You Don’t Really Need A Plan.

There are sometimes when things will just happened and before you know it, it will just seem as if it’s just a flash. Everything will be like a sparkling light and you will not even consider asking yourself why. You’ll only accept the fate and move on with your life.

And for those who think you must stick to your plan by all means in order to achieve your goals then I have to tell them this: Fuck You All.

Yeah! Fuck those who think we can never achieve our dreams.

How contradicting? Well, it’s all about feelings and emotions.

I just don’t see any use in forcing yourself to becoming someone you don’t really care about becoming. Seriously, you won’t be happy with that.

I know you never truly understand what am passing on. But as time goes on, you will realize the reality of my words.

“Life isn’t all about being a good kid and understanding everyone around you. But a series of emotions and feelings in which you must have to experience fully, in order for you to survive the layers well-being of your life.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare

You don’t need to list everything you want to achieve in the next five years and put them on the mirror before you realize how seriously you are.

And if you did try that, (because I usually believe in those shit back in the days and reality be told, they really helped me so much and in fact, those plans was really really awesome except, things always change from what am expecting and it sometimes make me feel bad until I realized that the difference between me and those fucking bastard is just that . . . I always go with the flow) be ready for a life of deadliest mentally masturbation. Because that is where your brain will belong.

Instead, start investing in real life changes. Be eager to learn more. Pay attention to how you relate with people and notice how people try to perceived you.

You don’t really need microscope or carolina to survive on this, you only need your fucking brain.

“I thought being great was required high struggles and caterpillar pursuits. But bit by bit, I am now starting to realize that you only need your fucking brain. Yeah! I mean your fucking Oblaganta.”

Lasisi Isaiah Oluwadamilare

Surely, many risk must be taking before achieving most of your fucking goals. But believe me, those risks will never dare kill you. And if you always find yourself on a pity side, then your mentality is in disorder.

You need to upgrade to the higher level of your competency. And you have to be real with your life.

Once you have the courage to face the truth and you’re automatically willing to challenge the road head-on. Then all your struggles will becomes normal.

You won’t feel stressed of your burdens. And things will seem lite. And your moral will rise to the level of unregretable marksmanship.

And all these are the promised for those who really understand the true reality of life.

Until we meet again . . .

Have a loveliest and greatiest life.

Still your guy . . .


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