“I Wish No One Really Wish Me A Happy Birthday.”

I know my articles always be a turnup stood. It is either am being great or am being poor. But today, I realized, my life could have been better if I did did what I am supposed to do.

I don’t know anything about life. Nor am I planning to be a crazy asshole. But why? Why haven’t I become great?

There are so many opportunities in this life. Couples with some unbreakable talents. But here I am wasting everything away all because I couldn’t give it honest-to-god try. Why?

I have a destiny. A miracle to make my life count. And yet, I was so stupid chasing dreams, goals that I wouldn’t care about. What a useless life?

I wish you don’t wish me a happy birthday. I don’t think I deserve all this.

Because of me some people are suffering. Because of me so many people are living a useless life. And because of me those that could have been great didn’t become great. Then what the fuck am I doing with my life?

Am I not wasting the best beautiful time that I’ve been got? Am I not being a useless fellow?

To God who made me I really wanted to be great.

‘Yes! I really wanted to be a useful hero.’ (This is me crying because I realized I was living a useless life).

I know I wouldn’t have a second chance.

I know there’s no assurance of coming back here. Even if I did want to, I might not end up being here. So, why am I wasting my time?

I have the talent, but, I don’t know why I haven’t succeeded. Is it dedication? Maybe yes! But what exactly is it that I have to do that will make me succeed? What exactly is the purpose of me being here? Why am I being a useless fellow?

You might think that am getting nut. Well, maybe yes. Because there’s no point of me being here without making my life count.

I don’t know about you. But for me, my life must be something. I must amount to something great. I must look at myself in the mirror and say, “Yeah fuck you Lasisi for living a useless life.”

But there’s still a solution .. .. ..

There’s still a solution for me to be happy. There’s still enough time for me to change my life.

Many people will say yes to this thing. They will say yes because I haven’t been a good kid. But I tell you, I will never be something that you want me to be. I will never amount to that meaning of your wonderful life.

I have my dream. I have my own ambitions. And I have my own personal ways of life. Believe me, I am not here to make anyone happy. Instead, I am here to kick you in the ass. That, “Why are you also living a useless life?”

Fuck you for giving me a reason.

Fuck you for telling me your sisters caused it. And yes fuck you for saying, “You know, I could have make a good use of my time, but the challenges are not normal.”

Fuck you now and fuck you forever.

You have to be great.

You have to live a dangerous life. A life where you don’t care about what anyone says about you. As long as you’re becoming what exactly you’ve been dreaming to become.

I know you have a good cause. I believe you really wanted to amount to something great. Believe me, I have the trust in you.

So never give up. Never forget that thing you’ve been dreaming to get. Never settle because it seem you couldn’t live up to your standard. Be a good heroes. A badass. Someone living life on the edge.

And I believe, you will surely succeed.

(After crying I realized, I still have a second chance).

Have a wonderful day.

It’s still your guy, Lasisi.

(And yeah! You can watch my video down there. And of course, I think I look eye-catching. Looolllllzzzzzz).

Me Drinking Coffee. And thanks for this, Investor Y.K. I love you bro. And hey, hope you enjoy it? Gbagam!

Okay now, welcome to my journey so far. I hope you enjoyed it?

It’s okay! Never live a useless life.

Be wise and use your brain! !! !!!


I have been here more than thousand times. Staying here more than million years. Still yet, I never met a man who can live my life the way I wanted to. It’s just rare for anyone to be who I want to be, that’s why am living according to my own beliefs and personal values.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

One thing is certain: Am going to offend many people all over the world. But I tell you, those who really have the ball to live their lives according to their beliefs and their own personal standards will sure understand my point:

You just can’t live like an emotional zombie. Walking around, roaming around, without a special purpose. That’s a craziest way to live.

I am here for a reason. And for you to tell me otherwise might mean am going to ditch you like a fucking trash bin.

I don’t really care who you be. Either you’re someone I respected or you’re one of my own family members, I don’t really care. All I care about is for you to leave me and let me live my life the way I want.

Sincerely speaking, I am advising you to be who you really want to be. But never in your life will you stick your fucking nose into my fucking business. That might make me really hurt you like hell. You know what??? Just. Let. Me. Be.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

If you think living a good life mean having your dream job, getting married and have some lovely childrens? So be it for you.

But never ever say that am living a wrong life just because I didn’t follow your life patterns. You know, everyone has his or her own life to live.

Be who you want to be and allow someone else to live their lives as their heart desires. Never stick your nose to somebody else’s life talk of saying rubbish behind them. Live your life and live it better.

If everyone around you aren’t thinking like you, they’re not dreaming like you, and most importantly, they couldn’t see what you’re seeing. Then you should thank God. You are living a life nobody else dare living. Of course, your ambitions is quite different from anyone else. That’s a dream no one realize they could ever imagined.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You don’t know why universe keep on hitting you hard.

You don’t know why mother nature keep on presenting to you some craziest situations.

Nor do you know why your life is just full of up and down.

But I tell you, you’re here for a reason.

And all those crazy feelings and experiences will come back making ways into your life to uplift you and guide you throughout every journey you might really try to embarked on. That’s the power of universe entertaining your thoughts, you will surely remain loyal to every difficulties and challenges.

And hey; nothing will have ultimate power to bring you down.

That’s the promised for the chosen ones.

Have a wonderful life.

It’s still your guy . . .

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

And in case you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaiah.lasisi.31


As long as you’re ready to get what you want, there will always be a price tag. Either in your relationship life or in your personal, normal life, there will always be something to pay for.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

You really like being around women but scared to death when it turn to talking to them? Well, there will always be a price tag. And the price is to get your ass up and start talking to them anyway.

No! Your fear won’t go away, but I promised, you will soon get over it, as long as you’re ready to face the journey without turning back, sooner or later, you’ll come back thanking yourself for taking the tough steps even though you’re scared like shit.

Or maybe your own is to get fit so that you can approach more women without any difficulties?

Well well well, you have a long way to go, the journey that will make you questions all your personal normal life. You know? NOBODY get fit merely by talking about it. They get fit by forcing themselves to do what all your lazy ass won’t ever considered doing. Yeah! They shut the fuckup and just do it.

What about you my nigga? You want to have a free time? To take your woman all around the globe? To give her all the necessities? To give her happiness and provide for all her needs? . . .

Wake up!

To live such a dream, you must sacrifice everything you think is normal in your life and get ready to go gaga. That’s the only way to be that type of person who go thoroughly around the globe.

Okay, what about Mr. Lovers? A guy who always want the attention of women? Who always dream about having them around? Who always think ‘yeah yeah yeah, I just want to date more women man. You know, maa get beautiful time with ‘hem’?

Correct! That guy!

Bro please, help me tell him: He won’t ever get that by merely speaking in tongues.

Am serious!

He can only get that by putting his ass out there and approach beautiful women like crazy.

So in short:

Stop fucking dreaming and start fucking doing.

Simple as that.

As long as you’re ready to be excellently superb, then you must ready to be awesomely challenged. That’s the price you’ve gat to pay.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

And believe me, that’s the only paradox of life.

The more you want people to like you and do things to please them and make them happy, the more they really ditch you and take you for granted.

But the more you don’t really give a fuck about other people’s opinion concerning your life and living your life to the fullest, the more people really give a fuck about you and start paying attention to you because you’re unique.

And that’s the simplest ways of life.

Many people think living a good life consist of having everything you want, from living flyboyantly to having a good job to building your dream homes and traveling the world. But I challenged, living a good life consist of asking yourself the most challenging question: What do I want in life?

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

Instead of worrying about what people think about you, start worrying about what you think about them.

Do you really think you should live your life to please them or you should live your life to please yourself?

Just ask yourself almost over and over again.

The more I date more women is the more I get a glimpse of what I really wanted in life. When I first started, I think I just want to fuck any woman as long as she has a little feelings for me. She might not look that stunningly beautiful, but I tell you, I am okay sleeping with her as long as she’s ready to open her legs for me. But now I realized: not every woman really worth my time. And I don’t have to pretend anymore, it’s just me and my concern.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

I was like, “what the fuck am I doing before?” Why ain’t I be more picky?”

But now I can see clearly; we really almost underestimate our capacity when it turn to achieving greatness. Not until when we try something different over and more over again do we realized, small things aren’t that really for us.

Then we started dreaming and pursuing bigger stuff. And I think, that’s the best lesson have ever learned about dating. You just won’t be able to settle for less. You’ll start aiming higher.

Although your capacity to achieve greatness might be little to none, but I promised, once you have something that you really cared about, then you wouldn’t care about the price tag. As long as you’re still breathing, you wouldn’t dare to stop finding a ways in order to achieve that shit you’ve been dreaming about.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

I didn’t know what I want when I first started, but as the journey goes forward, I started realizing, I don’t really love women that much, but I love those who really meet my standards of living. Like those slim and submissive girls. The one who love you without any doubt. Without giving you a hard time. Even when you make them angry, they still have the courage to say “yeah I know, you really pissed me off. But you know what? I still like you.” Yeah, those type.

But when am hearing that same shit from a giant woman, who look like Steven Keduma, well, I might not put up with her word. In fact, she’s going to piss me off more than anything else.

But when we’re talking about Slimzy, the girl who really look sexy with her slimzy figure? Ooohhh lahh lah, I might forget my name bro.

So that’s the types I want, and it almost take seven years for me to realize what I really wanted.

And now, well, I don’t really walk up to any fucking girls again. Have known my taste and I can detect it very well.

And for those fat and extra giant women out there? . . . All I have to say is: “you’ll find your man somewhere else, as long as you’re not tired looking. That’s the best I can do.”

And for my future girlfriends, you better don’t be fat, and most importantly, don’t ever try to add too much wait. I love you the way you are. That skinny and sexy figure of yours is okay by me. Your Slimzy metabolism is my best feeder-orlism. I love you from the bottom of my heart. So feel free to stay that way. I will always love you. Forever. This is my letter to your special body figure. And I promised; I will always pay the price to get you. Because, I know: There will always be a price tag.

So meet you @ the next post.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

And in case you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaiah.lasisi.31


‘Of course am going to kill you so that you can see the kingdom of god you’ve been dreaming about.’

Many people will sit down there telling you how they wish their lives could change, so that they could really travel the world, have a beautiful life and marry the person of their dreams. Yet, they’re stupid enough not to realize that all their wishy-washy daydreaming will never ever help them to achieve success.

Instead of them to shut the fuck up and start taking necessary actions, they remain poor to their environment. They think telling everyone around might solve their problems. Well, I wish all these people could have the courage to slap themselves in the faces and said “wake up, this is real life and we are responsible for our own shortcomings,” maybe by then they could see the reality.

Most people are so stupid to the extent that they just have to keep hoping without asking themselves how to get what they want. Only to keep fucking hoping? Eeh! That’s bloody reckless.

Living a life full of timidity??? Ooh shit! I’d rather die than living a life full on what I didn’t want.

I really want greatness for myself without caring about others perspective about my progress. They should sit down there waiting for my results. And I promised, the result will shocked them all because my success is certain.

You don’t really need to understand me nor do I care about you believing in me. But I tell you, the fire in me will make you question your own life.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

I know am coming off too crazy, and you know fucking what? I don’t really care. As long as this article can force the stupidity out of you then am okay with that. You have to be fucking crazy with your life. You have to tell yourself to shut the fuck up and kick yourself in the ass.

Although, I don’t really care about what you want in life. All I care about is that: are you ready to fight for it? Are you ready to put up with the pressure and challenge yourself day by day? Are you ready to be crazy enough to say “yeah fuck it, this is me and I must leave this crazy world with a story worth telling?”

If you think you can’t then you must leave this fucking website right now.

Yeah! This site ain’t for a fool like you.

‘What? You think am a fool? You must be crazy. Do you really think you’re a badass writing this post? What a fuck ass you are??? You better don’t let me catch the fuck of you. Hell, I might break your legs.’

Sorry bro, I just have to say the truth.

And yes! You’re right! Am a fucking crazy bastard. And I don’t give a fuck about what you think. As long as you can’t examine your life and see where you’re lacking that courage to live a life true to yourself then I can tell you to fuck off.

And in fact, for your information, I have to give you another slap in the face, which is: Shame On You.

‘This guy really get gut. He even went on to say ‘shame on me’. What if I destroy him just now. What will he do? Didn’t he see how badass I am???’

Yeah bro! I didn’t see how badass you are. As long as you’re living a fake life, then I have to tell you:

Shame on you for not having the courage to live a life being true to yourself.

Shame on you for being a pussy and not having the courage to walk up to that girl and tell her how attractive she is to you.

Shame on you for having a crush on your teacher and not having the courage to express your feelings.

Shame on you for believing you must follow one religion to the T even if that religion is blindly bullshitting you.

Shame on you for believing in a mentor who does not even understand his or her own fucking life talk of having the courage to live a life true to him or her self.

And shame on you for putting up with a girlfriend who never let you know how she felt about you.

You’re such a fucking loser.

Correct! Am a fucking loser!

You really want to enter heaven and yet you’re not ready to die?

You really want to date that exceptionally beautiful hottie and yet you’re not brave enough to walk up to her and let her know how you feel about her?

You really want to live your dream life but you’re just scared of what people will say about you?

And finally finally speaking, you really love this crazy life but you just don’t know what to do with it?

What a wonderfully special agro foolishness you are? You should be castrated to another planet.

Maybe, I mean maybe, you could meet your zombies apocalypse out there, so that they can teach you how to live a real life and maybe pass you all the lessons they’ve being passing through. Maybe by then you could just understand your fucking life.

You can convince me to stop doing almost everything in life. But never in life will you have the capacity to stop me from doing what I really want to do even if it mean am ultimately going to fail. At least even if I fail, I fail while daring greatly.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

This is me and this is my only life. You just can’t tell me to take it small.

You just can’t say “you know Lasisi, you have to be more reasonable, yeah, reduce your dreams and just live a normal life” well, all am going to say is fuck you.

‘Yeah fuck you for thinking I should leave my dream and just live a normal life.’

If you’re afraid to be who you want to be then just shut the fuck up when you see somebody else becoming the person of their dreams.

You have no right to stick that your fucking nose to somebody else’s business. Be on your own and let them be who the fuck they want to be.

And for those stupid people who really want to enter heaven and yet still not want to die, fuck you.

‘Yeah I said: Fuck. You. All.’

You can’t enter heaven without dying.

So if you think you’re not ready to face your life then shut the fuck up and allow those who are ready to make a breakthrough.

See you @ the next fucking post.

I am Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

And in case you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaiah.lasisi.31

I Am Also A Musician, But I Just Love Writing And Meeting Women More Than Anything Else.

“Yeah bro, that’s me when I still love music (back then) and yes, you can still listen to those songs and it doesn’t matter if you like them or not. I have released them anyway . . . So yeah, there’s nothing you could do about them except to LISTEN TO THEM AND OR DOWNLOAD THEM (and your comments or promotions is allowed hmm? Yeah!).”

When everyone think you’re better and yet you see yourself as being novice. Then there’s nothing anyone can say to convince you until you realize the truth and ask yourself the bigger question . . . Why is it so hard to be real to yourself? And believe me, only by being genius can you really realize the true calling of your soul.

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

So bro, ask yourself: Are you living your true life? Because that is the only way you can be the truer version of yourself.

So, welcome to another episode of being real to yourself . . .

Yeah, there’s music in me. But it just that, sometimes, I don’t feel like doing it. And believe me; there’s nothing anyone can do about it (we all have a different plan to life) except to accept the fact and move on with it.

But maybe in the nearest future, maybe, I might still be a real badass concerning music.

So below are my so called so so so musicz . . . Hmm???

They’re all fantastic and most especially, the songs are saying some good and influential stuff about my country (Nigeria).

So feel free to listen to them and download them to your mobile and computers (and remember, your comments are all welcomed) thanks.

This one is “VANITY”

And this one is “NO BE GOVERNMENT”

And lastly we have “STATE.”

Yeah! Those are my songs that I produce back in the days and I don’t know if am still going to sing again . . . But you know what??? God knows the best.

And for the purpose of those who didn’t know me back in the days . . . People do called me: NIGERIAN FIGHTER (FIGHTER). They said my music is calling Nigeria Government to help more people and most especially our youths. So that was why I was entitled to the name. Not that I was a boxer or am into something pertaining or related to Martial Arts. Nope! Am just an ordinary person living an extra-ordinary life.

So . . . ???

So what! !! !!!

Have already told you. Am not just interested in music again.

So meet you @ the next post . . .


Have a glorious calling.

And hey:

Maybe you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaiah.lasisi.31

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