In Your Dreams…??

In you dream?

In your dream!

Too much lie.

Telling everyone you wanted to become a pilot. When in reality, you’re more than happy working in a restaurant that could give you at least something to go by without having to worry about what to eat and drink again in your life. Fuck you! You think everyone believe in your lie?

Am a practitioner of stubbornness. Sometimes people look at me and think, “What’s happening to this guy? Why aren’t him living a normal life?” And yes, am not living a normal life.

Am not here to impress people. Nor am I here because I wanted to make somebody happy. Fuck you and fuck your happiness!

And beside, which fucking happiness is that? If you’re not happy on your own then you should go fuck yourself. Why will I be the reason of your happiness? No way! And believe me, I shouldn’t be the reason of your unhappiness. But if you think I am being unreasonable. Then you should go fuck your shit.

Am not begging you to live a wonderful life. Nor am I hopping around waiting for your downfall. But am here to tell you:

Your dream will surely remain your dream unless you’re ready to fight the battle.

Unless you’re ready to stare the face of all the people in your family and tell them, “Yeah, this is my life. And am not ready to listen to anyone except to further my own course, tah!” Decision: that is your ability to stay firm.

Although I don’t know what you’re passing through. But the problem remain the same: we all want to live a meaningful life. We all want to be happy.

But how on earth will you be truly happy when all you do is transfer into your dream and started day-dreaming about it without any actions to make it reality? That is just another unhappiness you’re creating for yourself.

You need to be real to yourself!

Having dreams are good on its own but being a dreamer full of excuses of this, of that, of them is not a better way to live.

You need to dedicate your life to something.

Read this: You Have To Dedicate Your Life To Something.

Stop being a dreamer and start doing.

Stop wishing for good thing and start taking actions.

That is the only way I know you can be truly happy.

Have a wonderful life.


The girl I want to date will be sexy, have a deep eyes, awesome boobs, excellent v*agina, elegant look and .. .. and .. .. .. and .. .. .. then I woke up!

Yeah! .. .. Welcome to dream land! Where everyone talk talk and talk without any actions to back it up.

You also want your dream girl to be like this, be like that and yet you’re not ready for improvement. Do you think money grows from tree???

So after I wake up. I went to bathroom and have a bath, dress up and get the fuck-out of the room. (Yeah, am finding my dream girl).

Some girls are so beautiful that you wouldn’t dare to approach them because approaching then will make you feel like shit!

I’ve seen different types of girls and some are even elegant like hell that I forgot my name when talking to them.

(And hey, I won’t lie to you. Sometimes I didn’t even know where’s my legs when am walking to some excellent ladies. It just feel like something is pushing me. As if, I was being controlled by a remote, you know, like a robot. Due to an excessive fear and nervousness. But in the end, I always end up going anyway. No matter what I feel).

If I met a guy who told me it was easy as talking to your school mate you’ve seen for a long time when talking to girls she’s approaching for the first time then am going to challenge the guy. Maybe he’s just bullshitting.

(Okay. Except the guy was Mike Mehlman. One of the number of master I’ll ever know in approaching women. He didn’t give a shit. He just walk up to women and introduce himself. Any place any where!).

Although you can also be like him (only if you’re ready to approach at least 30 different women in a very single day (repeatedly) for the rest of your life. If not, forget it).

Where am I going..???

Unless you’re ready to be rejected more than million times then you might never have the audacity to date the woman of your dream. You’ll just be dating those girls in your neighborhood. Yeah, those girl that never have standard! They’re okay with anyone.. .. .. #smirk.

You can’t escape the reality!

Is either you end up dating not-too-ugly girls or you actually improve yourself to the point that looks ain’t matter to you. And you’ll approach women any where and any time. But before you get there .. .. you gotta get your shit together.

No. Am not talking about money. You can be broke like shit and still be dating extra beauty women. All in all it’s a matter of confidence, and the ability to never change your behavior just because of any fucking woman. But believe me: it is easier said than done.

You have to start dating women. To understand your life, you must start approaching. And am dead fucking serious!

As a man! No matter how successful you are, if you’re not bold enough to approach the woman of your dream. Then what the fuck are your working for? To marry that fucking ugly neighbor of yours after you build your mansion? – Fuck you!

“Most people marry not because they’re okay with their partners. But because there’s nothing else they can do. Since they’re not improving, and they’re not ready to face the fucking fear, then they’ve choosed to accept their fate and just settle with the woman they could find.”

Where is your standard? Where is that drive that is hugging you to never settle for less?

You have to replan your life and rebuild yourself. Catalina might be there waiting for you, but never will she be happy when she finally met you and you couldn’t approach her.

So please brother! Start from scratch and gradually building yourself upward. Catalina is waiting for you. She’s excellently thinking about you. She really wants you to be great. So that when she finds you, she’ll be happy that she didn’t wait for nothing.

Have a wonderful journey.

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I Want To Dedicate My Life To Writing.

And before I do that, I have to get something clear to myself: “Am I really going to achieve that? What if everything turns upside down, am I still going to push through?”

As the saying goes:

“Hope for the best and plan for the worst.”

I gat this straight from Lee Child “Jack Reacher Series.”

I don’t know if am going to make it indeed but who said I shouldn’t try? But the mistake of almost everyone I knew ‘that failed’ spectacularly is because they believe they’re going to try. Why?

Because trier alone will never make you succeed unless you understand how to give more. You have to understand that, this is a journey of ‘do or die’. Either your survive or you perished, that is how they survive every missions.

“We’re not going out there fighting for pleasure, we’re going out there fighting for war. War that no matter what happens, no matter what the situation present, we just can’t fucking back off. It’s a must to push through.”

Fighting Against Demon by “I Am Lasisi .Com” (Well, I haven’t writing the book you know, still doing some necessary ground work).

What if it didn’t turn out just the way I want?

The question of why ain’t people succeeding is the same answer of why ain’t them failing? Because they’re not ready to give it all they’ve got. They’re trying to hold something behind.

People want to succeed and yet they didn’t want to fail. They want to break through yet without passing the turmoil. And the question is: How the fuck will you experience success without tasting a defeat? How will you pass through without over hyping yourself? – No way!

You must be ready for both testicle dimension – with both ultimate success and critical failure.

“Now I realize: for me to task-fully amount to something then I must dedicate my life to it. Not even ‘only’ about success but with the hope of not regretting my life. I know that am going to die (either I make it or not) then why couldn’t I make the good use of my time?”

Making money or not? – It doesn’t matter. All that counts is “Am going to die.” Will I die feeling happy because I live a life that I really wanted to live or feeling regret because I couldn’t amount to something great? – It’s left to us individual to choose how we want to end up our lives. Fulfilled or regrets?!!!

“Based on my thinking, I prefer to leave this life as a living “failure” that doesn’t amount to something your typical success thought about, but die with full of inspirations and achievement because I really live a life that worth remembering. And the failure I mean here is a man who didn’t live up to your bullshit mentality of success.”

Everyone has his/her own definition of life, but clouding it with people’s perspective and ideas is a surefire ways to crash. To live a miserable life- then start communicating to most people and adopt their ideas of living life – You’ll see that most of them ain’t really worth it. They’re just living with their tails between their legs.

How will you amount to something great?

You have to dedicate yourself to something. Something that no matter what happens, you just can’t give up.

Just because you’re not making money from it now doesn’t mean you’re not progressing. It mean you’re still getting there.

And if you think you should make money at all cost then let assume it shouldn’t even be your calling. Maybe you’re just fantasizing.

Who knows maybe you don’t really want it. Because if you do, you won’t even care about money.

“Yes, I have to tell you, money shouldn’t be the target. Because you want it doesn’t mean you’ve gonna make money from it, but believe me, if you did a great work, something that not anyone can surpass, them am certain you’ve gat to earn money from it.”

People will pay you – am serious. Your ideas will sell – and am certain. But not by wishy-washy little fucking minded pursuit. You’ve gat to dream big and act bigger.

You’ve gat to forget everyone and everything around you and concentrate on your journey. You’ve gat to leave everything behind and chase your dream and ambitions at all cost.

And if you didn’t later make it?

Well, at least you failed while daring greatly.

And hey….??? Who the fuck tells you you gonna fail????!!!!

You’ve gat to shattered most accurate beliefs.

Use your fucking brain.

‘Correct, fuck the haters and use your brain. Yes! Your fucking brain.’

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I Take It One Step At A Time.

It may took me so long that even my colleagues will started saying shit before me. It’s okay.

I might not necessarily make it in the next five years – but am okay. As long as am pushing all through, then there’s no way that I wouldn’t make it.

“Taking it one step at a time doesn’t mean you’re not working stronger. It mean you’re not over hyping yourself.”

Am not telling you to never compete with others, but I have to tell you; most of competition doesn’t really worth it. Know your life and analyze what you want to get there. You don’t really need anyone to over-hype your progress.

Having someone to progress together sometimes worth it. But relying on them is a sure way to crash. Your journey of life doesn’t really need subordinate, you only need those who really believe in you.

So forcing yourself to actually get there might bring opposite results. Hence, you’ll be achieving your goals for wrong purpose.

It takes some times.

Being a somebody among nobody’s really take some mundane efforts. Hell, you’ll go through a lot of repetition.

And your repetition without seemingly visible results will also make you question yourself. Because it will seem as if you’re just wasting the bunch crazy shit of your time.

And yet I realize something.

I didn’t pay enough attention to how I succeed. God has giving me the talent, the skill and the wisdom. But it seem, I am wasting the bunch beautiful of it. How???

“You’ve realize what you want and you understand how to get it. Then what’s stopping you?”

Most of us really understand our talents, but we lack dedication and persistence. Instead of consistency, we chose to give up just because it seem we’re not making money.

And how on earth will you make money from something you didn’t pay much attention to?!! How on earth will you succeed on something you don’t really care about? – No way…!!

Your lack of dedication and persistence is the results of your frustrations. Because you didn’t persist then you wouldn’t succeed – it’s a no brainer.

“The majority of our time really want a quick fix. They want to be successful at a faster rate. The work, the journey, the everlasting grinding behind it doesn’t concern them. All they want is money. No wonder people are not happy even after what they want. Because they’ve forget that; they don’t really want it.”

Anytime I am at home, I sat down trying to figure out something. Is it true that I can be great? Okay, if really it’s possible, then how can I get there? Oh-oh, what if I get there, will I be happy? Okay what really gives me happiness? And these things that are making me happy, is it really what I want? Or maybe am just cower down just because I am happy doing it??!!

Those are my ultimate questions. Questions that no matter who you be, you can’t really answer them for me. Only me has the deepest instinct.

“Money is good and money is excellent. And in fact, not having money is futile. But what good does it do me when I end up regretting my life even though it seem that I achieve all I really wanted? Just because it lack meaning and personal purpose?!!”

We all have different ways of thinking and perspectives. But we all have something in common: we all want to live a fulfilment life.

We all want to look back and say “Yes, I did become what I really wanted to become” not what fucking anyone want me to be. We all want to live according to our own definition of success, but only few will achieve such.

“I can’t really blame anyone just because they couldn’t become what they really wanted to become. Instead, I’ve learn to pity them. You know, this thing is not easy. You’re in a situation that what you want always comes last before what your woman, your mum, your father, your siblings, your colleagues and or your love ones want. Only the crazy ones always push through because they gonna tell them they don’t care.”

You can’t always succeed without offending at least so many people – why? Because your want will contradict their wants. And the only way to really push through is to put them at their place. That even if you failed just because you didn’t listen to them, then you’re still okay continue doing what you’re doing, as long as you’re moving in the direction of your goals. In short, you don’t really need anyone to succeed, you just have to be taking it one step at a time.

The right person to help you or to lift you up will show up at a giving situation, in which you won’t really care ‘who say what?’ because you’re moving on the right direction.

So for this being said; know your dream, your mission and your calling and never allow anyone to wander you of your soul by taking it one step at a time.

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From My Perspective: This Is The “Type of Girls” That I Really Want To Date.

So if you think you’re not even up to that level, you better fuck yourself. I might not even look your side.

Because . . .

. . . I just want to date beautiful women.

I don’t know if am really driven by illusions or reality, but I do know that, I really want to date beautiful women.

I’ve been daydreaming about this all long, most especially for almost 5 years- I do really want to date beautiful women.

“Yes! The girl of my dream should look something like this or else, it is no way.” And of course, I give credit to ‘Olist’ okay.!

And hey, I don’t really care about your accusations. You can accused me all you want. All I care about is: am not coming down to your own level.

I want to date beautiful women that’s all.

Either I believe in superficial beauty or am deeply touch in real beauty- I don’t know. But I know what I want.

Meeting an extremely ugly women always dry me. It always suck all the emotions in me. Why on earth will I be talking to these people? I mean, I don’t really like them you know, and they’re getting head-over-hill talking to me. What the fuck?

‘If you’re not looking like this then fuck you.’ (And hey, I didn’t mean to use your picture without asking for permission, but you’re too sexy and awesome, that’s why am using your pix anyway. I really admire you, so don’t sue me, abeg! You’re beautiful…!!!)

That girl is beautiful- and I really liked her. (Her picture even keep me going, you know, looking at it always give me some spark of not relenting. As long as some men can have someone like her, then I can too. Those guy didn’t have two head- or did they?)

I don’t care what you think about me. I really love beauty and so should you. And if you think you’re okay with your typical secondary school girl, then it’s okay. I just can’t see myself falling for that crap. I really want to excell.

“Yeah, I really want to date beautiful women.”

Although the beauty am talking about also have criteria. Am not talking about exceptionally beautiful women without brain and total respect. Those should go fuck themselves. Am talking about women who really got it.

They have to respect me and accept my life conditions. (Am not here to worship them, nor should they care. But I want total respect and their genuine interest in me. Nothing less.)

And if you think that am asking too much, then maybe you haven’t have my trouble like me. Am talking about my life here- not yours. You can go get any fucking woman you want. Just don’t come up with any fucked up excuses when you did settle down with someone you didn’t like. (Yeah! I can give you some good beating. Or else, just shut the fuck up and keep living with your damn woman.)

“I know that am going to die, but does that mean I shouldn’t live my life?- Hell no! I’ve gat to be whom I really wanted to be.”

Just live your life. “I Am Lasisi .Com”

I love beautiful women. I love everything about them. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t know my boundaries, I just wouldn’t kiss ass.

If there’s a chance between my life, my career and the like of beautiful women? Well maybe, am going to choose beautiful women at first. After all, I wouldn’t be that great without actually thinking about them.

“Yeah! I really build my success around women. And I don’t care what you think.”

In fact, I might even say, without them, I won’t even succeed. Of course, women keeps me going.

“I train every fucking night, building myself up. You think all that efforts only meant for me? Hell no! I was there hurting myself for beautiful women. I can’t really face them without getting better.”

Behind the success of a man, there must be a woman: everyone must have a reason to soar. We all just have some different reasons, hell, some people just fail to admit their fuck up reasons.

Wanting to be better because of women isn’t that a loosy idea. It’s just depend on the guy saying it. And if you think you shouldn’t achieve your goal because of women, then I’ve gat to force you to think: why on earth are you still daydreaming about that special someone even though Court is full of divorcee? Correct! That’s the real deal. We all want to get love. That’s all.

Even your typical seduction master also admire true caring from the woman he cherished. Am serious.

You won’t really know how far you can go without actually dating someone outside your league. (Yeah, it did exist. Outside your league stuff. Don’t let your so called dating master fool you. Unless you’ve practice approaching and meeting women to some extent, you will always feel insecure approaching some women. Hell, you might even chicken out. She’s not outside your league is bullshit except you’re a true practitioner.)

That means to say; the more you approach women, the more creative you’ll become. And the more failure but little success you get.

‘What!!?? It seem you’re still talking about failure here?’

Yeah! In fact, the more experience you are, the more women ditch you. All your experience will frighten them. They will easily miscalculate your skills- thinking you only want to fuck them. (And well, who say that ain’t your intentions anyway?) You’ll be too good to be true. That’s my experience. Women find it hard to believe me. They always assume am one of those guy. Well, maybe I am, who knows?

Okay, don’t let me go too far. That’s my beliefs about myself. . .

I only want to date beautiful women.

That’s all.

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