If You Can Push Through That. Then You Can Push Through Something Else.

“Am sorry! I just can’t summon the wisdom to approach her.”

If you can approach any fucking woman at any fucking time. Then you can face any fucking challenges at any fucking moment of your life.

It’s a win-win situation.

How many times have you been in a situation where approaching women is difficult? (No! Not that time you’re trying to approach a girl but her boyfriend just show up from nowhere). Am talking about real fear here.

Fear of approaching her or because of the people around you? Yeah! Say the truth. How many fucking time?

No! I won’t ever believe it if someone just pump up from nowhere and start demonstrating how easy it is to approach any fucking woman. Ever. But the truth is this:

“If you manage to summon the inner drive, the ability to never want to approach a girl because of how extremely beautiful she is or because of what the people around you is gonna say, and you still manage to punch yourself in the gut and say “yeah, I gotta do this even though it end up in rejection,” then, all these power will be transformed into another area of your life.”

Because that girl is sexy and she knew, (of course, you don’t need to remind her how wonderfully made she is. She already knows that) and you’re not the first person to see how “sexy” she is. Just that most guy who saw her always bend-out. Yeah, they always try to come-up with some bullshit excuses not to approach her.

Yeah I know, she’s reading! You’ll approach her next time. (Wake up! You won’t ever see her again in your life).

What these guys DON’T actually realize is that, approaching women will ultimately make them more successful both in their career background and in their daily normal life.

But the lack of thereof will ultimately bring them down to some reckon level.

And the most interesting part is that, these said people will never accept the reality of not having the courage to face their fear (yeah, approaching women also make you sick to your stomach. I understand). They’ll rather sit down there and whine about why only the jack and the asshole get the most stunningly beautiful ladies instead of them improving some areas of their lives.

“If those sexy girls never stop improving themselves then why will I?”

Stop fooling yourself

Approaching women is one of the best way to teach yourself the harsh reality of life.

When you face your ultimate fear of rejections that are waiting for you maybe now or in the nearest future. Then you’ll realize that life doesn’t give a shit about you. You’re just crying there cursing yourself.

So my brother, take-up your gear and face that rejection head on because, if you can push through that, then you can push through something else.

Until we meet again . . .

Have a wonderfully made life.

It’s your guy . . .


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