Working With The Devil

Bad guys mentality!

Both love and hatred all have their own consequences. Loving someone is a crime and unloving them is a punishment, both for you and your lover counterpart.

It is to say that love gives you motivation plus ability to conquer all obstacles without feeling down by the power of thinking about your special someone.

And yet, you feel depressed any moment of misunderstanding between you and the person you really cared about. And the crazy part of it is that; you sometimes feel like not loving at all.

And with all this huddles. I am still confident enough to tell you .. .. ..

Women are excellent!

As a man, I really believe in women. Not only did they light your day, they also light your life.

If you’re such a useless good-for-nothing asshole living like a shit, believing in your mind that nothing could change you because you’ve already design your life in a way that you want it. The moment you meet your dream girl (or not your dream girl because if you know you’re going to meet her your life wouldn’t be a mess for that long, you could have changed very long time ago) you’re going to realize all the fucks that have been fucking your life.

It’s always amazed me when someone you’ve been talking to all day long about how they’re living their lives suddenly changed all because they meet their woman. You just sit back and wonder, “What really happens to this guy?” And then after two months you realize, your guy has falling in love. What a joke!?

A dick headed guy suddenly turn to an amazing lover and forget all about his stupid character only to satisfy emotional needs of his woman. I tell you, women are wonderful.

But here is the kicker;

People changing in character doesn’t play with their beliefs.

I have so many guys who pampered their women. (Yeah I said women because we all practice polygamous dating. And am sorry if I really disappoint you okay, that’s how I live my life. And just because you’re falling head-over-hill for me doesn’t mean am going to lie, it is better for you to know the truth sooner than later. And if you think damn with me for being honest, then you should go fuck yourself. Yeah!).

These guys always appear different when they’re with their babes but show their true colors around me. And when I ask them why they’re not being honest around women they’ll say, ‘that is what women want’. Really? (Women in the house. Is that what you want? For your man to be dishonest with you?).

Telling women what you think they want to hear is the same as lying to yourself.

Either it’s a white lie or a black lie, I really didn’t support any, but I do believe in one thing: your lifestyle will talk much about you. If you values honesty, it will display in your character and no one can deceive me of that.

If you think lying to women is the only way to win them then you’ve been dating the wrong babes.

Be honest with your feelings!

I know that am going to offend many people. Because there’s no way you’ll live a wonderful life without turning some people understanding of life upsidedown. But you know what? They all have to deal with it.

If you’re deeply interested in someone, but after two to three days you realize you was just being silly enough, that true love ain’t in your dictionary (at least not for that person). Then instead of trying to endure the relationship, ask yourself, “Why am I not being true to myself?”

Seeing your life in retrospective is the only way to meet yourself and face the demon in your life. Everyone has his own battle, they’re only different in shape, sizes and in dimensions. So be true to your feelings and stop fighting yourself up.

Because at the end of the day, falling in love is still better than trying to be cool, pretending to be the master of your emotions when in reality, you’re just being dumb.

So free yourself up and taste the devil behind the scenes of having a serious relationship. And as you’re dealing with your devil (yeah, both you and your woman), kindly remember, there’s difference between relationship and getting married. So use your brain!

(But anyway, I think every woman is a devil, you as a man just have to know how to live with them better. Or to put it this way: plan your life, so that you can meet the right one!).

Have a wonderful trip.


I don’t know much about women. Nor am I planning to have them. I know it is a destination to reach. And a bridge to cover. But that doesn’t mean I should pursue them.

Based on my mentality. Couples with my social awareness. I don’t really like them. Yes, women. I sometimes hate them.

I know they’re a good creatures. Beautiful ones indeed. But am scared my feelings doesn’t last long.

Maybe loving someone is a crime? And caring about them is useless? The more I think about it, the more I feel lost. “Why can’t I also deeply fall in love?”

“A man will leave his father, his mother, his brothers and his siblings only to go live with his woman and take care of her.”

“I think from the Bible.”

It’s just that, I don’t know if that is true for me. Living with woman seem like a mundane task. With all the boringness and stupidity plus the jargons. Maybe I should just be.

But they say, “Behind the success of a man, there must be a woman,” correct! I really love that shit. Only that, we don’t quite talk about those women behind the unfortunate men. We only love to talk about the one’s behind the successful man’s.

Let be realistic. Many of your colleagues, brothers and maybe your teachers ain’t that great. And behold, thanks to their women. They’re the reason they’re living in that shit. “Not increasing nor decreasing,” just plainly normal. I wonder when they’re going to cut the shit and run-out of home never dare to come back.

But I believe, I will meet my dream girl.

It might take a month, a year and or a lifetime, but I believe, I will meet my dream girl.

It doesn’t matter how long I waited. What actually matter is if I did really meet the person I really wanted to date.

I don’t know exactly how she should look. Nor am I crystal clear of her attitude. But one thing is certain, I will never settle for less.

Just because everyone around are all getting married doesn’t mean I should. I am the one to apply wisdom and get serious with my life. Any fucking else can live their lives just the way they want. Likewise, I also have the right to live mine.

People say I am very hard to understand.

Maybe they’re right. Because neglecting myself taking care of your bullshit is a nonsense way I wouldn’t dare take a step on. And just because you see the facade doesn’t mean you’ve seen me all, brah! You ain’t see shit.

As un-understandable as I am, as clearly defined I be. Just a simple guy. I want to love women just the way I want them to love me. That’s my typical ways of living.

If you call me – I’ll call you. And when you don’t feel like calling, then you shouldn’t bother yourself. I am more than happy here alone. Living my life the way I currently wanted to live it.

But some people has turn it upside down.

They thought just the way I talk to women, and or interact with them ain’t a better way to win them. They said I should put more effort. Let her know how strong I care about her. And that I should be there anytime she needs me – which I called bullshit.

The worst moment of my life is when I try to do something I didn’t really feel like doing. Something that doesn’t genuine with myself. Something outside of who I am. It’s always end in regretting. Fucking myself all because I couldn’t listen to myself. Fuck it!

Why on earth will I changed my personal lives attitude (attitude that really makes me who I am today) all because of one fucking woman? That is crazy man!

Although if I love her, there are some things that could be changed. But not by changing who I am and what I be, as long as am not your typical go-to asshole living a miserable life thinking he’s cool just the way he is. Nope! That’s not me. I have a wonderful life ahead of me. I just wanted to be great.

But if I meet her (yeah, I mean the person of my dream. As in, someone I really cared about), I promised I will take good care of her with my unprecedented charm. Charm that no one has ever seen (assuming she’s ready to understand me because I am somehow complicated). That’s just the way I really want to live my life.

That when I meet my dream girl, the girl that I will never fade in taking care of. The girl that will definitely worth it. Yeah! That girl will never regret loving me. It’s just that, I am very hard to understand.

And to cut the story short… … … I think that was my ultimate charm. Ability to love my woman just the way she is, and her loving me in return.

Until we meet again .. .. ..

Kindly be a gentle hero.

Meet you @ the next post.

It’s your guy,


In My Dating Book

I don’t want to know much about life. Maybe I should just live my life the way am currently thinking of doing so? – I don’t know. But I just want to be free like an eagle. And yes! I might be a real loner.

Sometimes money ain’t being my problem. Although I didn’t have much you know. Am still full of debt and some stupid shit am paying out for. But I love those crazy shits of my life. Only that, some of these debts are holding me back. But well, am going to pay it all.

Okay, why am I writing this? Well, it’s all because I want to be a loner. And or maybe not a loner. But someone who didn’t have a lot to be bug down. A free man. Living life on my own term.

I may meet my dream girl (or maybe I won’t). That ain’t certain. Only death is certain. But I want to live without caring about a single fucking shit. And yes! Maybe fucking around a little. I love this crazy adventure called life. I just want to live my life to the fullest.

I might be in my hometown. (That’s currently where I am anyway). But that doesn’t stop me from living my life. All I need to do is to plan it based on my heart desires and wants.

Some people think am just wasting time. Well, maybe they’re right. Wasting time is my hobbies. As long as am not doing things society deemed normal. As long as am living my life on my own personal term. Not caring much about anything. Just plainly living my life.

In this dating jungle. I don’t really know if am going to settled down. But you know what? Both “mum” and “dad” are expecting grandson and granddaughter. Maybe I should give them one or two? Or I should just tell them to go fuck themselves?

But wait – ain’t it bad not to have my own kid, after all they born me as well?

It’s okay, I might end up having a child or two, but not in a crazy way almost everyone are doing it. (Going to school. Marry your dream or maybe not your dream girl. Spend the money that could be used to cater for the kids instead of crazily lavish it on your wedding ceremony. Then follow up with four to six kids no one will ever remember because they didn’t amount to anything much in life all because the money that could be used to take care of one child is being used to take care of five). Useless life.

That ain’t for me.

I want to create my own life. Maybe in a way nobody understood. Hell, I might not even understand it myself. But just creating it anyway.

My life. Not my fellow brothers life. So am free to do anything am capable of doing, as long as I can face the consequences. Yeah! That’s it.

And sometimes, there’s nothing like clean sheet.

I love meeting and approaching women. Then I realized, not every woman will like me. Sometimes I really want them to, but I have to face the harsh reality of life: just because you love somebody doesn’t mean they’re going to love you back. You have to face the truth.

I don’t know if am going to regret everything that am doing now or not. Because I’ve met so many women that I don’t even know which one is who. Am just hoping that this lifestyle won’t fuck me up.

I love some of the women I met. And some of them are just plainly filling the gap. I don’t know if that’s how I am to them as well, but all I know is: everyone has their own target.

Some of the women I met really want to settled down. (In which am not). And some of them are just plainly in it for sex.

Some of them only have interest in me, interest I can’t even explain or imagine. And some are just plainly not interested.

There are some I sometimes don’t want to lose, because I really want to protect them. And I really want to marry them.

But to hell with me, I’m not sure I could get married. (And this unmarried issue is disturbing me. It is fucking my life).

I sometimes feel guilty for my lifestyle. Where am looking at the girl I like leaving me all because I only care about sex. It’s painful. But, I just have to deal with it.

I might not leave every woman I met with a clean sheets. Maybe we’re going to sometimes make it rough. Where both of us depart with disagreement and scrutiny attention of wants. Where we both love each other, but our expectations and experiences are contradicting each other.

That is my ugly part of dating.

I don’t really think I could settled down. And in my dating book, I wish all the women I met really understand me.

I really love them. But I love my life better.

I don’t want to live a normal life.

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Fuck Your Ideas

The notion of knowing what to do and not doing it is a definition of uselessness.

You have so many great ideas and yet you’re living a useless life. All you think about is theory.

Theory this. Theory that. Fuck you! Do you think all successful business man and woman only think about success? You stupid asshole!

Based on my calculations, many people will end up fighting over partners than actually pursuing their dreams. And the question is: why are you so stupid chasing your partner instead of chasing goals?

Don’t you know that your ability in achieving greatness will somehow drive the aura of your so called love ones into your life? So stop foolishly fucking around!

Of course I want you to find your dream man and or woman. But that doesn’t stop you from working your ass off. Or are you just planning to talk about your ideas day-in and day-out without any results to show for it? If that’s your plan then fuck you. I won’t ever open my eyes looking at you going useless. I must do something about it.

Because telling me about all your crazy ideas and filling my head with your creativity jargons is a useless tactics if you couldn’t amount to something great.

And building all your useless mansions in your head with a views that makes Barrack Obama think his house is outdated that he should build another one to compete with your own won’t do anyone any good.

If your theoretical life is so great than your realistical life then you wouldn’t be here reading my jargons. At least, you’ll be somewhere else doing something else but anyway, I appreciate your usefulness. I think writing this ain’t for my own personal entertainment it’s for people behind shit. We need to uncover all your stupid jargons.

If you’re not ready to take actions then – fuck all your ideas.

Some people are even useless to the point of waiting for the right time. Eh! Waiting for that special moment of your life, huh? Where mother nature will bring every signs and push to you all your needs without you lifting a finger? Fuck you! And fuck your devil may care attitude.

Believe me, your ignorance is bliss. Sitting down there talking about dreams, goals, ambitions, and ideas without any usefulness in you? I think you’re just a useless fellow. Do you think those who are helping you doesn’t also has their own fucking shit? Do you think they don’t have their own problems? You little bastard.

I am tired of you!

Yes! You too should find something to do. Anything. It is in doing anything you’ll find something resonating with you. Something you can now call your own. Filling my head everyday with your bullshit is already a brain numbness for me. Please do something.

Don’t ever tell me about your problems, what you want and how you want to live your life again. Show me the practical step you’re taking you stupid shit.

Sitting down all day complaining you didn’t understand your life without doing anything? Oh hoo! You will understand it! Ab’oo ti o ni? You useless asshole.

Take actions. Yes! Do anything.

Figuring out your life doesn’t mean just doing a single thing. You have to kiss a lot of frogs. You have to do things you didn’t want to do. You have to go where you didn’t want to go. You have to take actions you didn’t want to take.

Sometimes you’ll feel miserable. And sometimes you’ll feel like shit. Most times you’ll regret everything. And some other times you’ll feel like king.

But believe me, your ideas will only remain well ‘your ideas’ without taking the necessary steps and fighting your way out.

That crazy ideas of yours might turn you to a living legend only if you could put yourself out there.

So stop talking about it and start taking actions now.

Action is the only thing that counts.

And if you think you’re still not ready to take actions and challenge your beliefs then fuck you and fuck your ideas.

Meet you @ the next post.

Every Time People Lie

And sometimes I wonder .. .. ..

Why are these people living like shit?

As in you will see a man telling you, “Brother, sincerely speaking; I am not happy,” and yet when you started talking to him about life all you hear is, “You know brother, you can’t really understand.”

Please tell me! Understand what?

It doesn’t stop there as well. A woman has seat me down filling my head with all the misfortune of her life. How she met this handsome but crazy as fuck dude, and that she love him very well. That even without him she might never be able to sleep. That he’s the sugar of her pie. Just only that; this guy was beating her up everyday. Treating her like shit. And the question they’re all coming back to ask is, “Please what can I do?”

“Even with all these stupid as fuck life experiences of yours you’re still asking me what should you do? Are you fucking nut?”

People are all lying everyday. They’re all full of shit. But what always pain me much is when you started telling them what they didn’t want to hear (even though you’re drinking your coffee on your own before dragging their fucking ass to your table and fill your couch with emotional bullshit about their lives) and they started seeing you as if you’re weird or it seem you come from another universe. I was always like, “Then why the fuck are you asking me when you didn’t want the truth?”

If you’re looking for that easy way then, “I Am Lasisi” is not for you.

I’m a fuckup guy – I know. And for this reason I won’t allow another fuckup shit to come over from nowhere and start fucking up my shit – never! If your life is messed up and you’re asking me about stuff, you better get your gear and sit tight all over again because, my speech might destroy your life even more than the time I met you.

Maybe you don’t know? Okay, let me tell you.

I don’t really care about shit apart from living my simple life.

I don’t really have dream – I am living them.

I don’t really believe in shit – I am questioning them.

I don’t really understand any fucking shit – I am trying to wrap my head over them.

And believe me, my life is a mess – I am just a crazy dude – and I know how to make myself happier than your fuckup self. Believe me,

We all have problems. Only that, some of us are solving it in an unconventional ways instead of believing what you fuckup dudes are believing.

You think just because people are getting married mean you should? – Fuck you! It is only when it’s too late you’ll started realizing shit.

And hey am not telling you to never get married. I am telling you to use your brain – must you follow the same path as your mentors? Your not too exposed mentor claiming local champion at your ultimate regional hometown shouldn’t have the final say of your life – you should!

And trust me; are you not seeing the unhappiness in your parents life? Ain’t you seeing them suffering? Believe me, if we manage to gather every couples (no matter which ages) and ask them if they’re truly happy with each other (if they’re all going to be honest) almost 70% will tell you they didn’t even know the reason they get married to each other.

And after four or five to seven years they started realizing they’re not compatible but they’ve chosen the path anyway and they’re already believing it’s better to continue living with that shit.

Only the worsiest ones or the crazy ones end up in divorce.


Marriage is good and it’s the best way to be with someone you really love and care about but not when both you or her life are all fuckup.

You haven’t experienced shit in your life and you’re not putting yourself out there to face life difficulties and challenges and you’re already planning to get married? Rest assured, you’re dragging your fucking ass back here with your ring still shining and sparkling with a sweating face like a three years old baby drinking hot coffee ‘two-feet’ from an over fired electric oven.

It is when you drop the act and stop listening to convenient ways of living will you started enjoying it.

Yeah! Those who have the gut to say it to themselves, “You know dude, I fuckup,” are the only one to face the true happiness of life even though it will be full of nothingness and uncertainty but not a puppy mind ‘thirty-five years old’ still asking her mother ‘which girls to marry?’ A fool at thirty is almost a fool forever.

And because am not interested in continuing writing this again or let just say am somehow dizzying right now I gotta stop at this junction.

But before I stop .. .. ..

What lies are you telling yourself that is making you living an undervalued life?

And as you keep on kicking yourself and asking yourself why are you so fuckup kindly get a serious backbone because the next article might actually make it worse.

For this being said .. .. ..

Have a great fight (with yourself not me).

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