Working With The Devil

Bad guys mentality!

Both love and hatred all have their own consequences. Loving someone is a crime and unloving them is a punishment, both for you and your lover counterpart.

It is to say that love gives you motivation plus ability to conquer all obstacles without feeling down by the power of thinking about your special someone.

And yet, you feel depressed any moment of misunderstanding between you and the person you really cared about. And the crazy part of it is that; you sometimes feel like not loving at all.

And with all this huddles. I am still confident enough to tell you .. .. ..

Women are excellent!

As a man, I really believe in women. Not only did they light your day, they also light your life.

If you’re such a useless good-for-nothing asshole living like a shit, believing in your mind that nothing could change you because you’ve already design your life in a way that you want it. The moment you meet your dream girl (or not your dream girl because if you know you’re going to meet her your life wouldn’t be a mess for that long, you could have changed very long time ago) you’re going to realize all the fucks that have been fucking your life.

It’s always amazed me when someone you’ve been talking to all day long about how they’re living their lives suddenly changed all because they meet their woman. You just sit back and wonder, “What really happens to this guy?” And then after two months you realize, your guy has falling in love. What a joke!?

A dick headed guy suddenly turn to an amazing lover and forget all about his stupid character only to satisfy emotional needs of his woman. I tell you, women are wonderful.

But here is the kicker;

People changing in character doesn’t play with their beliefs.

I have so many guys who pampered their women. (Yeah I said women because we all practice polygamous dating. And am sorry if I really disappoint you okay, that’s how I live my life. And just because you’re falling head-over-hill for me doesn’t mean am going to lie, it is better for you to know the truth sooner than later. And if you think damn with me for being honest, then you should go fuck yourself. Yeah!).

These guys always appear different when they’re with their babes but show their true colors around me. And when I ask them why they’re not being honest around women they’ll say, ‘that is what women want’. Really? (Women in the house. Is that what you want? For your man to be dishonest with you?).

Telling women what you think they want to hear is the same as lying to yourself.

Either it’s a white lie or a black lie, I really didn’t support any, but I do believe in one thing: your lifestyle will talk much about you. If you values honesty, it will display in your character and no one can deceive me of that.

If you think lying to women is the only way to win them then you’ve been dating the wrong babes.

Be honest with your feelings!

I know that am going to offend many people. Because there’s no way you’ll live a wonderful life without turning some people understanding of life upsidedown. But you know what? They all have to deal with it.

If you’re deeply interested in someone, but after two to three days you realize you was just being silly enough, that true love ain’t in your dictionary (at least not for that person). Then instead of trying to endure the relationship, ask yourself, “Why am I not being true to myself?”

Seeing your life in retrospective is the only way to meet yourself and face the demon in your life. Everyone has his own battle, they’re only different in shape, sizes and in dimensions. So be true to your feelings and stop fighting yourself up.

Because at the end of the day, falling in love is still better than trying to be cool, pretending to be the master of your emotions when in reality, you’re just being dumb.

So free yourself up and taste the devil behind the scenes of having a serious relationship. And as you’re dealing with your devil (yeah, both you and your woman), kindly remember, there’s difference between relationship and getting married. So use your brain!

(But anyway, I think every woman is a devil, you as a man just have to know how to live with them better. Or to put it this way: plan your life, so that you can meet the right one!).

Have a wonderful trip.

In My Dating Book

I don’t want to know much about life. Maybe I should just live my life the way am currently thinking of doing so? – I don’t know. But I just want to be free like an eagle. And yes! I might be a real loner.

Sometimes money ain’t being my problem. Although I didn’t have much you know. Am still full of debt and some stupid shit am paying out for. But I love those crazy shits of my life. Only that, some of these debts are holding me back. But well, am going to pay it all.

Okay, why am I writing this? Well, it’s all because I want to be a loner. And or maybe not a loner. But someone who didn’t have a lot to be bug down. A free man. Living life on my own term.

I may meet my dream girl (or maybe I won’t). That ain’t certain. Only death is certain. But I want to live without caring about a single fucking shit. And yes! Maybe fucking around a little. I love this crazy adventure called life. I just want to live my life to the fullest.

I might be in my hometown. (That’s currently where I am anyway). But that doesn’t stop me from living my life. All I need to do is to plan it based on my heart desires and wants.

Some people think am just wasting time. Well, maybe they’re right. Wasting time is my hobbies. As long as am not doing things society deemed normal. As long as am living my life on my own personal term. Not caring much about anything. Just plainly living my life.

In this dating jungle. I don’t really know if am going to settled down. But you know what? Both “mum” and “dad” are expecting grandson and granddaughter. Maybe I should give them one or two? Or I should just tell them to go fuck themselves?

But wait – ain’t it bad not to have my own kid, after all they born me as well?

It’s okay, I might end up having a child or two, but not in a crazy way almost everyone are doing it. (Going to school. Marry your dream or maybe not your dream girl. Spend the money that could be used to cater for the kids instead of crazily lavish it on your wedding ceremony. Then follow up with four to six kids no one will ever remember because they didn’t amount to anything much in life all because the money that could be used to take care of one child is being used to take care of five). Useless life.

That ain’t for me.

I want to create my own life. Maybe in a way nobody understood. Hell, I might not even understand it myself. But just creating it anyway.

My life. Not my fellow brothers life. So am free to do anything am capable of doing, as long as I can face the consequences. Yeah! That’s it.

And sometimes, there’s nothing like clean sheet.

I love meeting and approaching women. Then I realized, not every woman will like me. Sometimes I really want them to, but I have to face the harsh reality of life: just because you love somebody doesn’t mean they’re going to love you back. You have to face the truth.

I don’t know if am going to regret everything that am doing now or not. Because I’ve met so many women that I don’t even know which one is who. Am just hoping that this lifestyle won’t fuck me up.

I love some of the women I met. And some of them are just plainly filling the gap. I don’t know if that’s how I am to them as well, but all I know is: everyone has their own target.

Some of the women I met really want to settled down. (In which am not). And some of them are just plainly in it for sex.

Some of them only have interest in me, interest I can’t even explain or imagine. And some are just plainly not interested.

There are some I sometimes don’t want to lose, because I really want to protect them. And I really want to marry them.

But to hell with me, I’m not sure I could get married. (And this unmarried issue is disturbing me. It is fucking my life).

I sometimes feel guilty for my lifestyle. Where am looking at the girl I like leaving me all because I only care about sex. It’s painful. But, I just have to deal with it.

I might not leave every woman I met with a clean sheets. Maybe we’re going to sometimes make it rough. Where both of us depart with disagreement and scrutiny attention of wants. Where we both love each other, but our expectations and experiences are contradicting each other.

That is my ugly part of dating.

I don’t really think I could settled down. And in my dating book, I wish all the women I met really understand me.

I really love them. But I love my life better.

I don’t want to live a normal life.

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Let Plan Your Life

When you were born,

You have all the awesome badass of wishes you’re planning to reach. You went on and on and on thinking about what you’ll become. But the moment you reach twenty, everything shattered.

You ask yourself why?

You couldn’t find any answers because it seem complicated. And the more you get a glimpse at the definite answer, the more mind provoking it becomes. For this reason, you’re just planning to give up.

But wait! I think I have a solution for all this. You know why.. .. ..??

Because it is never too late to understand your life.

So, let go to a definite long journey, but the one that worth it.

Number One:

How old are you?

Because your age matter sir. Or let just say, your age matter ma.

Let me explain:

If you’re around 18 to 25, at least you still have a definite reason to understand your life.

But if you’re between 25 to 35, your life is becoming boring. When you’re around that age of responsibility, where everything and everyone are expecting something from you (either good or bad), then at that time you’re mostly living a miserable life. Father expecting you to be something else. Mother demanding you to marry your dream girl or your dream man. Sisters trying to pass you her lessons. Brothers trying to incorporate your life. Mentors trying to guide you. Religions trying to figure out your shit. Etc., Etc., And all these make you lost. And for this reason, you’re mostly regretting many of your actions. But relax, I am definitely here to reach out. Just that, we’re going to do it one step at a time.

And if you’re around 35 to 45, well, your life had becoming a roundabout. Where you’re only moving in circles. Doing the same shit over and over again. All because, you didn’t know what else to do. Except, to obey the command and keep on keeping up with your shit. Operation I might not really love myself but you know, man must chop. And or, woman must actually find a place to drop her load (even though she might not really want to). So that’s another case entirely. And people of this caliber are the best to live a miserable life but in a justifiable way. They’re married, have a child or two, and maybe three to four. Have a company, or not so stubborn boss. Living under mortgages. Paying bills and so on. So trying to figure out your life at this stage is like digging your own grave. For this case, people prefer faking it. “If I see you you see me. And if I didn’t then you also don’t.” Operation smiling in public and crying in silence. What a miserable life?

And here we have another stage. People at the level of 45 to 60. Regretting stage. Where the girl you could have approached but didn’t dare to was the reason you decided not to trust your religion. Where something as little as not learning a guitar is the reason you’re crying almost every night. Kicking yourself in the ass. And you’re more than happy to curse that useless mentors of yours, telling you to handle business like a crazy maniac, forgetting that you really have a passion. Stupid mentors you said, only thinking about money. Yeah! Those stage are the worst. You walk around almost smirking at everyone, looking at them as if they were a bunch of fools, wasting their lives away, it is only when they reach your age, then they will understand shit. You thought to yourself.

And that took us to the last stage. (If you manage to reach any). And the last stage is: .. .. ..

Your death bed!

What are the things that you really want to do? That if you die today you’re going to regret of not doing them?

You don’t know which minute of the day is your last chance. Nor do anyone. You might die today, tomorrow or next tomorrow. How are you going to live your life?

Forget about what everyone are saying about you. This is your life. Those stupid bastards won’t be there when you’re regretting your life. Only you alone will be kicking yourself in the ass.

Not even your father will be there talk of even meeting your mother. It will be you. Yes! Only you. Crying your life away all because you couldn’t become the person of your dream.

But thank to God.

You haven’t die yet. I can see you’re still breathing, right? Good. This is your last chance. To figure out your life and live it according to your own term.

“Am the one that’s going to die when it’s time for me to die. So why are you forcing me to live my life the way I didn’t wanted to live it?”

Say that to everyone who didn’t want you to be the person of your dream.

Have a crazy life.

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When you’re playing with words.

Mind your territory. When you’re dealing with me. Mind your words. I never let go of any word untested.

Experience has taught me many times: people has some hidden messages. They don’t always say it on your face. But always appear in their words.

And if you’re a smart-ass. Someone who go beyond techniques. Then you will pay attention more to actions than words. And because of this, we always forget words. We only pay attention to actions. Which later fuck us deep.

I don’t know much about dating. Because dating suck. But I know plenty about debunking people. Tell me one thing about your life. And I will go all day thinking about it. Trying to find your hidden messages.

And by doing that, I’ve save myself a lot of time dealing with some fuckup people out there. Those who only come to you because of reasonable something. And they’re not ready to give anything in return. They’re just coming to drained you.

Action – Word – and Action.

You must be vigilant of both. Always.

Stop telling me you love your neighbor. If your neighbor is using some tricks to get some shit out of you, you better use counter-wise. Or else, you’re going to be exploited.

Sometimes you don’t get the measurements all at once. But as you ponder on about it. Definitely you’ll get the main figure. And that doesn’t mean you should go all your day paying attention to people. That gonna make you weird.

It’s a work in progress mission. Where you’re becoming great day by day.

And to give you some guidance. When dealing with some people you didn’t trusted that much. Always ask yourself, “What is he trying to tell me?” Or better still, ask yourself, “What are the hidden messages of this?”

You can transferred that to your friendships as well. But rest assured. You’re going to loose many friends. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. At least, it will save you from being captured by some enemies.

And believe me, in the next few weeks or so. You’re coming back to say, “Thank you dude. I really appreciate,” because almost everyone in your life are communicating with you with some hidden messages. It just that, you’re not paying enough attention.

And remember, not all of these people are paying attention to their own words as well. Some are just plainly talking or having a chat with you and or somebody else around you. But often times, there’s always a message behind what they say. Only that, you or the dude they’re talking to ain’t paying attention.

If you manage to become a great DEBUNKER. There’s always a good benefit behind it.

People will be getting your messages clearly. You’ll be understanding people deeply. And you will always try to see beyond the facade.

Instead of just listening to people. (As your dating coaches always say). You’re now understanding them.

And instead of giving people what they want. You’re now giving them what they’re asking for. Because most of your friends are very good at smoking-screen. Where they’re hitting you without notice.

And don’t forget the like of your dating partners. They’re always good at hitting people.

With this being said .. .. ..

Always try to be a good DEBUNKER.

Meet you @ the next post .. .. ..

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I don’t really care about women. But seeing someone you like? You better halla some new strength.

Women are all crazy. Or so I thought. With all the dramas, someone need to be very careful.

Going to work every morning, I’ve seen a lot of them. Some are beautiful. Some are ugly. The beautiful ones are the easy target. While the so called average always make your life miserable. Anytime you’re talking to them, you’re either too good to be true or you’re inferior to their standards. But the pretty ones? Very easy. They either respect you because not every man has the courage to talk to them or they’re not interested in your type. And well, I don’t really understand them. Sometimes they’re the worst.

My not always being friendly guy called me. He’s my brother. Very easy to talk to. But always make your life miserable. He’s so stubborn. And he’s the one managing my company.

“Hello boss,” he said. “Our terminal is not connecting.”

Not connecting? And so? Okay then, which one is my problem? The terminal that is not connecting or the owner of the mobile phone that is transmitting to me?

I said, “Have you tried all the possibilities?”

“Yes boss. It’s just that, we likely have to get some new sim cards. Maybe five.”

Fuck you. You could’ve bought ten. Stupid.

I said, “Well, just get twenty. I think that will be enough right?”

“Hummm – what? I should by twenty? Then this problem is good na. I will just be selling sim cards after our problem departure!”

Bad guy, I thought. Always giving me skank. But I love him.

“Okay, just cut the crap. What exactly do you suggest?” I said.

After all, he’s my manager, and he should understand the problem better.

“Alright boss. Just get us a new Airtel sim. That will do” He said.

“Alright, I’ll do that as soon as possible.” I said and hung up. Talking to him might cause more trouble. Very disturbances.

I took my bag. As usual, always with me. And I head straight to the sim registration company.

In the middle of shooting me a passport photograph, I looked up and saw her coming in. What a luck? I hope this girl was coming to me. But she wasn’t. She was coming to the guy beside me. Maybe her brother or something. I waited.

Waiting is my hobbies. Although I sometimes regretted waiting. Waiting too much sometimes kill my approach. But anyway, it is better to know who you’re dealing with than guessing. Maybe the guy was her boyfriend, who knowy. So I wait.

“Brother, do you think we can get it done here?” She said, asking her brother.

Her brother was a thin guy, not more than something I can crush. But well, I don’t really start a fight. But am always happy to end one.

“Well, let just wait and see.” He replied, dully.

Maybe he was tired of this place. Or he was bored of communication companies. They’re the best at wasting time. Or maybe Banks are the best. Keeping your ass right there on a seat, asking you heaven to paradise questions. Some questions has nothing to do with what you’re actually intended to do. While some are just plainly stupid.

So I waited.

He yawn. Stretch his upper body. Do some ball-may-start football warming up shit. And said,

“Maybe I should take a stroll a little? Am kinda bored here. Wanna tag along?” He asked, trying to persuade her.

And I was cursing him inside. You stupid conk. Wanna tag along? Drag her! Walking your ass off is the best you could do. But taking her along? That I won’t accept, you stupid bastard.

But what can I do? Nothing. I was just hoping the girl won’t follow. And it seem God was on my side.

“Haha, am the one to answer their questions, what if it’s my turn now?”

She said, answering her fuckup brother.

And I was thinking: of course it’s your turn soon. Am right here waiting for you. To fill your day with a lot of shit. Tell you nonsense plus jargons. Oh yeah, it’s your turn. And the thin brother surrendered.

“Okay. Am coming then.” He said.

And he sluggishly drag his fucking ass out and take the stupid walk. And yes, I was thanking his ass, for bringing the best out of the situation for me.

The girl was there, looking nervous. Maybe because I was staring at her, I don’t know.

Perfect shape. Excellent beauty. Bright eyes. Clean face. Not too thin nose. A breast that is so shining that am seeing myself over there.


I was kick with not too special aerodynamical paper flying over me. And the paper was coming from her.

“Tell me what you’re staring at and after that tell me what you’re thinking.” She said, feeling proud and sexy.

Bad girl. I thought.

“Saying it over here or you want me to come over there?” I asked, praying for her capital Yes.

“Whatever!” She said, and didn’t talk again.

So I drag my ass out of my stupid chair and walk over to her. And I sat down exactly where her brother left behind. And now, am starting to respect her brother, for making the seat very close to her.

“I was staring at your boobs and thinking about being the owner of it for the rest of my life.” I said, nonchalantly.

“Don’t you dare say that, am still a virgin.” She said, blushing.

“Yeah, virgin can do.” I replied.

“What…?? Wanna take my virginity?!!!?

“My first ever dream.” I replied.

“Then dream on!” She said and turn completely hostile to me.

I didn’t stress it. And I sat there waiting for her fuckup brother. Although am not planning to wait any longer here.

And the fucking dude who was snapping my picture back there was puzzled. Maybe he was wondering why I left the seat without caring about the process of our registration. Who knows. Registration or no registration? I can always do that later right. So I wink to him and turn my head to the girl.

“Wanna give me your contact? I gotta leave now.” I said, trying to be in hurry.

Shaking her head. Left, right, left, right. Thinking. “Okay, your phone.” She finally said.

I gave her my phone and she type her number and gave it back to me.

“And please, don’t call at night. I hate disturbance.” She added.

“Well, I am the best at that.” I said, and wink. “But wait, ain’t that … …!”

And I peck her cheek. Very smooth and moisturized.

“You fucking assh… What??? Right here?…..shit!”

And she slightly hit my shoulder.

I turn back to my former guy, looking as if he was dreaming. Trying to rub his eyes. Not sure if something was happening to it. So I said,

“Hey brother, wake up. That’s how I do my things.”

“You mean it’s that easy talking to women?”

“Yeah. Easy as typing your keyboard.”

“What….??? I haven’t talk to women in my life, talk of holding hands. But wait, ain’t that a kiss?!!!”

“Just a peck.” I said.

“Just a peck?” He repeat, “I wish I could do that.”

I didn’t replied. And the guy was feeling depressed. Maybe am ruining his day. Well, that’s his problem.

And after the registration was completed. I went back to the girl, didn’t stopped but just wink at her, and do a sign that say: I’ll call you. And she nod. Which mean okay.

And we both forget about the encountered.

Melony! I wish I could call you one day.

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