Two Things You Should Never Consider Doing.

Correct! Don’t be so eager to be fool of yourself.

“If you find yourself falling in love with someone and at the end of the day, you accidentally getting hatred for that person, then by all means you shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so.”

It doesn’t stay long enough for me to realize that we all ultimately find ourselves feeling somewhat boring and chatting, and other times we still feel like shit when later time we automatically feel arose and enthusiastic. And yet, we still find ourselves smiling without any trace of what is making us happy. And that, my friend, is the beauty of life.

But what really concerned me is when people hate someone but still pretend they love them just because they think loving them will make them happy.

What the fuck! Why will you pretend that much?

“I hate my mum for putting up shit behind my back but she’s my mum anyway and there’s nothing I could do about that.”

“Nope! You could do something about that. But you’re just a pussy who think his mother’s happiness should be on top of his own.

If your fucking mother can’t be happy because you’re telling her the truth, then she wouldn’t be happy for you telling the lie either.

So say the fucking truth and let her go fuck herself.”

For so many years have been in a situation where people think that the level of my transparency is kinda boring. And that I should try to be more easy with myself and most importantly, I should be manage to consider the feelings of those around me. That I shouldn’t provoke them that much. That there are some ways to say my stuff without offending people.

And all I could say is “fuck that, this is me, and I just can’t be anything else,” and if those people think that am saying rubbish then, they should go fuck themselves.


Never feel the need to do something you’re not genuinely intermetent doing. If it’s not for you then you shouldn’t do it.

This is your life and only you have the right to be whomever you want to be.

If the people in your life can’t be happy with how you chose to live your life then they wouldn’t be happy even if you change for the purpose of making them happy (and I wouldn’t even advise you to change anyway) so they should go fuck themselves.

You are who you are and the purpose of you being born is different from any fucking else. So live your life according to your desires and let the haters go fuck the fucking off.

I know am pushing it hard on you but I want you to realize one thing:

Just because your mother really loves you doesn’t mean she knows the best for you.

And just because all your friends really love you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be real to yourself.

You have to be straight with them and those fucking bastard around you.

And if you think you can’t relate with this kind of forwardness then you should go fuck yourself.

Yeah! I want you to go fuck yourself.

But wait! You said two things you should never force yourself doing? Where’s the other one?


I don’t know if I have them in numbers or not. But all I can say is, I just typed this and I am not in under any obligations to make it right.

So it’s your choice.

Yeah that’s me! I don’t feel like putting numbers. So fucking what “I don’t care.”


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