Ultimate Step, Lake Chass

How many times have you seen a man looking for job?

Three times? Or maybe five times? Okay, it might be a million times.

But there’s something in common. Maybe in their characters? Or in their dressings? Okay, maybe they have the same attitude?

Well, as plenty as enough of a job seekers you’ve ever come across with. Meeting me is not a common subject. I am very different among of all. You know why?

Because they call me Lake Chass!

I am the first born of my family. The one everyone looks up to. Single and never married. Nor do I know if am going to. Marriage is like a coffin. At least to me.

Life is hard, but getting married is harder. I love being single. Living life on the edge. Not caring about ‘who say what?,’ just plainly living my life.

Although it is hard. At least sometimes. Not pressing or touching boobs, even when you did really want to. It’s kinda annoying. But I think it worth it. Living life on your own term. Excellently superb!

I don’t like women.

Or maybe am just trying to like them. But I hate their stupid behavior. Sometimes they make me question my beliefs. Doubting myself if I really love them. But it seem I love them. I just don’t like being with them. Maybe not always.

There’s no food in my stomach. Maybe there’s no water as well. But I can feel something. It seem I have to start working. But what can I do? I don’t know. I just have to work.

I hate relying on anything. And that was why I leave my girlfriend. I always feel tingling in my stomach, anytime am thinking about her. And I don’t want to feel the lost, anytime she breakup with me. Or anytime we breakup with each other. In my mind, I never ready to get married. And better safer than sorry. Or what they say.

And beside, taking care of her seem like unreachable dream. A man without income. No woman will marry such a person. And they say love is blind. Maybe they’re lying. If it was true, then every girl should be dying for me.

So I sat down in my room. Thinking about how to pass this huddles. First, I need food. Second, I have to start working. At least, getting my ass off. Maybe that will do.

Am not planning to by a private jet. Nor am I planning to build a mansion. Feeding my mouth is all I need. You can call it selfishness, I don’t care.

Back in the days, I wanted to become a soldier. Fighting for my country and all that. But then I realized, these people are not even worth it. Living life as if they’re going to live forever. They’re a bunch of losers. I sneer. I just don’t like civilians. They’re all lazy as fuck.

However, I think I was one of them. And that is the same reason I am sitting down here. In my room. Asking myself all the crazy questions. Why am I living like shit?

It has been up to six hours. Thinking and brainstorming. Sketching my brain out. Assuming all the necessities. Oh no! I think I have to be great.

I took my phone out. Switched it on. And I dialed the number I have been choosing to ignored.

After the third ring. My call was connected.

“Hello Cynthia, It’s Lake! Lake Chass.”

She didn’t replied. Or maybe she was getting angrier.

After a brief moment of silence, I said;

“Cynthia, am sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please, forgive me!”

After that I hung up. There’s no point in waiting for her turn. I was the one that caused everything.

I walked out of my room. Closed the door and looked up to myself; this time,

I won’t ever come back without achieving my dream.

Taking a step at a time.

I leave my room, my apartment, my house and I finally leave my home town.

Without achieving my dream, I won’t ever come back to this house.

They call me Lake Chass.

I am Lake Chass!

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