The Rebirth

The moment you started losing control from within, the moment you started feeling lost.

I know a secret, and it is for you to stay calm. In any situation you find yourself in, always remain calm.

This is another day, another day to test my pride. It is not that I didn’t care, but thanks to success, has shown me how to handle failure. Failure now and failure then is a better way to learn.

I stood up, not having much to do anyway. That was my way, always less busy. Some people think am just wasting my life, who cares? It was their loss.

Although I have so many things in mind, it’s just that, I am too lazy to care. I don’t want to have a personal plan, all I want is to live without care.

I path my pocket, it seems I got thirty over there? Maybe? It was always like that, I don’t like counting money. Thirty? Or maybe thirty-five? It was enough.

Life doesn’t care about you. It only does what it means to do. Maybe obeying gravity? Or it’s just following the universe? No one can say. It’s just that, we all believe in it. Who was the first person to realize it was life? I think no one knew. We’re just following the rules. But anyway, it was better that way. At least, we can all prove how dumbass we are. It was awesome.

I checked my calendar, it was twenty-first. Twenty-first of which month? I don’t know. Or maybe I should ask? Not really, people will think I am a nut. Not knowing which month you were, will seem insane.

I know I have slept for too long. Probably two days. And I have lost some memories. But wait, what the hell am I even thinking?

What!!..??? It seems I am getting scammed. Getting scammed by my own memory? No way!

But anyway, there’s no point in arguing. Not like am arguing with someone. But with myself? That will be a dead end.

Yeah, it is better to lose the memory anyway, and thanks to that incident. Because I need a better way, a better way to figure out my life.

People don’t know what you want. Unless you tell them. Some people even believe in the fallacy. That you can just get what you want on a whim. What weird beliefs? Nothing ever comes easy. That is why you have to try. For this reason, this time, it is either does or die.

I have so many things that am working to get. It’s just that, they all seem unrealistic. Thinking you want to build a mansion when in reality, you don’t even own a single room. Not that you rent one. It was crazy. But anyway, that is the power of belief.

Maybe we should thank those who invented the belief. Because without it, I don’t think anyone can survive. It’s just that, I sometimes act funny, when I see people who don’t work but talk about beliefs. It makes me feel bad. Wanting something without caring about working for it? Do you think God is dumb? Wake up! I always told myself.

But when we’re talking about blessings, I think God can bless us. Even without our inner effort. It’s just how the GOD works. In a mysterious way.

Some people will be dragging their asses all day long. While some are just sleeping and smiling. Yet, those who sleep have enough to go by. While the so-called ass kisser was just moving from one credit card to another. Miraculous way. That was God doing.

But to poor people. They don’t believe so. They think it was partially. That the rich are just getting rich because they didn’t help enough poor. While the rich belief otherwise. Dragging my ass all day, waiting for that opportunity to pass by. And when the opportunity now strikes, I make my move. Taking a risk you wouldn’t dare take, even in your lifetime, and you’re saying I wouldn’t help you, how will I? That were rich people. And to which is own, I can’t blame anyone. We all have our upbringing. It was all shiny and rainbow, not capital black and white.

For this reason, it depends on individuals, to lay our beds just the way we want them. And I’ve decided, this life alone, I will be a good gadget. Helping people and all. That was my good purpose.

To have a clear mission, you must decide on a purpose. And that purpose must be your go-to. Without holding anything back, you must decide to get it.

Losing all my memories? It was painful. But was a good start. At least I can start afresh, bringing myself back into manliness. It was a great idea.

I dig my hand into my pocket. I want to confirm if my money was there. But it wasn’t. I found a note instead. It said:

Welcome to new life.

New life?

What the hell!

I thought I was sleeping. But I wasn’t. It was reality. I was dead for two days. I had an accident. On my way to meet Jane. The girl I deeply cared about. Yes! That was what happened.

I turn the note over. And it read:

Your life could have been ended, but we chose not to do so, for this reason, you must have a better life.

Full stop!

I smiled. What luck? It means I might have died. But didn’t. That’s a miracle.

How I did end up here? I don’t know. But that doesn’t count. At least for now. What matters is to live a better life.

For this reason, I am going to find a better way. A better way to fulfill all my purpose.

With that, I walked out of the room and find my way to the nearest bus station. The first person I met, I asked him, “Please, what do this place called?”

Maybe he was thinking something. Or assuming something. Only God can tell. But anyway, he answered, “Grace City.”

“Thanks,” I said. And I cross to the other side. Stop a bike. Action Villa. After that, I’ll board a bus to Crayon. From there, I’ll find my way to Paramount John, the best place I could ever be.

Jane, I am coming back to meet you.

It’s a miracle I didn’t die.

And this time, I won’t ever hold back anything. I am going to live a full life.

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