My Three Girlfriends

One is bad as fuck. Then one is easygoing. And another is gentle. But what the fuck am I even doing?

It’s okay babe, I told myself. These girls are not easy going. How on earth will I make it work?

I stood up, getting ready to meet one. Either way, good or bad, I still have to play along. One of them is ready to die for me, while others are just playing dumb. But it seem they like me. Well, who knows? Maybe we’re just fooling each other.

I took another look at myself. Chass, why are you so stubborn? Changing girls as if you’re changing trousers. No way! Am just living my life. Maybe am only trying to justify? Lolzz. What a badass me! I told myself.

People say there’s problem, at least when they see you like a playboy. But that’s not me, I can’t even define myself. What makes me different, I don’t know. But well, am different.

Although, I don’t care to lose women. But hear this, I never lose them. I prefer keeping them around. Yeah, call me jackass. It’s your loss. When you’re scared of losing the one you’re dating, I am more than happy to let her go. In return, I found her sticking around. Like a glue. What a irony, paradox of dating. The more you don’t want to lose her, the more you scared her away. Cool! I gotta keep her.

My three girlfriends are cool. They’re all snowy special. With both different characters. One like arrogant brat. And other like a dove. The last like a wonderful lake. It’s a wonderful experience. But yet I am scared.

Nope! Not because of you. Yeah! Am not scared of anyone. (Oh really? I knew you can beat me. For this case, it seem am scared of you. But anyway, I think you wouldn’t beat me. Or are they your sisters? Lolzz…). Okay! Where…. Oh!? What am I even saying? Alright. It seem have got it. Okay.. .. ..

Am scared! Yes! Exponentially scared. You know why? Okay, because I want them to know EACH other.

Yeah! I want to be at the center of the universe (which is my room), where my girlfriends will be surrounding me. One will be touching me. Another one will be pampering my shit. While the other is feeding me. What a shitty dream of mine?

I know. Yeah. No one will believe me. But that is what I want. Ability to handle my women without anyone of them fighting each other. How will that possible? I don’t know. But hey, who say I shouldn’t try? I gotta try the fuck you know. Okay. Relax! That is not where am actually going. This is what I mean:

Why are you lying?

Yes you! Why can’t you be honest with women? “You know babe, it seem I am dating more women. What!!?? It’s like ten are dying for me.” Ooohh, she might even think you’re lying.

You know what I find strange about women? Ability to believe anything you tell them without even questioning it as long as you’re being honest. And yeah, we shouldn’t forget the fact that she likes you in the first place.

This is what I learned:

  • Women will go as far as trust you as long as they believe you’re being honest.
  • Women will never doubt your authenticity as long as they accept who you really are.
  • Women will never doubt your existence as long as you didn’t care offending anyone (including her) when demonstrating your values.

So if anyone tells you to play game. That you should put your act together. That you should employ tactical shotgun in other to date women. Fuck it. These brats are all manipulative fuck head. To which I say, to hell with them.

Be real! Yes! Be the real you.

And if the real you is a stupid asshole. A man who can’t even use his good sense. Then am sorry, you have to stop being you. Yeah, you’ve gat to be somebody else. Someone who can differentiate between want and desires. Not a stupid nonsensical asshole walking around with a manipulative tactics.

Women want a real man. In case you don’t know; women will still date you when they know you have a girlfriend. And you know what even make it juicy? They prefer you didn’t lie about it.

Yeah! Me having three girlfriends at once. And they slightly believe so. But the difference is, am accurately honest.

But it has a downside: many women can’t keep up with that. They hate me for being honest. And you know fucking what? I could only care less. I have enough shit going on in my life than to be fighting for who wait and who left. Which ever one, I am happy with it. And that is the bigger deal. Ability to be okay with anyhow the situation turn out to be.

The reason I have three girlfriends (without cracking my brain finding what to say next) should be clear by now: I am more than happy to be alone. Having girls or not having girls hasn’t been my concern. My always concerned is about how to live a good life.

Having girlfriend is good and not having is cool. As long as I can dictate for my life. That no one is pushing me. And am not suppressing my feelings all because of anyone. Then any decisions I make is my own. And of course I am ready to face the consequences.

So what am I saying?

Well, all am saying is that you shouldn’t live your life base on what anyone says. That you should choose to live your life base on your own standard of living it.

It doesn’t matter who say what. If you’re not ready for any relationship. Be honest. Tell the woman in it. She can push back, but believe me, she might later be the best woman of your life.

And don’t forget the fact that she can even accept who you are. (As long as you’re not a stupid crazy asshole).

Be a man!

Working With The Devil

Bad guys mentality!

Both love and hatred all have their own consequences. Loving someone is a crime and unloving them is a punishment, both for you and your lover counterpart.

It is to say that love gives you motivation plus ability to conquer all obstacles without feeling down by the power of thinking about your special someone.

And yet, you feel depressed any moment of misunderstanding between you and the person you really cared about. And the crazy part of it is that; you sometimes feel like not loving at all.

And with all this huddles. I am still confident enough to tell you .. .. ..

Women are excellent!

As a man, I really believe in women. Not only did they light your day, they also light your life.

If you’re such a useless good-for-nothing asshole living like a shit, believing in your mind that nothing could change you because you’ve already design your life in a way that you want it. The moment you meet your dream girl (or not your dream girl because if you know you’re going to meet her your life wouldn’t be a mess for that long, you could have changed very long time ago) you’re going to realize all the fucks that have been fucking your life.

It’s always amazed me when someone you’ve been talking to all day long about how they’re living their lives suddenly changed all because they meet their woman. You just sit back and wonder, “What really happens to this guy?” And then after two months you realize, your guy has falling in love. What a joke!?

A dick headed guy suddenly turn to an amazing lover and forget all about his stupid character only to satisfy emotional needs of his woman. I tell you, women are wonderful.

But here is the kicker;

People changing in character doesn’t play with their beliefs.

I have so many guys who pampered their women. (Yeah I said women because we all practice polygamous dating. And am sorry if I really disappoint you okay, that’s how I live my life. And just because you’re falling head-over-hill for me doesn’t mean am going to lie, it is better for you to know the truth sooner than later. And if you think damn with me for being honest, then you should go fuck yourself. Yeah!).

These guys always appear different when they’re with their babes but show their true colors around me. And when I ask them why they’re not being honest around women they’ll say, ‘that is what women want’. Really? (Women in the house. Is that what you want? For your man to be dishonest with you?).

Telling women what you think they want to hear is the same as lying to yourself.

Either it’s a white lie or a black lie, I really didn’t support any, but I do believe in one thing: your lifestyle will talk much about you. If you values honesty, it will display in your character and no one can deceive me of that.

If you think lying to women is the only way to win them then you’ve been dating the wrong babes.

Be honest with your feelings!

I know that am going to offend many people. Because there’s no way you’ll live a wonderful life without turning some people understanding of life upsidedown. But you know what? They all have to deal with it.

If you’re deeply interested in someone, but after two to three days you realize you was just being silly enough, that true love ain’t in your dictionary (at least not for that person). Then instead of trying to endure the relationship, ask yourself, “Why am I not being true to myself?”

Seeing your life in retrospective is the only way to meet yourself and face the demon in your life. Everyone has his own battle, they’re only different in shape, sizes and in dimensions. So be true to your feelings and stop fighting yourself up.

Because at the end of the day, falling in love is still better than trying to be cool, pretending to be the master of your emotions when in reality, you’re just being dumb.

So free yourself up and taste the devil behind the scenes of having a serious relationship. And as you’re dealing with your devil (yeah, both you and your woman), kindly remember, there’s difference between relationship and getting married. So use your brain!

(But anyway, I think every woman is a devil, you as a man just have to know how to live with them better. Or to put it this way: plan your life, so that you can meet the right one!).

Have a wonderful trip.


I don’t know much about women. Nor am I planning to have them. I know it is a destination to reach. And a bridge to cover. But that doesn’t mean I should pursue them.

Based on my mentality. Couples with my social awareness. I don’t really like them. Yes, women. I sometimes hate them.

I know they’re a good creatures. Beautiful ones indeed. But am scared my feelings doesn’t last long.

Maybe loving someone is a crime? And caring about them is useless? The more I think about it, the more I feel lost. “Why can’t I also deeply fall in love?”

“A man will leave his father, his mother, his brothers and his siblings only to go live with his woman and take care of her.”

“I think from the Bible.”

It’s just that, I don’t know if that is true for me. Living with woman seem like a mundane task. With all the boringness and stupidity plus the jargons. Maybe I should just be.

But they say, “Behind the success of a man, there must be a woman,” correct! I really love that shit. Only that, we don’t quite talk about those women behind the unfortunate men. We only love to talk about the one’s behind the successful man’s.

Let be realistic. Many of your colleagues, brothers and maybe your teachers ain’t that great. And behold, thanks to their women. They’re the reason they’re living in that shit. “Not increasing nor decreasing,” just plainly normal. I wonder when they’re going to cut the shit and run-out of home never dare to come back.

But I believe, I will meet my dream girl.

It might take a month, a year and or a lifetime, but I believe, I will meet my dream girl.

It doesn’t matter how long I waited. What actually matter is if I did really meet the person I really wanted to date.

I don’t know exactly how she should look. Nor am I crystal clear of her attitude. But one thing is certain, I will never settle for less.

Just because everyone around are all getting married doesn’t mean I should. I am the one to apply wisdom and get serious with my life. Any fucking else can live their lives just the way they want. Likewise, I also have the right to live mine.

People say I am very hard to understand.

Maybe they’re right. Because neglecting myself taking care of your bullshit is a nonsense way I wouldn’t dare take a step on. And just because you see the facade doesn’t mean you’ve seen me all, brah! You ain’t see shit.

As un-understandable as I am, as clearly defined I be. Just a simple guy. I want to love women just the way I want them to love me. That’s my typical ways of living.

If you call me – I’ll call you. And when you don’t feel like calling, then you shouldn’t bother yourself. I am more than happy here alone. Living my life the way I currently wanted to live it.

But some people has turn it upside down.

They thought just the way I talk to women, and or interact with them ain’t a better way to win them. They said I should put more effort. Let her know how strong I care about her. And that I should be there anytime she needs me – which I called bullshit.

The worst moment of my life is when I try to do something I didn’t really feel like doing. Something that doesn’t genuine with myself. Something outside of who I am. It’s always end in regretting. Fucking myself all because I couldn’t listen to myself. Fuck it!

Why on earth will I changed my personal lives attitude (attitude that really makes me who I am today) all because of one fucking woman? That is crazy man!

Although if I love her, there are some things that could be changed. But not by changing who I am and what I be, as long as am not your typical go-to asshole living a miserable life thinking he’s cool just the way he is. Nope! That’s not me. I have a wonderful life ahead of me. I just wanted to be great.

But if I meet her (yeah, I mean the person of my dream. As in, someone I really cared about), I promised I will take good care of her with my unprecedented charm. Charm that no one has ever seen (assuming she’s ready to understand me because I am somehow complicated). That’s just the way I really want to live my life.

That when I meet my dream girl, the girl that I will never fade in taking care of. The girl that will definitely worth it. Yeah! That girl will never regret loving me. It’s just that, I am very hard to understand.

And to cut the story short… … … I think that was my ultimate charm. Ability to love my woman just the way she is, and her loving me in return.

Until we meet again .. .. ..

Kindly be a gentle hero.

Meet you @ the next post.

It’s your guy,


When You’re In Dating, Am Going To Advice You One Thing. Am Going To Advice You To “Never Go All In”. Because If You Go All In; You Might Come Back Regretting Many Of Your Stupid Actions.

In fact, I really go all in.

And by now; I was regretting many of my actions. Instead of me using my brain, I was ultimately driven by illusions. Believe me, I really regret many of my time.

Why will I be joining dating with a total foolishness? Why will I forgot my goals and be making women the center of my attentions? I thought I was really doing a great job when in reality “I was a total mess.”

I was in it for something. Why am I running from my life? Why am I turning myself away from my real self? Instead of asking myself “What do I really want in life?” I was asking myself “What will gonna make me fulfilled?”

No! Girls never love a useless soul. They never love a man who has nothing to live for. They prefer a warrior. Someone who is dying for something. Someone who is ready to achieve his dream no matter what it cost him. Someone who forget how to act cool. How to be normal. And how to be like everyone else.

They want a real man. A warrior.

I live almost two years without a purpose. “What do I want in life?”


Nope! I don’t only want to date beautiful women. Now, I really want a life purpose.

Yes! I just want to be great.

‘Am tired of living a useless life. I really wanted to be great.’

Will girls solve my problems? Hell no!

Will they be there when am fucking myself for not living a life being true to myself? Hell no!

Will they give a fuck when I finally hit the rock bottom and unable to rise up again? Hell no!

Then why am I wasting my time?

Why am I wasting the most precious moments of my life? Why am I fucking around?

Girls don’t really care about my fucking bullshits. They don’t care about my useless life. Okay, let assume I was a girl. Then will I marry someone who doesn’t care about having a sense of purpose? Someone who doesn’t gives a fuck about becoming great in life? Someone who’s only believe is to die without being fulfilled? Nope! I wouldn’t marry such type of idiots. I’ll prefer a man who never stop at nothing (including me) to achieve his goals. Yeah! That’s a true man. Someone who’s being honest to himself.

The day(s) I finally woke up.

I want to pass my message across the globe (which message?). I want to be known by every man (which man am I talking about exactly?). I want all women to be falling head-over-hill for me (how will that possible?). Then I realized; not by living this shit.

For me to pass my message across the globe? Then I gonna have purpose. I gonna have something to die for. Something I won’t go a day without doing (not talking about). Something I just can’t die without accomplished. Yes! That will be the target.

But now I can’t say. I can’t really explain what could that be. But as long as am still living. As long as am still breathing on this planet. I promised to make my life count. And I won’t settle for less.

Concerning the stuff about women?

You better live your dream life. Yes! Your dream life. Never make women the center of your attention. Date them but try to be real to yourself.

If you think women isn’t the shit you really care about (and am not talking ‘the fear of approaching’ here) then by all means face the shit you really cared about.

And if you think you really love women being around you, the feelings, the care and the showering of love is all the shit you really gives a fuck about? Then by all means date women. Just don’t be foolish by making them the only thing you’re going to live the rest of your life chasing. And if you still chose the later? Well, it’s your life. And we all have the right to live it as we want.

“But being stupid is different from being wise.”

Have a dream. Pursue it. Take actions and date women along the line.

But when you realize the feelings of leaving everything behind just because of some stupid women. Then you better use your brain. Because your future is worth more than any craziest women of your time.

So be gracious and be vigilant. (Only by actions are you reading this post.)

Meet you @ the next beach.

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That Will Be A Challenge.

But what?

You mean girls normally play hard to get in order to see their pants?

And if I couldn’t get it then I wouldn’t see it?

But what of those who never toast slash or do anything for them and still fuck them?

Oh ooh! You also realize the mistake?

Correct! Let have some never ending discussion right now.

She doesn’t really want your explanation.

You staying there thinking about how to tell her you’re just friend with that babe isn’t going to solve anything.

Just walk up to her and let her know you really liked her and she’s the only one you really cared about. (Yeah, forget about who saw who).

I know she saw you kissing and romancing that girl but you don’t really need to be overly exaggerated.

Make it stupid simple.

“The fact that she saw you with that babe will make her love you more not exactly what you’re thinking.”

Instead of thinking you’ve blow it think you’ve got it. Girls don’t really care about who you date or how you present yourself to other women. What they really cared about is that; we’re both playing the same game.

They know that you do approach and meet other women (because they’re ALSO doing that as well, only that, we men are the one who supposed to initiate first).

So don’t be so stupid to explain yourself just because she saw you. Believe me, women don’t really want that (and am talking from my hard earned experience of course).

They want to believe what they really wanted to believe.

When it turn out to dating, women are the most dangerous shit out there. We men just have the foolishness to go around proclaiming our sexually aggressive. Or maybe we should just call it ‘our ego’.”

You think?

I think women play game (almost) 99 percent times more than every man out there. We’re just plainly stupid to see it.

Just because your girlfriend tag along everywhere you go and feed you in front of almost every fucking dummy around you doesn’t mean she doesn’t know the guy next to you. Quite the opposite. In fact that guy might be fucking her ‘hard’. I mean very very hard.

And me saying this doesn’t mean that am trying to change your perspective. Nope. But if that be the case, then so be it. Because there aren’t any value for you being used by women. I want you to be extra highly smart. What women do is what we do (in fact, they’re excellently smarter than us on this field). We’re just bunch of dick heads.

Date any fucking women you wanted to date. And when your girlfriend(s) find out, never admit anything.

‘Because being honest is the best possible way to be an integrity man’.

Fuck you!

And if you still refused to change, don’t be annoyed when you later find out that your first child isn’t genuinely yours because almost you plus seven other guys did the job.

‘Correct! We women know how to keep shit better than you dick heads.’

Be wise in your calling and never allow anyone to become your living hell. You’ll be surprised how women uses men. And yet, we still believe that we’re doing a great job.

Feeding and providing for the same women almost seven of other dick headed guys are still sweating and toiling for. What a weird feelings? I’d rather play the game than to continued being played.

And for me; that will surely be a challenge because I thought I was straight and honest guy. I never love compromising things.

But now? I think someone need to change his way of living.

Women doesn’t give a shit.

If being honest is getting me nothing than adding stones to my life, then I’d better be a different person. After all;

“Insanity is doing the same shit over and over again and be expecting different results.”


I better be quick with my taking actions.

And that doesn’t mean am going to become a complete total jack with manipulative bullshit, all am saying is that; we have to start using some brain because – NOW: BRAIN WORK IS THE BEST.

Meet you @ the next post.

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