Thinking of the devil. . .

As am sitting down, thinking about how to escape this rat-race. I saw her talking to my girlfriend, stretching hands, pointing and demonstrating.

I thought they are planning something. And since the day I knew that woman talking to my girlfriend, I have an idea. I really liked her.

Although she’s the biological mother of my girlfriend, yeah, the same one she’s talking and demonstrating to. But well, I could only care less.

‘Yeah, what if I fall in love with my mother in-law? What? You gonna kill yourself? Dream on.’

Well, I don’t really think I am the only one thinking as such. I think she likes me too. Yeah, she also likes me.

So I called my middle man and explain how my mother-in-law sometimes show up at my place smiling and blushing, like we’ve been dating for almost five years. What the fuck?

“You mean you still want to fuck your mother-in-law?” – my guy.

“Well, she ain’t that old you know.” – me.

“You better be kidding. Hence, what make you think just because she’s smiling mean she want you? So, she should be crying when coming to your place?”

“Well, you don’t really understand. Anyway, I’ll get back to you once I make my move on her.”

“W-what? You mean you still wanted to . . .”

I hung up.

‘If my guy is that dumb to know that fucking your mother in-law is the same process as fucking your main in-law then, I don’t really know what to say.’

The Dangerous Man.

The man of the devil.

What a vicious thinking? But anyway, hope you all like that . . . ??? Hmm . . . #wink.

Let meet @ the next post.

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‘Of course am going to kill you so that you can see the kingdom of god you’ve been dreaming about.’

Many people will sit down there telling you how they wish their lives could change, so that they could really travel the world, have a beautiful life and marry the person of their dreams. Yet, they’re stupid enough not to realize that all their wishy-washy daydreaming will never ever help them to achieve success.

Instead of them to shut the fuck up and start taking necessary actions, they remain poor to their environment. They think telling everyone around might solve their problems. Well, I wish all these people could have the courage to slap themselves in the faces and said “wake up, this is real life and we are responsible for our own shortcomings,” maybe by then they could see the reality.

Most people are so stupid to the extent that they just have to keep hoping without asking themselves how to get what they want. Only to keep fucking hoping? Eeh! That’s bloody reckless.

Living a life full of timidity??? Ooh shit! I’d rather die than living a life full on what I didn’t want.

I really want greatness for myself without caring about others perspective about my progress. They should sit down there waiting for my results. And I promised, the result will shocked them all because my success is certain.

You don’t really need to understand me nor do I care about you believing in me. But I tell you, the fire in me will make you question your own life.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

I know am coming off too crazy, and you know fucking what? I don’t really care. As long as this article can force the stupidity out of you then am okay with that. You have to be fucking crazy with your life. You have to tell yourself to shut the fuck up and kick yourself in the ass.

Although, I don’t really care about what you want in life. All I care about is that: are you ready to fight for it? Are you ready to put up with the pressure and challenge yourself day by day? Are you ready to be crazy enough to say “yeah fuck it, this is me and I must leave this crazy world with a story worth telling?”

If you think you can’t then you must leave this fucking website right now.

Yeah! This site ain’t for a fool like you.

‘What? You think am a fool? You must be crazy. Do you really think you’re a badass writing this post? What a fuck ass you are??? You better don’t let me catch the fuck of you. Hell, I might break your legs.’

Sorry bro, I just have to say the truth.

And yes! You’re right! Am a fucking crazy bastard. And I don’t give a fuck about what you think. As long as you can’t examine your life and see where you’re lacking that courage to live a life true to yourself then I can tell you to fuck off.

And in fact, for your information, I have to give you another slap in the face, which is: Shame On You.

‘This guy really get gut. He even went on to say ‘shame on me’. What if I destroy him just now. What will he do? Didn’t he see how badass I am???’

Yeah bro! I didn’t see how badass you are. As long as you’re living a fake life, then I have to tell you:

Shame on you for not having the courage to live a life being true to yourself.

Shame on you for being a pussy and not having the courage to walk up to that girl and tell her how attractive she is to you.

Shame on you for having a crush on your teacher and not having the courage to express your feelings.

Shame on you for believing you must follow one religion to the T even if that religion is blindly bullshitting you.

Shame on you for believing in a mentor who does not even understand his or her own fucking life talk of having the courage to live a life true to him or her self.

And shame on you for putting up with a girlfriend who never let you know how she felt about you.

You’re such a fucking loser.

Correct! Am a fucking loser!

You really want to enter heaven and yet you’re not ready to die?

You really want to date that exceptionally beautiful hottie and yet you’re not brave enough to walk up to her and let her know how you feel about her?

You really want to live your dream life but you’re just scared of what people will say about you?

And finally finally speaking, you really love this crazy life but you just don’t know what to do with it?

What a wonderfully special agro foolishness you are? You should be castrated to another planet.

Maybe, I mean maybe, you could meet your zombies apocalypse out there, so that they can teach you how to live a real life and maybe pass you all the lessons they’ve being passing through. Maybe by then you could just understand your fucking life.

You can convince me to stop doing almost everything in life. But never in life will you have the capacity to stop me from doing what I really want to do even if it mean am ultimately going to fail. At least even if I fail, I fail while daring greatly.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

This is me and this is my only life. You just can’t tell me to take it small.

You just can’t say “you know Lasisi, you have to be more reasonable, yeah, reduce your dreams and just live a normal life” well, all am going to say is fuck you.

‘Yeah fuck you for thinking I should leave my dream and just live a normal life.’

If you’re afraid to be who you want to be then just shut the fuck up when you see somebody else becoming the person of their dreams.

You have no right to stick that your fucking nose to somebody else’s business. Be on your own and let them be who the fuck they want to be.

And for those stupid people who really want to enter heaven and yet still not want to die, fuck you.

‘Yeah I said: Fuck. You. All.’

You can’t enter heaven without dying.

So if you think you’re not ready to face your life then shut the fuck up and allow those who are ready to make a breakthrough.

See you @ the next fucking post.

I am Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

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I know it might take me about almost “5 Years” for me to realize all the way out. But I promised, I won’t ever give up on my dreams.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

When you’re among those rare people who always put pressure on themselves in order to achieve greatness then I have to bid you a farewell strategies. All your problems could have been solved if you apply one more wisdom.

It is not that you don’t have to work very hard, it’s just that you must apply all your wisdom to achieve your dreams.

Fools never make it to the top. They remain at the rag bottom. Although many of these people still believe in their greatest potentials, only that, they don’t see themselves as someone among the top. And if they do, I promised, they’re just daydreaming.

Never in your life will you allow anyone to control you. Never in your life will you allow them to dictate for your life. Don’t be foolish my brother. Those who like you aren’t that much. Pay attention to their stupidities. Pay attention to how they treated you. And always pay attention to every word they used.

It is not until you started making changes will you truly understand the meaning behind all their facade lies. All their unbeatable mind-blowing excuses. And all their skillful twisstistic. (Don’t ever check your dictionary, I might disappoint you).

Stay away from those who think your dream is too much. They don’t have something bigger in their life.

Run away from those who think we should just live a normal life. To only chase a good job, a good house, and a woman to take a good care of. These people are timid than you could ever imagined. They don’t really believe in freedom. They either live in response of achieving societal standard of life or they continue being fucked. And the only way to escape their misery is for you to run like hell.

Many people will lie to you in order to get what they want. And for you to keep feeding their ego mean you’re being affected by their crazy craftsmanship. Don’t pay attention to their foolishness. Live according to your beliefs and pay close attention to all your values. You might be the next Eleon Musk of our time.

In your feed of chosen you don’t have to copy anyone. When you look all around you, you will see that people keep on doing the same shit over and over again, not because they want to, but because they think as long as everyone are all doing it then they should also do it. They failed to realize that, true happiness only come from living a life true to yourself. By asking: What Do I Really Want?

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

I know, even if I have to convince many people to see all what am seeing, still they will never ever understand the point. And instead of beating myself up, have chosen to just be, because; I just can’t shoot myself on the foot.

Because I realized. No matter how you try, you can’t force people into taking actions for their own life. They prefer to reason it out but, you can lead by example.

If you think you really want people to change then change yourself and see the tremendous results after many years of practicing your craft. You won’t ever be the one calling them, they will surely be the one calling you. And these, is the true way of a warrior. A man who never care about a single drop of fucking shit. We always need them.

Although, true warriors never tell you what they thinks. But yet, they want you to have a better life. They want you to live your dream life and be the best possible version of yourself. Only that, they will never force you into taking actions.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

When you have a brilliant mentor in your life, the only way you’ll realize what they thought about you is to pay attention to every words they used around you. See beyond their meanings. And you’ll realized all the tremendous happiness they want for you. In fact, they might not care that much about their own personal lifes, but I tell you, they do give a fuck about you.

And when you did have that special someone, who seem to be looking for ways to make you better, then you have to cherish them. Most people nowadays only want good for themselves. So be happy you have those who really believe in your success. In fact, you really own them your life.

So my dearest brothers and sisters, I promised, I will surely achieve all my DREAMS no matter what the situations I found myself.

Thanks for backing me up.

You’re all always at the top of my mind.

Special thanks to you all.

I Love You ❤️❤️❤️

Here’s my manager. I Love You. Emmy the King.
I think you as a Soldier Man. You mean much to me. Love you bro.
Investor Y. K. My General Manager and my Special P. A. (May you all never die, so that we can celebrate this many life together) I Love You All.
I remember, you always do the back up no matter the situation I found myself. What a wonderful brother. Your place is at the top man. I Love You.
What about our Location Manager. Ade Mighty, Imole for the whole world. You’re always on point bro. Always always respect. Thank you very much my brother. I Love You.

Those are my crew and I cherish them all.

See you @ the next post.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.


And hey:

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The “3” Facet Of Life.

Welcome to another episode of living a life truer to yourself.

This is not about being an alpha male or being a characteristic scumbag.

It’s all about seeing the realities behind all the facades you’ve been dealt with all this while.

You might be wondering about the title: The “3” Facet Of Life? Of course, I want you to keep wondering.

‘Hmm, you mean I should keep on wondering? What a kick ass you are!’

Yeah, the fuck are me is that: you’re being fucked since the day you were born. Only that you’re just naive enough to realize it.

You’ve been lie to that you should never chase women. That only the rich has the privilege. That no one can make it to heaven without having to struggle hard, fighting hard and live like crazy beast.

You’ve been controlled by emotional scumbags. You’re told to never pay attention to any fucking woman. That you should just live your life on your own term. Well, what these people don’t realize is that, you just can’t live on your own term no matter how you behave. Yet we keep believing in some fundamentally bullshit.

Although you can live according to your beliefs and values, that one is certain. But I tell you, no one can ever live on their own term. At least not for now, hmm? You still need to compromised your believe for some little shit.

Now without going extremely too far, let pay some attention to these “3” Facet Of Life. And by paying attention, I mean, you must take notes and concentrate on making your life easier not making it harder.

So here we go . . .

The “3” Facet Of Life.

Number One:


Although you’ve been dreaming about making your life better. Thinking about how to calculate the real risk and bring yourself back to harmony with your soul. But when it turn to taking actions what did you do? You said? You’re scared.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You really want to live your own life according to your own believe and be who you want to be. But it just seem as if you can’t. As if your heart will pull-out of your mind anytime you started thinking about it.

Not because you’re scared to live your life. But because you’re scared of what differences will it brings. Maybe you’ll started seeing things differently. Maybe people will started suspecting you for your actions. Maybe they will start paying more attention to you. Maybe they will even start asking so many questions. Hell, they might start mucking you and your beliefs. All these thoughts keep flattering your mind as if your heart is a power house.

Relax! The reason you’re scared is because you’re scared. Just simple as that.

Forget about definition of fear. Forget about what really caused it. What cause fear is because you feel fear so stop tormenting your brain.

So now that you realize you feel scared let move on to the second facet of life. . .

The “3” Facet Of Life.

Number Two:


How will you allow God or gods to have total trust in you when you yourself doesn’t believe in your actions? Never!

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You think you can become great and achieve all your dreams just that, all these dreams and ambitions of yours doesn’t seem like something you are capable of achieving. As if, those who achieve their dreams has two head.

You’re feeling like having what you want is out of control. As if never in your life can you achieve that. What you don’t realize is that: being successful in any area of your life required your deep honesty and trust from the bottom of your own heart. And without you believing in yourself, no one else can ever trust you.

So let move on to the third facet of life.

The “3” Facet Of Life.

Number Third:


If you think you’re not ready to fail then don’t ever try to start because perfection is not even the end goal.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

The willingness to fail harder, fail again and fail forward will be the real determinant of your success. If you think failure is not an option then you’re chasing the wrong choice.

Have it at the back of your mind that not every goal will be achieved. In fact, Bruce Lee has said it all . . .

When you realize not everything you wish you could achieve will be yours will you realize that you don’t have to beat yourself up when it didn’t turn out as you wish it could be. You’ll be full of peace even when you didn’t achieve your goals because you know that you’ve tried all your possible best only that it didn’t work out as you want. And believe me, there’s nothing you can do.

So feel free to live your life and be at peace with your own soul.

That is my little take-out from these “3” Facet Of Life.

Have a wonderful day . . .

From all of us @ Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare Dating and Relationship World.

You’re Blessed.

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‘Of course you can also stay like this and continue making all your money, believe me, the only thing you need is just a proper mindset.’

People never SUCCEED just because they want to. But they succeed because they believe so.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

If you think you have to struggle all hard, that you have to pray perpetually for you to succeed. That this life is just cruelty. That no matter what you do, only the privilege ones get the real stuff. That you just can’t get to the top. Well, all am going to say is; maybe you’re looking at the wrong pictures.

Not everyone will succeed, I understand that. But most people that succeeded never achieve their success merely by working hard. No! They achieve success by knowing what is important in their life and not by blindly chasing the wrong dreams and ideas.

Do you really know how much you could achieve if you can just face the most important stuff of your life? Ultimately speaking, you might achieve what you actually thought it couldn’t be achieved.

It is not by power that you’ll become great. It is by applying the wisdom and acknowledging the most very spot of that specific goal that can take you to the bigger picture of your dream.

If you can see beyond all the lies and calculate beyond all the facades, then you could really imagine yourself being great.

And once you can see yourself as someone you really want to be, then you can start behaving as that person even without you realizing it.

Because what you conceive in your heart will you have the capacity to convince yourself that you could really achieve that.

But I wonder why people settle for less. But anyway, I can’t really blame them, after all, all of us also started from that same state of mind. Only the difference is that; those of us who truly believe in greatest success never understand the small minded people. We just seem to never have the gut to pay attention to their little to none lack of clarity. We ultimately build wall against them so that we can defend ourselves from being affected by their stupidity.

Although, almost all of us believe in success. As in, we believe that success is real but most people just can’t see themselves achieving it. Being successful in their own life seem like magic, as if for them, success is nothing more than an illusions.

Well, the only thing you can do for these type of people is to just allow them to live their lives without total clarity as they want.

Because; even if you really plan on showing them the real way, they just can’t take the total responsibility. As in, they can’t take total control of their lives. They think those who live a happy life only got it by chance instead of working for it.

If you don’t believe, how will you receive? And if you did receive, how will you maintain what you think is not truthfully yours? The only way you’ll get what you truly deserve is by believing that it is rightly yours.

Lasi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

It is by that time that I ultimately shift my thinking that my life started changing. I started seeing results. And I realized, it is not by power that you’ll become great but by having the right believe and the right system to make those beliefs align with your actions by following your mind and keep taking it a step at a time.

You don’t really need to rush yourself nor do you need to give total care to those around you. All you just need is to believe in yourself and have trust in God or in the universe or whatever the hell you believe and let that source of power keep on aligning you on the right path.

It is by allowing yourself (in this way) to be move by your inner drive can you truly achieve greatness.

Stop listening to those around you.

Stop paying attention to their stupidities.

And finally, stop making it hard for yourself by thinking only the privilege ones can really achieved greatness. Nope!

As long as you believe that you can then no one can ever stop you from getting there.

Although; you’ll be face with many challenges. You’ll be face with many difficulties. In fact, those people will have the right to muck you. But believe me, sooner or later, those people will later come back sighting you with a longing eyes.

Not because you’re special in some ways or that you’re different in some other ways. But because you have the courage to live your dream and go after what you want.

And this my friend, is the only way to true happiness.

So until we meet again . . .

Effortlessly living is a better way of plainly and stupidly livings.

Have a wonderful life . . .

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