Am Going To Redefine My Life

Maybe am not chasing the right thing.

How many times have you been dragged or beating down to your limit, where you don’t know what really worth shit again in your life?

I have been there more than one million times. But this time, I feel the most worsted part of it.

I couldn’t eat, couldn’t talk, couldn’t drink for complete two days and I hated my life.

All the girls I thought they’re the only ones for me, that without them my life is not complete are completely useless.

None of them really called me talk of visiting.

What of the girl that I thought she’s the one am going to marry? Well, she was the first to dump me once she realized I am not well.

This is not to say I am becoming cynical about girls. And if that’s the case, then so be it. But am saying, right now is the best moments for me to question my life. What if am chasing the wrong goals?

Forget about money! Money ain’t worth shit when your health is under critical construction. Where you’re feeling, talking, reasoning what you might not considered acceptable in your lifetime. And you’re expecting it to happen at that moment of your predicament. Very funny.

I lie down assuming myself to be dead. Feeling what I can’t even explain in my mother’s tongue talk of saying it in English. Very mind consuming.

The sickness lasted for a week (and I lost many business potential but the lessons are enough of substitution).

Some people care about you but you don’t know.

It doesn’t matter who they are but they love you.

And secondly,

Many of your beliefs are fuckup.

Marrying your dream girl, building a house and finding the right man are all because you’re healthy.

If the shit finally hit the fans you’ll forget about everything. How to regain your health will be your number one priority.

And again,

Your life ain’t bad at all.

You think not having money mean you’re useless? Think again!

If you manage to fall sick. As in, you fall deep into sickness, then you’ll realize what am talking about. Nobody will teach you how to understand your life. How to give thanks to Almighty God.

And believe me,

Maybe you don’t really worth shit.

All because people are calling your name front and back doesn’t mean you actually worth shit. Just wait until you’re not normal, then let see if they’re still going to call you.

And to my girlfriends out there, fuck you all. I will never forget your kind. You stupid apocalypse.

And to those who stand by me, I really appreciate you all. May Almighty God shower His blessings.

To those who read my stuff. Am sorry, sickness has hold me down for long. But now, am feeling some backup. So I thank you all.

It seem am going to stop here.

Meet you soon.

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