What About Tomorrow?

As am preparing for my own death. Looking at everything happening around me. I was confused!

I didn’t know what am going to do. Is it tomorrow? Nobody knows. We’re all just trying.. .. ..

Talking about death, I was the only one to keep calm. Everyone around me? They’re all scared like hell. What give them panic? No one can say. All I know was that, they weren’t happy.

Just a simple sentence:

What about tomorrow? What if you die tomorrow, will you be happy with the life you live?

Very funny! People think death is not their portions. I Smiles. Wondering when they’re going to be wise.

If only you could remember death, then I promised, your life won’t ever remain the same. You’ll be there breaking records (no not with anybody, but with yourself) as if tomorrow will never come. Instead of waiting another day to start that ‘yoga’ training, or being scared to death to walk up to that woman, you wouldn’t have a second thought. Since you know you can die at any moment, I believe you won’t ever hold back. You’ll be there leaving your mark behind.

And just because you’re being aware of death, that doesn’t mean you should act reckless. No. It mean you have better understanding of the situation you’re being into. You know how limited your time is. And instead of being scared, you’ve chosen to make a good use of it.

Yeah! That is the best way to live your life. Knowing that any moment from now, you can just dead. And that every decision you make (good or bad), they’re all leading you to your death.

Only by knowing this, can you truly be happy, and it will lead you to the edge of living a wonderful life.

You don’t need to feel nervous. You don’t need to feel down. Instead feel enlightened. Feel like taking control of everything in your life.

Because at the end of the day, everyone are all going to die. (Including you, your mum, your dad, and all your siblings. They’re all going to die). And instead of wasting time, we can all just be whatever ‘the fuck’ we deeply wanted to be.

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