Why Are You In Love With So Many Quick Fix?

According to the “New Year Formula,” people love to make oath. To do many wishes and plan the year ahead of them. And when that year finally ends they started giving shit of the same coming year. In hope of: “It’s new year, and we still need to plan more and set new goals in order to get there.” And when that year also pass, they still have to put up the courage and bab their fucking mouth about settling (still) new goals. What they didn’t ask themselves is: “Am I really setting goals? Or maybe am just talking shit?”

Setting goals won’t get you anywhere.

If you refused to take actions now then forget all about it. You can’t get anywhere.

I don’t plan what I write or spend years forming, thinking, making adjustments and or sketching it. I just fucking write. So for you to think to be a writer mean you’ve gat to prepare very fucking hard is a mistake. You just have to fucking write. And after that, you’ll realize if this thing is really for you or you’re just dreaming in fantasy.

But there’s one thing I know about life, and that thing is that: “You can’t live or act beyond your own personal lifestyle.” Never.

What you do or say have a way of connecting to your real self and the way you see the world you’re currently living in. There’s no “Am just doing this for fun” or “Just kinda busy,” you’re doing it because that is what you chose to be doing “now”. It’s just simple as that.

Hmm! I remember, reading is good but what if I choose to do something else?

Correct! You have all the right to do just that, but instead, you’ve decided to do something else (even though you might not really know you’re making that decision). And believe me, the reason you wait that long before taking the necessary actions that might lead to your dream life is because you’re somehow waiting for quick fix. And either you want it or not, quick fix will only keep you at bay without you realizing it. And when the times come for you to wake up; It will be too late.

“Finding out your purpose or knowing who you are isn’t the big deals. But giving it all it takes to make that dream a reality and keeping who you are without compromising it is the main problem. Many people knows who they are and plenty of them have found their purpose, but the real thing is that; only few are ready to do the grand work.”

People are not ready to face their dreams, they’re only comfortable talking about it. How on earth will you achieve your dreams without you facing all the consequences? No way! You must dig through all the criticism, people-mocking lifestyle. And yes! You must develop a tough skin.

Your guys might not like what you’re doing. Your brothers might disown you. Your mum might think you’re just wasting your time. Your teacher might tell you to be realistic. Even your wife or your girlfriend might find some ways to dump you. But instead of letting all these make you depressed, let it uplift you. People only love those who are winning, nobody loves a loser. And the respect and admiration goes back to the one who finally live his DREAMS.

You knew it (and I know it). You knew the shit you should be doing to achieve your dreams. You know where to go and where not to go. You know all the necessities. So, why are you still waiting till now? Why are you trying to blend in?

Blending in won’t solve your problems. It will only put more pressure on you. So instead of trying to be like and accepted by people, (which usually cost you more than plainly being what you really wanted to be) then face who you really are and start working towards who you really wanted to be and then force people to like you. Am serious. People will like you even if they don’t want to. You know why?

Instinctively; people admire and look up to those who never allow anything or anyone to stop them from achieving their dreams.

Because these people never considered the bullshit. They never tell themselves “You know, people hate me talking this way or behaving that way. So let me try to convince them by pleasing and doing what they like.” No. Instead they say “You know, these people doesn’t like me because am living my true life. Well, they’ve gat to deal with it. Am not holding anyone there. They have the right to walk away.”

Yes! These people don’t really care about you. They care about what they want about life than what they care about you. You mean jack shit to them.

And if you’re someone who always considered people’s feelings then you’re going to stay longer in the depth. You won’t ever face your life because you’ll be there thinking about people. How they see you. How you’re being perceived. And how you’re being thinking about.

Forget all about that man. Let people hate you. Let them gives a fuck about you. Let ’em get mad. This is your life. And no one has the right to live it the way you really wanted to live it, except you. Be true to yourself.

What do you really want out of life? What are you expecting? What do you really cared about? Answer those questions.

No! Don’t consider anyone when you’re thinking about it. Not even your families. It’s only when you’re the real you can you have the capacity to take care of your loved ones.

Believe me, you’re not here to make anyone happy. That’s crap. How will you make anyone feel okay when you yourself is not okay? And by the way; who told you to be happy? Who told you to always find fulfillment? Am asking you! Who is that dick head that say you should just be yourself? No. Don’t be yourself. Be something else entirely. Be great.

Do the real work.

Find your ways to the top by doing what everyone around you are not doing. You’re average, everyone around you is average, but please, can you be a little more than average? Can you leave this world a little, crazier than you found it? Can you be that nigga almost everyone looks up to? Good!

But here is the deal; you wouldn’t get there by looking for quick fix. Never. You have to struggle, suffer, and be emotionally wrecked. There’s no other way unless you also wanted to be one of your next-door neighbors.

To be honest:

Not everyone will become great. No everyone will succeed. In fact, only few will ever get there. And that, my friends, is the only reason that am always happy.

Am always happy because not everyone has the patience, the drive, the emotional turmoil, and the real crazy beast mentality to get there.

So if am the only one amongst the millions of hundreds who really want it, who really want to give it what it takes, then; have gat to be happy.

Have gat to be happy because you can’t face what have chose to be facing. Have gat to be happy because you don’t have enough patience like me. And finally, have gat to be happy because you’re not ready to live your dream life.

So, I Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare should be happy because my competitors are now getting complacent. The ones who are suppose to run my race are now wasting their lives doing something else. And that of course, it’s call for celebration. Am happy because you’re (all) not ready to face shit.

So if am the only one doing this, and as long as I don’t stop, then it’ll be easy enough for me to get there. And here is another kicker:

Just because you’re now chosing to dream big, to take actions as if you’re gonna die tomorrow doesn’t give you the spark to beat me. No. It’s quite the opposite. Because am not running your race. Am just running my own race.

So before you put your dream out there chasing the BIG me, you better realize it’s your life, and you’re not living it because of something else. You’re living it for yourself.

And no matter where you stick your nose, (yeah, in any endeavor or journey and maybe whatever the hell you call it “on your way to greatness) never fall in love with quick fix. Be ready to face the challenge head-on.

Because; “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

There are still those who look up to you out there even though you’re not seeing them. They love you, admire you, and they really wanted to be you. So for you to be looking for quick fix will only disappoint them not make them proud. Because they’re in love with the ‘raw’ you in the beginning, and I don’t want you to now lead them astray.

So please, never look for quick fix. I want you to take it one steps at a time, and I believe, you will surely rise to the top.

Until we meet again . . .

Never live a cut-corner life.

***Merry Xmas*** and ***Happy New Year*** in advance.

Have a wonderful life.

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