By Now I Think You Should Know

“That loving someone does not mean they should love you back?”

It doesn’t matter how much you care. Either you cherish them or not. The truth of the reality is: loving someone does not mean they’re going to love you back!

You might be the right partner for them. Or so you think. But it doesn’t qualify the love, affection and how they feel about you.

I know you really want to date them. Ultimately you’re always thinking about them. But not really, are they feeling the same?

Are they seeing you the way you deeply want them to see you?

It doesn’t matter how much you care. It doesn’t matter which category you belong. The reality is staring at you right in the face. They don’t feel the same about you!

I know you deeply love them. You really want them to be your man, your woman or your tightly best friend. But believe me, maybe they’re not feeling the same. Maybe they’re seeing you completely different.

Now what should you do?

You don’t have to stop loving them. You just have to accept them. Just because they’re not feeling the same doesn’t mean they don’t care. Nope! It mean they respect their feelings. And to be honest, and to save yourself out of emotional baggage, you have to let them go.

Cry if you must. Slap yourself in the face. Kick the hell out of that punching bag. But after you’re done. Broke down and ask yourself, “Is this the end of life?”

Is not having them mean you won’t ever succeed? Why? What makes you think they’re the best? What gives you the confidence that they’re the only ones to make you happy? What if you meet someone totally different from them? Will you still be holding on?

“There are so many opportunities right there. But time and chance are keeping us to feel stuck.”

This is not to tell you to never chase you dream girl. Nor is it a message for you to stop hoping that he’s going to love you back. But if I may asked, why are you even waiting?

Why are you still hoping that maybe one day, he or she will actually understand how great of a person you are?

Don’t you think- maybe you lack options? Maybe you didn’t have much going on in your life? Maybe you’re just a boring as fuck dude waiting for that special someone to make him happy, when in reality, he’s not happy on his own?

Yeah! That’s a slap in the face.

Read it and weep!

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