My Three Girlfriends

One is bad as fuck. Then one is easygoing. And another is gentle. But what the fuck am I even doing?

It’s okay babe, I told myself. These girls are not easy going. How on earth will I make it work?

I stood up, getting ready to meet one. Either way, good or bad, I still have to play along. One of them is ready to die for me, while others are just playing dumb. But it seem they like me. Well, who knows? Maybe we’re just fooling each other.

I took another look at myself. Chass, why are you so stubborn? Changing girls as if you’re changing trousers. No way! Am just living my life. Maybe am only trying to justify? Lolzz. What a badass me! I told myself.

People say there’s problem, at least when they see you like a playboy. But that’s not me, I can’t even define myself. What makes me different, I don’t know. But well, am different.

Although, I don’t care to lose women. But hear this, I never lose them. I prefer keeping them around. Yeah, call me jackass. It’s your loss. When you’re scared of losing the one you’re dating, I am more than happy to let her go. In return, I found her sticking around. Like a glue. What a irony, paradox of dating. The more you don’t want to lose her, the more you scared her away. Cool! I gotta keep her.

My three girlfriends are cool. They’re all snowy special. With both different characters. One like arrogant brat. And other like a dove. The last like a wonderful lake. It’s a wonderful experience. But yet I am scared.

Nope! Not because of you. Yeah! Am not scared of anyone. (Oh really? I knew you can beat me. For this case, it seem am scared of you. But anyway, I think you wouldn’t beat me. Or are they your sisters? Lolzz…). Okay! Where…. Oh!? What am I even saying? Alright. It seem have got it. Okay.. .. ..

Am scared! Yes! Exponentially scared. You know why? Okay, because I want them to know EACH other.

Yeah! I want to be at the center of the universe (which is my room), where my girlfriends will be surrounding me. One will be touching me. Another one will be pampering my shit. While the other is feeding me. What a shitty dream of mine?

I know. Yeah. No one will believe me. But that is what I want. Ability to handle my women without anyone of them fighting each other. How will that possible? I don’t know. But hey, who say I shouldn’t try? I gotta try the fuck you know. Okay. Relax! That is not where am actually going. This is what I mean:

Why are you lying?

Yes you! Why can’t you be honest with women? “You know babe, it seem I am dating more women. What!!?? It’s like ten are dying for me.” Ooohh, she might even think you’re lying.

You know what I find strange about women? Ability to believe anything you tell them without even questioning it as long as you’re being honest. And yeah, we shouldn’t forget the fact that she likes you in the first place.

This is what I learned:

  • Women will go as far as trust you as long as they believe you’re being honest.
  • Women will never doubt your authenticity as long as they accept who you really are.
  • Women will never doubt your existence as long as you didn’t care offending anyone (including her) when demonstrating your values.

So if anyone tells you to play game. That you should put your act together. That you should employ tactical shotgun in other to date women. Fuck it. These brats are all manipulative fuck head. To which I say, to hell with them.

Be real! Yes! Be the real you.

And if the real you is a stupid asshole. A man who can’t even use his good sense. Then am sorry, you have to stop being you. Yeah, you’ve gat to be somebody else. Someone who can differentiate between want and desires. Not a stupid nonsensical asshole walking around with a manipulative tactics.

Women want a real man. In case you don’t know; women will still date you when they know you have a girlfriend. And you know what even make it juicy? They prefer you didn’t lie about it.

Yeah! Me having three girlfriends at once. And they slightly believe so. But the difference is, am accurately honest.

But it has a downside: many women can’t keep up with that. They hate me for being honest. And you know fucking what? I could only care less. I have enough shit going on in my life than to be fighting for who wait and who left. Which ever one, I am happy with it. And that is the bigger deal. Ability to be okay with anyhow the situation turn out to be.

The reason I have three girlfriends (without cracking my brain finding what to say next) should be clear by now: I am more than happy to be alone. Having girls or not having girls hasn’t been my concern. My always concerned is about how to live a good life.

Having girlfriend is good and not having is cool. As long as I can dictate for my life. That no one is pushing me. And am not suppressing my feelings all because of anyone. Then any decisions I make is my own. And of course I am ready to face the consequences.

So what am I saying?

Well, all am saying is that you shouldn’t live your life base on what anyone says. That you should choose to live your life base on your own standard of living it.

It doesn’t matter who say what. If you’re not ready for any relationship. Be honest. Tell the woman in it. She can push back, but believe me, she might later be the best woman of your life.

And don’t forget the fact that she can even accept who you are. (As long as you’re not a stupid crazy asshole).

Be a man!

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