In The Jungle Of Passion

I wonder how many times we’re being senseless. We’re being senseless to the point where we don’t even know what we ate for dinner. And it gets to the point where we’re even asking ourselves, “Oh boy, what the fuck am I even doing?” Yeah, welcome to another realization of shit.

It’s a miracle how you make it this far. I know, nobody really know shit. We’re all just bunch of losers. Just that, some of us do know how to make the most dumbass thing actually look less dumb.

Yeah! We’ve master the skillset of making the cool stuff look more uncool and the uncool one look more cool. That’s the badass we are. And when some people are there feeling down, beating themselves up all because they couldn’t figure out how to tie their shoelace, we’re there telling them, “You know man, you gotta do it like this, then like this, and yeah finally like this.” When in reality, we didn’t even know shit. And the dumbass? Well, who gonna tell him the truth, after all, none of us actually know the real stuff, hmm? Fuck it, I said. We’re all just bunch of crazy losers.

No one really knows what they’re talking about. Hell, we don’t even know what we’re doing. Or how many times have you done something stupid, and you’re still asking yourself, “Why did I even do it this way man? Fuck it! Yeah, fuck me real hard!!”?? How many times? Correct! Almost all of us are all dumb. Some of us just know how to make it cool, as if we understand what the fuck we’re even doing. It is only when the shit hit the fans we started asking the most dumbass question, “Why am I being stupid?” Very funny you know.

So stop being cool

Stop trying to make yourself appear bigger. After all if you’re that big you wouldn’t be trying hard in the first place. Learn to let things unfold. Instead of trying to force the situation to your liking, let the universe run it course. Prepare if you must but never sweat the big stuff. Yeah, big stuff ain’t that big you know. It’s the cool stuff that fuck us big because we think it didn’t need that much attention. Not knowing that, the small thing, actually, is the main difference. How you handle it will talk much about who you are.

I know, we all have a passion. Something we can’t just let go. Yeah! It’s after ten to fifteen years you’ll realize ‘what the fuck?’ you’ve been wasting time on. But now!?? Nope! You wouldn’t know. And if anyone try to tell you otherwise, you’ll be there dragging them all the way from the top floor until they couldn’t figure out where the fuck you even start the argument. So the best we can do is to wait for you until you figure it out. Only that, we’re just hoping it wouldn’t late.

Having some passion is good. Thinking you can’t do anything except your passion is bad.

Yeah, you heard it right? Maybe you should read it again:

Having some passion is good. Thinking you can’t do anything except your passion is bad.

You’re going to die anyway. So why wasting time? The best you can do is to ask yourself if what you’re grinding and toiling yourself for actually worth it. Are you doing it for the wrong cause or you’re doing it for the best choice? Because in the jungle of passion, we all have plenty bunch of useless shit we all think we care for. It is after we reach thirty, forty and or fifty years of our lives we started realizing how the fuck we’ve wasted so much time of our life.

For this case, we all have to dedicate our life to something that really worth it.

Not a bunch of useless shit we all think we want.

Find a course, or maybe a purpose. Make sure it really count. And follow it to the letter-T.

And if you think it actually not meant for you, then by all means never hold back. It is better for you to change it now than to waste the best beautiful time of your life chasing dreams you don’t really care about.

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