Fuck Your Ideas

The notion of knowing what to do and not doing it is a definition of uselessness.

You have so many great ideas and yet you’re living a useless life. All you think about is theory.

Theory this. Theory that. Fuck you! Do you think all successful business man and woman only think about success? You stupid asshole!

Based on my calculations, many people will end up fighting over partners than actually pursuing their dreams. And the question is: why are you so stupid chasing your partner instead of chasing goals?

Don’t you know that your ability in achieving greatness will somehow drive the aura of your so called love ones into your life? So stop foolishly fucking around!

Of course I want you to find your dream man and or woman. But that doesn’t stop you from working your ass off. Or are you just planning to talk about your ideas day-in and day-out without any results to show for it? If that’s your plan then fuck you. I won’t ever open my eyes looking at you going useless. I must do something about it.

Because telling me about all your crazy ideas and filling my head with your creativity jargons is a useless tactics if you couldn’t amount to something great.

And building all your useless mansions in your head with a views that makes Barrack Obama think his house is outdated that he should build another one to compete with your own won’t do anyone any good.

If your theoretical life is so great than your realistical life then you wouldn’t be here reading my jargons. At least, you’ll be somewhere else doing something else but anyway, I appreciate your usefulness. I think writing this ain’t for my own personal entertainment it’s for people behind shit. We need to uncover all your stupid jargons.

If you’re not ready to take actions then – fuck all your ideas.

Some people are even useless to the point of waiting for the right time. Eh! Waiting for that special moment of your life, huh? Where mother nature will bring every signs and push to you all your needs without you lifting a finger? Fuck you! And fuck your devil may care attitude.

Believe me, your ignorance is bliss. Sitting down there talking about dreams, goals, ambitions, and ideas without any usefulness in you? I think you’re just a useless fellow. Do you think those who are helping you doesn’t also has their own fucking shit? Do you think they don’t have their own problems? You little bastard.

I am tired of you!

Yes! You too should find something to do. Anything. It is in doing anything you’ll find something resonating with you. Something you can now call your own. Filling my head everyday with your bullshit is already a brain numbness for me. Please do something.

Don’t ever tell me about your problems, what you want and how you want to live your life again. Show me the practical step you’re taking you stupid shit.

Sitting down all day complaining you didn’t understand your life without doing anything? Oh hoo! You will understand it! Ab’oo ti o ni? You useless asshole.

Take actions. Yes! Do anything.

Figuring out your life doesn’t mean just doing a single thing. You have to kiss a lot of frogs. You have to do things you didn’t want to do. You have to go where you didn’t want to go. You have to take actions you didn’t want to take.

Sometimes you’ll feel miserable. And sometimes you’ll feel like shit. Most times you’ll regret everything. And some other times you’ll feel like king.

But believe me, your ideas will only remain well ‘your ideas’ without taking the necessary steps and fighting your way out.

That crazy ideas of yours might turn you to a living legend only if you could put yourself out there.

So stop talking about it and start taking actions now.

Action is the only thing that counts.

And if you think you’re still not ready to take actions and challenge your beliefs then fuck you and fuck your ideas.

Meet you @ the next post.

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