No Matter How Proficient You Are At The Martial Arts; Jiu-jitsu Can Never Stop You From Falling In Love.

Yeah! Am a badass.

You think being tough will help you more than being soft? Think again, it won’t. When you’re confronted with the person you really love, then you’ll probably show your weak spot. And it took me almost a year of overhead discipline for me to realize: You Just Can’t Defend Yourself From Falling In Love. Ever.

And if you think you are the badass playboy, just wait till you find someone who really gat the right spot you’re unconsciously looking for in women. By then you’ll realize you’re just like your brother who fall head over heel for that brunette girl. Only that you’re just good at keeping your emotions to yourself. That’s just the actual difference between you both. So apart from that; we all have someone that can see through us and make us drop all the crazy habit we thought we just can’t seem to escape.

Although no one has ever talk to you about your fuckup life that you have never told to go fuck the devil. But I tell you, when that girl you’ve been dreaming about really enter your life, then everything will change. No one will ever told you what to do. Right from the beginning, you’ll realize your life is fucked and starting from there, some changes will be made and you’ll care more about your life and why you should be living a better life in order to prepare for a better tomorrow. And I tell you, even you yourself will not have the courage to stop yourself from being great.

I don’t know if the fallacy of men changing women or women changing men is ultimately true. But I have to admit this: It is since I promised myself that am going to date beautiful women that I realized my life is changing for better. Because I really realize the reality that, no matter how I think I didn’t really give a fuck about any fucking woman. Yet am still consciously giving a fuck about the one am going to spend my precious time with in the nearest future. And you know what? I just can’t be a fucking fool who think he just can’t change because of any fucking body. Nope!

I’ll rather face the reality now before it’s too late to realize my mistakes. Because when everything is all said and done, you’re still going to fall in love. So let no one fool you.

And if you think you just can’t develop that feeling for any woman, just wait till you have that courage to face yourself in the mirror and say: “yeah, I really fall in love with that girl. Well, so fucking what. I love her and I love her it is. So . . .” So fucking what? You’ve already falling in love. Just leave the shit aside.

You think am going to fall in love? Never. Me that am dating up to fifty women. You know. I can always get away without getting attached to anyone of them.

Don’t worry. That time is coming that you won’t even feel like seeing other women except the one you keep telling yourself you don’t really love her but you just love her personalities. What a funny guy of you? You just love her personalities eh! Chop knuckle bro. You’ve already fall in love.

I know some of us who have some slightly outrageous confidence always believe we’re at the top of our emotional rollercoaster. That we just can’t fall head over heels for any single lady, that even when we did fall, we’re the master of our emotions. That we can control how we feel and twist the situation to our liking. Hmm?

Fuck us! We can’t.

We can only make ourselves suffer for not accepting the reality of developing a feeling for another human. That’s all we’re train to do. To think we’re emotionally intelligent than the rest of the planet. When in reality, we are the most fuck face in this area.

Face yourself and face the reality. There’s no crime in falling in love. Only to not fall in love with the wrong person.

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