Your Decision Is Killing You And You Know Why.

Although life is full of difficulties and so many challenges that sometimes we even forget what we want to become in life.

But the truth behind the scenes will never leave anyone alone.

Because when everything is all said and done, our ability plus capacity will be there shouting at us why we couldn’t do more. And there’s no way we can escape that.

“I have many girlfriends and none of them really worth my time. And still, I try to manipulate myself otherwise.”

I know that that sound too stressed but I need to make something really clear to you.

You don’t really know what you want and that is the joy of life because once you have what you’ve been dreaming about then everything else will be secondary until you get boring of that thing and start dreaming of something else which will lead to another pursuit of more satisfactions.

And the more I meet more people, the more I realize one thing:

Everyone want to be happy but their decision is killing that stuff called happiness.

“You really love that girl but you’re not expecting much from her than to fuck her. And after a while she turns to be sweet and caring and you manage to forget your plans from the beginning that you only want to fuck her. Instead of you trying to minimize the amount of time you’re spending together, you’re telling yourself that nothing’s going to happen, that you will control the situation when shit hit the fans. And when the time comes, you lost your dignity because you just can’t break her heart that way and the reality is that; you don’t really care about her and you want her to move on without you in her life. And because you failed to be cleared with your decision with her in the beginning, everything is now back fired and hurting you like hell.

Nope! There’s nothing you can do except to break her heart because you still have some long way to go and she’s ready to settle down on her own which is contradicting to your own future plan and yet, the decision is just too hard to make because you don’t want to break her heart. What the fucking irony. You’ve already break her heart even before you meet each other you’re just scared to face the consequences.”

Stay truth to the people around you and not only to yourself

If you think you’re not attracted to a girl then why must you go to the next date just because you think she’s okay by that?

The reasons behind your reason will be the one killing your progress to move on in life, and there’s no way you can succeed if you never plan to cut the waste out of your life.

The people around you have that tendency to plan for your future but only you have the decisions to make. They can’t force you to change but you can force them to take you as you are. And for those who think you’re not okay making your own decisions? They should go fuck themselves.

Yeah! That’s me giving these two flying fucks to my haters out there.

Life is strange and full of sparkling challenges but once you’re making your own decisions and facing the consequences behind everyone of it, then no one will have a say in your life. And those who think you just fucking can’t will later realize how little their brain works. And before they realize that, you’ve already rich the top of your mountain planning on which mountain top you want to climb next.

Until we meet again . . .

Have a wonderful life ahead.

It’s still your guy. . .


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