If you’ve been thinking about success for so long that you don’t even know what it meant again, then have gat to welcome you back to another episode of life.

Not all you do must have meanings.

Because the more you keep on finding a proper way to define your path is the more frustrated you’ll be. Sometimes, you just have to keep on moving.

Although what you really want for yourself isn’t realistic, and believe me, you’re not even making sense in front of most people because what you want is not only out of expectations but also make you seem foolish. But am still going to tell you to never gives up.

“All I want for my life is to be a writer. I wanted to be able to write anywhere at anytime and yet I am stuck without having penny.”

Yeah, I am the one. (Yes, Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare). I really wanted to be a professional writer and travel across the globe. But you know fucking what? It doesn’t seem realistic. It seem as if am a lunatic (especially in my area of town ‘or let say village to be accurate’) and what even make it worsening is the fact that “I hate doing what I don’t really want to do.”

And to be sincere, I really hate (just) working for money. I prefer to do it because I really wanty to and not because people are making money from it.

And right now (if am going to be ultimately honest) my life is a total mess. Yeah, I didn’t know what am really doing. You know, it just seem as if “I just do things” without thinking much about them.

And why is my life a total mess?

Because I wanted to be more realistic.

‘Oh God, which direction should I take because I wanted to be realistic?’

I want people to see that am serious and that am doing it right.

I want them to be proud of me, and also, I wanted to be proud of myself. And sincerely speaking, all these are making me sick.

I was overwhelmed just because I wanted to be reasonable like most people. And the more I think about this is the more I get lost.

Correct! I easily get lost.

And here is the key:

Not everyone is designed to live a normal life. And the more you fight it is the more you’ll be losing it. You won’t be happy on your own talk of being happy among people. And as long as you keep on beating and whining about it then the longest you’ll be in depression. Yes! You’ll be drifting along it.

Because your beliefs about wanting a normal life isn’t because you couldn’t get one, but because you don’t actually believe you could make it or that what you’re doing isn’t actually what you should be doing. You think maybe you’re just wasting your own time.

And I couldn’t blame you because most of the time we all want to be sure that this thing we’re doing is going to be a comfortable one. That it must sustain our want and give us the pride and the prestige we deserve. And when we’re feeling uneasy and some uncertainty, we started questioning our own dreams.

We started asking the same question people are asking us. We started saying “yeah man, it seem am not living a normal life. Maybe I should try to get a job and try to be more realistic” and believe me, after finding a job you’re still going to ask that same question again and again. Not because you don’t know what you’re doing, but because what you’re doing seem as if it is not in alignment with what you are. And believe me, you can’t just escape your own mind. Your heart really knows better than any fucking body else.

And openly speaking, when we removed what your mother or your father (and some of your families member including your friends) gonna say about you out of the matter, you’ll probably rise in living your own life. You won’t fucking care about who you be or how people perceived you. You’ll just be living your life on your own term.

And ultimately speaking, others opinion should take the back sit.

It’s your life. But anyway, am also sorry to tell you this:

You’ll probably feel like shit when you realize that all your friends are making it in their lives and here you are fucking around with your life. Well, well, well, another people’s success will surely make you question your own. And believe me, it’s going to hit you real hard.

So, that is the sacrifice.

You live your life on your own term and pay the price of chasing your own dream where you might not be loved by people who really mean much to you and be discarded by people who you really looks up to.


Be what people think is normal and regret your actions for the ‘most’ rest of your life.

To each its own you must be ready to pay the price. That’s it.

Be a writer and be ready for a journey that might not earn you money but the one that might later worth it.


Be the fuck ‘else’ you think is normal for you to be in order to be loved and respected by your folks but might make you regret at the end of your life because you didn’t do what you really wanted to do.

It’s a simple choice to make but one that really tie to the results of how your life really pays out in heaven (heaven I meant really mean your life).

And if you refused to chose one then what really happens? Well, you’re still gonna face the consequences. Behold, not taking action is taking action itself.

No matter the choice you take, you’re still going to pay.

But anyway, even with all the overwhelming difficulties, you’re still going to be happy for chosen the right one (but not everyone are ready to do that).

So feel free to live your life the way you wanted to (and as long as you know the meaning of your own success and not the definition of your mainstream) and don’t feel sorry for doing so.

Anyone who does not happy with you should go fuck themselves.

And if you’re still the one who isn’t feeling the fulfillment of your own pursuit? Then you better check your expectations.

Maybe you’re there about money but not because you really wanted to. Or maybe you’re there because you wanted to appear normal in front of your folks?

Alright then! Dream on!!

You’re probably going to end up in regret.

So? ?? ???

Meet you at the next post.

I rise!


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“How many times have you being a victim of falling in love and yet the person in question never love you back but instead used that love you have for them to explore you and make you miserable?”

“How many times have you seen your loved ones being carried away even after all you’ve done for them both physically, mentally and financially without them paying any attention to you after they’ve fucked you up?”

“And surely, how many times have you being a victim of getting another people’s need yet not appreciating your good deed and your intentional efforts you’ve been putting out there for them to have a standard lifestyle they’ve been dreaming of?”

Correct! Maybe million times. And what actually happens? Well, they keep on toiling and bragging with your beliefs because they know you just can’t give up on pampering them. Da you are; you’re just another emotionally high-powered they’ve been dealing with, and there’s no way you could escape that EXCEPT, you’ll become more emotionally stubborn than they could ever imagined.

‘Of course, maybe now is the right time for you to be more emotionally standard, and show them how stubbornly built you were. They won’t give up on you you know.’

And for you to go beyond the surface, you also need to deal with all their standard bullshits.

I know there are still maybe little to non existence of girls who still care about feelings, but believe me, most of these girls don’t really care. But as long as you can fulfill some physical and emotional need for maturity and hospitality, rest assured, they can give you a little to non out of their so called ‘love in a fairytales’.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.


When I first started, I thought being a decent guy will surely get me far, but with total disappointed, I feel like shit realizing the harsh reality of life: No matter who you are, some girls will never understand you, even with all your pure intentions, they will still squeeze all the shit out of you. Yeah, they will make your life miserable.

“The day I realized that people have a tendency of bullying the poor and taking advantage of the weak is the day I started standing up on my feet no matter how hard I was being beating down even when it still mean I have to fall back one million times. You know, am ain’t that a little target.” Getty images.

As long as you’re ready to break through from all the possible bullshit of other people in your life, then don’t be pussy when the time comes for you to be a little pervert. Live knowing that you must be tough and calculative if or when the situation actually call for it. It’s a win-win equation, is either you’re ready to be continually using and still not getting what you want or you rebuke them and put them at their place even though you’re still playing with their tricks on you.

Yeah! You’ve got to be a little pervert.

Until we meet again . . .

Have a craziest life. #wink.

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I have been here more than thousand times. Staying here more than million years. Still yet, I never met a man who can live my life the way I wanted to. It’s just rare for anyone to be who I want to be, that’s why am living according to my own beliefs and personal values.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

One thing is certain: Am going to offend many people all over the world. But I tell you, those who really have the ball to live their lives according to their beliefs and their own personal standards will sure understand my point:

You just can’t live like an emotional zombie. Walking around, roaming around, without a special purpose. That’s a craziest way to live.

I am here for a reason. And for you to tell me otherwise might mean am going to ditch you like a fucking trash bin.

I don’t really care who you be. Either you’re someone I respected or you’re one of my own family members, I don’t really care. All I care about is for you to leave me and let me live my life the way I want.

Sincerely speaking, I am advising you to be who you really want to be. But never in your life will you stick your fucking nose into my fucking business. That might make me really hurt you like hell. You know what??? Just. Let. Me. Be.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

If you think living a good life mean having your dream job, getting married and have some lovely childrens? So be it for you.

But never ever say that am living a wrong life just because I didn’t follow your life patterns. You know, everyone has his or her own life to live.

Be who you want to be and allow someone else to live their lives as their heart desires. Never stick your nose to somebody else’s life talk of saying rubbish behind them. Live your life and live it better.

If everyone around you aren’t thinking like you, they’re not dreaming like you, and most importantly, they couldn’t see what you’re seeing. Then you should thank God. You are living a life nobody else dare living. Of course, your ambitions is quite different from anyone else. That’s a dream no one realize they could ever imagined.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You don’t know why universe keep on hitting you hard.

You don’t know why mother nature keep on presenting to you some craziest situations.

Nor do you know why your life is just full of up and down.

But I tell you, you’re here for a reason.

And all those crazy feelings and experiences will come back making ways into your life to uplift you and guide you throughout every journey you might really try to embarked on. That’s the power of universe entertaining your thoughts, you will surely remain loyal to every difficulties and challenges.

And hey; nothing will have ultimate power to bring you down.

That’s the promised for the chosen ones.

Have a wonderful life.

It’s still your guy . . .

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

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‘Of course am going to kill you so that you can see the kingdom of god you’ve been dreaming about.’

Many people will sit down there telling you how they wish their lives could change, so that they could really travel the world, have a beautiful life and marry the person of their dreams. Yet, they’re stupid enough not to realize that all their wishy-washy daydreaming will never ever help them to achieve success.

Instead of them to shut the fuck up and start taking necessary actions, they remain poor to their environment. They think telling everyone around might solve their problems. Well, I wish all these people could have the courage to slap themselves in the faces and said “wake up, this is real life and we are responsible for our own shortcomings,” maybe by then they could see the reality.

Most people are so stupid to the extent that they just have to keep hoping without asking themselves how to get what they want. Only to keep fucking hoping? Eeh! That’s bloody reckless.

Living a life full of timidity??? Ooh shit! I’d rather die than living a life full on what I didn’t want.

I really want greatness for myself without caring about others perspective about my progress. They should sit down there waiting for my results. And I promised, the result will shocked them all because my success is certain.

You don’t really need to understand me nor do I care about you believing in me. But I tell you, the fire in me will make you question your own life.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

I know am coming off too crazy, and you know fucking what? I don’t really care. As long as this article can force the stupidity out of you then am okay with that. You have to be fucking crazy with your life. You have to tell yourself to shut the fuck up and kick yourself in the ass.

Although, I don’t really care about what you want in life. All I care about is that: are you ready to fight for it? Are you ready to put up with the pressure and challenge yourself day by day? Are you ready to be crazy enough to say “yeah fuck it, this is me and I must leave this crazy world with a story worth telling?”

If you think you can’t then you must leave this fucking website right now.

Yeah! This site ain’t for a fool like you.

‘What? You think am a fool? You must be crazy. Do you really think you’re a badass writing this post? What a fuck ass you are??? You better don’t let me catch the fuck of you. Hell, I might break your legs.’

Sorry bro, I just have to say the truth.

And yes! You’re right! Am a fucking crazy bastard. And I don’t give a fuck about what you think. As long as you can’t examine your life and see where you’re lacking that courage to live a life true to yourself then I can tell you to fuck off.

And in fact, for your information, I have to give you another slap in the face, which is: Shame On You.

‘This guy really get gut. He even went on to say ‘shame on me’. What if I destroy him just now. What will he do? Didn’t he see how badass I am???’

Yeah bro! I didn’t see how badass you are. As long as you’re living a fake life, then I have to tell you:

Shame on you for not having the courage to live a life being true to yourself.

Shame on you for being a pussy and not having the courage to walk up to that girl and tell her how attractive she is to you.

Shame on you for having a crush on your teacher and not having the courage to express your feelings.

Shame on you for believing you must follow one religion to the T even if that religion is blindly bullshitting you.

Shame on you for believing in a mentor who does not even understand his or her own fucking life talk of having the courage to live a life true to him or her self.

And shame on you for putting up with a girlfriend who never let you know how she felt about you.

You’re such a fucking loser.

Correct! Am a fucking loser!

You really want to enter heaven and yet you’re not ready to die?

You really want to date that exceptionally beautiful hottie and yet you’re not brave enough to walk up to her and let her know how you feel about her?

You really want to live your dream life but you’re just scared of what people will say about you?

And finally finally speaking, you really love this crazy life but you just don’t know what to do with it?

What a wonderfully special agro foolishness you are? You should be castrated to another planet.

Maybe, I mean maybe, you could meet your zombies apocalypse out there, so that they can teach you how to live a real life and maybe pass you all the lessons they’ve being passing through. Maybe by then you could just understand your fucking life.

You can convince me to stop doing almost everything in life. But never in life will you have the capacity to stop me from doing what I really want to do even if it mean am ultimately going to fail. At least even if I fail, I fail while daring greatly.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

This is me and this is my only life. You just can’t tell me to take it small.

You just can’t say “you know Lasisi, you have to be more reasonable, yeah, reduce your dreams and just live a normal life” well, all am going to say is fuck you.

‘Yeah fuck you for thinking I should leave my dream and just live a normal life.’

If you’re afraid to be who you want to be then just shut the fuck up when you see somebody else becoming the person of their dreams.

You have no right to stick that your fucking nose to somebody else’s business. Be on your own and let them be who the fuck they want to be.

And for those stupid people who really want to enter heaven and yet still not want to die, fuck you.

‘Yeah I said: Fuck. You. All.’

You can’t enter heaven without dying.

So if you think you’re not ready to face your life then shut the fuck up and allow those who are ready to make a breakthrough.

See you @ the next fucking post.

I am Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

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TO BE A PLAYER. You Must Be Ready For The Challenge.

“Yeah! Only me can drive you crazy Olivia.”

Every girls around are being crazy enough to see through most guys bullshit. And there’s no way you can convince them otherwise.

So if you want to succeed with women, you have to understand one simple critical “aug-or-ritim” (don’t check your dictionary, that doesn’t exist).

And that simple but critical “aug-or-ritim” is this:

You Must Be Real With Women

“Yeah! Have learned to be real me!”

All the “games” and “neggings” plus “kinno” in conjunction with those stupid “pull” and “push” must be discarded.

You need real authenticity.

“Although many people think if they can do this or they can do that then they’ll be able to be successful. But I tell you; the only peaceful and surefire way to succeed is for you to be real with yourself and the people around you.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

Forget about waiting for her to call you three to four times before answering her call.

Forget about taking her to a cool place to make her feel relaxed so that she can be capable of the emotional speeches you’re transferring to her body.

Forget about all the stupid jargons you’ve been telling yourself that women want someone who is going to be there for her if the need be. Nope! She has her own life to live and for you to think you’ll be the one to take care of all her need is a slap in the face. Most girls don’t even care about who you be. They only care about how they feel when it turns to anything related to you. So cut the crap and let dive real to the matter at hand.

You Must Be Ready To Own Your Mistakes

If you fucked up your life for about five years ago, and that fucked up is the reason you’re still fucked up by now, then there’s no need denying yourself in her presence, let her know the stupidity of your fucked-up-ness.

“You know babe, my mum didn’t like me because I disobeyed her for not becoming a computers programmer. And instead, am wasting my life all around meeting new people and building this website. But anyway, I think she might like me in the long run, maybe when I start making money on this.”

That’s all. You ain’t need to make up some fucking bullshit. Be real with yourself and the people around you and see what actually happens.

Sure things; vast majority of people won’t like you because of your authenticity. But believe me, those who like you will like you with all the flaws in your life. And you won’t even need to feel nervous around them.

But those who hate you didn’t necessarily hated you. But instead, they’re scared of their own life. And seeing someone like you who doesn’t give a fucking flying fucks about putting on mask will make them questions their own fucked-up life.

Make Hay While The Sunshine

Tell her upfront that she’s attractive and you really want her will make her realize you’re not just there to play silly games with her. Instead, you want her to be straight with you. And if she’s not interested then she can let you know upfront instead of waiting for two to three months before you realize she has a boyfriend.

Always be ready to cut the crap out of the bullshit and be real in any situation you find yourself.

“We all know you could leave your mum and run out with her. So stop giving us crap.”

Sometimes you won’t feel like chasing women and that’s okay. But anytime you see an attractive girl, don’t put up some bullshit about why you shouldn’t approach her. Be real with yourself and declare the real truth of not feeling like embarrassing yourself.

“Out of every misunderstanding comes a declarant of meaning. Out of every failure comes a wonderful realization of how you could do it better next time. And out of every embarrassment comes a boldness to put yourself out there again and again without feeling lost.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

Be Ready To Get Mad

Get mad to everyone who think you just can’t do it.

Get mad to your mother if she thinks what she want for you is the best of your life.

And get mad to those of your colleagues who think you didn’t deserve much more better.

And in fact, get mad at yourself for thinking only the rich can have extremely beautifully, beautifulness, women.

You Too Can Do That

You too can makeup your mind to be great.

You too can makeup your mind to be real.

And you too can makeup your mind to become the best version of yourself.

It’s a free world . . .

Have a wonderfully released critical aug-or-ritim.

See you @ the next post.

And in case you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook:

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