To Be Honest; I Don’t Really Know What You Want In Life.

Falling head-over-hill for something or someone doesn’t actually mean you love them. Sometimes we’re all driving by illusions or let just say ‘most of the time’.

I have seen so many people making money legitimately (with little to no effort) and yet still complaining about figuring out their lives. It’s a pity, you know.

Seeing someone you thought are living a wonderful life being miserable all because they thought they haven’t figure out their lives.

There’s different between dream and goals plus ambitions. (At least to me).

Ambition is when you’re deeply interested in something. And no matter the situation you find yourself, you’re ready to push through. That is what I personally define as ambition.

But when we’re talking about dream, then we’re talking about something you’re wishing for. Something you’re feeling like having. Something you’re trying to get in touch with. And something you just can’t go a day without thinking about. Yeah! That’s what I define as dream.

And base on my belief; goals is when you’re ready to achieve all your dreams, pursuing your ambitions and not leaving a room for any discouragement. Yeah! That is the basement for your goals. Ability to start what you really wanted to start without giving a shit about not ready to achieve it.

But here is the kicker; both your dreams, your goals and your ambitions only mean jack shit if you didn’t plan your life. That means to say; no dream will ever survive without a clear determination of yourself.

I know, so much people really wanted to become great. Only that, they’re not ready to face the ugly truth:

No one will have a clear conviction in you if you’re not sure of your purpose.


(And that doesn’t mean you should started finding a purpose. Nope! Maybe you’re already living with your purpose, only that, you’re just naive to believe so).

So instead of crazily finding your purpose in life. Just started adding values. Stop looking for passion. Do something and do it better than any fucking body else.

I won’t lie to you. Making money and or being the head of an organization doesn’t mean you’re actually happy with your life.

Likewise, staying poor and rusty doesn’t mean you’re actually okay with your life. It’s just that, you always need balance.

You have to differentiate yourself between who you are, what you want and what you really want to be. Because at the end of everything, who you are never lie.

Yeah! You can be telling us what you really wanted to be all day long without feeling depressed or feeling lost about anything. But who you are will tell us different thing.

If you don’t feel like making money, that you prefer adding values. But because of what to buy or eat. Plus the miscellaneous activities of the day. You now started working like shit. Jumping from one opportunities to others, thinking that is the only way to live up to your standard. Then making money will also make you feel like shit. Because you’re not making money all because you really wanted to make money. But instead, you’re making money because you think it will satisfy all your needs.

So pay attention:

Instead of being foolish. Instead of asking yourself all the crazy questions about life. Just ask yourself the simple ones: “What do I want in life?” “Why do I really care about this?” “What in life I can’t go a day, a week, a month and or a year thinking about?”

Those are your sure bets because not even me can define your life.

Have a wonderful day.

Your guy, Lasisi.

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