I Want You To Disappoint Many People.

Not because you really want to but because you just have to.

And as long as you really want to be the person of your dream. Then there’s no way you can escape being mean to some other people. Even if you really have their best interest at heart, you still have to live life on your own term and not by pleasing them.

I have been facing so many difficulties and challenges that sometimes I ask myself why is my life like this?

I always expect disappointment and always prepare for people to take shit of me. And I don’t really take anyone as hostage when it did really happens. I just let it go.

I realized, for you to really have what it takes to succeed, you should prepare for people who might really want to drag you down or else, you’ll be doomed when the shit actually happens. But when all your pictures are tie to the fact that people can make you do shit at any fucking time, then it wouldn’t be a surprise when it did actually happened. You’ll just be like: well, have been expecting this to happen, so, fuck yeah.

And if people around you don’t seem to get it. You just don’t know what to say to them. Like, maybe they’re just catch up in their own life that they forget people can be mean and devastating.

It might take you some years to relate to how people think as if nothing will happen even when their love ones are getting crazy over their stupid micro-orgrism.

You might be living your life in order to put smiles on your fellow brothers. But believe me, some of this brothers aren’t worthy of your time. But because you have this gentile untethering mind, you’ll find it mostly difficult to just forget them and let them live on their own fucking terms.

And as long as you’re trying your best to do good to everyone around you, am still telling you to never ever be there when they don’t really need you or when they think you don’t really deserve their ultimate attentions.

Live by knowing that you just have to let people go, and be happy on your own.

And if you still think am giving you all this wishy-washy advice, I want you to read this very thoroughly and emphasistically.

The best way to confirm if people really love you or not is to say it as it is and live it as it is. The moment you started bending the truth in order to survive the meaningless conversation behind the ultimate transmission of your well mannered mannerisms is the moment you start getting fucked. And for you to stop being fucked is to live your life according to your own standard, agro-chemical manurerism.

Even if I choose to be who I am, some people will still muck me. So the best I could do is to live my life according to my own desires.

It is not your energy that counts but the way you preserve your energy. Because if you failed to see it as it is then you’ll be failed to really get the glimpse of your own true micro-orgnism.

Don’t wait for your friends to really call you if you know they’re all full of bullshit. Instead, take the courage and live your life according to your own desires.

We all have different wants. And none of us will really want to see what we don’t want to see. So for you to be forcing people in order to understand you is a waste of time. Let them be in their own world and allow them to make their own several decisions. It is not your call to tell them how to live their lives and never be the reason of their own ignorance. Let them figure it out.

The moment I realize how people change is the moment I stop persuading people. People don’t change unless they really want to. And for you to think you can convince them is to be foolish of your own immorality. Leave them and let them see through the examples you make. You can only change them by changing yourself.

If you think your brothers are living like shit don’t argue with them. Instead, live according to your own plan and according to your own life desires and see if they really give a fuck about your boring lifestyles. And another thing I really want you to pay attention to is that: not everyone will think your way is their way. And if anyone come over to you and say; “hey fuck face, why ain’t you doing this or doing that?” I hope your expression would be “what the fuck does he think he’s talking about?” And that’s the same lesson I want you to learn. You can’t force people to change and no one can also force you to change. Everyone has his or her own life to live. So live your life and leave the rest. And I believe, the journey will be sincerely worth it.

So have a wonderful life.

It’s still your guy . . .

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

See you @ the next post.

And hey,

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