That Will Be A Challenge.

But what?

You mean girls normally play hard to get in order to see their pants?

And if I couldn’t get it then I wouldn’t see it?

But what of those who never toast slash or do anything for them and still fuck them?

Oh ooh! You also realize the mistake?

Correct! Let have some never ending discussion right now.

She doesn’t really want your explanation.

You staying there thinking about how to tell her you’re just friend with that babe isn’t going to solve anything.

Just walk up to her and let her know you really liked her and she’s the only one you really cared about. (Yeah, forget about who saw who).

I know she saw you kissing and romancing that girl but you don’t really need to be overly exaggerated.

Make it stupid simple.

“The fact that she saw you with that babe will make her love you more not exactly what you’re thinking.”

Instead of thinking you’ve blow it think you’ve got it. Girls don’t really care about who you date or how you present yourself to other women. What they really cared about is that; we’re both playing the same game.

They know that you do approach and meet other women (because they’re ALSO doing that as well, only that, we men are the one who supposed to initiate first).

So don’t be so stupid to explain yourself just because she saw you. Believe me, women don’t really want that (and am talking from my hard earned experience of course).

They want to believe what they really wanted to believe.

When it turn out to dating, women are the most dangerous shit out there. We men just have the foolishness to go around proclaiming our sexually aggressive. Or maybe we should just call it ‘our ego’.”

You think?

I think women play game (almost) 99 percent times more than every man out there. We’re just plainly stupid to see it.

Just because your girlfriend tag along everywhere you go and feed you in front of almost every fucking dummy around you doesn’t mean she doesn’t know the guy next to you. Quite the opposite. In fact that guy might be fucking her ‘hard’. I mean very very hard.

And me saying this doesn’t mean that am trying to change your perspective. Nope. But if that be the case, then so be it. Because there aren’t any value for you being used by women. I want you to be extra highly smart. What women do is what we do (in fact, they’re excellently smarter than us on this field). We’re just bunch of dick heads.

Date any fucking women you wanted to date. And when your girlfriend(s) find out, never admit anything.

‘Because being honest is the best possible way to be an integrity man’.

Fuck you!

And if you still refused to change, don’t be annoyed when you later find out that your first child isn’t genuinely yours because almost you plus seven other guys did the job.

‘Correct! We women know how to keep shit better than you dick heads.’

Be wise in your calling and never allow anyone to become your living hell. You’ll be surprised how women uses men. And yet, we still believe that we’re doing a great job.

Feeding and providing for the same women almost seven of other dick headed guys are still sweating and toiling for. What a weird feelings? I’d rather play the game than to continued being played.

And for me; that will surely be a challenge because I thought I was straight and honest guy. I never love compromising things.

But now? I think someone need to change his way of living.

Women doesn’t give a shit.

If being honest is getting me nothing than adding stones to my life, then I’d better be a different person. After all;

“Insanity is doing the same shit over and over again and be expecting different results.”


I better be quick with my taking actions.

And that doesn’t mean am going to become a complete total jack with manipulative bullshit, all am saying is that; we have to start using some brain because – NOW: BRAIN WORK IS THE BEST.

Meet you @ the next post.

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“How many times have you being a victim of falling in love and yet the person in question never love you back but instead used that love you have for them to explore you and make you miserable?”

“How many times have you seen your loved ones being carried away even after all you’ve done for them both physically, mentally and financially without them paying any attention to you after they’ve fucked you up?”

“And surely, how many times have you being a victim of getting another people’s need yet not appreciating your good deed and your intentional efforts you’ve been putting out there for them to have a standard lifestyle they’ve been dreaming of?”

Correct! Maybe million times. And what actually happens? Well, they keep on toiling and bragging with your beliefs because they know you just can’t give up on pampering them. Da you are; you’re just another emotionally high-powered they’ve been dealing with, and there’s no way you could escape that EXCEPT, you’ll become more emotionally stubborn than they could ever imagined.

‘Of course, maybe now is the right time for you to be more emotionally standard, and show them how stubbornly built you were. They won’t give up on you you know.’

And for you to go beyond the surface, you also need to deal with all their standard bullshits.

I know there are still maybe little to non existence of girls who still care about feelings, but believe me, most of these girls don’t really care. But as long as you can fulfill some physical and emotional need for maturity and hospitality, rest assured, they can give you a little to non out of their so called ‘love in a fairytales’.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.


When I first started, I thought being a decent guy will surely get me far, but with total disappointed, I feel like shit realizing the harsh reality of life: No matter who you are, some girls will never understand you, even with all your pure intentions, they will still squeeze all the shit out of you. Yeah, they will make your life miserable.

“The day I realized that people have a tendency of bullying the poor and taking advantage of the weak is the day I started standing up on my feet no matter how hard I was being beating down even when it still mean I have to fall back one million times. You know, am ain’t that a little target.” Getty images.

As long as you’re ready to break through from all the possible bullshit of other people in your life, then don’t be pussy when the time comes for you to be a little pervert. Live knowing that you must be tough and calculative if or when the situation actually call for it. It’s a win-win equation, is either you’re ready to be continually using and still not getting what you want or you rebuke them and put them at their place even though you’re still playing with their tricks on you.

Yeah! You’ve got to be a little pervert.

Until we meet again . . .

Have a craziest life. #wink.

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What If I Chose To Say No?

I don’t really care about her sister.

Just because am always around to help you doesn’t mean I fall for you. And because you think am always happy around you might be the reason of all your illusions. Wake up! I don’t really care for you. Am only interested in your sisters.

For the past few months have been in a lot of situation where my former girlfriend think am still thinking about her. When in reality, am only thinking about her junior sister.

What a weird feelings if you might asked. Well, it even more than you’ve thought.

I have been fighting a spiritual fight within myself for couple of months. And yet, I haven’t seem to understand the real battle. All I thought was that, am just developing some feelings for her. Like am just feeling okay being around her. Not until now that I realized, I am getting more emotional with that babe.

But the most crucial part is that, she didn’t see me that way. She only see me as someone she could give total respect because I am dating her sister (or have dated her sister because we both leave each other because of our personalities clash. We’re not just compatible. It’s kind of shit you know, to fall in love with someone who is totally opposite of what you want. So we both have to let go and continue living our lives).

But later, after all the fighting and exceptionally kibble distribution of ways, I later find her sister exceptionally different from the one I first fall-in-love with. She’s totally different.

Whah? You mean you still want to date her junior sister? What a weirdo man you be?

Yes! I still wants to date her lovely sister.

This girl seem excellently beautiful and sexy. And all importantly, she deserves my total respect. Because all am looking for in women is in her. She’s totally above hundreds percent of what I want. But you know fucking what? . . .

She just can’t face the pressure of dating me.

She really wants to. But have dated her sister for almost two years. So she’s scared that the respect she has for her sister might fade away. And that they might not forgive each other for the rest of their lives.

With all this said and done . . . I really loved her and am not allowing anything to happen to her. But the limit is just that, you can’t force anyone to love you.

You can be there for her, take care of her and provide for all her needs, but I tell you, if she didn’t love you, there’s nothing you can do except to accept the fate and move on with your life.

Feelings can’t be faked. And forcing it to happen will only make it worst instead of uplifting it.

Forget about all the promises.

Forget about all the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

You love her but she didn’t love you. And if she did love you, there’s something barrier that is stopping her from doing so. And for you to think you can solve it out will hinder your happiness. So stop and look back with a smug expression and said “yeah, I love that babe but have already dated her sister for the past five years. Although she loves me too but that just can’t be possible. So I have to man up and move on with my life? Yeah! Fuck that.” And then never look back again.

Although she might cross-path your life in the future or she did really find her way to your life. Well, all I could say is fuck that. The situation will call for your ultimate attention and by that actual time, you’ll know the right action to take.

So feel free to live your life and see what really happened in the nearest future.

Be peaceful and be present.

Until we meet again . . .

See you @ the next post.

It’s your guy . . .


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Yap. I think am in love with you babe.

It has been a long time since am approaching women. But the problem is: “I haven’t meet someone I deeply feel attracted to.”

Not until just of recent (about two weeks now) that I meet this sexy and gorgeous girl. I nearly blow the approach window on that day but thank God I did manage to approached her

Since that day of our first encounter, I feel something unusual about my feelings. Like without actively thinking about her, am still remembering the actual event. As if I can just replay the whole scene more and more.

Well, for those of you who think “well, this ain’t a big of a deal. You meet a girl and she exchange contact with you. So what the hell of writing this?” All I can say is: please hear me out.

Today, last Sunday of December, 2020; am just dropping her home (our second date) and she’s telling me “we can only be friends” but all the vibe in my body keep telling me to resist. You know, I hate being friends with women.

But the problem is: I think am getting more connected with her.

Maybe am even thinking wrong because calling feeling of emotions wrong is nonsensical. We are emotional being. And there’s no way we can escape that. Back in the days; I always tried to do my best not to be in love with any fucking women (no matter how hard am feeling attracted to her). I thought I was being tough and being emotional intelligence BUT I was wrong. I was just living in a denial state of being. I don’t want to face the truth.

Now, I think I can tell myself to fuck off. As in, to face my fear. To start feeling what love is and to start realizing how painfully you’ll feel when the person you love didn’t love you back. It’s kind of crazy transformation for me. From being a denial to a man who can fully face his fear of falling in love with the right girl.

Am getting to love that girl, I just hate to admit it. But now, am ready to face it.

I Love You Olamiposi and I can’t deny that. But telling me “we’re friends” is eating me alive. I don’t think I can withstand that. Am getting to love you babe and being friends will hurt my feelings like mad.


I can’t be friends.

I really love you, and I want you to be my girl not a fucking crazy friends.

Maybe you’re just testing how far I can go or you really mean it, that; I can’t say. But anyway, God will take control.

I Love You.


Yes! That is James Bond. You know? Fucking. James. Bond.

This is the art of being smart and calculative. You don’t need microscope to figure out any woman. But you need your snipers sight.

Look! Any woman you see must have a reasonable reason to even go on a date with you. So, you must notice anything she’s bringing on the table. You must notice how wonderfully smart she is. Yes! You must calculate her move.

The hint will always present itself. Only that you must deeply pay attention to the details. And don’t go fumblegizing yourself.

So, for that being said. Here is your mission man code.

1. Be Prepared.

You can predict women but you can never be certain of the outcome. Sometimes they do things differently. Like fucking you up when you least expect it. And you must be ready to deal with any signal at your perreal. (Perreal is not in your dictionary so don’t bother to find it).

Be willing to face every challenges she’s bringing at your refusal door. Or else; it is over.

2. Never Rush.

Master the art of time. Do things differently and never try to multitask. It is your own foolishness that always scattered your game.

Make everything seem effortless. Make it look like you’re just a man using a kinetic power. Yeah! You make everything simple. Simple as A. B. C. Then you’re good to go.

3. Plan Ahead.

Yes! Plan. Always plan your next move. Plan with purpose and never leave any stone unturned. It will be stupid of you to think you can escape without a good plan. Strategize your move and always make it invincible.

Let capitulation be the reason you always exist and forward all the details to your ongoing mission. That is to say; you’re always with what if mentality.

And yee shall always survive.

4. Live Smartly.

Women have a tendency of screening men. They are always at the look out of every possibilities. They don’t care of who you be. They only care of what you bring to the table.

Reasonably speaking, they are crazingly smart. They crave challenges more than us. You know, they always thrive. And the major reason is that: some guys are willing to bid to their expectations. If not plenty guys.

For this reason. The only card you have is to live smart and be fundamental. So that yee shall escape every trap.

5. Always Keep Fit.

Exercise should be your go to. You don’t joke with your training session. You don’t formulate any excuse. You don’t fuck with your moral. You decide and you act. Nothing more nothing less.

That’s your code of conduct. Exercise as if your life depend on it. And you know fucking what? Your life did depend on that. It’s a win – win situation.

Keep yourself busy with keeping fit. And see what comes next.

6. It’s Your Choice.

To go out on a date with women or to tell her to come over to your place? It’s your choice. You don’t let anyone decide for your life. Live according to your values.

Don’t go out of your way to please people. Think like a warrior. Help if you’re in the position to help but not by forcing yourself and later regret your did.

Keep money out of the equation and only know why you’re using it. Know why you want it. Not just for being a millionaire or billionaire.

Know your purpose and generate money through it. Not by crazingly chasing money. It is the wayler of fool to think more money is the only goal. You’ve gat to think more values. Yes! More values.

And see what happens.

7. Keep Your Game Tight.

Economically, you must be fruitful.

Spiritually, you must be awesome.

Physically, you must be superb.

It is your game that will determine all the core fragility.

I rise. . . . Court ! !! !!!



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