Ultimate Guide

The Life You Want – Maybe – It Is Never Too Late, ‘For You,’ To Fight For It…!!??

There’s only one thing you can never do, (no matter how hard you try): You Can Never Lie To Yourself.

…because one day, your lie will started fading away.

And before you started forming another lie- (because right now, you’ll started blabbing about how you’re being honest, telling us how awesomely fuckface you are – but I don’t want that – at least not now!)- ask yourself- “What experience is holding me back, from living a life being true to myself…?”

“After a decade of life, a decade of agony and a decade of one-useless stuff- I realized: people are scared to learn not because they’re stupid, but because it will challenge their fate, their trust about religion and their unshakable belief about themselves. And because of this, they’ve chosen to remain dumb. At least staying dumb will make them believe in their own personal convictions.”


The life you want is quite simple, but your love, your friends and the family around you are all making it complicated. And the worst part of it is: you can’t fight them. You’re taking into account of their feelings. The last thing you want to do is to hurt them. And in turn, you prefer hurting yourself. I say – well done! Keep on doing the good job. You’re the best at what you do, except, you’re not happy. Fuck you!

But the beautiful thing is: we’re all fuck up. We all lie (almost every time). We all do shit we didn’t wanted to do. Yet, we justify it. We tell ourselves what we wanted to hear. We twisted it. We manipulate it. We tell each other one-million reasons why what we do is just a normal thing we should do. That not doing it will make some people suffer. That it will affect their emotional well-being. When in reality, we’re the one bringing that up. Because if we did become the persons of our dreams, actually, those people or things won’t really gives a fuck. Ultimately, they’ll be more than happy accepting us. Because we’ve chosen who we are. And we’re not ready to change that because of anyone. Then they have no choice, except to take us for who we are. But we didn’t. Instead, we prefer living in our own delusions.

“Something that has been bad, you don’t make it good by trying to make it less bad. You make it good by eradicating it.”


I don’t know if you have a plan, (and I don’t think am giving you one, after all, I don’t understand your struggles), and I don’t know if you don’t, but am strictly certain – you are under disguise. Either consciously or unconsciously, you are trying to avoid things. Things that could happen to you, or things that could happen to your loved ones. But the truth is: you have to welcome both. You have to be able to prepare. Because sooner or later, your life is going to unfold. And the best you could do now is to…

Hope for the best and plan for the worst.

You can die.! Your family can die.! Business can collapse.! Relationship can scattered.! Education can be ruined.! Health can be damaged.! And finally finally finally – we can all be ruined.!

But amidst all these, we can still be normal. We can still have hope (even when it seem there’s no hope). We can still be sane (among the insanely stupid people). Because we’ve known, and we’ve agreed, that we can all die at any time.

For this case, we can all live a better life.

Ask yourself, “What if I die tomorrow? Am I going to be happy?”

If “NO,” please try to figure out your life. Because the only way you’re scaring of death is (probably) because you haven’t figure out some shit.

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