My Life Is Getting More Interesting. (But Not What You Expect).

Yeah! Am happy with my life even though it fills with jargons.

If my lifestyle doesn’t please you then you don’t deserve to be my happy soul.

I thought I could make your life easier but you think am making it harder . . . Fuck you! You have no right to mess with my agro-org-ritim.

I don’t really know if the above speech really relate to the title of this article, but at least, it give me a starting point.

You don’t know how lovely it is to live your dream life until you started living it. And for the simple fact that everyone around you will be full of doubt really even make it joycy.

Behold my son, you should really have the glimpse of how extremely beautiful your life is turning out. And believe, either you want it or not, people will envy you, they will muck you and finally try to bring you down. But remember, your father in heaven shall not leave you nor forsake you because you live not to destroy others wellness but to uplift their worldly lifestyles.

Leave everything you want to leave and take all you want to take. As long as you’re being true to yourself and the people around you then you shouldn’t be scared of others judgement.

You don’t need everyone to believe in you nor do you need all hands to help you. But I promised, those who love you will still love you even when you don’t really believe so.

You can be all you want to be and go anywhere you want to go. But always have this at the back of your mind: people’s don’t really love you. And that doesn’t mean you should stop all your deeds. Nope! Continue doing the good work and never ever look down on any fucking body. This is you and only you can make your life real.

If your life is a disaster right now, I want you to look up to God and ask for his strength to uplift you and your labouring ethics.

No one will be there for you and nor should you care. And if anyone really give a fuck about you then you should always respect their kinds.

Master of all masterculosis should know the power of all tuberculosis. That is; you should know the time to destroy your real enemies.

If God give His strength to make you heroes He didn’t expect you to be foolish to all around you.

He knows that some among your lovers doesn’t really care about your well mannered. And for you to turn a blind eye mean you’re digging your own grave.

If you love your brother, that doesn’t mean you should leave his memo. The moment you realize he’s doing shit should be the time to sterilize his agro de-havior. And don’t forget to call the shit out of the shitter-shit.

If you think your life is the only thing you care about that is when you should buckle up, because, everyone around you will see beyond the man they think you are becoming. And before you realize how well they’re treating you then your life might have fall to the right side of your cornernly tip-toe. Which it means . . . They are preparing your downfall.

For the first time in history you should realize you doesn’t have fucks. Stay with yee and moved with the flows.

Realize you have friends among your enemies and build trust among your best haters. Just don’t, in your life, rely on any fucking body. Even, your mum does not excluded.

The moment you realize how fast people change mind is the ultimate time to guide your well build resources. Because, if you think you could get far without getting supportive then you wouldn’t go far after having the motives.

Let those who love you be on the table and never turn your blind eye to their ackradate demeanor. It is when you realize they could push you that you can now put their guard down.

Remember; if you think your life is better then I think it should be better. And if you think it will be easy then by all means it should be easy. But if you think you can never amount to anything then you will never amount to anything. Because It’s your believe that will teach you all the way down.

Rest assure, it is your fundamental ‘org-or-ritim’ that will enable the path-way to your formulabunga manurerism. And just for the matter of time, before you realize, you’ve been making another turn shit of money.

And for the purpose of this article, let us all hope that the title herein doesn’t even radiate to anything fundamentally mentioned here. But at least, we later make a good imprinted, in-prisonment. (And thanks for the jargons).

Until we meet again . . .

Let us have a great and wonderful agro-archiment.

It’s your guy . . .

Sir. Lasisi.

And in case you really want to reach out to me. Here’s my WhatsApp mobile: +2349151826204 >>> Facebook:

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