You Have To Pray For ‘Blessings’ Because Money Is Important.

“God, I know, money is important. Even King Solomon in the Bible also live a flyboyant life. Please God, give me this money and I will serve you till the end of my soul. Thanks for all these Lord! I am blessed.”

If you think “money is the root of all evil” then this article is not for you. But what am going to tell you is this: you have to open your mind in order to receive the blessings that has been destined for you.

Leave the sayings to the sayer’s (most old sayings should be reconstructed).

Back in the days, I used to believe that things should be equal, that everyone should get what they want. But it didn’t took long for me to realize that, most people will never be rich no matter the amount of resources they have. They just can’t summon the wisdom and the courage to get to that phase of life. Success scare them till death.

No! Not because they’re not destined to be rich. But they just don’t see anyway to conceive the capability of being rich. They can’t withstand success. They’re okay with being poor, after all, they’ve gat nothing to lose on that mental state.

“If rubbers are rubbing their street, hmm? They’re okay with that. You know, they gat nothing to lose.

Fuel is cost? Well, they didn’t have any vehicle.

Most guys are buying their girlfriends gifts and shower them with complements which at the end those girls dump them and run for jack? Well, he doesn’t give a fuck, after all, he has nothing to prove and he will never spend any fucking money on any fucking girl so far he didn’t got any.”

You mean only the prodigal son buy this for their girlfriends? Oh yah! You gotta check your beliefs.

Most people even go to the extreme claiming that money will make them more arrogant and feel even more insecure. Well, all I could just say is fuck you!

If all your believe about money is shitty, then how will you even survive?

Stop shitting yourself jorrr! You need money and you need it well.

If you think your neighbor is now becoming more arrogant just because he’s now getting rich, then I have to tell you that your neighbor is already arrogant, that money is just a way to make it shine.

And if you think your brother always call you before landing his dream job and now that he’s making more money he hardly text you talk of giving you a call, then all I could say is that, your brother didn’t always called you for how caring he is. Nope! He was calling you because he has nothing much going on in his life. But now that plenty task are waiting for him even before waking up from his sleep, then you have to face the reality, your brother doesn’t give much fuck about you again, how to survive is now more important than your stupid one hour conversation with nothing important worth talking about.

“Back in the days, my brother always be there for me. But now, I think money has changed him. When I grew up, I will work harder in order to help more people and try my best not to have too much money because it will turn me to an unreasonable person.”

Stop fooling yourself. You need money and you need it well.

Let the fools continue being fool. You have to take-up your gear and challenge the status quo. Rise above the middle grand people. Be a hero and leave an example for your people to follow through.

And when everything is all said and done.

You still need money to read this anyway.

“Yap! That guy is right. I still need internet subscription for all this.”

See you at the next post.

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