I Don’t Know What Else.

I was wondering why it’s just difficult for me to have a standard girlfriend when all my brothers are having fun with their choices.

Although am kind of straight guy but I still find it hard to forgive myself of being stubborn.

I have many guys who look up to me for being forward in anything I want to do in life and they all respect me for that.

But when it turns to keeping women around, then I am at the worst stage.

Like seriously, I just can’t keep women.

Maybe because am a jackass or because I never meet the right person. But when everything is all said and done, girls always leave me or I’ll be the one who dump them because they can’t meet the level of my authenticity. (I don’t really know why).

So with all the way of my life and some critical thinking, I now figure out that my inability to keep women doesn’t necessary relate to me being poor around them. But instead, girls ultimately try to play silly games and am always at alert for their fucking bullshit. And trust me, I will never tolerate any of those shit.

And anytime my brother roll over and ask me “boss what’s up, I think you could have learned to play these babes.” I was like well, I don’t know what else, am just living a life true to myself and I don’t really give a fuck whether one girl stick with me or not. If she can’t be real with me then no way will I be with her. And beside, I always want to be alone and approach more and more women until I feel like settling down.

And for being settling down, I don’t know if that will gonna be the case in the long run. But anyway, let just hope for the best.

Seeing her make me feel relaxed.

Life is full of opportunity bro, and for me to convince myself that one day, no matter what the situation I found myself, am going to settle down make me feel like shit. But still yet, I still have it at the back of my mind that maybe I might consider that, anytime I feel like. But without me consciously chosing to, bro, I will never do that.

I prefer to remain single than to be with one stupid lady just because I thought she’s the joy of my life. If I can’t be happy before we know each other then how will I be happy just because I met her?

Life shouldn’t be live like that. We need to be more competent on our own before relying on each other for a shoulder to lean on. And if you think am just saying shit, then all I have to say is: you won’t necessarily understand until you manage to get to that facet of life.

And before you get there, you must be willing to put yourself in many uncomfortable situations (such as approaching women in an extremely high volume and be willing to let them walk away if they’re not happy with the way you chose to live your life).

Without having that attitude and mentality. Then it will be hard for you to maintain your integrity as a man. And you won’t even have the courage to walk away because all your act will be full of deceit and manipulation.

And when you have such attitude, you’re in trouble of meeting women who share the same pattern like you.

So for me, I don’t really know what’s up with my babes. Once she’s not happy with the way I live my life then she should go fuck herself.

And for my brother out there, if my pattern slightly outrageous, then am not entitled to you being in love with me or with my articles. You have all the right to fuck me and I could only care less.

And if you think you still don’t understand then . . .

I don’t know what else.

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