Now I Don’t Feel Like Chasing New Women.

Although meeting new people always attached to having some fun with social media. But now am finding it difficult to even talk to most people especially those girls. Like I just don’t feel connected to them.

Now I always feel like taking my boys all around instead of being around with babes. And trust me, I don’t really feel aroused with sex. Like my sex drive is now getting more lower. But back in the days . . . Eeh! Girls always be my top priority.

So am finding it more difficult to even consider having a strong feelings for girls talk of being in a relationship with one. It’s just feel like stressful.

But if you were with me for maybe past two to three months you might think my life is full of spanking women. Like all I care about is to put my dick on that next awesome chick. But now? It’s a pity. I don’t even have the drive to chase women. (What a pity).

Although anytime am heading somewhere, either to meet my friends or for business purposes, I automatically find myself meeting women. Consciously or unconsciously. That’s just the way of manifesting the skills you’ve been building for a long decade. I think it’s just natural for me to approach women even at a critical phase of my life. Sometimes I don’t even think about it, I just walk up to any girl and introduce myself. There isn’t any big deal on that.

But when it turn to maintaining relationship, well, I think I am the worst teacher out there. I really don’t know how to maintain any longer relationship with women. My thing is: either you like me or you don’t. And if you do, let rock on without putting more responsibility on each other’s shoulder. That’s my mentality. Live and let live.

But am (ultimately speaking here) highly accurate and proficient in approaching women. Well maybe am also good at having a date with them. But I can assure you, am crazingly poor at keeping them around (and I don’t think I really want or will ultimately listen to your advice here because, that’s just how I am for now. I don’t want any bug to hold me down. Like I just don’t feel like having emotional baggage. So am sorry bro).

But when we’re talking or demonstrating about how specifically made it is you should approach women, I am the first person that will tell you that’s there ain’t any specialty on that. You see an attractive woman and you walk up to her. That’s all. If she’s interested, she’ll let you know. And if she’s close up, then you’ll leave her alone. There’s no magic or shortcut around that. Just keep it at the back of your mind.

If you’re interested in any fucking women, never in your life will you wait for proper announcement before you let her know she’s attractive. And again, don’t ever mentioned she’s out of your league because that is where you could doomed yourself.

When I first started approaching women. The number one thing I never allow to pass me by is when I see an attractive woman, that without even thinking, she’s crazingly out of my league. Well what did I do? I always find the courage to walk up to her and introduce myself even if it mean sweating my pants in front of her because I think I might have a heart attack if I didn’t approach her. And you know fucking what? It didn’t hard as we thought it would be. Although she might not even give a fuck about me, but I always come back with a better version.

So if you think you’re doing a better job at keeping yourself busy by bullshitting yourself why you shouldn’t approach women, then I should ask you what exactly is your fundamentally problem? Is it because you think she might not be interested or because people around you will think it’s not proper to approach women that way, that you should respect women even when those foolish dude are the one who is afraid to do so, they will still tell you it ain’t normal when in reality, they should tell you they’re scared of women.

Take the crap out of this matter and be real for a second . . .

If you’ve got a chance and the courage to walk up to this girl and introduce yourself and make her day . . . What will you do or how will you feel?

Ultimately speaking, you’ll feel like a king.

Then why are you lying to yourself? Why can’t you accept your fear and work on it until you couldn’t pay attention to that fucking fear again in your life even though it will still stick its fucking nose to your business, but you’ll be happy that you can still act on it despite all it’s ability to take you down. And the most special part of it is that: you’ll be happy that you can approach any woman at any fucking time. And that my friend, is a philosophical skill no one can ever ever take from you. And having that at your disposal mean you’re better off than most average joe on this erotic orbra-chemical amoelife.

So you can start reading or start doing, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t get the fuck out of that fucking mentality of meeting women.

Until we meet again . . .

Have a crazy adventure.

And hey,

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