What If I Chose To Say No?

I don’t really care about her sister.

Just because am always around to help you doesn’t mean I fall for you. And because you think am always happy around you might be the reason of all your illusions. Wake up! I don’t really care for you. Am only interested in your sisters.

For the past few months have been in a lot of situation where my former girlfriend think am still thinking about her. When in reality, am only thinking about her junior sister.

What a weird feelings if you might asked. Well, it even more than you’ve thought.

I have been fighting a spiritual fight within myself for couple of months. And yet, I haven’t seem to understand the real battle. All I thought was that, am just developing some feelings for her. Like am just feeling okay being around her. Not until now that I realized, I am getting more emotional with that babe.

But the most crucial part is that, she didn’t see me that way. She only see me as someone she could give total respect because I am dating her sister (or have dated her sister because we both leave each other because of our personalities clash. We’re not just compatible. It’s kind of shit you know, to fall in love with someone who is totally opposite of what you want. So we both have to let go and continue living our lives).

But later, after all the fighting and exceptionally kibble distribution of ways, I later find her sister exceptionally different from the one I first fall-in-love with. She’s totally different.

Whah? You mean you still want to date her junior sister? What a weirdo man you be?

Yes! I still wants to date her lovely sister.

This girl seem excellently beautiful and sexy. And all importantly, she deserves my total respect. Because all am looking for in women is in her. She’s totally above hundreds percent of what I want. But you know fucking what? . . .

She just can’t face the pressure of dating me.

She really wants to. But have dated her sister for almost two years. So she’s scared that the respect she has for her sister might fade away. And that they might not forgive each other for the rest of their lives.

With all this said and done . . . I really loved her and am not allowing anything to happen to her. But the limit is just that, you can’t force anyone to love you.

You can be there for her, take care of her and provide for all her needs, but I tell you, if she didn’t love you, there’s nothing you can do except to accept the fate and move on with your life.

Feelings can’t be faked. And forcing it to happen will only make it worst instead of uplifting it.

Forget about all the promises.

Forget about all the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

You love her but she didn’t love you. And if she did love you, there’s something barrier that is stopping her from doing so. And for you to think you can solve it out will hinder your happiness. So stop and look back with a smug expression and said “yeah, I love that babe but have already dated her sister for the past five years. Although she loves me too but that just can’t be possible. So I have to man up and move on with my life? Yeah! Fuck that.” And then never look back again.

Although she might cross-path your life in the future or she did really find her way to your life. Well, all I could say is fuck that. The situation will call for your ultimate attention and by that actual time, you’ll know the right action to take.

So feel free to live your life and see what really happened in the nearest future.

Be peaceful and be present.

Until we meet again . . .

See you @ the next post.

It’s your guy . . .


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