Mastercraft Lake Chass

Personal is my thing. Doing it just the way everyone else is doing it? No way! And I don’t have a time frame for everything. Perish now or died later? They’re almost the same.

I raised my head, scanning the pertinent information about the new version of this mission. It seems that I might not also survive this. Have I died before? Don’t ask! That was just my style. Taking everything into account. Just in case it didn’t turn out to be the way I planned it to be. Always prepared.

In this assignment, there are so many obstacles. Coupled with ultimate dissatisfaction. But as always, challenging everything is my best hobby. Not giving a damn what the hell the situation turn out to be. The best attitudes you can get.

They call me Lake, Lake Chass. I hate philosophy but love empiricism. There’s no point in only talking about theories. At least, you should be an experimentalist. Believing both the truth (and lies) without having the sense that it might not be the same as they say is a very good way to waste your life.

I love to experience, and that is exactly what am going to do. Taking actions more than telling it in theory. And as one of the Marine Corps said; “No mission survives the first plan. Improvising is the best bet,” or maybe not a Marine Corps. Maybe he was a soldier? Or air force base? I don’t know. But I remember them saying. It has been leading me through the worst moment. Thinking on my feet. No time for dilly-dallying.

Taking a risk or not? That is your cup of tea. What you want will determine the decision you make. And your decision will determine the results. If you want small success, you can decide to be what everyone wants you to be. But if you want to make your life count, don’t listen to anyone. I told myself.

There are many spectators in my surroundings. Looking and sneer at me when I pass by. Some of them think that am wasting my life. And some think there’s no way am going to become great. To hell with them, I said. I don’t have time to waste on useless people.

Going to work is like going to hellfire. I usually jog every day. Waking up at 4:30 am, lift some weight, and finally hit the road. Not an easy task. But I love it.

I don’t lift weights every day. I do it one day ON one-day OFF. Taking the other day to rest. That’s my best choice. I don’t care about what the gurus say about waking up every day. That you should train fucking hard. That shit ain’t for me. I only do my shit just the way I love to. You can burn your ass off every fucking hour, I don’t care.

Working out or not working out, it all depends on what you want. I’d rather train on my own than have a membership. Hell, I can’t even work out all day. At least, I must take a rest. Call it “80” by “20” philosophy, maybe! I was just doing my things.

I hate competition. Others’ preparation for life won’t ever be considered my own. Do your things and allow me to do mine. There will never be any argument.

I checked my phone. Fifteen minutes past ten. Ten in the morning. Very entitlement. Hours that make people stress themselves. Everyone thinks they’re doing something great when in reality, some people are just killing time. No improvement. No personal understanding of what they’re doing. They’re just killing time.

No! Not everyone will become great. But that doesn’t mean we should all be useless. We need more thinkers in our midst.

I took my pen. Relax a bit and write:

That is it. If you want to become great. There are certain points in your life where you must draw a clear line. You must determine your want between their wants.

No one can stop me now even including myself.

Mastercraft is the best personalization of life.

You can call me Lake Chass. Yeah! I am Lake.

Have a wonderful life.

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