Total Misconstrued

You know, our people need more lies than talking in their films. Jet Li.

Do you have a goal, a dream and or an ambition? Maybe yes and or maybe no. Not everyone can answer such questions.

Thinking is wonderful. And assuming is excellent. I always combined the two. Even when the two are giving me headaches.

The future is bright, at least to those who have a vision. Although it might take them more than two part of their lifetime, and yet, they won’t give up. At the age of seventy-two, still dreaming of building a mansion. I don’t know who will live there. Maybe the grandson? But anyway, it’s still okay, at least for the visionary man. I say life is not balanced.

While some people are spending everything, in the name of living life to the fullest, some people are keeping everything, all because they’re waiting for the right time. Different people with different characters. All in all with different illusions. What a beautiful person.

I don’t plan about anything. I only live a day at a time. Sometimes I get nervous. Seeing almost everyone around me getting busy. Serious like hell. Burning their ass up and down. I say wonderful! May these people never be wise, so that the average man continues working his ass off. Chasing dreams he will be smacking his face for the next ten years because that shouldn’t be what he should be chasing. But no way, he just has to do something. Because people are doing something. Extraordinarily superb! We need a conqueror.

People that will put on a smiling face, even when every vein in their body was shouting in agony, crying in pain. They will still keep on moving. Chasing dreams they’re not interested in achieving. But they just have to chase it. Because people are chasing something.

Being a maniac, we all have our dizziness. Crying when we should be sleeping and weeping when we should be looking for a mob. Very interesting. We took almost everything in the wrong way. Sleeping, talking, drinking, assuming all at the same time. A permanent misconstrued. Where we don’t know exactly what we should do. But there’s a solution. At least, doing something to numb the usefulness. Thinking and assuming, all at the same time. I wonder why our brains didn’t crash. Smacking it, filling it with jargon. All in hope of finding answers, when in reality, we could’ve been what we meant to be. A total permanent misconstrued. No one understands shit!

Take out the nerves. Relax some tendons. And finally ask yourself, “What gives me the panic of getting left behind? Maybe the people around me? Or maybe I was just overhyping something?” Be sure to give it enough thought. Not everything deserves your ultimate care.

Everyone has his/her own decisions to make. So don’t put emotions into everything you do. The person you love might not be emotionally invested in you. Don’t stress it. Sometimes, we don’t even know what we want. So feel free to express your feelings, and allow your partner to do so. By doing that we reduce the load on both parties. Always be the light-hearted one. The one who took everything like a stand gadget. Always thinking straight. Not remembering everything. The best way to live a happy life.

You don’t need another pattern.

Your destiny has already been sealed. Fumbling in eradicating won’t feel your vibes.

Instead of overwhelming yourself about what to do next. Take a deep breath and uncover yourself. What exactly makes you feel good? Because feeling good is all about everything.

If gambling is your thing. Instead of forcing yourself anytime, you lost the game, learn how to stake wisely. Never play the game you’re not certain about. And if you’re hundred percent sure, remember, not even a genius can predict your heavens sake. You can only beat a guessing game. The one you have total awareness of losing out.

And if you don’t know anything about betting. Let no one fool you, telling you people who are betting their lives away are all useless. That’s a lie. Betting helps some people figure out their lives. But if instead of being meaningful and successful, betting is worsting your life away, driving away all the glory you could have used to further the cause of your life, my advice for you is to stop it. Just remember that not everyone gambling their lives is a reck. Some people have governed the tech with a winning hand.

So believing everyone playing their lives away is all wasting their time. That because you’re serious like hell means you’re off better than them is a total misconstrued. Not only are you feeding yourself a lie. But you’re also stopping yourself from facing the reality. Not everything seems the way that it appeared.

Be a gentle man in a gentle mannered. Looking and seeing everything with a wonderful calmness. Evaluating and calculating morally. Without seemingly sensitivity to wrongdoings.

Doing that, you will surely rise to the top.

You don’t discriminate against anyone. Nor are you looking down on anything. You just sit back and calculate everything.

And when the reality hit the fans, you’ve already got your plan. And according to one of my mentors. He said;

Yeah! That was me quoting myself. Not from one of my fucking mentors.’

“I Wish No One Really Wish Me A Happy Birthday.”

I know my articles always be a turnup stood. It is either am being great or am being poor. But today, I realized, my life could have been better if I did did what I am supposed to do.

I don’t know anything about life. Nor am I planning to be a crazy asshole. But why? Why haven’t I become great?

There are so many opportunities in this life. Couples with some unbreakable talents. But here I am wasting everything away all because I couldn’t give it honest-to-god try. Why?

I have a destiny. A miracle to make my life count. And yet, I was so stupid chasing dreams, goals that I wouldn’t care about. What a useless life?

I wish you don’t wish me a happy birthday. I don’t think I deserve all this.

Because of me some people are suffering. Because of me so many people are living a useless life. And because of me those that could have been great didn’t become great. Then what the fuck am I doing with my life?

Am I not wasting the best beautiful time that I’ve been got? Am I not being a useless fellow?

To God who made me I really wanted to be great.

‘Yes! I really wanted to be a useful hero.’ (This is me crying because I realized I was living a useless life).

I know I wouldn’t have a second chance.

I know there’s no assurance of coming back here. Even if I did want to, I might not end up being here. So, why am I wasting my time?

I have the talent, but, I don’t know why I haven’t succeeded. Is it dedication? Maybe yes! But what exactly is it that I have to do that will make me succeed? What exactly is the purpose of me being here? Why am I being a useless fellow?

You might think that am getting nut. Well, maybe yes. Because there’s no point of me being here without making my life count.

I don’t know about you. But for me, my life must be something. I must amount to something great. I must look at myself in the mirror and say, “Yeah fuck you Lasisi for living a useless life.”

But there’s still a solution .. .. ..

There’s still a solution for me to be happy. There’s still enough time for me to change my life.

Many people will say yes to this thing. They will say yes because I haven’t been a good kid. But I tell you, I will never be something that you want me to be. I will never amount to that meaning of your wonderful life.

I have my dream. I have my own ambitions. And I have my own personal ways of life. Believe me, I am not here to make anyone happy. Instead, I am here to kick you in the ass. That, “Why are you also living a useless life?”

Fuck you for giving me a reason.

Fuck you for telling me your sisters caused it. And yes fuck you for saying, “You know, I could have make a good use of my time, but the challenges are not normal.”

Fuck you now and fuck you forever.

You have to be great.

You have to live a dangerous life. A life where you don’t care about what anyone says about you. As long as you’re becoming what exactly you’ve been dreaming to become.

I know you have a good cause. I believe you really wanted to amount to something great. Believe me, I have the trust in you.

So never give up. Never forget that thing you’ve been dreaming to get. Never settle because it seem you couldn’t live up to your standard. Be a good heroes. A badass. Someone living life on the edge.

And I believe, you will surely succeed.

(After crying I realized, I still have a second chance).

Have a wonderful day.

It’s still your guy, Lasisi.

(And yeah! You can watch my video down there. And of course, I think I look eye-catching. Looolllllzzzzzz).

Me Drinking Coffee. And thanks for this, Investor Y.K. I love you bro. And hey, hope you enjoy it? Gbagam!

Okay now, welcome to my journey so far. I hope you enjoyed it?

It’s okay! Never live a useless life.

Be wise and use your brain! !! !!!


When you’re playing with words.

Mind your territory. When you’re dealing with me. Mind your words. I never let go of any word untested.

Experience has taught me many times: people has some hidden messages. They don’t always say it on your face. But always appear in their words.

And if you’re a smart-ass. Someone who go beyond techniques. Then you will pay attention more to actions than words. And because of this, we always forget words. We only pay attention to actions. Which later fuck us deep.

I don’t know much about dating. Because dating suck. But I know plenty about debunking people. Tell me one thing about your life. And I will go all day thinking about it. Trying to find your hidden messages.

And by doing that, I’ve save myself a lot of time dealing with some fuckup people out there. Those who only come to you because of reasonable something. And they’re not ready to give anything in return. They’re just coming to drained you.

Action – Word – and Action.

You must be vigilant of both. Always.

Stop telling me you love your neighbor. If your neighbor is using some tricks to get some shit out of you, you better use counter-wise. Or else, you’re going to be exploited.

Sometimes you don’t get the measurements all at once. But as you ponder on about it. Definitely you’ll get the main figure. And that doesn’t mean you should go all your day paying attention to people. That gonna make you weird.

It’s a work in progress mission. Where you’re becoming great day by day.

And to give you some guidance. When dealing with some people you didn’t trusted that much. Always ask yourself, “What is he trying to tell me?” Or better still, ask yourself, “What are the hidden messages of this?”

You can transferred that to your friendships as well. But rest assured. You’re going to loose many friends. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. At least, it will save you from being captured by some enemies.

And believe me, in the next few weeks or so. You’re coming back to say, “Thank you dude. I really appreciate,” because almost everyone in your life are communicating with you with some hidden messages. It just that, you’re not paying enough attention.

And remember, not all of these people are paying attention to their own words as well. Some are just plainly talking or having a chat with you and or somebody else around you. But often times, there’s always a message behind what they say. Only that, you or the dude they’re talking to ain’t paying attention.

If you manage to become a great DEBUNKER. There’s always a good benefit behind it.

People will be getting your messages clearly. You’ll be understanding people deeply. And you will always try to see beyond the facade.

Instead of just listening to people. (As your dating coaches always say). You’re now understanding them.

And instead of giving people what they want. You’re now giving them what they’re asking for. Because most of your friends are very good at smoking-screen. Where they’re hitting you without notice.

And don’t forget the like of your dating partners. They’re always good at hitting people.

With this being said .. .. ..

Always try to be a good DEBUNKER.

Meet you @ the next post .. .. ..

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Motivation Is Crap!

I have to dedicate this one to the big boss – David Goggins. The bad of the baddest. A retired Navy SEAL. Hell week master. Operation being the best among the baddest. I respect you man. #Salute – #Down.

Okay, not everyone will be a Navy SEAL.

And not all of us will become a soldier. But all of us can become whatever the hell we really wanted to become.

I don’t know what you want in your own life. But am certain of one thing – everyone want to be a better person. Or let say a better somebody. But the question is:

“Are you ready to do the ground work?”

Because sitting down there talking about it all day isn’t going to help anybody. We want you to take a bold step. And then take another step. Until no one is there reminding you again.

And here, let be honest.

It is not easy to become great.

Maybe your teacher is not telling you. Even after going through heaven disqualified devil college degrees, you’re still going to face shit. Because landing your dream job is another journey entirely.

And if you happen to read too much, maybe in the jungle of being a scholar, and your credentials is now over the top, then am welcoming you to a life of disappointment, where everyone think you’re too good to be true, and the company that is trying to employ you now start a board of directors meeting, in the sense of asking themselves if they should employ you or not, because your certificate is threatening their post, and threatening their post mean they gonna get a kick-out, because having you is like having a big boss, where they can’t decide on their own, because your certificate is too much.

Welcome to new York.. .. .. Oh sorry, I mean new life.

Although you didn’t offend anyone. But having what others don’t even know existed is enough a crime. Am serious.

Both your talent and skills are already a gathering for the devil. Where everyone think you’re challenging them. But you don’t know. You just think you’re doing your own thing without giving a fuck about anyone. Yeah! Not giving a shit. The best crime in the history of books and novels. Wake up!

Your destiny will challenge so many life.

Either you’re now ready or not is up to you.

Since the day you were born. You’ve been destined to fight. Forget about being a warrior. You’re a warrior already. Either you win this battle is all that left to you.

And listen attentively; God won’t help a fool, a coward and or a master of an easy craft. Someone who only believe in story. Fuck’em all.

We want a determined soul. A mind full of gravity. Pushing through the direction of his giving, his calling. That’s what we want. Not your typical go-to neighbor. A fool at his own chosen. Very useless dude.

Okay, enough of crap!

The only thing that is making your life seem unbearable is this:

You’re chasing the wrong goals.

You don’t know what you want. That’s all I could think of. Because looking back at my life, I realized, the best worsiest time of my life is when I realize am chasing something that doesn’t add values to me, something I don’t really care about, but just chasing it anyway. That’s my worsiest time.

But now I can see better, think clearly and analyze myself. “Why am I chasing this?” “What if I didn’t succeed?” “Is anyone going to question me?” “What if they ask me?” “Do I have anything to tell them?” Okay. “What if I didn’t talk?” Alright. “What about saying the truth?” “Do I really believe in my course?” Etc., Etc.

And believe me, the moment am capable enough to answer those questions without considering anyone in the process, I started feeling like king. Like am the owner of my own life. No family to report to. No friends to explain my want. No siblings to ask me. And most importantly. No parents to say, “Hey Lasisi, you gotta do it this way or else we’re going to disown you!” Believe me, it was a true freedom. Where you do things according to your own plan. Very interesting.

But there’s a problem though: you’re going to face your own shit, alone.

There’s no one to turn back to. All of them are all waiting for you to succeed or better still failed. Because your failure will make them say the harsh evil speech they’ve been preparing all day long, .. ..

“But we told you!”

Told. Me. What…??? Are you fucking nut???

That’s the reason am not giving up.

Am not giving anyone the chance to say that shit. It will become rusted in their own guts. Not able to spit it out. That’s my promise.

So forget about motivation. Ask yourself the main reason you’re achieving your goal. And let the reason motivate you.

By doing that. I promised, you won’t ever give up. No matter what the challenges.

Meet you @ the next post.

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This Time Around: I’ve Gat To Make Some Tough Decisions.

And my stubborness are either going to make me or break me. There’s no in-between.

To be become a successful man, you have to be toiling and struggling. The only thing that can stop you is death.

I know it’s not easy to be this so called successful man, but who the hell really want it to be easy? After all, making it easy will make everyone happy enough to achieve it. And here- we’re not talking about being happy. In fact, I am not happy at all.

“If truly it’s that easy to get there, then everyone else will be hoping so. But I thank God, only the crazy ones are badass enough to get there. So for this reason, I’ve gat to be crazy.”

My life is not easy, and am not planning on making it. I just want to experience this hardship. I want to really face it. I don’t want to die regretting my life.

“If success mean forgetting and leaving everything behind- in order to reach my goal. So be it! I am here for this journey not to familiarize myself.”

I just wanted to be great.

I want to become a warrior. Someone that people look up to. Man of yet another caliber. I want to be this great.

‘If this mean walking a thousand miles – then am ready.’

Being stupid shouldn’t be among the equation.

Even though failure is inevitable. I just have to keep on moving.

“I don’t know if am actually doing the right thing or doing the wrong ones. But all I know is that- no matter what happens- that no matter the situation I found myself, I won’t ever give up on my dream.”

Sometimes I started feeling nervous. And sometimes I feel great. But what I realized is that, anyhow I feel doesn’t really matter. What matter most is if am willing to face it. If I won’t quit when the going get tough.

And in fact I don’t feel like writing this article. But what good will it do me if I didn’t? Because at the end of almost every journey, what you didn’t really wanted to do always bring the most badass out of you.

I need to tough this out.

I know that am not feeling fine. Too much failure is pestering me to quit. In fact, I am getting tired. But how on earth will I quit? How on earth will I face myself if I did quit?

All I have to do is to grit this out. To face it. And bring out the best out of myself.

I don’t really care about you.

Yes! Am not giving a fuck.

Either you make it or not is none of my business. But I have to warn you: why on earth you won’t want to make it? Hell, what make you even think such?

You have a future- sure. But what make you think you wouldn’t go that far?

I am holding myself back and I didn’t know how.

I am not feeling the pressure to be great and that is making me sick. Why on earth will I be normal? Does normal people even make it to the top?

Like seriously I am getting more unthinkable. Why on earth will I want to live ‘ON’ this miserable life? Why couldn’t I changed myself? Why am I becoming more stupid?

I don’t really know what to do. How on earth will I pass through this level?

I really want to live a badass life. But believe me, too much failure is killing me.

Why is success so hard? Why is making money seem unreachable?

Sincerely speaking, I don’t really know what to do. Maybe I should give up everything? Hell no! I still have to keep on moving. Who knows, maybe tomorrow might turn out to be my greatest day.

I’ve gat to keep on moving.

Have a greatest life.

It’s your guy . . .


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