The Mundane Task

Imagine yourself having a shitty woman. She didn’t care offending you. She didn’t give a fuck. She didn’t understand the word compromised. She prefers doing it her own way. But she’s cute. She’s wonderful. When we’re talking about temperament, she’s the best. You love her – deeply. You truly care about her. But the problem is… She only care about her dream. Anything else that doesn’t relate to her? Well, they could go fuck themselves. But the most eye catching thing is: you still love her with all this. What Will You Do?

But before you started forming all the critical ideas, thinking how you’ll counter-attack her stupid behavior, just wait a bit.

Now let pretend it’s not the woman. Let pretend you’re the one. Let assume you’re the one having all these shitty ideas. That you’re the one who doesn’t give a fuck. That you’re the one who doesn’t care about anyone else except your dreams. Now let pretend that the woman still love you. Upon all your crazy ideas, upon all your stupidities, she still care about you. What Will You Do?

You don’t really want any woman around you. You just want to live your life. You just want to be whatever the fuck you deeply wanted to be. Yet this woman loves you. She deeply care about you. She didn’t gives a fuck what anyone says. She only care about you.

She stayed by your side. Always hoping the best for you. Even when you’re being this shitty, she still respect you.

What will you do?

  • Wanting a perfect match, a woman that will love you just the way you are, when in reality, you can’t even love yourself.
  • Wanting to be with someone who will cherish you, who will understand all the struggles of your life, who will make everything and everyone around you blossom, and here you are, living all the moment of your life chasing things, pursuing things you wouldn’t wanted to have, at least in the nearest five years. What a waste.
  • And what about you? You deeply wanted to marry a model, a model working his/her ass off to be better, kicking himself day-and-night to be better, but you – what did you do? What did you do to deserve her love? What make you think he’s going to love you back? You’re ugly as fuck. And you couldn’t even lift a finger to make yourself better. And you’re here waiting for the dream of your life? – wake up! No one ever wanted to be with a useless fuckface. Believe me, you’re just a stupid wreck.

Wanting something is different from working your ass off to get it.

You can be there praying all day. Asking God (or whatever the fuck you believe in) to bless you with good wife, a good wife with an excellent shape and an awesome boob. But believe me, your God won’t ever be there to help you. He won’t ever take you out to approach women. He won’t ever hold your hand, showing you around where the best place you could go to meet women. He can only do the best of giving you the idea, now it left to you to do the mundane task.

I have seen so many relationship failed (including mine). But what I realized was that, some of us didn’t want what we think we want. Because when the shit hit the fans, we still prefer being the shitty person we are deep-down. We prefer doing the shit we always do, over and over again, but just that, we’re now expecting different results. I hope we all wake up from our own delusional fuck up dreams.

Believe me, we’ve all gat a mundane task to do. (Yeah, both me and you). We must make our relationship count. We must give it all our best.

Because I think as long as you’re in deep love. And you deeply cherish the man or the woman that we’re talking about. Then I believe we could all change for better. I believe we could all say, “Yeah, I think it’s time for me to make my relationship better,” trust me, we all deserve to make this grandeur decision.

Of course I cherish your ideas. And I really respect your decisions. But believe me; no man or any woman will ever date you without having the strength to compromise.

Because it’s a mundane task, the one that anyone (and everyone) who really wanted to be better must do, at least in their chosen relationship.

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