“I Wish No One Really Wish Me A Happy Birthday.”

I know my articles always be a turnup stood. It is either am being great or am being poor. But today, I realized, my life could have been better if I did did what I am supposed to do.

I don’t know anything about life. Nor am I planning to be a crazy asshole. But why? Why haven’t I become great?

There are so many opportunities in this life. Couples with some unbreakable talents. But here I am wasting everything away all because I couldn’t give it honest-to-god try. Why?

I have a destiny. A miracle to make my life count. And yet, I was so stupid chasing dreams, goals that I wouldn’t care about. What a useless life?

I wish you don’t wish me a happy birthday. I don’t think I deserve all this.

Because of me some people are suffering. Because of me so many people are living a useless life. And because of me those that could have been great didn’t become great. Then what the fuck am I doing with my life?

Am I not wasting the best beautiful time that I’ve been got? Am I not being a useless fellow?

To God who made me I really wanted to be great.

‘Yes! I really wanted to be a useful hero.’ (This is me crying because I realized I was living a useless life).

I know I wouldn’t have a second chance.

I know there’s no assurance of coming back here. Even if I did want to, I might not end up being here. So, why am I wasting my time?

I have the talent, but, I don’t know why I haven’t succeeded. Is it dedication? Maybe yes! But what exactly is it that I have to do that will make me succeed? What exactly is the purpose of me being here? Why am I being a useless fellow?

You might think that am getting nut. Well, maybe yes. Because there’s no point of me being here without making my life count.

I don’t know about you. But for me, my life must be something. I must amount to something great. I must look at myself in the mirror and say, “Yeah fuck you Lasisi for living a useless life.”

But there’s still a solution .. .. ..

There’s still a solution for me to be happy. There’s still enough time for me to change my life.

Many people will say yes to this thing. They will say yes because I haven’t been a good kid. But I tell you, I will never be something that you want me to be. I will never amount to that meaning of your wonderful life.

I have my dream. I have my own ambitions. And I have my own personal ways of life. Believe me, I am not here to make anyone happy. Instead, I am here to kick you in the ass. That, “Why are you also living a useless life?”

Fuck you for giving me a reason.

Fuck you for telling me your sisters caused it. And yes fuck you for saying, “You know, I could have make a good use of my time, but the challenges are not normal.”

Fuck you now and fuck you forever.

You have to be great.

You have to live a dangerous life. A life where you don’t care about what anyone says about you. As long as you’re becoming what exactly you’ve been dreaming to become.

I know you have a good cause. I believe you really wanted to amount to something great. Believe me, I have the trust in you.

So never give up. Never forget that thing you’ve been dreaming to get. Never settle because it seem you couldn’t live up to your standard. Be a good heroes. A badass. Someone living life on the edge.

And I believe, you will surely succeed.

(After crying I realized, I still have a second chance).

Have a wonderful day.

It’s still your guy, Lasisi.

(And yeah! You can watch my video down there. And of course, I think I look eye-catching. Looolllllzzzzzz).

Me Drinking Coffee. And thanks for this, Investor Y.K. I love you bro. And hey, hope you enjoy it? Gbagam!

Okay now, welcome to my journey so far. I hope you enjoyed it?

It’s okay! Never live a useless life.

Be wise and use your brain! !! !!!

Working With The Devil

Bad guys mentality!

Both love and hatred all have their own consequences. Loving someone is a crime and unloving them is a punishment, both for you and your lover counterpart.

It is to say that love gives you motivation plus ability to conquer all obstacles without feeling down by the power of thinking about your special someone.

And yet, you feel depressed any moment of misunderstanding between you and the person you really cared about. And the crazy part of it is that; you sometimes feel like not loving at all.

And with all this huddles. I am still confident enough to tell you .. .. ..

Women are excellent!

As a man, I really believe in women. Not only did they light your day, they also light your life.

If you’re such a useless good-for-nothing asshole living like a shit, believing in your mind that nothing could change you because you’ve already design your life in a way that you want it. The moment you meet your dream girl (or not your dream girl because if you know you’re going to meet her your life wouldn’t be a mess for that long, you could have changed very long time ago) you’re going to realize all the fucks that have been fucking your life.

It’s always amazed me when someone you’ve been talking to all day long about how they’re living their lives suddenly changed all because they meet their woman. You just sit back and wonder, “What really happens to this guy?” And then after two months you realize, your guy has falling in love. What a joke!?

A dick headed guy suddenly turn to an amazing lover and forget all about his stupid character only to satisfy emotional needs of his woman. I tell you, women are wonderful.

But here is the kicker;

People changing in character doesn’t play with their beliefs.

I have so many guys who pampered their women. (Yeah I said women because we all practice polygamous dating. And am sorry if I really disappoint you okay, that’s how I live my life. And just because you’re falling head-over-hill for me doesn’t mean am going to lie, it is better for you to know the truth sooner than later. And if you think damn with me for being honest, then you should go fuck yourself. Yeah!).

These guys always appear different when they’re with their babes but show their true colors around me. And when I ask them why they’re not being honest around women they’ll say, ‘that is what women want’. Really? (Women in the house. Is that what you want? For your man to be dishonest with you?).

Telling women what you think they want to hear is the same as lying to yourself.

Either it’s a white lie or a black lie, I really didn’t support any, but I do believe in one thing: your lifestyle will talk much about you. If you values honesty, it will display in your character and no one can deceive me of that.

If you think lying to women is the only way to win them then you’ve been dating the wrong babes.

Be honest with your feelings!

I know that am going to offend many people. Because there’s no way you’ll live a wonderful life without turning some people understanding of life upsidedown. But you know what? They all have to deal with it.

If you’re deeply interested in someone, but after two to three days you realize you was just being silly enough, that true love ain’t in your dictionary (at least not for that person). Then instead of trying to endure the relationship, ask yourself, “Why am I not being true to myself?”

Seeing your life in retrospective is the only way to meet yourself and face the demon in your life. Everyone has his own battle, they’re only different in shape, sizes and in dimensions. So be true to your feelings and stop fighting yourself up.

Because at the end of the day, falling in love is still better than trying to be cool, pretending to be the master of your emotions when in reality, you’re just being dumb.

So free yourself up and taste the devil behind the scenes of having a serious relationship. And as you’re dealing with your devil (yeah, both you and your woman), kindly remember, there’s difference between relationship and getting married. So use your brain!

(But anyway, I think every woman is a devil, you as a man just have to know how to live with them better. Or to put it this way: plan your life, so that you can meet the right one!).

Have a wonderful trip.

Being Kind To Your Enemy Is Being Cruel To Yourself.

This is life. Where everyone are all fighting for their own course. Either big or small, we all want to fight for freedom.

Some people fight for good cause, while some people just fight for nothing, only in the name of fighting course. But it doesn’t matter which category you belong, we all have a reason to protect our choice.

Thinking of this, your enemies also has the right to protect their choices against you. Which means, you must never relax. Talking about your enemies? You must be exponentially ruthless.

You don’t have to be a soldier. Nor is it a must for you to be a warrior. But you must be something. And it doesn’t matter which field you’re operating, all that matter is your preparation to win the battle.

Fighting against your enemy is an excellent mission. Ultimately no distractions. And you’re going all-out by putting yourself there.

But there’s a downfall:

You just can’t possibly save your enemies unless there’s a good reason to do so.

Because all enemies are all brutal. Brutality is the number one reason most people won’t ever succeed. They think you don’t have to be hard on everything. That you should know how to show mercy. That pitying someone is a must.

Well, doing the work of gods thinking you’re doing great won’t actually help you.

So for you to show mercy, let it be at the juncture that you want it, not by being a wishy-washy.

Knowing your enemy is one thing, and knowing how to deal with them is another. If your enemies survive the first treat, rest assured, they’re coming back to hunt you. And by this time, they will come with great strength and great plan. For this reason, you must never spare your enemy.

And if you think some enemies are just meat to spare. It’s okay. Just be fully aware that you’re capable to destroy them even when they attack you in a million ways. That way, they won’t have any means to dominate you.

But if you don’t have the order, the resources to counter attack your enemy, then don’t try sparing them. Destroy them at the moment you have the opportunity. Doing that will set a boundary for your next target. They won’t really have the courage to attack you, because they know, you wouldn’t go easy.

Okay, why are you talking about enemy?

Well, I was just reading a novel. And I think sharing some useful thoughts out of it won’t hurt anyone.

So there it is: Being kind to your enemy is being cruel to yourself.

That means to say .. .. ..

Never spare your enemy.

Leave mercy to gods.

Have a wonderful life.

Your guy, Lasisi.

In Your Dreams…??

In you dream?

In your dream!

Too much lie.

Telling everyone you wanted to become a pilot. When in reality, you’re more than happy working in a restaurant that could give you at least something to go by without having to worry about what to eat and drink again in your life. Fuck you! You think everyone believe in your lie?

Am a practitioner of stubbornness. Sometimes people look at me and think, “What’s happening to this guy? Why aren’t him living a normal life?” And yes, am not living a normal life.

Am not here to impress people. Nor am I here because I wanted to make somebody happy. Fuck you and fuck your happiness!

And beside, which fucking happiness is that? If you’re not happy on your own then you should go fuck yourself. Why will I be the reason of your happiness? No way! And believe me, I shouldn’t be the reason of your unhappiness. But if you think I am being unreasonable. Then you should go fuck your shit.

Am not begging you to live a wonderful life. Nor am I hopping around waiting for your downfall. But am here to tell you:

Your dream will surely remain your dream unless you’re ready to fight the battle.

Unless you’re ready to stare the face of all the people in your family and tell them, “Yeah, this is my life. And am not ready to listen to anyone except to further my own course, tah!” Decision: that is your ability to stay firm.

Although I don’t know what you’re passing through. But the problem remain the same: we all want to live a meaningful life. We all want to be happy.

But how on earth will you be truly happy when all you do is transfer into your dream and started day-dreaming about it without any actions to make it reality? That is just another unhappiness you’re creating for yourself.

You need to be real to yourself!

Having dreams are good on its own but being a dreamer full of excuses of this, of that, of them is not a better way to live.

You need to dedicate your life to something.

Read this: You Have To Dedicate Your Life To Something.

Stop being a dreamer and start doing.

Stop wishing for good thing and start taking actions.

That is the only way I know you can be truly happy.

Have a wonderful life.

To Be Honest; I Don’t Really Know What You Want In Life.

Falling head-over-hill for something or someone doesn’t actually mean you love them. Sometimes we’re all driving by illusions or let just say ‘most of the time’.

I have seen so many people making money legitimately (with little to no effort) and yet still complaining about figuring out their lives. It’s a pity, you know.

Seeing someone you thought are living a wonderful life being miserable all because they thought they haven’t figure out their lives.

There’s different between dream and goals plus ambitions. (At least to me).

Ambition is when you’re deeply interested in something. And no matter the situation you find yourself, you’re ready to push through. That is what I personally define as ambition.

But when we’re talking about dream, then we’re talking about something you’re wishing for. Something you’re feeling like having. Something you’re trying to get in touch with. And something you just can’t go a day without thinking about. Yeah! That’s what I define as dream.

And base on my belief; goals is when you’re ready to achieve all your dreams, pursuing your ambitions and not leaving a room for any discouragement. Yeah! That is the basement for your goals. Ability to start what you really wanted to start without giving a shit about not ready to achieve it.

But here is the kicker; both your dreams, your goals and your ambitions only mean jack shit if you didn’t plan your life. That means to say; no dream will ever survive without a clear determination of yourself.

I know, so much people really wanted to become great. Only that, they’re not ready to face the ugly truth:

No one will have a clear conviction in you if you’re not sure of your purpose.


(And that doesn’t mean you should started finding a purpose. Nope! Maybe you’re already living with your purpose, only that, you’re just naive to believe so).

So instead of crazily finding your purpose in life. Just started adding values. Stop looking for passion. Do something and do it better than any fucking body else.

I won’t lie to you. Making money and or being the head of an organization doesn’t mean you’re actually happy with your life.

Likewise, staying poor and rusty doesn’t mean you’re actually okay with your life. It’s just that, you always need balance.

You have to differentiate yourself between who you are, what you want and what you really want to be. Because at the end of everything, who you are never lie.

Yeah! You can be telling us what you really wanted to be all day long without feeling depressed or feeling lost about anything. But who you are will tell us different thing.


If you don’t feel like making money, that you prefer adding values. But because of what to buy or eat. Plus the miscellaneous activities of the day. You now started working like shit. Jumping from one opportunities to others, thinking that is the only way to live up to your standard. Then making money will also make you feel like shit. Because you’re not making money all because you really wanted to make money. But instead, you’re making money because you think it will satisfy all your needs.

So pay attention:

Instead of being foolish. Instead of asking yourself all the crazy questions about life. Just ask yourself the simple ones: “What do I want in life?” “Why do I really care about this?” “What in life I can’t go a day, a week, a month and or a year thinking about?”

Those are your sure bets because not even me can define your life.

Have a wonderful day.

Your guy, Lasisi.

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