I Wasted ‘So’ Many Times Of My Life.

Instead of me taking both of my time and resources very seriously, I was wasting my life chasing goals that I didn’t really cared about.

Instead of me seeing the realities amongst the girls that I dated, I choose to see what I really wanted to see. That I really loved them. I really cared about them. Hell, I even convince myself that a man will leave everything behind and take proper care of his woman without asking myself where the hell this thought even came from.

I was just a total loser. I follow every woman who show any interest in me (even if her only goal is to use me and squeeze anything squeezable out of me) without asking myself “What do I really want from women?” What a stupid fucking moron I was?

I didn’t pay much attention to myself, my life and my overall well-being. And there I am, paying both my time and resources on girls that doesn’t really care about me. Girls that (really) knows what they want, what they’re looking for, and what they really wanted to get. I mean girls that are really wiser than me. (I really really regretted it all).

I thought being true to myself mean others being true to me. No! Absolutely no! I really didn’t understand better. People want you to believe what they really want you to believe not what you really wanted to believe. They want you to see what they really want to see not what you really wanted to see. And worst of it all, you also wanted to see what you really want to see instead of seeing the realities as it is. What a fuckup world?

We all fucked up – big times. We all do crazy shit. We all look ourselves in the mirror and say “Yeah man, I gonna be great, I gonna walk up to my dream girl, build myself up and finally become the president of my state.” And after five years of being great then you realized; “You haven’t become shit.” You’re still there fucking and dreaming around.

We need to wake up man! We need to look ourselves in that mirror and tell the truth we didn’t wanted to hear. You’re not great you know. You’re not doing shit. You’re not even making any use of your time. Believe me, you’re just dreaming around. Dreaming dreaming dreaming without taking actions.

Stop the stupid shit. Stop making stupid decisions. Stop paying attention to what really doesn’t need your care. Be wise man!

I know you don’t really want to believe shit. I know you still love the feelings of being great without actually being great. You love every possibilities around meeting new women but without necessarily ready to do the ground work? No! You just can’t be great. You just can’t be feeling it and thinks it’s easily going to happen. And believe me, women will continue to dump you if you can’t really find your way out.

News flash: Women doesn’t really care about you. They don’t give a shit who you be. If you’re not adding values they’re not showing interest. If you’re not living great they’re not tagging along. And if you’re not providing they’re not thinking marriage. That’s the realities we all have to deal with. So be wise and live your life without giving too much thought about women, and be prepared to shut the fuck up and walk away when any girl started planning shit before you. Because at the end of the day, women easily walk away without caring much about your feelings, and make up some stupid bunch of standard excuses of not able to continue being with you. Use your brain! What? I said “Use your fucking brain.”

Instead of chasing girls that doesn’t really care about you? Chase your dreams. Instead of caring about women who will later dump you without saying or pointing what you did wrong? Take care of your life. Instead of believing what you really wanted to believe? Face the realities. Make your life count and see how many women come back hunting for you.

Yeah, you heard that right?

Women will come back fighting for you instead of you killing yourself up for them now. (Although many will still hate you no matter what you are. But at least, you won’t be wasting your life away).

And for that being said for now . . .

Have gat to fuck off and go live my wonderful dreams. Because, nothing ever comes out from being talking but not doing.

You know . . . ? ? ?

Have a wonderful day.

It’s still your guy,


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If you think nothing is a coincidence then maybe I should thank God for this, you know; am kind of depressed right now. (It ain’t easy man!).

“I was once the one who teach people to never resist and never gives up. Now am taking the lessons.”

Life always deal with us (hard).

The more you call yourself a bullshit ‘master’ detector, the more life brings the shit out of you.

The more you think you’re a warrior, someone who never waver in the face of challenges, the more life turn the table against you and hit you very fucking hard.

Either you make some stupid decisions that are coming back to hunt you or someone over something just critically pumps up from nowhere and vamoosed you out of your future mission and ambitions. Because most of the time, it takes two to tango. Either you’re being fucked or something is fucking you hard.

And I doubt if you’re fucking something because something usually fuck us all.

‘Either you’re fucking something or something is fucking you really really hard.’

And don’t be surprised for being kicked out because most of the times we all are.

“Yeah! We all sometimes get kick-off! We just hate to admit being surrendered.”

In short! We don’t really accept defeat. We always love to keep fighting even when we’re still losing the battle and the wise move is to step back and rethink and strategize with some new wonderful techniques.

You better don’t blindly follow your gut.

Sometimes your gut doesn’t know better. It only gives some hint. And the vibe will transfer itself to your skull. So if you’re like me, you’ll just follow your gut eeh! You’ll just do it? What a coincidence.

It is killing me now (following my gut).

“Sometimes we know shit and sometimes we didn’t know shit. The shit we know always makes us feel good why the shit we didn’t makes us feel bad. And some of us who have balls always give it a try (even if we’re going to end up being fucked) while those who are afraid always be the one fucking us both from the beginning to the end which I called ‘Speaking of the Devil’.”

“If you think your God is thy God and didn’t believe He’s going to ditch you no matter what you’re passing through then I want you to really evaluate your life. How many times is your God really shows up from you making a foolish decisions? . . . You better don’t be mad of your pursuit. Your God is really really awesome, but He really won’t show up when you’re making the stupid decisions, He’ll allow you to mess up (big times) and face the consequences. That’s why I love yah God. ‘Speak Of The Devil’.”

Follow your gut when you’re somehow certain not when you’re being foolish. Foolishness will only harm you not uplifting you. So be wise of your pursuit because I really want you to succeed.

So until that time we gonna meet again . . .

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NOW I UNDERSTAND: My Brother Wife Nearly Killed Me.

I hope this article won’t kill me.

In fact, the title alone is enough to make the job done, (yeah, if they really wanted to kill me), because am going to offend some intimate friends.

Well, (I hope they don’t kill me sha).


You know, . . .

Truth hurt.

Like hell.

But the thing is: Why will God even assign you a job when knowing that you wouldn’t do it right?


He can only assign you the task because He did believe you’re going to deliver a perfect match.

So, I think am going to exceeded my expectations limit. You know?

“May God help me.”

Hen hen, so, where are we started?

Okay, don’t drink yet. Let explain this first . . .

This is how it normally happens: By advicing me how to live my life in a proper way.

This is how she deeply advice me . . .

“Ah Fighter, (yeah, she normally call me ‘fighter’ at home) you better don’t fall for beauty. Pay attention to attitude first. If she’s beautiful and lack house materials, then, you’re both going to live a miserable life.”

“Beauty is a scam. You need to know more about her background. Pay attention to how she behave around you. Taking care of family is deeply important. Beauty is nothing compares to having a proper home training.”

“You need to forget all about beauty and worship and adore her attitude instead.”

Okay okay sis, what are you trying to implement?

(Almost in a concerning and empathetic tone she said):

“Marry someone not because of her beauty, but because of her attitude. Beauty is nothing!”

Thanks sis for telling me all this, but am confused, I think yah father didn’t marry because of say; yah mother is ugly? Did he?

‘We both joyfully married because we both resemble each other.’

Thinking of the devil!

And you know fucking what?

I really appreciate her concern. In fact, I was deeply moved.

But something is bizarre.

She keep on telling me not to fall for beauty, that instead, her behavior is the most important factor in relationships or marriage. But wait:

Must we only date ugly women?

Or why is it that people have a tendency of saying: beautiful women are the least ‘good’ for marriage? As if, only ugly women are the most special creature of habit.

But what I didn’t realize at the time is that: . . .

My beautiful brothers wife isn’t that beautiful at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

‘They said we should stop dating beautiful women, that they only have attractive body but ugly mindset and extra ‘dandorf’ attitude. So, what do we do horney?’

People will surely advice you against what they are.

If you’re a womanizer, you won’t ever give people advice about having a single woman through out their life. You’ll cutely tell them that in fact, dating plenty women is better.

And if you’re a gymnastic, you won’t ever tell people to eat garbage and stop exercising just because you want them to be great. Nope. Quite the opposite. You’ll tell them to be true to themselves and kick their ass off. That’s the only way to get them into taking actions.

And you’re advicing them not to feel better, but because that is actually who you really are.

So that’s the same about life. People either advice you base on what they know/believe rather than what they think is right.

“You think I should marry something like this just because attitude is better? Keep on dreaming sis.”

Fuck attitude! But wait?

What if she’s beautiful and still have the proper attitude?

You think that isn’t possible?

Well, it’s possible. In fact it common. Only that, people who have balls and can’t just settle for less are the one who ends up getting them.

And if you think beauty is nothing that only attitude is the best then that say a lot about you.

Yeah! It mean, you’re ain’t that beautiful.

Yes! I did say that.

You’re ain’t that beautiful.

And for my niggas out there . . .

You better use your brain.

Yes! Use your fucking brain.

Until we meet again. . .

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I Thought I Was Doing A Great Job, But No, I Was Being Exploited.

I don’t really know if you should start getting in love or you should start running from it. You know, it’s kind of a dilemma.

Sometimes you’ll meet people with some good intentions and yet they’re there to squeeze all the goods they’re capable of squeezing out of you.

And if you still doesn’t get it, they started finding ways to dig deeper.

What if you still failed to know better? Then be ready for a lifetime of a dilemma (don’t check your dictionary yet).

In fact, they can even turn to everlasting lovers as long as they’re getting what they really wanted.

Or “have you ever seen someone as ugly as she is still trying to file a complain about not meeting handsome and awesome guys out there? Or that guy’s just can’t pay up to her standard?”

It’s a bizarre you know, for some ugly fuck face to be claiming to date extremely handsome guy even with nothing to bring to the table.

Yet, they will still be the one to tell you that you should take care of women, that you should pamper them and provide for all their needs. When in reality, these same women are the most ugliest among the beauties.

Seriously, it’s kind of annoyed when seeing these fuck face jamming their tongues about men.

‘What? You said you want to date handsome and reasonable guys? What are you? A bunch of dick head?’

“During some period of times, I dated plenty women. I go out almost every day a week. But what really strike me most is this: during the said time, am into a business that really pays me much without giving too much stress from my side. And without giving it a lot of thoughts, I occasionally spend money for girls I love, or let just say like. Not because they’re playing trick on me or because am trying to lure them with money, but because I really like them and I really want to, and sincerely speaking, I am more than happy to spend my not-too-hard earned money on them. But the results highly surprised me. These girls doesn’t really give a fuck about me, instead, they keep on proving how stupid I am. Like am just there to take good care of their needs. What a crazy bastards?”

“Is there a crime showing how caring I am? Why can’t women just understand me?”

“I really like them that’s why am spending my money on them. But why are they treating me this way?”

I keep on asking myself question upon questions, in the end, I realized; girls don’t really care about who you be, seriously speaking, who you be should go to hell. They only care about feelings. Yes! How they feel about you.

And if you join stupidity with feelings, that you still need to take care of women, wait till those girl started dumping you. Then your head will correct.

Maybe after some girls beat your heads up, you’ll run down somewhere like this thinking about life?

Love women but don’t think taking care of their needs will give you a blow-job. No. It won’t.

So, does that mean you should be a dick-head?

Well, not really.

But if being a dick-headed guy will get the job done, you better start being one.

‘Yeah, be a little asshole.’

John Cena won’t take shit from anyone, and nor should you.

“But wait, that picture ain’t John Cena.’

Yeah, you’re right. Just keep on reading.

And hey, there’s nothing more to read anyway.

But keep your head straight and forget about pampering girls. (They don’t really want your hard-earned money 💰💰💰 they only want you to fuck them hard).

And please, don’t mix ‘being a husband’ with someone who can drive girl crazy, nope. There’s different between the two.

So, fuck her like a crazy beast.


Have a wild life.

Until we meet again . . .

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I have been here more than thousand times. Staying here more than million years. Still yet, I never met a man who can live my life the way I wanted to. It’s just rare for anyone to be who I want to be, that’s why am living according to my own beliefs and personal values.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

One thing is certain: Am going to offend many people all over the world. But I tell you, those who really have the ball to live their lives according to their beliefs and their own personal standards will sure understand my point:

You just can’t live like an emotional zombie. Walking around, roaming around, without a special purpose. That’s a craziest way to live.

I am here for a reason. And for you to tell me otherwise might mean am going to ditch you like a fucking trash bin.

I don’t really care who you be. Either you’re someone I respected or you’re one of my own family members, I don’t really care. All I care about is for you to leave me and let me live my life the way I want.

Sincerely speaking, I am advising you to be who you really want to be. But never in your life will you stick your fucking nose into my fucking business. That might make me really hurt you like hell. You know what??? Just. Let. Me. Be.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

If you think living a good life mean having your dream job, getting married and have some lovely childrens? So be it for you.

But never ever say that am living a wrong life just because I didn’t follow your life patterns. You know, everyone has his or her own life to live.

Be who you want to be and allow someone else to live their lives as their heart desires. Never stick your nose to somebody else’s life talk of saying rubbish behind them. Live your life and live it better.

If everyone around you aren’t thinking like you, they’re not dreaming like you, and most importantly, they couldn’t see what you’re seeing. Then you should thank God. You are living a life nobody else dare living. Of course, your ambitions is quite different from anyone else. That’s a dream no one realize they could ever imagined.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You don’t know why universe keep on hitting you hard.

You don’t know why mother nature keep on presenting to you some craziest situations.

Nor do you know why your life is just full of up and down.

But I tell you, you’re here for a reason.

And all those crazy feelings and experiences will come back making ways into your life to uplift you and guide you throughout every journey you might really try to embarked on. That’s the power of universe entertaining your thoughts, you will surely remain loyal to every difficulties and challenges.

And hey; nothing will have ultimate power to bring you down.

That’s the promised for the chosen ones.

Have a wonderful life.

It’s still your guy . . .

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

And in case you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaiah.lasisi.31

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