Your Dream! Your Life! Your Goals! Or The People?

Never waste time!

You want to take care of everyone around you. You want to make your mother, your brothers, and your sisters to be able to live a wonderful life. You want to provide for everyone around you to the extend that they will see you and say, “Wow! What a wonderful dude?” But there’s a flaw on this dreams: all these dreams are all overrated. You can never achieve all that. Not even in a million lifetimes. So stop caring about others.

Stop caring about anyone in your families. Stop giving a fuck. You need to be happy ‘first’ before you can make anybody else happy. And how on earth will you achieve your dreams when you’re wasting time thinking about others? How on earth will you become the person of your dream when in reality you’re just trying to gain approval from others?

Please, take yourself out of that fucking stupid mentality. Be a man (a man with true grit) and become dependable on yourself. Live your life according to your values and calculate everything based on your beliefs. And if you have anything you could change concerning your life, your dreams, your goals and or your ambitions kindly have the courage to do so.

Because not living your life based on your beliefs is a better way of being slave. Slaving away your life on something that doesn’t real or doesn’t genuine. Please, kindly be a true hero.

And remember, as you go up in life conquering defeat and facing obstacles. Never waste time on something you don’t really care about. Be it human or things. Always be in mental preparation of moving on. Ability to never waver when it’s time to say goodbye to everyone and everything you’ve already gathered in your life. That’s your best bet to success. Being tolerant to leave everything behind.

I know you really want to take care of your people.

I know you’re planning to make your brothers happy. Building their lives in a way that will make them say, “Yeah, we believe in you bro.” But wait, you can only lead them by example. Not by forcing yourself to do what you don’t really want to do. Live according to your beliefs and let them adjust to their own personal ways of thinking. That’s the best way to live a wonderful normal life.

And hey, am not telling you to stop caring.


Nor am I telling you to stop improving.

But hey, am telling you to have a grand values. Something that govern your life.

Why are you doing all the shit you’re doing right now? Why are you achieving all the goals that you’re achieving? And why are you chasing that exponentially beautiful dream?

Is it to make somebody else’s happy or because you’re waiting to prove something wrong? Believe me, none of it actually makes you a healthier somebody. And you must draw a clear boundaries between others.

And hey, who said you shouldn’t care about money?

Yes! Money is good. (Assuming you’re making it for the peace of mind not to satisfy societal needs of shit). And having plenty of it is not even a sin (at least to me, I don’t know about you). Just don’t turn it to your god. Don’t let money be the reason you’re existing. Find ways to add values to life.

Yes! I want you to add more values.

Something that you really cared about.

It may be small and insignificant. At least to some people. But to you, it is something you can’t joke with. This is your life. Your goals. Your dreams. And your ambitions. And you must add values to it.

And remember; never go untested.

Because loving your man, or your woman doesn’t make them above someone who can hurt you. In fact, paying attention to details is your best bet.

Please, no matter what you do in life. No matter the situation you found yourself. No matter who you put your trust in. Never live your life claiming you’ve trust everyone (including yourself).

Being ready at all time to challenge yourself, to challenge people around you, hoping that you could deny yourself the good stuff, and or somebody could deny you the biggest deal is your best weapon of treating life.

Because at the end of the day, no one really cared about shit. We’re all here being a selfish asshole.

So live your life according to your own standard of life.

Not by caring about the stupidity of others.

It is only by doing so you could finally call yourself a happy-go-lucky zebra Dion side giggies.

(Zebra Dion side-giggies ain’t in my dictionary, nor should you find it in your own).

Kindly have a wonderful life.

It’s still your guy, .. .. ..


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