You Have To Dedicate Your Life To Something.

Either it’s love or getting better, it doesn’t matter. But you need to understand what gives you joy.

Endure pain first.

Let pain be the reason you didn’t give up. Let it motivate you. Let it guide you and take you to your next level.

Stop running from it.

Pain is good. It make you realize your potentials. It make you think far beyond your horizons. It make you question yourself.

Why do you think people are living a fake life? – Because they couldn’t face the pain. They’re not ready to face the truth.

“The moment I met my dream girl, I realized, this is not the life I want. How in hell will I be able to take care of this woman by just living like this? How in hell will I be able to provide for her by living a useless life? Nope! I need to figure out my life.”

I Am Lasisi .Com

It doesn’t matter what you want out of life, (we all have different things in mind) but it did matter how you wanna get there. Are you here wasting your life or you’re here to make it counts?

The day I realized women have tremendous way to change a man’s life is the moment I started getting better. Getting serious with my life.

How will I choose to remain the same when everyone around me are getting better? How will I face myself?

“I told myself; if it meant not getting married because I couldn’t find my dream girl- so be it. I just can’t settle for less.”

Yeah, I just can’t settle.

How will I be with someone I don’t love? How will I be with a woman whom I didn’t really care about? How will I make a breakthrough when the woman in my life isn’t that of a big deal?

No. I just fucking can’t.

This girl must worth it. She must worth the time, the stress, and the cracking of sleepless nights in a row. She must worth everything.

Why do people settle down in the first place?

Some people didn’t love their women- and some people do. Some people love because there’s no alternative options- while some people do it because of fun.

Some guys are useless while some women are retarded. Instead of getting married with someone because you both love each other they choose to follow some societal bullshit- “You know, I just have to get married because time is going.” And they go find someone out of shame or fear and think that is love.

I want you to have a good life.

As long as you haven’t find your dream girl please never settled. And hey- are you ALSO improving? Hope you’re not just dreaming about your special girl without anything to bring on the table?

Because I’d rather be the competent one before meeting my girl, you know, she has to feel the sense of losing something when she finally meet me.

Like, I love her because she’s the only one that really worth it. Although I could still date some other women- but I’ve chosen her instead of them and I didn’t really want to lose her (although if she chose to go am also ready to walk away). So in return, she must feel the same. That this guy is a real deal, that if she lose me she’s losing something rare.

“Although I love my woman and I really cared about her. But she should understand: I get to this level of life with both suffering and toiling, and I can’t just leave everything behind just because of her. And I believe, if I ain’t that great, she wouldn’t love me in the first place. So she should respectfully love me and allow me to be whom I really wanted to be. By this could we both live a wonderful life.”

I Am Lasisi .Com

I want to dedicate my life to everything.

I want to dedicate my life to my woman. I want to dedicate my life to myself. And I want to dedicate my life to my future. What do I really want out of life?

What if I could be great- will I still be doing all this? Will I still be dating the same girls that am dating now? Will I still be visiting the place that am visiting now?

All these are my biggest nightmares. Will I still be living this way?

If no! Why couldn’t I be living the life that I really wanted? Why couldn’t I be dating the women that I really want to date? Why couldn’t I be visiting the place that I really want to be?

Believe me, I have to dedicate my life- and so should you.

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