NOW I UNDERSTAND: My Brother Wife Nearly Killed Me.

I hope this article won’t kill me.

In fact, the title alone is enough to make the job done, (yeah, if they really wanted to kill me), because am going to offend some intimate friends.

Well, (I hope they don’t kill me sha).


You know, . . .

Truth hurt.

Like hell.

But the thing is: Why will God even assign you a job when knowing that you wouldn’t do it right?


He can only assign you the task because He did believe you’re going to deliver a perfect match.

So, I think am going to exceeded my expectations limit. You know?

“May God help me.”

Hen hen, so, where are we started?

Okay, don’t drink yet. Let explain this first . . .

This is how it normally happens: By advicing me how to live my life in a proper way.

This is how she deeply advice me . . .

“Ah Fighter, (yeah, she normally call me ‘fighter’ at home) you better don’t fall for beauty. Pay attention to attitude first. If she’s beautiful and lack house materials, then, you’re both going to live a miserable life.”

“Beauty is a scam. You need to know more about her background. Pay attention to how she behave around you. Taking care of family is deeply important. Beauty is nothing compares to having a proper home training.”

“You need to forget all about beauty and worship and adore her attitude instead.”

Okay okay sis, what are you trying to implement?

(Almost in a concerning and empathetic tone she said):

“Marry someone not because of her beauty, but because of her attitude. Beauty is nothing!”

Thanks sis for telling me all this, but am confused, I think yah father didn’t marry because of say; yah mother is ugly? Did he?

‘We both joyfully married because we both resemble each other.’

Thinking of the devil!

And you know fucking what?

I really appreciate her concern. In fact, I was deeply moved.

But something is bizarre.

She keep on telling me not to fall for beauty, that instead, her behavior is the most important factor in relationships or marriage. But wait:

Must we only date ugly women?

Or why is it that people have a tendency of saying: beautiful women are the least ‘good’ for marriage? As if, only ugly women are the most special creature of habit.

But what I didn’t realize at the time is that: . . .

My beautiful brothers wife isn’t that beautiful at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

‘They said we should stop dating beautiful women, that they only have attractive body but ugly mindset and extra ‘dandorf’ attitude. So, what do we do horney?’

People will surely advice you against what they are.

If you’re a womanizer, you won’t ever give people advice about having a single woman through out their life. You’ll cutely tell them that in fact, dating plenty women is better.

And if you’re a gymnastic, you won’t ever tell people to eat garbage and stop exercising just because you want them to be great. Nope. Quite the opposite. You’ll tell them to be true to themselves and kick their ass off. That’s the only way to get them into taking actions.

And you’re advicing them not to feel better, but because that is actually who you really are.

So that’s the same about life. People either advice you base on what they know/believe rather than what they think is right.

“You think I should marry something like this just because attitude is better? Keep on dreaming sis.”

Fuck attitude! But wait?

What if she’s beautiful and still have the proper attitude?

You think that isn’t possible?

Well, it’s possible. In fact it common. Only that, people who have balls and can’t just settle for less are the one who ends up getting them.

And if you think beauty is nothing that only attitude is the best then that say a lot about you.

Yeah! It mean, you’re ain’t that beautiful.

Yes! I did say that.

You’re ain’t that beautiful.

And for my niggas out there . . .

You better use your brain.

Yes! Use your fucking brain.

Until we meet again. . .

Here are easy to find articles:


Just because you know the right kind of people doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get to the top. But the moment you realize that all your mental work and infinity attitude will be the one that take you there will be the time that you’ll realized you’ve been fucked.

Felix Abdulmuize.

I know am going to offend many people on this post, and am okay by that. As long as you’re not ready for this, just take your gear and fuck off. But for those who are ready? Let drive our life to the next level.

You don’t need anyone to be your mentor

I know this is contradicting and it seem as if I haven’t emulated some people myself. But here is the deal: no matter how you try, no matter how well you practice, you will always end up creating your own style. And trying to take your masters’ step will always make you frustrated.

You don’t know what your mentors know and trying to live their style is like giving yourself an everlasting point of view which will later lead to a life not fully fulfilled. And by that I mean, your life will never align with their life and trying to make it be will only add to the ignorance of yourself.

The only way is to learn from them and fuck off with your life and face the reality of it. You can take their advice but not a must to follow it to the letter T. And if you do manage to have one, never be foolish to their foolishness. Because no man is an highland. Take time and think twice.

And you know fucking what? This is what people want . . .

People want you to be laughed at, and the only way for you to succeed is to obey that command.

There’s no way around that. You have to take risk more than their fathers. You have to go where they’re not ready to go. You have to live a life that will make them question their own existing. You have to be there when they least expect it. You have to take effort that they’ll think it’s just not possible. And you can’t just play it small to achieve all this. You have to be greater than your mind. You have to be invincible. And by laughing at you, they are realizing their own weaknesses and adjusting their own way of thinking. And when that happens? You’ll be called a hero of their time. And that is how you’ll become a man they all want to be with.

And again:                                                                                                         

People want you to be crazy: They just can’t say it loud.

They want you to live a crazy life. They want you to be the man who always takes the first lead.

Most are afraid of the unknown. And seeing someone who doesn’t really care about failure makes it seem amazing. Yes! They just can’t fucking say it. They want a man like that.

You have to be a warrior. A legend. A man of true grit. They just can’t resist a man like that.

The moment you started thinking like one, everyone around you will take notice. They will ask many diversify questions and question the way of your thinking. They will want you to prove yourself and show them the real way because they believe you know better than them. And they will try all their possible best to understand how you always survive difficulties, not knowing that your mentality is the only tools you’re using in a different way. So? . . . Be crazy my friend!

And lastly . . .

They want you to be rugged.

No! Not by adding to your muscle. Not by talking or behaving in a certain way. Nop! Not at all. All they want is for you to be real and honest.

You didn’t bend the truth only to fit in. You live with your core believes and you let them shape your life. And only few can live a life that is full of difficulties and challenges like that because . . . they all live a quiet and desperate life.

Till the next time you read . . .

Have a great and wonderful life you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s your guy . . .

‘Bass’ Felix.

NO DEY FUCK WITH ME! It’s A Matter Of Who Win.

Yeah! Am a fucking karate’s kid who can kick your ass 1 million times.

Seeing you at the top now doesn’t mean I’ll remain at the mess.

You’re driving Honda Toyota now doesn’t mean I’ll tolerate your bullshit.

This is the game of life and it’s a matter of who win so, no dey fuck with me.

Live your life as you want but I tell you, am also coming to the top. You haven’t seen any progress now but my life ain’t the program of your mental illness. Fuck with me and you’re DOOMED!

Because you’re winning right now doesn’t mean you’re an original winner. I know it seem so but sooner or later everyone will see the truth. All eyes will know who the true winner is.

Am winning from within in order to convert to the outside word and believe everything will be taking care of. I know it sound lunatic to say you’re winning from inside-out but I tell you, the future will say who’s the true winner.

Let your life be keep to yourself and those who can tolerate your nonsense. But for me: it’s a matter of who win. I can’t tolerate your bullshit. I. Am. Also. A. Winner. So, get the fuck out of my fucking territory.

Kill you bastards. You have no right to be here.

You think you’re turning everyone to your doormat because they all believe in you? You think you’re manipulating their life by giving them gift? Well, I think you’re wrong. Those people are fucking zombies. They are fool. They’re not living their life in the first place so I can’t be mad about that, but form me: you better don’t fuck with me. You better don’t cross the line. And you better maintain your boundaries.

To hell with all you think about me. Just because I can’t put up with your shit doesn’t mean am a bad guy. Nope, am a real guy. I just see beyond all your shit and tactic. And for the sake of that, your nonsensical brain can’t fuck with me.

Things might be so meaningless to you now because you haven’t see me with big house, big car, and big clothes but believe you me; my future is bright. I have a long journey ahead indeed, but that can’t make me belittling myself in your presence.

If you can’t treat people with dignity then I won’t take it when you stick your stupid nose to my territory. It is me who really believe in God that my future shall bring a useful fruit to everyone so, fuck you devil.

Hello Mr. Devil. I have been bragging to you since. And you have nothing in your vicinity to conquer my ambitions. So get off out of my mission or I’ll kick your ass. Go fuck with those who have little-to-none faith in their God. You know . . . . .

It’s a matter of who win and surely; I. Am. A . Fucking. Winner.

Brahhhhh! !! !!! !!!! !!!!!


It’s kind of funny when I meet someone telling me about who he is. Like . . . well, I think people just like to be notice. They want (maybe) everyone to recognize them, and it’s kind of crazy to me.

So, what really bring this title off if you may ask?

Well, thanks for your anticipation. It all happened when am at my motorcycle base. Waiting for my passenger (and in case you don’t know. I ride bike to earn some cash. Hmm? Man must eat).

Yeah! That’s me. Am a bike man indeed. (Buh that ain’t the current picture of mine on a bike as am writing this. That picture is about ‘2 years’ from now buh it deed conceive the point am trying to make anyway). So let use it like that.

So, am waiting for passenger. And this fucking man just come down from a cab and tell me where he’s going. Yeah, I did wanted to carry him but where he described for me seem out of my well known place. Then I asked him:

“Are you really going to that place sir?”

To my surprise he replied with . . .

“Don’t you know me?”

“Yes! I don’t know you sir.”

“Yeah, I see, you’re not from this town (I was totally nut when he said that because I can see where he’s going) because there’s no one who didn’t know me in this town.”

And without over analyzing. I just abruptly told him.

“Well, I think **you’re just lying sir** because I’ personally ain’t know you. And for me not to know you mean everyone ain’t know you”

He was like what? Yeah I think you’re right.

Funny if you can understand the point am trying to make here. People over estimate things. Things like recognition and being known. They will try to convince you how wonderfully known they ar. Or how well people knew them. Like, they have popularity mentality and they want you to see that.

And I can even go far, when people are trying to tell you about their girlfriends or girlfriend. Like how they’ll emphasize every single details. Trying to convey to you how wonderfully made she is. As if she’s the best they’ll ever had.

They just won’t point out her error or anything that seem insignificant in her life. Only the good side of her is what they want you to see. And sometimes I just kindly say; “didn’t she has a bad side?” And you’ll hear something like Hun? Hum! Yeah! And so on.

Stop feeding me with bullshit. You ain’t that popular, and if you did popular, not everyone know who you fucking be.

Simple as A B C.

Until We See Again. Happy New Year in Advance. Love yah.


Your enemies are out there waiting for your downfall. They’re all there waiting for you to loose guard. They want you to relent and give up. Your success will torchlight their own failure. And for this simple reason: they will try all means to fuck with you.

But look: you have to die down all the pressure. Yes! Rushing because your enemies are all working against you will only cause more weakness than you think. In fact, you will be miserable for reacting to your enemies move.

So here is the tactic. . .

Never Rush:

Yes! That’s the code. When all your enemies are trying to bring you down they’re going to present some bullshit for you to dealt with. They will even voice out how sluggishly you live your life. Hey! And don’t forget how wonderfully they’ll react for you being a dick head.

Your enemies want you to react. They want you to take action against them. And if they can’t stir up all the emotional turmoil they want from you then you’re giving them a tough time. They just can’t figure out how to deal with you. And believe me: that alone will cause more trouble.

Don’t force yourself when your enemies are being fool. Don’t try to convince them otherwise. Be cold and calculative so that you can use their challenges for your own fuel to greatness.

Your enemies can’t stop you to greatness. They can’t destroy your reputation. Only your own actions can make that happen. And try to be reasonable here: am not talking about those enemies who can shoot you with chin-chin-four extravaganza caliber. Nope. That’s not what am talking about. Am talking about your enemies of progress. Straight from your tight friends to your love ones inconjuction with your co-workers. All these enemies can’t kill you but can make your life miserable. But wait? I said they can’t kill you. Oh. Am sorry man. Maybe they can if your success really go to the extreme and they just can’t fucking withstand you being successful.

But either way: that is the main reason am telling you to be cold and calculative. Never react but always prepare for the worst that could happen. Make yourself unshakable so that you’ll have all the power to relate to anything happening around you and control it to your own need.

Let your focus be strong that no storm can make you waver. Yes! You can be that so strong and unstoppable. And believe me; your enemies will see through your strength and come up with many tactics to destroy you. Just don’t give them the chance. And if they did manage to hit you. Be calm and calculative before you strike back. Don’t foolishly chase your target and later realize you’ve been leaving some trace behind. That is being fool not being a real mission man. A real mission man always keep his hands clean and strike when the opportunity presents itself or he go there to make it happen. Not by foolishly driving by emotions.

I don’t know if the TITLE of this article even tally with what you’re reading but anyway, I just believe that am giving you the right kit for survival strategy.

Let your enemies go crazy for your calmness. Let it drive them mad. Yes! Let it open them up for their own failure. After all, your not reactive state of action will make push them to make stupid mistakes and you’ll be able to destroy them with their own stupidness.

I don’t know if you really get the point but am convinced you’ve gat the lesson.

So, use the code and never let any of your enemies bullshit get to you and dictate your life.

Be cold and calculative.

Only you can beat yourself down so don’t give your enemies the chance.

Let meet at the next Post.

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