This Is Why You Should Fuck The Fuck Up.

“Yeah! It’s time to get the fuck up.”

It doesn’t need an overwhelming faith to realize how beautiful your life will become.

As long as you’re doing the right thing day in and day out, then you’ll be full of hope of having a better tomorrow.

Knowingly, you don’t really care about any obstacles and the thought of giving up doesn’t necessarily cross your mind. All you believe and hoping for is a better life, better health, and a better relationship.

While some people might be praying for change. What you’re fundamentally praying for is just the grace from the Lord.

While most people will be waiting for miracles to turn their lives around. You’re the one making the real changes and asking God to shower you His abundant blessings.

And it wouldn’t be a surprise when at the end, you succeed, and those around you are still hoping for Almighty God to answer their prayers.

Nope! God has indeed answered their prayers. But their stupidity is the one keeping them at bay. Seriously, they don’t really believe in themselves.

And trust me! Why will God trust you if you don’t really trust him?

Why will He provide for your needs when you don’t really believe in Him?

This is no brainer my friend.

The only way to succeed in God is for you to succeed in yourself.

If you believe your life is a mess then why will God believe otherwise?

The Bible says . . . “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.”

If you believe you’re poor then automatically speakling you’re poored.

If you believe you can never amount to something then you will never amount to anything.

And if you think this life only revolve among big people while you’re just a small tiny tissue among them then that you are.

No body will gonna save you.

I mean no fucking body.

If your life is full of hatred and everlasting sorrows. Then you should be ready for a life of grievance and decontentment.

It doesn’t matter what you stand for. If the only thought you have about good people is that they’re making it because of some fucking background checkers then you will never understand why. And for you not to understand the real way of success mean you will never succeed.

How will you? When everything you’ve been thinking about the successful ones is that they’re making it side-steppingly.

You can’t.

And for you to realize how bad you’ve been taking your life for granted mean you’re wasting away your life for credentiologist.

“Yeah! Am wasting my life more more better.”

“I didn’t really care if you find my words in your fucking dictionaries. All I care about is for you to shut the fuck up and be serious with your life.”

Life doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t give a fuck about who you be. If you can’t make up your mind to be great today then somebody else we help you make the cut. They will help you to get there. Only that at the end, you will realize that, you’ve been doing all these in order to fulfilled somebody else’s dreams. And there’s nothing you could do. Absolutely nothing.

If all you’ve been dreaming about is to have a good job. To have a better family and to build a strong relationship then I have to tell you to stop dreaming. You won’t ever achieve all those things. And am highly deadly serious.

But there’s only one thing you could achieve though, and that is originated peace of mind.

It is not until you achieve this will your life will now remain better for the rest of your life.

And the only way to achieve this fucking peace of mind is for you to be truer to yoursel. Yes! You must be true to yourself.

You have to man-up and say “yeah fuck it. I did really fuck the fucked up. And am ready to make changes in every aspect of my life.”

By then will you experience the real joy of being amongst the living soul.

So until you do that . . .

Have a crazy and everlasting cruelest of life.

See you @ the next post.

Brah! !! !!!

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