Two Things Your Father Never Have The Balls To Tell You.

Imagine sitting down with your dad, talking about everything about life. Gisting you about all his difficulties, how he live his life up to this life.

And suddenly he get serious, looking deep into your eyes and say: … … …

“Kid, Maybe I Didn’t Love Your Mother!”

How will you feel…??!!!

He understand you’re going to feel bad, and that’s why he didn’t get the balls to tell you.

Your dad really loves you, you know. And he’s not interested in destroying your expectations about life. That, you might never love your woman and still get married to her anyway.

No not because there’s no other ways. But because you didn’t have the gut to question your life back then: ‘What do you really want in life? What do you values? And again, is this woman really worth your time?”

But instead, you’re just going with the flows.

Number Two:

Your Father Didn’t Have The Balls To Tell You To Disobey Him.

He knows there’s no way for you to live your life without giving him some “fuck you dad” attitude.

He knows without you actually saying “Yeah, dad, enough is enough, I’ve gat to live my own life” then you might never reach your true happiness. But telling you will make him seem like fool. Hence, because his own father didn’t manage to tell him that then he wouldn’t have the courage to tell you too.

How wonderfully it will be, if every parents has the gut to say; “Yeah kid, live your life. Yes, live your fucking life? Forget about your papa here, if there’s anything that gonna makes you happy – boy….. Go get it!!!”

But no. No one has the gut to say that. We’re all here getting selfish, forcing “our ways” to our children’s ways.

Although this article is not for everybody. Only the ones who realize the mistake. Only the father who also go through a lot of shit from his own father, without actually realizing anything.

Yeah! Those are the types of father who could really get it.

Tell your kids the truth. The harsh reality of life. Let them face it (head on). Let them realize that, not knowing what you want will make you chose anything available. And that, not wanting to disobey your father will make you live a miserable life.

(I your dad, didn’t always knows what the best for you. I can only sit here pretending that’ve figured out my life, only that, am just trying all the best not to face my fear).

In this case, I your dad, might actually don’t know what I want in life, talking of knowing what you want.

So kid, please live your life. Yes! Live your fucking life.

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What I Didn’t Learn About Life.

You’re going to regret the most crazy shit of your life. And instead of beating yourself over it, (and it’s hard not to) you’ve gat to be a little stubborn and get over it. Even though it’s all annoying.

It doesn’t matter which level of creativity you are, nor does it special concerning the level of your understanding, what I do understand is that- you’re going to be fucked. Either your caused it with your own stupidity or over indulgences or someone did cause it for you is what I can’t really say; but I do believe- you can’t escape the fuck-fucking mental phacet.

You think you’re ultimately good with women? Correct! Wait till you actually find someone who treats you to the very last breath of what you want from women and see if you can still be that Mr. Strong- ultimately speaking, you’ll be there pampering your girl.

I think you also said you can’t fall in love with any fucking woman? . . . Thank you! Am waiting for that day that you’ll have mental disorder just because your number one girl that you really cared about forgot to call you back- fuck you for thinking only nice guy fall for women.

You think you’ve learn more about women, that no women can ever drive you crazy? . . . Okay! Wait till that stunningly and over attractively sexiest girl walk into your life and treat you with total admiration and respect plus caring and let see if you still have that same hostility towards women.

‘I thought someone like me is above falling head over heels for women, little did I know that it’s just because I haven’t met the right girl of my dream. Now I realized, I was just full of bullshit. ‘Herony’, I love you.’

You don’t know how far you can go until something drives your bullshit. The journey of your life ain’t that completed until you started seeing some strange feelings of styles and emotions. Even in your own personal body you’ll started feeling like shit.

And upon all these difficulties, you’ll still find it hard to stay useless. All the feelings of feeling down, plus the crazy shit of emotions, in conjunction with those memories of having someone, they’re all coming back to help you. Not in the sense of not being able to experience them again, but in the sense of you having total understanding of them.

Okay am feeling down- yes of course am just feeling down. And instead of beating yourself over it, you’ll started seeing it as a way to elevate yourself.

‘This girl is not calling back and I really liked her- well, what else should I do? I think the best I could do is to understand that sometimes feelings aren’t mutual. I might like her and she didn’t like me.’

What a greatest ways of life.

Understanding that you don’t always get what you want even when you really needed it the most. By then could you realize the greater sense of life.

“You know what you want and you really go get it. And when you sense that no matter how you try it just can’t be possible- you back off. You don’t beat yourself over it, instead, you move on and continue living your life. That is when it seem you didn’t care. But you care, you just can’t be beating yourself over something you couldn’t get. What a badass way of life? You’re one of the legend amongst true legends.”

Have a wonderful life.

Until we meet again . . .

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Forget About The Title And Just Read The Fucking Article.

“It might take up to two months that you’ll realized you’ve being held to made the wrong choice.”

I was at home thinking and contemplating whether to upgrade this site and try a little bit to monetize it. Although I don’t really have any experience whatsoever on creating websites, but I know little about computers. And infact, if you go to my homepage, I think the wordings you’ll read say something along like this: this site is running by a guy who doesn’t care about a single fucking shit especially in his own fucking life. I don’t know anything about creating a website nor do I care about making money from it. And for that being said; anything you read hear might piss you off or make you angry. I could only care less. So feel free to fuck me back or you should fuck off. Am giving you a heads-up now.

Yeah yeah yeah I know, you’re probably saying: what the fuck is he talking about self? Alright bro, relax, am just trying to making a good point out of here . . .

The overwhelming numbers of difficulties people make aren’t amongst of the Losers. Nope! The overwhelming problems we’re facing ultimately comes from the little amount of our thinking.

The ability in which we accelerate our success ultimately depends on the level of our thinking. And if you think sociology should be among the reasons you didn’t make it then enclopedia should be your manurism.

Think about it:

You really have the one thing that make your life go gaga but scared to bring it to the existence.

And for you to keep pretending you don’t have any is the more you’ll remain at that spot. It’s just a matter of orgra-orgnitm.

If at time you realize people are mucking you, then I think; your level of the understanding of that situation should be improvised to manipulate the reason of your own being. Yeah! You could use that sense to eradicate your own personal problems.

It is very very easy to escape the rat race, only that, we took fruitless time to realize, how, we could have made the situation turn bright.

When you pay attention to the notice, you’ll realize that people call you with something. Is either you’re been too kind or you’re being too generous, or both. But the reality is: you could use that same mind to conquer your own fear. How?

Let assume you always help kid, instead of bitting yourself up when you’re just unable to, ask yourself why? Why aren’t I helping this kid now? Okay, how can I help them next time? Weeelllll, maybe I should try to be more influence? Ooorrrr? I should try to be more popular? Good! Am still going to help more people, only just a matter of time. And for the receiver end results, don’t ever dare allow anyone to downgrade your kindness, trust me, it really worth it. Because at the end, you’ll thank God that you’re able to help more people. But before that, here is where am going:

The beauty of your life isn’t according to your study. But the beauty of your life is according to the perspective of your own personal life. It doesn’t matter whether people agree with you or not. But as much as you believe in what you’re doing and you’re happy with it without over hyping yourself then, you’re on point doing it.

But the problem with this is that: people will never undervalued you, and you’ll always be in the center of attention because all your actions and words might accurately stand out. And there’s nothing you can do about that.

But rest assured, people will ultimately count on you, in fact, it might be the opposite of what you actually want.

I was making a plan about how to live my life, how to create my own design and how to make this a better place for my soul. And unknowingly, people are making the same plan for me. Because they believe, if I (I actually) make it. Then there’s no way I wouldn’t want to help more people. What a coincidence???

The reason am creating this memo of life isn’t to get more people or to have more followers. Nope. Am creating this to ask myself “why am I being born?”. Although, if you have the right attitude, people might think that you’re hitting it off. But the point is: in which area are you being scattered? What is the cause of the matter? Can you bring that mole out of the sinister? And if you can’t; can you adjust yourself? All these are the questions that has been bothering me for so long. But lastly, I manage to answer myself.

I know people are using my kind hearted hearth to further their own cause. They are using me to further their own well-being. But I tell you, I am better off not manipulating them. That’s the reality they all have to dealt with. Am just here waiting for the right cause, the right time, to scattered their mind and formulate their perspective about mine. Not until then will they realized . . . they’re being fucked.

Let people use all the means they have to curt you. Allow them to show all their true colours. Before they realize what they’ve being done, you’ve already use the time to seize them. Nor will they have the skill and the strategy to bring you down because, you’ve already master all their skills and calculations. That’s what we called a true badass. A man who never care about a single fucking shit. Which indeed he really cared, but he’s just able to maintain the “uncaring” attitude. What a warriors mindset. We ultimately need their kind.

So the purpose of this article is what? Well . . .

The purpose of this article is to tell you that: either good or bad, people are using you. You just only have to know how, so that you can turn the table on their side, and be the one who lead the giant home.

So until we meet again . . .

Have a sensible brain.

Meet you @ the next post.

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Lesson Learn From “CR7” Christiano Ronaldo.

“I am not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well. More important than that, I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve, not only to please the coach and the fans, but also to feel satisfied with myself. It is my conviction that here are no limits to learning, and that it can never stop, no matter what our age.”

Christiano Ronaldo.

If you think you will never go back to your hometown then I am advising you to think back because, it is never too late for you to become the person of your dream. And remember, not only are you capable of becoming great. But also, you must try your all possible best to be the great you could possibly be.

I was reading some stuff when my brother shouted. “Ronaldo is going back to this fucking Manchester United. Has him gone mad? Why will he do such a thing? Nope, that ain’t be possible. Never.” As if he was the one living Ronaldo’s life. What a fucking brother have got.

If you put your life base on what people gonna say about you. Then you will never achieve that much in life. Heck, you won’t ever experience failure. And for you not to see the pain behind every suffering mean, you might never achieve the success behind it.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You can’t fake your life to success. You can’t manipulate your way through it. The best and the only way for you to live a life well lived is for you to face all the criticism head-on and develop a tough skin.

C. Ronaldo is there living his life and my brother is here formularizing about why he shouldn’t do that, as if he was there when he started his career.

Yeah bro, have got a long way to go.

Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable.

Christiano Ronaldo.

I wonder why you think C. Ronaldo is making the wrong decision when you’re here living a useless life where you don’t even have a glimpse of what you want to become in the next five years. (Seriously, you’re a disgrace to our family. Leaving your own life behind and concentrating hard on somebody else’s life. What a fucking bastard you are. Excellently foolish idol). I hate you bro.

C. Ronaldo said:

“I am living a dream I never want to wake up from.”

And for you to think he’s making a big mistake by changing gear mean you’re the fucking idiot. And for C. Ronaldo to prove how much of idiocracy you are; this is what he said . . .

“I see football as an art and all players are artists. If you are a top artist, the last thing you would do is paint a picture somebody else has already painted.”

Christiano Ronaldo.

And for you to really understand the moral of this story, look at what Bruce Lee has to say:

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

Bruce Lee.

Not until you realize that you shouldn’t live your life just for the happiness of others will you realize how importantly you should hold your life.

The people around you aren’t responsible for the success of your life nor should they be the reason of your downfall.

If you can’t achieve your dreams just because no one really believe in you then you shouldn’t achieve it because they all trust in you.

For the fact that you lack trust in yourself mean you lack trust in others. And that is the main purpose of life.

If everyone around you are being farmers and what you want to be is to be a proprietor then by all means you shouldn’t consider their advice unless they want you to manage their crops.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

Be what you want to be and let the haters go fuck themselves.

That is the main reality of life.

And C. Ronaldo, thanks for coming to Manchester United. Your coming shall never be forgotten.

Thank you and thank you very much.

And for my stupid brothers out there . . .

Ask yourself what you really want in life and go get it.

Until we meet again . . .

Have a life changing presence.

It’s your guy . . .

Sir Lasisi.

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