make you feel like shit!

I’ve seen different types of girls and some are even elegant like hell that I forgot my name when talking to them.

(And hey, I won’t lie to you. Sometimes I didn’t even know where’s my legs when am walking to some excellent ladies. It just feel like something is pushing me. As if, I was being controlled by a remote, you know, like a robot. Due to an excessive fear and nervousness. But in the end, I always end up going anyway. No matter what I feel).

If I met a guy who told me it was easy as talking to your school mate you’ve seen for a long time when talking to girls she’s approaching for the first time then am going to challenge the guy. Maybe he’s just bullshitting.

(Okay. Except the guy was Mike Mehlman. One of the number of master I’ll ever know in approaching women. He didn’t give a shit. He just walk up to women and introduce himself. Any place any where!).

Although you can also be like him (only if you’re ready to approach at least 30 different women in a very single day (repeatedly) for the rest of your life. If not, forget it).

Where am I going..???

Unless you’re ready to be rejected more than million times then you might never have the audacity to date the woman of your dream. You’ll just be dating those girls in your neighborhood. Yeah, those girl that never have standard! They’re okay with anyone.. .. .. #smirk.

You can’t escape the reality!

Is either you end up dating not-too-ugly girls or you actually improve yourself to the point that looks ain’t matter to you. And you’ll approach women any where and any time. But before you get there .. .. you gotta get your shit together.

No. Am not talking about money. You can be broke like shit and still be dating extra beauty women. All in all it’s a matter of confidence, and the ability to never change your behavior just because of any fucking woman. But believe me: it is easier said than done.

You have to start dating women. To understand your life, you must start approaching. And am dead fucking serious!

As a man! No matter how successful you are, if you’re not bold enough to approach the woman of your dream. Then what the fuck are your working for? To marry that fucking ugly neighbor of yours after you build your mansion? – Fuck you!

“Most people marry not because they’re okay with their partners. But because there’s nothing else they can do. Since they’re not improving, and they’re not ready to face the fucking fear, then they’ve choosed to accept their fate and just settle with the woman they could find.”

Where is your standard? Where is that drive that is hugging you to never settle for less?

You have to replan your life and rebuild yourself. Catalina might be there waiting for you, but never will she be happy when she finally met you and you couldn’t approach her.

So please brother! Start from scratch and gradually building yourself upward. Catalina is waiting for you. She’s excellently thinking about you. She really wants you to be great. So that when she finds you, she’ll be happy that she didn’t wait for nothing.

Have a wonderful journey.

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I Want To Dedicate My Life To Writing.

And before I do that, I have to get something clear to myself: “Am I really going to achieve that? What if everything turns upside down, am I still going to push through?”

As the saying goes:

“Hope for the best and plan for the worst.”

I gat this straight from Lee Child “Jack Reacher Series.”

I don’t know if am going to make it indeed but who said I shouldn’t try? But the mistake of almost everyone I knew ‘that failed’ spectacularly is because they believe they’re going to try. Why?

Because trier alone will never make you succeed unless you understand how to give more. You have to understand that, this is a journey of ‘do or die’. Either your survive or you perished, that is how they survive every missions.

“We’re not going out there fighting for pleasure, we’re going out there fighting for war. War that no matter what happens, no matter what the situation present, we just can’t fucking back off. It’s a must to push through.”

Fighting Against Demon by “I Am Lasisi .Com” (Well, I haven’t writing the book you know, still doing some necessary ground work).

What if it didn’t turn out just the way I want?

The question of why ain’t people succeeding is the same answer of why ain’t them failing? Because they’re not ready to give it all they’ve got. They’re trying to hold something behind.

People want to succeed and yet they didn’t want to fail. They want to break through yet without passing the turmoil. And the question is: How the fuck will you experience success without tasting a defeat? How will you pass through without over hyping yourself? – No way!

You must be ready for both testicle dimension – with both ultimate success and critical failure.

“Now I realize: for me to task-fully amount to something then I must dedicate my life to it. Not even ‘only’ about success but with the hope of not regretting my life. I know that am going to die (either I make it or not) then why couldn’t I make the good use of my time?”

Making money or not? – It doesn’t matter. All that counts is “Am going to die.” Will I die feeling happy because I live a life that I really wanted to live or feeling regret because I couldn’t amount to something great? – It’s left to us individual to choose how we want to end up our lives. Fulfilled or regrets?!!!

“Based on my thinking, I prefer to leave this life as a living “failure” that doesn’t amount to something your typical success thought about, but die with full of inspirations and achievement because I really live a life that worth remembering. And the failure I mean here is a man who didn’t live up to your bullshit mentality of success.”

Everyone has his/her own definition of life, but clouding it with people’s perspective and ideas is a surefire ways to crash. To live a miserable life- then start communicating to most people and adopt their ideas of living life – You’ll see that most of them ain’t really worth it. They’re just living with their tails between their legs.

How will you amount to something great?

You have to dedicate yourself to something. Something that no matter what happens, you just can’t give up.

Just because you’re not making money from it now doesn’t mean you’re not progressing. It mean you’re still getting there.

And if you think you should make money at all cost then let assume it shouldn’t even be your calling. Maybe you’re just fantasizing.

Who knows maybe you don’t really want it. Because if you do, you won’t even care about money.

“Yes, I have to tell you, money shouldn’t be the target. Because you want it doesn’t mean you’ve gonna make money from it, but believe me, if you did a great work, something that not anyone can surpass, them am certain you’ve gat to earn money from it.”

People will pay you – am serious. Your ideas will sell – and am certain. But not by wishy-washy little fucking minded pursuit. You’ve gat to dream big and act bigger.

You’ve gat to forget everyone and everything around you and concentrate on your journey. You’ve gat to leave everything behind and chase your dream and ambitions at all cost.

And if you didn’t later make it?

Well, at least you failed while daring greatly.

And hey….??? Who the fuck tells you you gonna fail????!!!!

You’ve gat to shattered most accurate beliefs.

Use your fucking brain.

‘Correct, fuck the haters and use your brain. Yes! Your fucking brain.’

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