YES! YOU’RE RIGHT. Love Without Money Is Zero.

Back in the days when the only thing I care about is true love. I never stop to ask myself “what is true love really?” Why people keep bull-shitting themselves? I was crazy back then.

I never think about living a life true to myself. Am just waiting for that person who will love me with all the bullshit in my life.

I thought it’s all about being crazy. Being stupid. Being genius or being stubbornly stubborn. But I was wrong. I was totally wrong.

If your life isn’t where you want it to be and you’re telling yourself all the bullshit in the world that you’re living a better life. Then I have to tell you. You’re not being true with yourself.

Felix Abdulmuize

I was totally nut.

I don’t even have the courage to ask myself “why is my life like this?” Why am I being fake? Why can’t I be genuine? Why can’t I just say “yes! Enough is enough?” It’s kind of crazy man. I need to get the fuck-out of this fucking mentality. Yeah! My mental rigidity is killing me.

I need to upgrade on the matter. I need to think free and become the best possible person I can become.

I need to realize that “life isn’t mean for the timid spirit.” Those fucking people who neither enjoy nor suffer much. I need to ask myself where I want to be? I need to question my own existing.

Am a man for God sake. I need to take care of my woman (or women). I need to provide for the family (though I never think if am ready for any fucking marriage. It’s just part of the deal anyway. And if I do it or don’t do it is none of any fucking body’s business. It’s my life).

Think about it ? ?? ???

You either have values or you don’t. You either know the kind of person you are or you don’t. You’re either moving forward or you’re moving backward. It is not negotiable.

You can keep fooling yourself from now till tomorrow. You can keep believing only what you want to believe. You can decide to live a better life or to just keep telling yourself about all the bullshit you’ve been forcing on yourself.

Money shouldn’t be the end goal but should be a means to an end.

Felix Abdulmuize

You shouldn’t do everything for the sake of having money. But you must realize that you need money to get to the destination of your journey. You need money to arrange the movement of your life. You need money to standardize your energy and procure your destiny.

It is not a matter of whether money will make you happy or it won’t. It’s a matter of using it to make your life even more bearable. More disciplined and more calculative.

It’s your choice to live a better life. To think farther than your colleagues. To operate differently. And to calculate every move of your journey.

I think have done the best of my skill for now.

Have gat to see you soon man.



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