I Know A Better Way To Succeed . . .

In your natural energy.

“You connect to something, and something connected to you. You see it coming, and you always feel happy doing it. You didn’t care much about failing, nor do you care about seem foolish. You really like it, even though it’s not making money.

Not because you have nothing else to do, but because you hate doing something else. And for you to stop doing it, mean; you’re giving up your life.”

What does that mean?

It mean you have something in your life that you really wanted to do. It might not be that meaningful, and seem a bit meaningless. It might be something insignificant that you’re even doubting yourself. Yet, this thing always gives you joy.

I don’t know about you but for me; I hate doing something I don’t really want to do. In fact, making money is not my things. (And hey, because I said making money ain’t my things doesn’t mean that am living a penniless life. All am saying is that, I didn’t do shit for the sole purpose of making money. Although having enough money to go by is fruitful).

But when we’re talking about life, when we’re talking about accumulating wealth, well, am not the right guy to teach you how to make money. I can only teach you how to make life. The Most Important Question Of Your Life. What Do You Really Really Want Out Of Life?

What you want will determine how you behave. How you behave will determine where you’d head to. And where you’re heading to will determine the results of your life. It doesn’t get past that phase. You either want it or someone wants it for you.

Believe me, real success ain’t about money. But I have to admit, having money is good. In fact, not having money is useless. But there’s one thing I just won’t stop explaining and talking about: you need to know what you want out of life. Not what your mother want you to be. Or your siblings. Or your loved ones. You need to draw the line.

‘I want my life to be simple, to be able to do what I really wanted to do. To live without caring much about anything in life. And yet, all these social amenities are keeping me stuck. What do I do with life?’

Fuck! This is the problem of many people. People are not living their lives. They’re not happy at all.

And instead of facing the truth? Well, they’re friends gonna ditch them. Instead of cutting out all the bullshits? Well, people gonna mock them. Then what the fuck should they do? Well, they ain’t that brave enough to breakout, people gonna say shit about them.

Let them talk man! Let them fucking say shit. This is your life. Let them say any fucking shit they really wanted to say. You have to break free. Break free from their fucking bullshit. Ask yourself what you really want in life.

“Suffering is futile but suffering is better. Suffering is better when you’re deeply suffering for what you really want in life.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

Let no one fools you. Let no one control your life. Live because you really want to not because you just have to. You won’t ever achieve ultimate success when you’re just doing it for the mere purpose of making them happy. What about your own happiness?

Sacrifice is good but not when you’re sacrificing yourself for something you don’t even care about. Loving your neighbor is excellent but not when your neighbors are all ready to bring you down to their levels.

Believe you me you only have only this life. Only this life is the only one you’re going to live then, why are you wasting it? Why can’t you face yourself and tell yourself the truth? You’re not living your real life and you’re still telling yourself otherwise. When will you be free?

“You don’t know the purpose of life because you ain’t living your purpose of life. Assuming you know what you really wanted to be, assuming you understand what your purpose is, then living life won’t be that stressful at all. In fact, you’ll be busy making things instead of finding things.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You’re not happy not because life is hard. You’re not happy because you didn’t know what you want. And instead of asking for it, you chose to flow with life, to do what people are all doing, even when the said people doesn’t necessarily understand their lives. But you chose to just follows. You know; “everyone are all doing it.” Fuck you!

“People thought I was useless because I didn’t listen to them. They thought I didn’t mean shit because am not buying their ideas. Instead of looking at me from different perspective they choose to believe what they really wanted to believe. What a wonderful feelings?”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You don’t know how peaceful your life will be if you didn’t listen to people. Believe me, you’ll feel like king.

Many people wanted to live their lives. They really wanted to become the real possible version of themselves. But these people ain’t thinking shit. These people ain’t believing in themselves. They prefer the easy way. They prefer to feel accepted instead of living their lives. And that is the price they’ve chosen to paid. Not living their lives in exchange for feeling accepted? Fuck them!

‘Fuck you because you didn’t love me! Fuck you because you didn’t believe in me! Fuck you for not accepting me! This is my life, and I could only care less!’

Success comes from within not from what people thought you could be.

Success comes from what you really wanted to be not from what people want you to be.

And real success always comes within.

So ask yourself:

“What Do I Really Want In Life?”

Easy to find articles;

Be Careful Of Your Own World.

Emotion is taking me out of this post.

“Yeah, am thinking about sucking and twisting some breast right now.”

Correct! I want to go meet the girl right now. But before I go, let have some small chit-chat.

What do you think about life? No. Not everybody’s life. Am talking about your own personal life. Yeah, what do you think about it?

(What the fuck! This stupid feeling is still disturbing me. Like touching that girl. ‘I mean fucking right now’. Oh, you don’t know where she is? Well, she’s inside my room right now and I really wanted to touch her. But for the sake of this article, am chosen to suppress the feelings till I get through this audiosensory article. But wait; it seems that am getting more aroused).

You know fucking what? This article might have to stay down ‘for now,’ because I really can’t hold it any-more. Yeah! Am gonna play my dick inside her, you know, have gat to do it real fast. So, am coming back now!

Come back what?

. . . come back to finish this article.

‘You know, this people said they’re not accepting that. What if I didn’t tell them? Are we really going to wait that long? No dear, we’re just going to make it really last long! Oh, okay then.’

Wake up!

Am now beside you. Yeah! Let us now continue. . .

What do you think about your life? Yes! Your own personal life. What do you think about it? What are you planning to take out of it? Yes! What are your aims and objectives? You have to be careful of all these.

This is life. And you must be crazy at all time. Yeah, you’ve gat to be emirate. You must be rules by something. Something must govern your life. As a coach, how do you teach yourself? After all, you’re the one showing them how to do it, then, how do you do your own?

Be Careful Of Your Own World.

Although you’ve experienced many shit of life. You’ve seen so many tactics and some awesome dramas of life. But what if you’re now getting static? What if you’re now getting complacent? No. Just think about it.

We easily get lost in our own world. We easily forget what took us here. Instead of taking the risk and facing the fear, we chose to settle for less. We chose to say “yes, have finally made it this far” what a joke? Are you finally improving or you’re finally settling? Ask yourself.

Many people are out there accepting their fates. Many people are out there thinking ‘maybe that’s how God want it to be’. Instead of standing up on their own two feet they’ve chosen to be the same and remain the same for the rest of their lives.

You can never beat them. You can only beat yourself.

No one can ever beat you without you beating yourself. No way.

No obstacle can cross your way and destroy you to a total uncover without you first be the capital whining and complaining. Just can’t gonna happen.

The you that is in you can only be crush by you. There’s no other way.

“If you think you’re not living your dream life and you’re there fumbling and rambling about us living our own lives then have gat to tell you to go shut the fuck up.”

You first have to live your dreams before sticking your mouth out and telling us to live our own dreams. Let the CHANGE begin from you.

Yeah! You’ve gat to fucking do it.

We need more warriors not a more losers. Someone who’s ready to take the first steps and see whether he’s been followed or not. Not someone who’s afraid of shit.

So if you think you’re not up to what you’re calling yourself then you better add to. You better concentrate on your pursuit. People won’t follow a loser. We can only follow a winner.

If your life aren’t where you want it to be and you’re doing nothing in other to get to your destinations ground then you’re not worthy of our trust. We need to cast you out of this phase. You’re not going to be our true leader.

So ask yourself: What are you doing all wrong? In which area you could’ve done better? How on earth can you be improving? Believe me, you’ve gat to be careful of your own world.

And before I heads out. Have still gat to warn you; never have the feelings of settle down. Be careful of your own life. Never take it for granted. Pursue your vision and cherish your ambitions. Never say never! These are the advice have gat for you.

And finally; you’ve gat to use your fucking brain. Yes! Use your fucking brain.

And before we meet again . . .

Kindly have a gracious and everlasting living.

To hell with your haters.

Have a greatest life!

Meet you @ the next post.


Easy to find articles:


‘Of course am going to kill you so that you can see the kingdom of god you’ve been dreaming about.’

Many people will sit down there telling you how they wish their lives could change, so that they could really travel the world, have a beautiful life and marry the person of their dreams. Yet, they’re stupid enough not to realize that all their wishy-washy daydreaming will never ever help them to achieve success.

Instead of them to shut the fuck up and start taking necessary actions, they remain poor to their environment. They think telling everyone around might solve their problems. Well, I wish all these people could have the courage to slap themselves in the faces and said “wake up, this is real life and we are responsible for our own shortcomings,” maybe by then they could see the reality.

Most people are so stupid to the extent that they just have to keep hoping without asking themselves how to get what they want. Only to keep fucking hoping? Eeh! That’s bloody reckless.

Living a life full of timidity??? Ooh shit! I’d rather die than living a life full on what I didn’t want.

I really want greatness for myself without caring about others perspective about my progress. They should sit down there waiting for my results. And I promised, the result will shocked them all because my success is certain.

You don’t really need to understand me nor do I care about you believing in me. But I tell you, the fire in me will make you question your own life.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

I know am coming off too crazy, and you know fucking what? I don’t really care. As long as this article can force the stupidity out of you then am okay with that. You have to be fucking crazy with your life. You have to tell yourself to shut the fuck up and kick yourself in the ass.

Although, I don’t really care about what you want in life. All I care about is that: are you ready to fight for it? Are you ready to put up with the pressure and challenge yourself day by day? Are you ready to be crazy enough to say “yeah fuck it, this is me and I must leave this crazy world with a story worth telling?”

If you think you can’t then you must leave this fucking website right now.

Yeah! This site ain’t for a fool like you.

‘What? You think am a fool? You must be crazy. Do you really think you’re a badass writing this post? What a fuck ass you are??? You better don’t let me catch the fuck of you. Hell, I might break your legs.’

Sorry bro, I just have to say the truth.

And yes! You’re right! Am a fucking crazy bastard. And I don’t give a fuck about what you think. As long as you can’t examine your life and see where you’re lacking that courage to live a life true to yourself then I can tell you to fuck off.

And in fact, for your information, I have to give you another slap in the face, which is: Shame On You.

‘This guy really get gut. He even went on to say ‘shame on me’. What if I destroy him just now. What will he do? Didn’t he see how badass I am???’

Yeah bro! I didn’t see how badass you are. As long as you’re living a fake life, then I have to tell you:

Shame on you for not having the courage to live a life being true to yourself.

Shame on you for being a pussy and not having the courage to walk up to that girl and tell her how attractive she is to you.

Shame on you for having a crush on your teacher and not having the courage to express your feelings.

Shame on you for believing you must follow one religion to the T even if that religion is blindly bullshitting you.

Shame on you for believing in a mentor who does not even understand his or her own fucking life talk of having the courage to live a life true to him or her self.

And shame on you for putting up with a girlfriend who never let you know how she felt about you.

You’re such a fucking loser.

Correct! Am a fucking loser!

You really want to enter heaven and yet you’re not ready to die?

You really want to date that exceptionally beautiful hottie and yet you’re not brave enough to walk up to her and let her know how you feel about her?

You really want to live your dream life but you’re just scared of what people will say about you?

And finally finally speaking, you really love this crazy life but you just don’t know what to do with it?

What a wonderfully special agro foolishness you are? You should be castrated to another planet.

Maybe, I mean maybe, you could meet your zombies apocalypse out there, so that they can teach you how to live a real life and maybe pass you all the lessons they’ve being passing through. Maybe by then you could just understand your fucking life.

You can convince me to stop doing almost everything in life. But never in life will you have the capacity to stop me from doing what I really want to do even if it mean am ultimately going to fail. At least even if I fail, I fail while daring greatly.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

This is me and this is my only life. You just can’t tell me to take it small.

You just can’t say “you know Lasisi, you have to be more reasonable, yeah, reduce your dreams and just live a normal life” well, all am going to say is fuck you.

‘Yeah fuck you for thinking I should leave my dream and just live a normal life.’

If you’re afraid to be who you want to be then just shut the fuck up when you see somebody else becoming the person of their dreams.

You have no right to stick that your fucking nose to somebody else’s business. Be on your own and let them be who the fuck they want to be.

And for those stupid people who really want to enter heaven and yet still not want to die, fuck you.

‘Yeah I said: Fuck. You. All.’

You can’t enter heaven without dying.

So if you think you’re not ready to face your life then shut the fuck up and allow those who are ready to make a breakthrough.

See you @ the next fucking post.

I am Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

And in case you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaiah.lasisi.31

That Time I Tried To Be A Pickup Artist. (Originally Written by Stuart Danker)

“Hey, any idea what’s cool to do around here?”

The woman I’d just spoken to held her book closer to her chest, sidestepping away like a crab. No reply, no smile. In fact, she scrunched her face as if I smelled like goat droppings.

I still cringe at the memory of me talking up to random girls in the shopping mall, just because I’d gotten a copy of The Game during my young adulthood, and I thought it that it would be the key to my relationship problems.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

To the uninitiated, The Game was a book written by Neil Strauss about his venture into the pickup community. And if you haven’t heard that term before, then let me basically say that it is to men what self-help gurus are to the unmotivated—a promise, a way out, hope.

Of course, if you’ve ever been involved in either of those, you’d probably know how creepy things can get. As someone who’s dabbled in both, I can say that I’ve had my fair share of Kool-Aid experiences.

But hey, every bad experience makes for a good story, and while I came out of both phases having learned nothing about what I actually wanted, I did at least learn some things about life itself.

It probably makes for a good blog post this week too, so break out your comfort drink, kick back, and enjoy the time I’d like to call my failed pickup artist phase.

You can’t fake real

Real recognises real, and sadly, real recognises fake as well. In my quest to become the smoothest stranger ever, I actually found myself wanting when it came to the ‘normal interaction with strangers’ department.

My disingenuousness was evident the time I tried dressing up to look cooler than I actually was, and it also reeked through my pores when I blurted my openers, as suggested by internet strangers.

“Do you floss before or after you brush your teeth?”

“Nice nails. Are they real?”

“Hey, I need a quick opinion on this debate I have with a friend…”

I know, I know, they sound stupid on paper. Let me assure you that it was that much worse once I delivered them. Drunk. In a club. Yelling over loud music.

You see, socialising is like a game of tennis. You serve the ball, then I play the return. We go back and forth, and if no one drops the ball, we have fun. But if someone who has no clue how tennis works steps into the court just because they’d heard it was one of the ways to get to Wimbledon, then everybody’s going to have a bad time.

I was that guy. I had zero idea how to play this metaphorical tennis. I wanted the prestige that came with playing such a fancy metaphorical sport, and I wanted to look cool in the process. But acting like I belonged was a tall order, especially when I didn’t know my way around the metaphorical racket.

Yeah, this is where I learned that I shouldn’t have been working on my pick-up lines. I should’ve been working on my life instead.

Many ways to skin a cat

And there were also many ways I could’ve met women. I could’ve, for instance, actually did something interesting. Things like rock climbing, martial arts, dancing—all which I’ve done later in life—could’ve been a great way to get better at something while making new friends.

They definitely would’ve been better alternatives than yelling my name in crowded clubs, drenched to the pits with sweat, and thinking that that made for an attractive introduction.

And you know what? This is where I learned that there’s no one way to approach life.

You don’t need to pursue a diploma just because you want a job. You don’t need to be ruthless to climb the corporate ladder. Heck, if my career is anything to go by, you don’t even need working experience to land your dream job.

Oftentimes we take these gurus’ word as gospel, and we think that there’s only one path towards our goals, but I’ve since realised that life isn’t that binary.

Just sign up for my course and I’ll teach you how to make money from your bedroom. Source: GIPHY

Listen to your consience

Don’t change unless it’s for yourself. A hackneyed phrase, that one. Yet it’s only after I’d tried changing myself for the world that I began to see just how true it was.

I never enjoyed the party life, I hated spending entire nights sucking at metaphorical tennis, and I didn’t enjoy spending money that I didn’t have.

But I kept buying new clothes, paid for bottle entries, and even feigned disinterest when I actually longed to see a girl again. All I got for my efforts was the reminder of how fake I could be.

You know what type of relationships you get when you base them off lies and pretence? Ones that crumble the moment your partner finds out who you really are. And it gets much worse when you fly off to another country to live with them before that happens.

And I was an insecure good-for-nothing whose main goal in life was just to look cool for the ladies.

One day you’ll find the one

You know what’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me during my pickup artist phase? I stayed single for a long time. As sad as that sounds, it’s actually one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

Because like a monk that’d let go of their attachments, I too began forgoing the idea of being in a relationship. They say that from stillness comes clarity. And by my love life being as still as a century-old pine tree, I began to uncover who I really was on the inside.

I believe that life happens for me, so maybe the events of my life had to play out the way it did in order for me to meet Len. Because had I met her at any other point in my life, I probably wouldn’t have seen all the traits I look for in a partner.

Also, had I still been in pickup mode, I probably would’ve scared her away with my prowess of being a douchebag.

Be yourself, but better

In the end, when we find the right person, we won’t feel the need to change. The right person would encourage us to stay true to ourselves, yet they’d inspire us to be the best we could be.

That doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Relationships take work. But it feels right, and that’s the most important thing.

I guess what this all boils down to is that—cliche or not—you have to first work on yourself before you can share your life with someone else.


I am not the originator of this article. But I have to admit and accept the accountability of the said writer. The article is awesome and enlighten. So with due respect, I give credit to the said writer. And thanks for the acceptance.


Life is all about determination.

When you think your life is over, critically speaking; it is over. It doesn’t matter how wonderfully created you are, your believe and target have something (if not many things) to do with your life. Forget about being a Christian or lovable Muslim. Forget psychology. And technically speaking, forget about genetic. You will never succeed if you don’t believe in success. Yes! Read that again. You will never ever succeed, if you fail to believe in being great. Okay; look at it from this angle:

Life is not about bread and butter. It will deal with you mentally, physically and psychologically. It will hit you hard. It will question your spirituality. You will be amaze how little you know when life ready to deal with you. There won’t be any fucking mercy. People will criticize you, condemn you and mock you very, very, very, and fucking hard.

Leave mercy to God bro. Be a real hero and be real to yourself. Tell yourself the truth. Whether you really want to or not, you have to say the truth. Be real! Stop being crazingly stubborn.

You really have to be great. Yes! I did mean it. It’s a must. Stop fooling yourself. Stop being crazy. Stop all the stupidity. Be wise and be still in your pursuit. Be all you can. Never forget why you’re here. Most people will never understand. They will never know your WHY and you shouldn’t care about them either. Face your life and face it well. Never ever say no to any opportunity (the one you really give a fuck about). Keep struggling for help. Keep pushing harder. Your helpers will find you. They will locate you. They will do their possible best when the time comes but, you have to do the real work. The real fucking hard work. The most ogbonge mentality. The reality behind the scene. All that is for you to deal with. Only after that you’ll be call a winner.

And to be blunt: A winner isn’t a fool. He will not tolerate any fucking nonsense. From himself or from his people. He prefers honesty. He can easily confront manipulation. He’s not afraid of doing mistake. He really love to learn. He doesn’t necessarily give a fuck. But always ready to provide one when the situation call for it. He doesn’t care about your love. Keep that to your pocket. Whether you will celebrate him or bring him down is not his concern. He live his life according to his believes. He has learned how to say no since the day he was born. No one really know why but only him. And that’s why many people call him a rebel. A baddass! Or a fucking moron. Hmm? Gat yah fucking brain in command. Yeah! Am heading out. (My laptop is running out of backup).

So, have a great life.

Still your guy . . .

Sir, Felix.

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