TO BE A PLAYER. You Must Be Ready For The Challenge.

“Yeah! Only me can drive you crazy Olivia.”

Every girls around are being crazy enough to see through most guys bullshit. And there’s no way you can convince them otherwise.

So if you want to succeed with women, you have to understand one simple critical “aug-or-ritim” (don’t check your dictionary, that doesn’t exist).

And that simple but critical “aug-or-ritim” is this:

You Must Be Real With Women

“Yeah! Have learned to be real me!”

All the “games” and “neggings” plus “kinno” in conjunction with those stupid “pull” and “push” must be discarded.

You need real authenticity.

“Although many people think if they can do this or they can do that then they’ll be able to be successful. But I tell you; the only peaceful and surefire way to succeed is for you to be real with yourself and the people around you.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

Forget about waiting for her to call you three to four times before answering her call.

Forget about taking her to a cool place to make her feel relaxed so that she can be capable of the emotional speeches you’re transferring to her body.

Forget about all the stupid jargons you’ve been telling yourself that women want someone who is going to be there for her if the need be. Nope! She has her own life to live and for you to think you’ll be the one to take care of all her need is a slap in the face. Most girls don’t even care about who you be. They only care about how they feel when it turns to anything related to you. So cut the crap and let dive real to the matter at hand.

You Must Be Ready To Own Your Mistakes

If you fucked up your life for about five years ago, and that fucked up is the reason you’re still fucked up by now, then there’s no need denying yourself in her presence, let her know the stupidity of your fucked-up-ness.

“You know babe, my mum didn’t like me because I disobeyed her for not becoming a computers programmer. And instead, am wasting my life all around meeting new people and building this website. But anyway, I think she might like me in the long run, maybe when I start making money on this.”

That’s all. You ain’t need to make up some fucking bullshit. Be real with yourself and the people around you and see what actually happens.

Sure things; vast majority of people won’t like you because of your authenticity. But believe me, those who like you will like you with all the flaws in your life. And you won’t even need to feel nervous around them.

But those who hate you didn’t necessarily hated you. But instead, they’re scared of their own life. And seeing someone like you who doesn’t give a fucking flying fucks about putting on mask will make them questions their own fucked-up life.

Make Hay While The Sunshine

Tell her upfront that she’s attractive and you really want her will make her realize you’re not just there to play silly games with her. Instead, you want her to be straight with you. And if she’s not interested then she can let you know upfront instead of waiting for two to three months before you realize she has a boyfriend.

Always be ready to cut the crap out of the bullshit and be real in any situation you find yourself.

“We all know you could leave your mum and run out with her. So stop giving us crap.”

Sometimes you won’t feel like chasing women and that’s okay. But anytime you see an attractive girl, don’t put up some bullshit about why you shouldn’t approach her. Be real with yourself and declare the real truth of not feeling like embarrassing yourself.

“Out of every misunderstanding comes a declarant of meaning. Out of every failure comes a wonderful realization of how you could do it better next time. And out of every embarrassment comes a boldness to put yourself out there again and again without feeling lost.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare.

Be Ready To Get Mad

Get mad to everyone who think you just can’t do it.

Get mad to your mother if she thinks what she want for you is the best of your life.

And get mad to those of your colleagues who think you didn’t deserve much more better.

And in fact, get mad at yourself for thinking only the rich can have extremely beautifully, beautifulness, women.

You Too Can Do That

You too can makeup your mind to be great.

You too can makeup your mind to be real.

And you too can makeup your mind to become the best version of yourself.

It’s a free world . . .

Have a wonderfully released critical aug-or-ritim.

See you @ the next post.

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