In Your Dreams…??

In you dream?

In your dream!

Too much lie.

Telling everyone you wanted to become a pilot. When in reality, you’re more than happy working in a restaurant that could give you at least something to go by without having to worry about what to eat and drink again in your life. Fuck you! You think everyone believe in your lie?

Am a practitioner of stubbornness. Sometimes people look at me and think, “What’s happening to this guy? Why aren’t him living a normal life?” And yes, am not living a normal life.

Am not here to impress people. Nor am I here because I wanted to make somebody happy. Fuck you and fuck your happiness!

And beside, which fucking happiness is that? If you’re not happy on your own then you should go fuck yourself. Why will I be the reason of your happiness? No way! And believe me, I shouldn’t be the reason of your unhappiness. But if you think I am being unreasonable. Then you should go fuck your shit.

Am not begging you to live a wonderful life. Nor am I hopping around waiting for your downfall. But am here to tell you:

Your dream will surely remain your dream unless you’re ready to fight the battle.

Unless you’re ready to stare the face of all the people in your family and tell them, “Yeah, this is my life. And am not ready to listen to anyone except to further my own course, tah!” Decision: that is your ability to stay firm.

Although I don’t know what you’re passing through. But the problem remain the same: we all want to live a meaningful life. We all want to be happy.

But how on earth will you be truly happy when all you do is transfer into your dream and started day-dreaming about it without any actions to make it reality? That is just another unhappiness you’re creating for yourself.

You need to be real to yourself!

Having dreams are good on its own but being a dreamer full of excuses of this, of that, of them is not a better way to live.

You need to dedicate your life to something.

Read this: You Have To Dedicate Your Life To Something.

Stop being a dreamer and start doing.

Stop wishing for good thing and start taking actions.

That is the only way I know you can be truly happy.

Have a wonderful life.

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